Legends of Attitude 4/24/12 Episode 1


Segment 1 (1)~
We open the show with a huge pyro and the theme song “Coming Undone” by Korn plays across Madison Square Garden! What a place to premiere Legends of Attitude! Good Ole JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show and boy we have a huge night in store!

Segment 2 (2)~
Vince McMahon the COO and GM of Legends of Attitude comes out to the stage as his music hits. He is taking massive heat, as he tries to shut the crowd up by shouting into his microphone. He gets in the ring and makes a speech.

Vince: Would you all shut up! You need to give the CEO of this company some respect! This is flat out unacceptable! I’m simply out here to give my welcoming speech to the premiere of this show! Tonight we will see a match card full of title bouts! We will crown our Woman’s Champion, LOA Tag Team Champions, LOA European Championship, and the LOA Global Champion! But did I forget to mention that every person on this roster is a legend from the Attitude Era! That’s right ladies and gentleman, LOA is bringing back the Attitude Era and it’s going to be non-action!

The fans don’t like Vince but approve of what he had said and give a decent pop to the announcement.

Vince: So please enjoy the….!

Before Vince can continue he is cut off by the sound of shattering glass. The fans explode as Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out onto the stage! MSG is ape for SCSA! He walks down the ramp and grabs a mic, then slides into the ring. He is standing face to face with Vince McMahon!

SCSA: Come on give the man some credit. You got to love that douche bag hair cut he has!

The fans laugh.

Vince: What do you want Austin?

SCSA: I want you to do what you should have done before the show even opened. And that’s hand me the LOA Global Championship!

Vince: You would think I would just hand you that title Steve? No… no… no… I would never do that! If you want the title so bad you can compete in the main event tonight. A ladder match to name the first LOA Global Champion!

The fans pop and Austin nods. Vince sticks out his hand for a handshake, but SCSA just swats it away then walks off laughing. While receiving a huge pop from the fans! We are headed to commercial but when we return to the premiere of LOA we will crown our first ever LOA Woman’s Champion!

Commercial Break

Match 1 (3)~
LOA Woman’s Championship Match
Chyna vs. Trish Stratus
-Chyna is out first to decent heat. But here comes Trish to a big ovation! The two lock up, but Chyna overpowers Trish, and nails a clothesline after tossing Trish into the ropes. Chyna controls most of the match until toward the end Trish builds momentum! But it is put to and end when Chyna nails a dropkick on Stratus and covers, 1…2…3! And Chyna did it! Chyna is the first ever LOA Woman’s Champion!
Winner and the new LOA Woman’s Champion: Chyna

Segment 3 (4)~
We cut backstage after that match. And we see X-Pac standing outside Sable’s locker room. Road Dog Jesse James walks up.

RDJJ: Hey X what’s going on?

X-Pac: I’ll tell you what’s going on! Sable is pissed off at me!

RDJJ: What did you do this time?

X-Pac: I simply said that she could look better in the outfit she was wearing. And she flipped out on me for it.

RDJJ: You idiot you never say that. Now apologize!

Road Dog shakes his head as X-Pac knocks on the door. Sable flings the door open and smacks X-Pac in the face, then closes the door again. Road Dog is laughing as Farooq walks by.

Farooq: Damn!

Farooq walks off and Road Dog can’t help to laugh as X-Pac rubs his face in pain. After the break we will actually see X-Pac in action against Farooq, and I bet that will be entertaining!

Commercial Break

Match 2 (5)~
Singles Match
X-PAC/w Road Dog Jesse James vs. Farooq
-X-Pac is out here first with RDJJ. Both men receive a decent pop from the MSG crowd. But then Farooq’s music hits and they get even louder. Farooq gets a huge pop coming to the ring. And I bet this will be an entertaining match as both men shake hands and the bell rings. They lock up with X-Pac eventually gaining control and sending Farooq into the corner. Pac charges and guns for a corner heel kick. But Farooq dodges and Pac gets his legs caught up in the ropes. As he is hanging upside down Farooq unleashes stomps to the chest on him. Eventually he falls out of the corner, and slowly gets to his feet, only to get planted to the mat by a belly to back suplex from Farooq. Farooq then hits an elbow drop, and quickly covers, 1…no! Kickout at 1 by X-Pac. Farooq then stands, and allows X to get to his feet to. When X finally does stand Farooq picks him up and hits a snap scoop powerslam. But before he can cover X-Pac rolls out of the ring, and converses with Road Dog! When the ref reaches an 8 count, X rolls back into the ring, and ducks a clothesline from Farooq. He then connects with a heel kick. Then he hits the ropes, and nails a moonsault! Now X-Pac is taunting for the X-Factor. Farooq stands and X goes to pick him up. But Farooq kicks him in the gut and then nails the Dominator. Farooq covers, 1…2…3! And Farooq pulls off the win tonight here on the premiere of LOA! Farooq helps X-Pac to his feet, and they shake hands once more receiving a big reaction.
Winner: Farooq

Segment 4 (6)~
Vince McMahon is standing in his office talking to his daughter Stephanie.

Vince: I’m demanding you to stay away from Hunter!

Stephanie: First off dad you cannot tell me what to do! And secondly Hunter is my husband and I’m fully supporting him in the Global Championship Match tonight!

Stephanie storms off, and Vince doesn’t look happy. Just then Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho walk in.

Vince: What can I do for you two?

RVD: We were just wondering if we were on the card tonight?

Jericho: What he meant to ask was, are we in the LOA Tag Team Championship Match tonight?

Vince: I don’t see why not. You two will take on The Hardy Boyz, and that match is next!

