The Curtain Jerkers - Episode 10 : Massive 12 Hour Spectacular (WARNING: Very Long)



jmt5887 : *Weak Ready chant*

Jimsta : Hahah, ok so... Looking back at Smackdowns, do you guys feel it's really needed?

Jimsta : To me SD is 50% replays 20% Raw Rematches & only 30% new content

jmt5887 : next one won't be. it's mostly going to be a recap of Wrerstlemania Xcess and Raw.

Jimsta : RAW SuperShow & 3 Hour RAW kills Smackdown.

brandoni998 : Are you serious bro? Smackdown is a good show and it is much needed to the WWE.

jmt5887 : Smackdown is needed. Because WWE would not be able to push as many stars without it. They would have to fire a tone of talent.

Jimsta : But look at it this way, we used to have 3 seperate brands. RAW, SD!, ECW. Now we have 3 identical shows with minimal difference, RAW, SD Current Kane

slicedcheese22 : Not true at all Brando

slicedcheese22 : I agree Jimsta

jmt5887 : No wonder Kane was mad at Pete Rose. Since Rose was part of the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine.

slicedcheese22 : alright guys, The cheese Master will pop back in later

Jimsta : OK, cya then Cheese

Viper87 : take care

Viper87 : Remember, I want mine grilled

jmt5887 : bye

jmt5887 : lol

Jimsta : Mince & Cheese Toastees for lunch in 30mins for me :P

jmt5887 : i just ate a snack

Viper87 : Grilled cheese, grilled tomato, little salt and pepper, that's the stuff. Perfect on toast or on an omelet.

Jimsta : WWE topic :P The Rock as WWE Champ

Viper87 : Electrifying

brandoni998 : He was on LIVE with Kelly and Michael promoting WWE and his movie the other day

Jimsta : Yeah but we didnt need any of these partitmers to make WM good. Rock/HHH/Lesnar/Taker

kaihtafc : Hey guys! How do I add myself to this?

jmt5887 : no. but they were needed to get people to buy Wrestlemania.

kaihtafc : Oh it works haha sorry guys

Viper87 : Maybe not, but they're making it more interesting none-the-less

jmt5887 : Welcome Kai.

Jimsta : Well, it's annoying none of them are going to stick around.

jmt5887 : imagine how you will feel seeing the WWE Championship over the shoulder of Lesnar?

Viper87 : What are you getting so annoyed for? Relax, deep breathes

Jimsta : They could have got buys without htem but it would have taken work form WWE.

kaihtafc : The thing that pisses me off is that the point of Rock being champ was so that he would take the title around with him to his press/tv interviews... But he hasnt

jmt5887 : WWE Wouldnt get half the buys without the big names like HHH and Rock.

Jimsta : They could, they will have to learn how to soon or later.

kaihtafc : The buyrates for EC and Royal rumble are up this year so its obvious he makes a difference

jmt5887 : HHH has begun the work for that. But Rome is not built in a day and neither is making new stars.

Jimsta : True, Rome was built in 2, Zeus helped.

kaihtafc : What they need to do is start using these stars to put over younger talent. Id definatly like to see Ryback vs. Brock and I think itd have given him his big Wrestlemania moment

jmt5887 : Fandango going over Jericho will help IMO.

Jimsta : Ryback/Big E/Lesnar/Goldberg Fatal Fourway.

Jimsta : #MassOfMuscle

kaihtafc : Jmt- Triple H is really impressing me- I think WWE will be in good hands with him

Viper87 : You can't tell the story and drama of Undertaker's streak without involving Undertaker. HHH vs. Lesnar is intriguing to see if Lesnar will get his just deserts after all the bones and legiments he;s broken since last year or if HHH will go down yet again in albaze of glory. Cena vs. Rock after 2 year's prior pretty much explains itself at this point and the angle taken this year also make's it intriguing.

kaihtafc : Back in 10

Jimsta : HHH definatly knows whats best for WWE

Jimsta : WWE needs a few years to reshuffle and reinvent themselves

jmt5887 : HHH is teaching Developmentals how to work a Promo instead of having it written for them. that will be huge for the future.

