Cena vs Lesnar...Rapid Reaction


"Cena goes for the Attitude Adjusment, gets Lesnar up, and hits it onto the steel steps!!!! He goes for the cover 1...2...3, ding, ding, ding"
"The winner of this matchup, John Ceeeeena!!!"
And I am sitting there with my mouth wide open in shock.
How could this possibly happen? Who in the world thought having Lesnar lose his first match was a good idea? Why did this happen?
All of those questions were ringing through my mind as I sat there staring blankly at my tv screen, watching Cena celeberate in the ring and Lesnar walk out the loser. The first thing that went through my other than all of those questions was that Cena won the match, but wasn't suppose to win the match. Similar to what I think might of happened with Big Show and Cody Rhodes where Big Show seemed to have botched and his leg went through a table. Except this time, there was no botch. No, this time it was real.
My thought seemed to be backed up by the fact that Cena grabbed a mic and addressed the crowd, saying that he might get suspended or fired for winning this match, and the fact that Lesnar left looking angry and shell shocked in a way that could not be faked. I now question wether I was in the right mindset and have come to the conclusion that I was not, but I still wonder, was Cena suppose to win that match? Or did he completly catch Lesnar off guard with that Attitude Adjustment onto the steel steps?
Anyways, lets stop talking about the ending for a second and talk about something different. This match was amazing. No, it wasn't as good as CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, but it was an amazing match none the less. And one of the best parts...blood. Directly afer the opening bell Lesnar busted Cena wide open. At first the doctors tried to stop the bleeding but after two failed attempts the finally stopped and just decided to let it go. Later in the match Lesnar got busted open when Cena hit him in the face with his steel chain. Yes, this was a pretty bloody match for the so called pg era, which seems to be in a transistion of sorts to a revival of the ruthless aggression era.
On another, completely unrealted note, did anybody else catch Michael Cole say ass on live tv during the Cena-Lesnar match other than me? Just wondering.
Despite the strange ending, this match was worthy of being the main event, and defiently was a great way to end a 10 star pay per view, which by the way, seems to be my only BOLD prediction that I got right, haha, on my previous blog post, "Ten bold predictions for Extreme Rules."
Anyways, despite that epic fail of me trying to be smart and throwing out all sorts of crazy predictions, I will be doing it again for Over the Limit, and anyways, if they're bold predictions then there is no way that they are all going to be right, right?
Sorry, getting off track, in conclusion, I say that even though Cena won, I think I might be okay with that. I know, I know, shun me, call me a 7 year old or a female, say I'm not a true wrestling fan, but I was okay with Cena winning this match mainly because Lesnar's character is almost impossible to like. Like I said before, this match was a perfect way to end what could possibly be the best pay-per-view of the year! I do want to say one thing...I am glad Cena won this match wether he was suppose to or not.
In the words of Daniel Bryan, who sadly got beat by Sheamus, "YES...YES...YES...YES!!!!!"

As always, please post your opinons on the pay per view and the match. As I always say, please rate and review!!! The double r's. :)
PS...Yea that double r's thing was tacky haha.

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# edawg32
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Game On

Nice blog man. I really gotta say, I felt the Cena/Lesnar match was just a fight. Nothing pretty, just a full out fight and it didn't disappoint. I don't know what's going on with Cena and why he said what he said, but I'm glad he won.

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 11:55 PM
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# UOFLfan7
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edawg32: Thanks...
I am glad Cena won too...I normally don't root for Cena, but lately I have found myself cheering for him except for his match against Tensai, and I respect him for helping push a "young", and I say that loosely, star.
So yeah, I think it was nice to see a shocker. No one expected Cena to win, and WWE shocked us all.
I defiently agree with you that the match wasn't pretty, but that is what made it so special :).

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 12:03 AM
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