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Royal Rumble (2015) Predictions from

TLC Tables Ladders and Chairs: #42 (Site) -- #3 (League: Big Show's Big League)
Survivor Series: #140 (Site) -- #4 (League: Big Show's Big League)
Hell in a Cell: #212 (Site) -- #6 (League: Big Show's Big League)

*** Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins

At this point everyone knows that the long standing plan calls for Brock Lesnar to drop the title to Roman Reigns at WM 31. Based on that Lesnar seems like a solid bet to retain the title and somehow dodge a Seth Rollins cash-in attempt (probably with help from Randy Orton). However a couple of reasons have surfaced that could cause you to doubt that we are building to Brock vs. Roman at WM …

Brock Lesnar is apparently not likely to re-sign with WWE after his contract runs out at WM. He is most likely headed back to UFC and many worry that WWE may just decide to start phasing him out now. They won’t because WWE probably never expected (or wanted to pay) for another year of Brock anyway. But …

Roman Reigns can’t cut a promo if his life depends on it. Certain people (Vince McMahon) have allegedly realized this and started to question his status as the future face of WWE. However, it feels like he’s caved to HHH on this one since Vince’s plan was to do Rock/Lesnar instead.

Therefore I think they’re sticking with the plan of Brock/Roman because otherwise they’d have to give the fans what they want (Bryan/Ambrose/Ziggler winning the Rumble) OR find something else for Brock to do at WM (I can’t really think of anything compelling, fight Bryan maybe but he’ll be busy with whoever costs him the Rumble). Oh, and Cena can’t win because they haven’t even mentioned that he would tie Flair’s record, so the buildup is not there.

My Prediction: Brock Lesnar, Pinfall, Yes - interference

*** The Royal Rumble Match
-- 4-Down Note: "Anyone you think should be added? Leave a comment! The list of choices includes all active members of the WWE roster and a few inactive members. Mystery Wrestler is also the final choice if you think the winner will be someone not listed. Being presented as an option below does not imply that that wrestler will appear at the PPV or enter in the Rumble match. It is up to you to make an educated prediction."

They’re in Philly so I guess we’ll find out if they can out-boo the crowd from last year’s Rumble. In a somewhat ironic twist the 2014 Rumble came down to Reigns and Batista with the crowd hoping Roman would somehow defeat the man being shoved down their throats. What a difference a year makes! Instead of this boring outcome just imagine for a minute the thrill you’d feel if it came down to Dean Ambrose and Reigns with Ambrose somehow getting the win and earning the right to headline Wrestlemania 31!!! Got that out of your system now… good.

My Prediction: Roman Reigns

*** Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Jimmy Uso (c) & Jey Uso (c)

The Miz/Mizdow team seems like it’s heading for a split in time to build up to a match between the two at WM. Plus they have to keep making Mizdow pay for having the audacity to cheer for another man’s wife (?). The only storyline the Usos have ever been in, it’s a wonder they’re aren’t used in more (NOT REALLY!).

My Prediction: Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso, Pinfall, No - no interference

*** Natalya Neidhart & Paige vs. Brie Bella & Nikki Bella

I don’t watch E! so I’m not sure what fits in with that programming. Hopefully the rest of the folks picking this match know more than I do because I’m using my “Ask the Audience” lifeline for this one.

My Prediction: Natalya Neidhart & Paige, Submission, No - no interference

*** Billy Gunn & Road Dogg vs. Konnor & Viktor

Won’t the Matadores job to these two? Why do they feel the need to dig up the NAO?

My Prediction: Konnor & Viktor, Pinfall, No - no interference

*** Pre-Show: The New Day vs Kidd & Cesaro & Rose

It could just be me but they seem to be pushing Kidd/Cesaro more than New Day at this point. The New Day entrance was skipped on RAW this week and Cole commented on how Kidd and Cesaro are working on moves and becoming a better team.

My Prediction: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro & Adam Rose

*** WWE WHC: Who will be pinned or made to submit?

Needs to be out of the way for the cash-in attempt …

My Prediction: John Cena

*** Rumble Match: What number will the winner have entered at?

I had 18 and then everyone started picking it!

My Prediction: 19

*** Rumble Match: Who will enter at #1?

-- 4-Down Note: "If the first entrant is announced before prediction entries are closed, this question will instead be changed to refer to the #2 entrant into the Rumble."

Need him worn down so that he can be screwed after a heroic effort.

My Prediction: Daniel Bryan

*** Rumble Match: Who will enter at #29?

My Prediction: Anyone else

*** Rumble Match: Who will enter at #30?

My Prediction: Anyone else

*** Rumble Match: Who will be the first person eliminated?

My Prediction: Anyone else

*** Rumble Match: Who will be the last person eliminated?

Battle of 2 Shield members with Reigns getting the better of it.

My Prediction: Dean Ambrose

*** Rumble Match: Who will eliminate Daniel Bryan?

My Prediction: Anyone else (Sheamus?)

*** How many title changes will occur at Royal Rumble?

-- 4-Down Note: "This includes title changes for ANY match that is aired on TV/online (such as during a pre-show), regardless of whether or not the match was announced ahead of time or presented as a match above in the game. Dark matches will not count. If one title changes hands multiple times in one show, each time it changes counts as a title change."

My Prediction: None

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