Viper87 : Reinvent themselves how?

kaihtafc : They seem to have a bright future

jmt5887 : The training and Rehab Center HHH wants to build in Orlando will be huge too.

kaihtafc : HHH said he would not let anyone move up from developmental until they had a surefire storyline. Everyone who has moved up this year is still in relevant stories

jmt5887 : Big E, Fandango, and the Shield are all young stars in matches at Mania. The Young blood is on it's way up.

kaihtafc : Have any of you guys checked out Brad Maddox on the WWE App videos?

jmt5887 : no.

kaihtafc : They are quite funny. Im really intriged by his character, He aces the role

Jimsta : Maddox annoyed me and I would prefer to see him wrestle.

Jimsta : brb Lunch, 30mins or so

Viper87 : He was fun to watch on the Brad Maddox Experience versions of WWE Outside The Ring

jmt5887 : Maddox has a lot of work a head of him to make up for that gaffe a couple weeks ago when he forgot his lines.

kaihtafc : I think Maddox is more of a star outside of the ring than in

kaihtafc : He does have work to do and i wouldnt blame him fully for that segment, but it takes time to evolve. Look at Johnny Ace!

jmt5887 : Maddox needs a 3 minute warning on his 15 minutes of Fame.

kaihtafc : Moving on from Maddox... haha BanditKeith: I love Mad OX BanditKeith: I love Mad Ox, haven't really seen him wrestle but I love the guy

Viper87 : I'm not so sure he forgot his lines and he was playing up this on screen version of his character

kaihtafc : He plays the intern Shmuck to perfection!

jmt5887 : Better then Zack Ryder anyways.

jmt5887 : What are people's expectations for the Henry/Ryback match? BanditKeith: MOTN

Viper87 : 2 dominant monsters to clash and 1 to win. Ryback

jmt5887 : it should be interesting. like Kane, Henry has been a pretty reliable and loyal Vet. Maybe he can get something big out of Ryback and push Ryback farther to the top.

Viper87 : as far as expectations go. I'm expecting to see Shell Shocked :)

jmt5887 : Henry a former World Champion putting Ryback over might be huge for the Young man's career. My question is did Henry really make his return to lose to Ryback?

kaihtafc : yes cos he realises that its his time to give back to the business... just like jericho

Viper87 : Plus it doesn't necessarily man Henry won't have his time to shine once again down the road.

jmt5887 : that wasn't his attitude though when it came to returning. he was dead set against returning for anything other then a Major storyline.

kaihtafc : He may see this as being a major story

Viper87 : This looks like a major storyline. Not in to the extent of the main events but important to the the show none-the-less.

jmt5887 : he was holding out for a Main-Event storyline though.

kaihtafc : well then he probably realised he wouldnt get one and felt itd be better to take a pay cheque

jmt5887 : maybe and he might have agreed to return for a Mania win instead.

Viper87 : Well nobody knows what they've got planned for him, or what's going to happen in the future depending how long he's back for. Doesn't mean to sya he'll never show up again or be involved in other storylines beyond Wrestlemania.

kaihtafc : If a Mania win was in the deal theyd have put him against someone who could take a loss like Kane or Show, Not ryback

jmt5887 : Ryback has been losing for months. 1 more won't hurt him.

kaihtafc : i think it definatly will. I feel like WM is his last chance

Viper87 : Although now seems like the time to start turning that around again

kaihtafc : After defeating Henry he will be World champ by december

jmt5887 : I guess I just don't see this match as cut and dry as you guys. I can see Ryback losing to Henry just as likely as he could beat Henry.

