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It was bound to happen sooner or later, John Cena vs the most devastating force in the WWE at a pay-per-view. John Cena vs. someone with more power than Brock, Rock, or possibly even Triple H at this point. Someone who is a freaking reincarnation of Vince McMahon. Someone whose name is Mr. John Luranitous. (Or however you spell it.)
Now this came as a huge shock to me and probably everbody else out there. I personally was expecting Lord Tesnai to face Cena at OTL and when Lord Tensai's music hit and he came down to the ring I couldn't have been less surprised. What occured soon after however had me once again staring at my tv wide eyed and mouth open. Johnny boy hit Cena in the head with the mic and proceeded to announce Cena's oppenent at Extreme Rules, but what came out of his mouth wasn't the name of a current WWE wrestler...ooops what came out of his mouth was the name of corrupt owner. He announced that HE would be facing Cena at OTL in typical Vince McMahon fashion.
Now, Big Johnny is no Vince McMahon, but he sure as heck is getting there. He is slowly growing more interesting every week and place his gimmick to perfection. He, to put it simple, has grown on me. I personally was excited when Big Johnny announced that it was he who would be facing Cena...mainly because so many different storylines can erupt from this one and many different approaches to this angle can be taked. They can have Cena overcome the odds and win (Lord Tensai will more than likely be at ringside and Cena has a near broken arm), Big Johnny can pick up the win (shockingly), or the match might not even happen.
The third choice is my prediction. I think that, that angle last night was used to write Cena off television for a while and give him a much deserved rest. He will return around Summerslam and face Lesnar or Tensai or maybe even Big Johnny. Look for Luranitous's power to grow stronger and stronger as Cena is gone and possible get to the point where he has more power than Vince McMahon or/and Triple H. Look for him to create a stable consisting of The Miz, Mark Henry, Christian, Lord Tensai, Daivd Otunga, Eve, and Brock Lesnar and look for them to dominate the WWE while Cena is gone.
Cena will then come back and face Lesnar or Tensai, and the rest is I already said before (right?)
Anyways, I personally like this storyline as long as it doesn't lead to Big Johnny loosing his job, or worse, loosing his job to Teddy who has grown extremely stale. It might even lead to a John Lurantious face turn and a Cena heel turn...unlikely, but an article about Cena always has to have that possibilty.
So in conlusion, I think that this could possibly be one of the better fueds this year, especially if it leads to a Cena heel turn, a Lurantious face turn (hopefully not though, he plays a heel character to perfection), a Cena injury angle so he can take some much needed rest, or Johnny Ace gaining more power.
So, since this era is about People Power, let's hear from the people.
What do you think of this storyline?
Please feel free to comment and share your opinions!!!

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Will this storyline be a success?  05/10/2012

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