Update to Automatic Prediction Blog Posts, Also.. Message Board Coming Soon

Seeing the two posts from Whammer1 and @blakef11@ with their TLC predictions where they had to put "*contains spoilers in body*" in the title made me realize I should have it automatically put predictions in the Spoiler text when you choose to post a blog with predictions for a PPV game that currently have spoilers.

I've updated it now so that it does that automatically, so no one has to add any kind of notification in the blog title.

Also, I've decided to go ahead and set up a message board on the site. I've got it working already, but I need to make it look a lot nicer before I make it live.

It won't be within the normal site, it'll look like a standard message board. But when you log in to the site, it'll automatically log you in to the message board, and vice-versa. I'm going to add in a few things to the message board that come from your player record - like under your username and avatar on your posts, it will display your current overall rank, and how you ranked on the last few PPVs.

I haven't forgotten about the one-on-one challenges that I had posted about a while ago.. that'll come someday. I might make it a feature of the message board, not sure yet.

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The Truth
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what's the message board going to be like since the blogs here are almost like a message board already?

Posted on December 17, 2010 at 9:02 AM
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# cletus42o

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That's the reason for it, actually. If someone has a quick question, a blog post is not really the place for it. The message board will be more of a place to chat.

I'll have it set up so anytime I post a PPV game, it will create a stickied thread on the message board. So if anyone had suggestions for new questions, or wanted to ask questions about the game, that'll be the place for it.

Also, each league will either have its own subforum, or at the very least, there will be a league forum and each league will automatically have a thread in there for members to chat in.

Blog shows will probably get their own place, too, so if people wanted to talk about ways to improve their shows, that might be a better place for it than in blog comments.

Who knows, it might not get much use. But it'll be fun to build for me.

Posted on December 17, 2010 at 10:55 AM
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