Viper87 : I'd say possibly on any other PPV, but I don't likely see that happening at Wrestlemania, especially with the build thus far as of Smackdown March 29

jmt5887 : okay.

jmt5887 : New Topic?

jmt5887 : 4 Hours down 6 to go

Viper87 : Big Show's trimmed facial hair

jmt5887 : is there a more confusing character then the Big Show right now? Is he supposed to be a Heel or a Face?

kaihtafc : the one reason this match was put in place was so Henry can be shell shocked

kaihtafc : Oh I love the current Big Show Character

kaihtafc : And the Randy Orton "Voice of Reason" too

Viper87 : I think he's still a heel but is a face by default while feuding with The Shield. But one never knows, he could switch over.

jmt5887 : Who is going to be the one that stabs that team in the back. the only thing I'm sure of is it's not going to be Sheamus.

jmt5887 : Sheamus will probably be the recipient of the stabbing in the back.

kaihtafc : I think itll be Orton, after Sheamus and Big Show start brawling at Mania again Orton will snap and hit them both with RKO's

Viper87 : It'd make no sense for Orton to stab his team in the back since he has as uch of a score to settle with The Shield as anybody unless something happens before, during or after WM to warrant such a move. The obvious answer would be Big Show, but then again, could it be too obvious perhaps?

Viper87 : much*

Jimsta : It's 4 Down & 8 To Go

kaihtafc : Orton wouldnt be doing it to help Shield tho hed be doing it cos he is pissed off

jmt5887 : Orton is my canidate. because he'll likely snap and Turn heel durning the match.

jmt5887 : an IED Attack.

Viper87 : He admitted before Wrestlemania 25 that he faked the whole IED thing to justify his attacks

jmt5887 : okay then he listening to those voices only he hears.

kaihtafc : Have you guys talked about Reid Flair yet?

Viper87 : very unfortunate

jmt5887 : We issued a statement earlier.

kaihtafc : I cant help but think it was the drugs

Jimsta : Yes. Found in hotel room without suspicious circumstances. Heart Attack, Drugs or Suicide

Viper87 : probably but at this time it's all just speculation

kaihtafc : but whatever the circumstances we have lost a potential WWE superstar way too young

jmt5887 : I don't even want to speculate. it's just too sad for a parent to bury his or her own child.

kaihtafc : Exactly JMT i saw you tweet that

Jimsta : I think we should leave this delecate topic.

kaihtafc : Just what I was thinking

kaihtafc : So, Should Undertaker lose the streak?

Jimsta : He shouldn't but he shouldn't be defending it

jmt5887 : Not unless he was going to put over someone that could really use the bump. Punk is not one of those people.

Viper87 : No, especially not with the storyline the way it's currently progressing

Jimsta : Taker has to win. But he should take on Kane next year and then OVER.

jmt5887 : Kane shouldn't face undertaker again nor should he beat Taker.

kaihtafc : What do you guys think to this. He beats Punk this year, then in the future WM, he faces Kane and at the finish of the match it ends with them both kicking out of Tombstones and then the ring explodes and sets on fire aswell as the set with lots of pyro and they both disapear. Gone, forever.

Jimsta : Too gimicky

kaihtafc : I think with current technowledgy WWE could pull it off

kaihtafc : Thats exactly what they are tho... massive gimmicks, and WWE could make it look amazing like a movie

jmt5887 : they could pull it off but what would be the point.

Viper87 : It's not feasable It would have to be the main event and likely won't. Otherwise the rest of the show would come to an end. Besides, it smacks of fan fiction.

Viper87 : How does one revote for Ryback vs. Henry?

jmt5887 : not only that but it ends the streak. 21-0-1.

