4-UP: Better Roster Rollovers Now

I just updated 4-UP so that your previous week's roster will be pre-selected for you when you are making your picks for the first time each week.

I got a lot of emails last season with people wondering why their previous week's roster hadn't rolled over - of course, they always DID rollover, but I was only rolling them over at the moment I scored the new week. So if you viewed your roster before the week was scored, it might have looked like nothing was rolled over.

Hopefully this change will make it more obvious to everyone.

Initially the rolled-over picks will show the light red background - this is because technically they are not saved to the database. If you never save them, they'll be saved automatically when the real rollover happens at scoring time. The reason why I'm NOT saving them for you is because you need to stay aware of the penalties (check the scoring guide for details, link found on 4-UP homepage).

I've also been making a lot of other needed enhancements this morning. Mostly bug fixes - I'm sure a few of you got some errors this morning.

Also, for the data admins - Superstars is now available as an option when you enter scores each week.

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Thanks, Spencer. Can't wait to be the Data Administrator for this next season. Begins today. YAY!! LOL.

Posted on September 13, 2009 at 11:09 AM
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