Draft thoughts


Me again.

So, the draft took place last night and, some of the results were questionable. Here are the good, bad, and random things that occured:


Randy Orton to Smackdown- He can feud with someone new, like Drew McIntyre
Mark Henry to Smackdown- This heel turn is just what he needs. I suggest that he feuds with Chris Masters
John Cena back to Raw- Made a good main event. The Miz is like "wooo, I got rid of my main competition, I am AWESOME," and then, "OH SHI*"

Sin Cara to Smackdown- He's only been around for 3weeks. If they wanted him on Smackdown, they should have just put him on Smackdown.
Big Show to Raw- If he's tag champ, surely he should be on the same show as Kane?
Alberto Del Rio- He's in a match at extreme rules for Smackdown's main title. But he's on Raw. Unless Miz leaves in the supplemental draft or Christian wins, this sucks. In the long term ADR could feud with Triple H.

That's basically what happend in the draft, the supplemental draft is tonight at 5pm uk, 12noon stateside.
Here's what I think will happen later
To Smackdown-
Zack Ryder
Yoshi Tatsu
Tyson Kidd
Evan Bourne

To Raw-
Curt Hawkins
Trent Baretta
Ricardo Rodriquez

That's all from me now, see you all later.
Peace Out

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Best draft pick of the night  05/06/2011

Mark Henry     20.16%
Alberto Del Rio     16.28%
Sin Cara     15.50%
The Big Show     15.50%
John Cena     11.63%
Rey Mysterio     10.85%
Randy Orton     10.08%

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# mikeydmu07
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Europe's Elite

with del rio what could also happen is that morrison goes in the suplementary, i dont see why they should bother putting him back in the tittle match if he doesnt have a chance. there is the other theory of maybe runnin a storyline where raw holds both belts. and as for the big show he doesnt really need to be on the same show as kane as the tag champs are free to appear on any show they want. im dissapointed they didnt split up the corre it would have mayb for some good possible storylines

Posted on April 26, 2011 at 7:58 AM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #875 (Rank in League: #14)
# DangerousDan
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Big Show's Big League

I'll go with Mysterio replacing Mistico as the best move of the night. If you need to have a masked luchadore on your top program then you might as well go with the best one you've got.

As for Kane, he'll probably just show up on RAW whether he's taken in the supplemental draft or not. I know there was a rule at one point that the tag champs could go anywhere but I don't see why they would have bothered to draft Big Show if they weren't going to station the Tag Titles on RAW.

Finally we have the championship titles. We now have a scenario where Christian is Smackdown's only chance of retaining a title (unless Morrison gets drafted later). As of right now I'd say Christian has pretty good odds.

Posted on April 26, 2011 at 8:31 AM
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