Jimsta : I'm not sure you can, I'll check in a bit.

kaihtafc : To give both men an ending together, maybey change it and have Kane beat Taker. Then the reason is that Kane has defeated Taker and completed his task of destroying his brother

jmt5887 : you are trying too hard. besides Kane has said he has no interest in breaking the streak.

kaihtafc : just an idea

Viper87 : But he won the feud back in 2010 so he technically won and Undertaker never sought any further reprisal.

kaihtafc : Id rather him lose to Punk tbh or maybe a undertaker Prodigy

jmt5887 : Conor "The Ascension" O'Brian

Jimsta : I don't think you can revote

Viper87 : Bugger :(

kaihtafc : Thats another Idea, what if this time next year Shield start to take out Undertaker and beat him down on his return leading to him bringing the assension to the WWE to help him take down the shield

Jimsta : The Ascention is 1 man.

jmt5887 : Kenneth Cameron was fired Kai.

kaihtafc : I know one of the assension was released but im sure WWE could find a suitable replacement

Jimsta : I like the ascention but I still think Taker should be left alone.

jmt5887 : They didn't. Instead O'Brian adopted the team name as a nickname.

kaihtafc : I know what you mean Jimsta but if he was struggling to work through injuries a tag match may be the way forward

Jimsta : Yeah but it isn't a big match. It would be so minor and uninteresting

jmt5887 : I think Taker has more pride then that Kai. if he could do a 1 on 1 match he would retire.

jmt5887 : couldn't*

kaihtafc : Yeah i think your right Jmt

jmt5887 : His match at WM 27 showed him how mortal he really is.

kaihtafc : That was good

Jimsta : WM25 was awesome

jmt5887 : WM 27 was when they had to carry him out on a cart because he couldn't stand up.

Viper87 : WM14 was cool

kaihtafc : Cletus420 bought me the DVD of WM 25 as a thankyou present for promoting Fourdown. It was an amazing PPV but Taker Michaels should have gone on last

jmt5887 : it was impossible to top that match after it happened.

Jimsta : I own 26/27 looking for 28. And 25 is still my favourite

kaihtafc : They tried there best the next year but the original was still better

jmt5887 : I have 27 on blue-ray and 28 on regular DVD. I liked 27 better

Jimsta : I only buy the cardbaord collectors editions, otherwise they wouldn't fit in with the others.

kaihtafc : When did all you guys get into wrestling?

jmt5887 : 1990. when The Undertaker debuted. I was 3.

Jimsta : It's hard to pinpoint the exact point. But I know my mum/uncle/aunty/grandad....whole family watched wrestling every week with me watching as an infant. Sopposedly I enjoyed it.

Jimsta : So... 1995, I was 0.

jmt5887 : I'm probably the oldest in this chat right now.

Viper87 : age?

kaihtafc : I got in around 2004-2005 at the age of about 8 :)

kaihtafc : Im 17

kaihtafc : Wait no im 16 haha nearly 17

jmt5887 : 25. turn 26 in May.

Jimsta : 18 #ICanDrink

jmt5887 : can't here in the US.

kaihtafc : hahaha well im #Straightedge haha

Viper87 : I'm also 25. Started watching in 1997 sometime prior to Badd Blood In Your house

jmt5887 : #LegalageinUSis21.

Jimsta : Yeah, me too. I have had maybe 1 bottle of beer, it was an RTD that I didn't like but my aunty bought me some and made me drink them.

kaihtafc : phaha did you guys actually wait till the legal age tho? ;)

jmt5887 : I've only had a wine cooler and that was 3 months ago.

Jimsta : She bought me 12 RTD's and I couldn't stand them and had a mouthful of each.

jmt5887 : It was pretty natural to get into wrestling when you have then family in the business.

kaihtafc : haha I grew up with alchol around me and never saw the point of it so never tried

Jimsta : Pretty much the ame here Kai. Except for the one occasion I let her, she spent alot of money, I felt I had to try them....

kaihtafc : Was wondering how long itd take you to drop that card JMT ;)

kaihtafc : hahahaha

Jimsta : JMT, if you tell the undertaker story again!.......

jmt5887 : LOL. I'll be good.

Jimsta : My Aunties, boyfriends, sisters, freind know a guy who once saw Stone Cold.

jmt5887 : I just drank the wine cooler to get my mom off my back about trying it. I made a promise to my dad to never drink.

kaihtafc : haha! I was actually thinking about it the other day and thought Im actually quite lucky to have seen Undertaker at a house show in Manchester in 2007

Jimsta : Yeah same here. I told myself I'd never drink. Get aunty off back and never again.

jmt5887 : I still wish I had a picture from where I met Undertaker.

