Launched New Play All and Your Rank Pages

You'll find some changes to the site today - the old Overview/Command page is gone (well, it's not gone, you can still get to it at if you still want to use it) and it has been replaced by two new pages.

The old page you'd get to when you log in had your current prediction game standings at the top and all the open prediction games underneath. Nothing about the 4-UP WWE Fantasy Wrestling game. Well, that had to change!

Now you've got two pages - one allowing you to play in all of our official games (both prediction and fantasy) and one that displays a lot more details about your rank (both prediction and fantasy, again).

The left navigation on the site has also been changed to reflect this. This was all part of a reorganization of the site, which will let me start launching a few new features. You'll see now that there's an overall "Wrestling Games" section - with the Play All (the new page you go to when you log in) and Your Rank pages.

Under that, the main blog links - first one is where you go to manage your blog / post new blogs, and then the two site blog pages letting you see all the site blogs and dev blogs. (sometime soon I hope to launch a new "blog homepage" area where the blogs get more of a focus - but that's not super high priority for me)

Then you'll see the Prediction Games section, which now only has PPVs and Questions - since technically, those are the only prediction games you get ranked on. (previously I had voting/polls listed with those) And right underneath is the Fantasy Wrestling section, which currently only has 4-UP since that's the only fantasy game at present. Voting comes next, since you don't get ranked on those, they're just fun extras if you choose to participate.

The Players and Wrestlers sections are next. Players includes Leagues (which, if you belong to a league, is your league homepage; if you don't, it has info on how to join or create a league), Users (which lets you search through all our players), and Seasons (which lets you view rankings for the current season or any past season, and also "all seasons combined"). Wrestlers is just the wrestler directory, letting you see what wrestlers have been voted the highest, and which match is the highest rated.

The Miscellaneous section remains with the New Comments (letting you view all of the latest blog, PPV, user, and league comments), Vs Challenge (the history of the Cletus Challenges), and Link Exchange (where you can view user-submitted links and submit your own).

Twitter is the final section, with a section to view all wrestler Twitter accounts we have in our system (and let us know if we're missing any!), all user Twitter accounts, and then an old favorite Y2J vs Miz letting you see any tweets between Chris Jericho and The Miz. (not as fun as it once was, but sometimes you'll find a gem!)

Please let me know if you find any problems!

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