Jimsta : Yeah WWE and TNA never come to NZ............

kaihtafc : Well ive only been once. and i was a mark back then so didnt respect it as much as i would now

kaihtafc : Undertaker broke character and celebrated doing Matt Hardy and Batista's taunt moves hahaha

Jimsta : Wrestlign isn't going well in NZ. WWE hasn't been lately, TNA havent been ever, IPW (The Best Local) is shutting down.....

kaihtafc : :/ Not too good

Viper87 : In TNA's defense, they've never been anywhere else besides the UK

kaihtafc : I think they may do soon though

Jimsta : Yeah but TNA said they might and sent AJ Styles down to scout us out. No word since and TNA has ben taken off our TV's

kaihtafc : i watch all my wrestling online anyway

Viper87 : Oh yes, AJ was in NZ last year signing autographs in a bar

Viper87 : my cousins got photos

Jimsta : I wish I did, but it is an hours drive away. And I had no license then.

Jimsta : I atleast get to see an encore showing of IPW after they had there last show at a convention.

jmt5887 : some TNA Talent is supposed to be at Kentucky Zone Wrestling this summer.

Jimsta : Nice, should grab me a 'graph :P

kaihtafc : I just thought, the clocks go forward tonight haha trust you lot to organise this at a confusing time ;) haha

jmt5887 : I don't know who's actually supposed to show up. My luck it would be Robbie E.

Jimsta : I learnt that I can send mail (costs heaps) to wrestlers in US and they will send me back an autograph if Im lucky.

Jimsta : @Kai Mine dont go foward till next weekend.

Jimsta : @JMT : Atleast he would bring Tessmacher

jmt5887 : mine did 4 weeks ago.

Jimsta : Anyone own WWEGames?

kaihtafc : So its just me haha its now 12:50 am

kaihtafc : Yeah, i havent played WWE13 barely at all tho!

jmt5887 : I have WWE 13. haven't played it in months though.

kaihtafc : I kinda wasted 40 quid haha

brandoni998 : Justin Gabriel is awesome to play as

kaihtafc : I think the best WWE game was Here comes the pain

jmt5887 : I gave my CAS an RKO as a finisher.

Jimsta : I like the games but still not sure if 2KSports is goign to be good or bad

Viper87 : Also have WWE '13. Haven't played it in a while, but that's due to time more than not wanting to play it. Glad they did right by Gabriel in this year's game

Jimsta : HCTP is a favourite of the fans.

kaihtafc : but i also liked walking around the backstage area on Shut your mouth

brandoni998 : The best WWE Game is Musical Chairs

kaihtafc : With Eugene as the host!

Jimsta : ......

Viper87 : 2KSports will be good once they start taking the helm and and incorporate or phase out entirely the Yukes and THQ teams

jmt5887 : TakeTwo and 2KSports Usually does pretty well with their games.

Jimsta : I think they have to keep some Yukes.

Jimsta : But there is so many things that can be done to make it better.

brandoni998 : Bring back GM Mode

kaihtafc : Yes!

kaihtafc : That was great

Jimsta : Universe Mode > GM Mode

jmt5887 : #NeverplayedGMMode

Jimsta : There have been calls to fuse them, but I play Universe much more.

kaihtafc : GM mode was my fav bit of the game, i liked it better than Universe

Viper87 : For now while they transition and to keep the franchise churning annually, but eventually they can take what Yukes did and improve it beyond their willingness or capabilities.

kaihtafc : I didnt like Universe 1.0 but 2.0 seemed pretty good

brandoni998 : I'd like to be able to create entrance stages for superstars

Jimsta : THQ told everyone that thye had technology planned for WWE 15 to be next-gen. So WWE 2k15 will be were everything gets better I think.

kaihtafc : Gotta admit the team do listen to fans and improve on their comments

Jimsta : WWE 2k14 will just try and sell and gain confidence. 15 is big change.

jmt5887 : 5 down 7 to go.

Jimsta : With a few guests, yet to show *cough*assassin*cough*

jmt5887 : it's only 8 here. it's just getting dark.

Viper87 : I'm a little distrustful of the previous WWEGames team from THQ (Cory, Brian, etc). They seem enthusiastic and all, but sometimes sound like they're over thinking things and spinning a yarn or two. Things in theory could have been further along by this stage than they currently are. IF 2K Sports can incorporate everything they have into their NBA Games on a PS3 disc and Uncharted can incorporate as much as it did and look the way it looked, THQ could have easily done more by this point overall with WWE Games. Hopefully now that Take Two has the franchise, by WWE 2K15 they'll start getting some traction. Still slightly dubious having the former THQ crew around though.

Jimsta : I think this might be a good time to take a break from the discusssions and maybe playa quick game of 'Whos That Wrestler'

jmt5887 : probably. I was getting tempted to Play a Game.

brandoni998 : It's time to play a gammmmmmeeeeeeee....muhhhahhhahhaa

Jimsta : Well I'll start, I got one.

brandoni998 :

jmt5887 : male?

Jimsta : 1) Yes he is Male

jmt5887 : Former World Champion?

Viper87 : that narrows it down to about a 1000 lol

kaihtafc : current wrestler?

Jimsta : 2) He is current

jmt5887 : I asked if he was a former World Champion

Jimsta : 3) He is a former World CHamp

kaihtafc : Is he on the WM 29 card?

Viper87 : ok, is he black?

jmt5887 : Held the World Heavyweight Championship?

brandoni998 : Borrrrringggg

Jimsta : 4) Not on WM29 Card

jmt5887 : then ask questions Brandon?

Jimsta : 5) He is not black

Jimsta : 6) Not held WHW Title

brandoni998 : Do they have a gimmick ?

Viper87 : Stone cold Steve Austin

Jimsta : 7) Debatable, but yes he has a gimmick

jmt5887 : current star that held the WWE Championship not on the Current Mania card. That's tough.

Jimsta : Hold on, who said it was a WWE WOrld CHamp?

Jimsta : #DontCountOutTNA

brandoni998 : Current WWE Star?

jmt5887 : R-Truth

Viper87 : Sting

brandoni998 : Kurt Angle

kaihtafc : CHRISTIAN!

Viper87 : Hulk Hogan

brandoni998 : RVD

brandoni998 : Jeff Hardy

kaihtafc : Out of control again haha

Jimsta : 8) Not Current WWE
9) Not Truth
10) Not Sting
11) Not Angle
12) Not Christian

Jimsta : 13) not Hogan
14) Not RVD
15) Not Hardy

Jimsta : Ask about him. It's not too hard.

Viper87 : Abyss/Joesph Park

jmt5887 : Current Champion with TNA?

Jimsta : 16) Not Abyss

Jimsta : 17) Not Current Champ in TNA

kaihtafc : Ever been in WWE?

Viper87 : is he currently on weekly TV?

jmt5887 : did he lose his smile

Jimsta : 18) Yes hes been on WWE
19) Yes on TV Weekly

Viper87 : AJ Styles

jmt5887 : AJ Styles

Jimsta : 20) Not AJ.

Viper87 : bugger

Viper87 : Samoa Joe

jmt5887 : Really tall?

Jimsta : Running out of former TNA World Champs that still wrestle weekly

Jimsta : 21) Not Joe
22) Not really. 6 ft 2

jmt5887 : Aries

brandoni998 : Batista

Jimsta : 22) Brandon, he isn't current TNA

Viper87 : Rhino

Jimsta : Current TNA! Been World Champ! Been in WWE!

brandoni998 : Batista is not in TNa

jmt5887 : ROH?

Viper87 : Bully Ray

Viper87 : Ken anderson

Jimsta : Viper got it Ken Anderson

brandoni998 : Taz

jmt5887 : You said he was not Current TNA.

Viper87 : damn, that was hard lol

Jimsta : Viper pick a wrestler, tell us when you got him.

brandoni998 : I thought you meant former WWE world champ.

Jimsta : If you look back, I pointed out he was former TNA Champ.

jmt5887 : I misunderstood 22) Brandon, He isn't Current TNA

Viper87 : ok

Jimsta : oh. I was telling him Batista wasn't current TNA

kaihtafc : Current WWE?

Viper87 : yes and no

Jimsta : Male?

jmt5887 : Christian

Viper87 : male

Jimsta : Been on WWE TV last week?

brandoni998 : Rufus Pancake Patterson

Viper87 : 1) Not christian

Viper87 : 2) NO Pacake PAtterson

jmt5887 : Has he accomplished anything noteworthy in his career.

Viper87 : 3) Not on "WWE" TV last week. wink wink

Jimsta : The Rock?

kaihtafc : Im gunna leave you guys for a bit. I may come back later if i wake up early, but good luck im gunna go and sleep aahahhaha

kaihtafc : cya

Jimsta : cya Kai.

Viper87 : 4) Accomplished accomplishment as far as possible in the framework

Viper87 : bye

kaihtafc : definatly like to be a guest in the future ;) goodbye :)

Viper87 : poor sentance structure on my part

jmt5887 : one of the Big 3 on the Wrestlemania Poster?

Viper87 : Got nothing to do with Wrestlemania

jmt5887 : WWE HOF?

Viper87 : Not even close to that level at this point in time

Jimsta : DDP?

Viper87 : Not DDP

jmt5887 : active wrestler?

Viper87 : yes

Jimsta : Ever been on TNA?

Viper87 : never been with TNA

jmt5887 : Currently Injuried?

Viper87 : not injured

Jimsta : Been on a WWE PPV 2012/13

jmt5887 : Has he held a WWE Championship of any level?

brandoni998 : Zack Ryder

Viper87 : no, not in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986, or 1985 either lol

Viper87 : Not a WWE Championship

Viper87 : Not Zack Ryder

jmt5887 : I said of any level. including tag and mid-card.

Jimsta : So he is/but isn't in WWE. Current Wrestler that ha snever been on a PPV.....Has he ever been on WWE TV?

Viper87 : Not any "WWE" Championship of any level

brandoni998 : Lupe Santiago

Viper87 : Never appeared on WWE TV

Viper87 : Ooops scratch that, has appeared on WWE TV

Viper87 : If you know where to look that is

Jimsta : NXT?

Viper87 : not lupe Santigo

Viper87 : He is in NXT

Jimsta : Ohno?

jmt5887 : does he hold a title on NXT.

Viper87 : Not Kassius Ohno

Viper87 : Doesn't hold a Title on NXT

brandoni998 : Leo Kruger !!!!!

jmt5887 : is he a relative of a famous Wrestler?

Jimsta : Such a lartg elist. Name start with a lteer between A-K.

brandoni998 : It's Leo Kruger

jmt5887 : Richie Steamboat.

Viper87 : Congratulations Brandoni998. It is indeed Leo Kruger. As if there was an other choice lol. He is in WWE, but not in WWE itself; confined to NXT. Won the FCW Championship 3 times, never appeared on WWE PPV, not injured, not involved in Wrestlemania, not HOF level, appeared on one episode of Smackdo

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the concept of a super curtain jerkers show was wonderful, but I think it was way too big. Too long. I think the 4 hour concept is what works best for this type of show. Otherwise, this is still one of my favorite's here on 4 Down

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 3:20 PM
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gosh, it was long, and you took out some stuff

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9/27 WWE Gamma SmackDown Live, Episode 10 Feb 10   edawg32 WWE Gamma 0 0.00 
9/26 WWE Alpha Raw, Episode 10 Feb 09   edawg32 Temporary WWE Alpha 0 0.00 
Wrestlemania 33 Card Update Dec 28   TheWrestler WWE Special Events 3 0.00 
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