RVD and Jericho walk off talking about how it will be easy to beat them. We then cut to Jeff and Matt Hardy backstage in their locker room preparing for their match. We are headed to commercial but when we return we will see that tag team match!

Commercial Break

Match 3 (7)~
LOA Tag Team Championship Match(Tornado Tag)
RVD & Chris Jericho vs. The Hardy Boyz
-RVD & Chris Jericho are already in the ring taking heat. And then The Hardy Brothers come out! The fans pop big as the brothers make their way down to the ring. The bell rings and this match is underway. Jericho rushes out of the ring, and RVD takes on both Hardy’s. Jericho quickly goes under the ring and pulls out two chairs, and climbs back in the ring with them. As RVD hits Matt Hardy with a big boot, Jericho calls at Jeff to turn around. Jeff turns around and Chris throws the chair into his face, and then dropkicks it. RVD and Jericho are definitely in control here tonight. Jeff is knocked out on the canvas, so Chris stands up Matt who was just nailed with a huge chair shot from RVD. Jericho holds onto Matt as RVD climbs up to the top rope. Here comes Rob looking for a diving superkick. But Matt pushes Jericho off, and then ducks the superkick. RVD lands on his feet, but Matt hits him with an inverted ddt. Matt then turns around and see’s Jericho charging with a chair. But Matt gets him with a Russian legsweep. Then he quickly bounces up to the tope rope, and dives off hitting an elbow drop! RVD and Jericho both roll out of the ring as Matt helps Jeff to his feet. Will the tables have turned in this match as we head to commercial!
Commercial Break
We return and find out that RVD & Jericho regained control. When Matt & Jeff went for double diving shoulder tackles over the top rope to their opponents outside. But got countered with body slams to the floor! Jericho now has Matt and is beating his head against the steel steps. As RVD picks up Jeff over his head, and then smacks his face into the ring barrier. Chris then rolls Matt back in the ring and covers, 1…2…no! Matt got his shoulder up. Now Rob throws Jeff into the ring and covers, 1…2…no! Jeff also got his shoulder up, and this match was almost over twice! Jericho then stands up Matt as Van Dam tosses Jeff out of the ring. Jericho waits for Van Dam to climb to the top rope. And then sends Matt into the ropes. Off the return Chris hits the Codebreaker. And just as Matt hits the mat RVD dives for the Five-Star Frog Splash! But Jeff slid back in the ring, and hits a dropkick on RVD in midair. Van Dam crashes into the ropes, and then falls out of the ring, crashing hard to the floor. But just as Jeff turns around Chris Jericho hits the Codebreaker on him. But as Chris stands up again Matt Hardy got to his feet, and hits the Twist of Fate onto one of the steel chairs that Jericho brought into the ring earlier. Chris’s face is busted and he is bleeding badly as Matt covers, 1…2…3! And Matt did it! Matt won the Tag Team Championship for him and his brother! Jericho rolls out of the ring bleeding everywhere and he walks off in shame with RVD. Matt helps Jeff to his feet and they are handed the belts and celebrate!
Winners and new LOA Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz

Segment 5 (8)~
Kevin Kelly is backstage in the interview area with Kurt Angle.

KK: Kurt tonight you are a part of that 5 Man Battle Royale to determine who the first ever LOA European Champion is! How do good do you think your chances are?

Angle: Look Kevin I honestly don’t think that question needs to be asked. I think what you should have said was what are you going to do after you win that championship match tonight. And the answer would be to party hard and never let go of that belt.

Angle walks off laughing, as Kevin Kelly looks puzzled.

KK: Well I wasn’t done but I suppose that concludes the interview!

Commercial Break

Match 4 (9)~
5 Man Battle Royale European Championship Match
Rakishi vs. Kevin Nash vs. Edge/w Christian vs. Goldust vs. Kurt Angle
-All the men make their entrances. Rakishi receives a good pop, Nash takes heat, Edge gets a decent reaction, Goldust gets good cheers, and Angle takes massive heat from the fans. All men are ready for battle as the bell rings. Edge goes after Kevin Nash, as Rakishi and Goldust team up on Kurt Angle. Goldust clotheslines Angle, and then grabs ahold of his leg and extends it. Then Rakishi hits an elbow drop right on the inside of Kurt’s knee. Angle appears to be in massive pain. As Goldust and Rakishi now turn their attention to each other. Edge is throwing rights and lefts at Nash, but nothing is hurting him. Nash just grabs Edge and sends him into the ropes, off the return he connects with a big boot. Now Nash picks up Edge by the throat looking for a Chokeslam. But Christian comes to the rescue and slides into the ring. He kicks Nash in the knee, and Edge falls to the mat. Edge then bounces off the ropes and nails a Spear. Meanwhile Rakishi has Goldust on the ropes, and pushes him over the top one! But as soon as Rakishi turns around Kurt Angle clotheslines him over the top rope!
Goldust & Rakishi Eliminated
Now across the ring Kevin Nash and Edge are ducking it out. But Edge dodges a right hand, and then pushes Kevin out of the ring from behind!
Kevin Nash Eliminated
It is now just down to Edge and Kurt Angle for the European Championship. Both men begin trading blows. Back in forth and the crowd loves it! Eventually Angle hits a headbutt, then a huge body slam on Edge. Edge slowly stands and Kurt goes for the Angle Slam. But Edge counters with a roundhouse kick, that catches Kurt Angle in the lip and bust opens his lip. Now Edge stands in the corner taunting for the Spear. Kurt stands right by the ropes. Edge charges for his finisher, but Kurt catches him and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor! And Kurt Angle pulled it off! Kurt Angle is the LOA European Champion! The crowd is giving him massive heat as he laughs at Edge and waves the title belt around like a maniac! When we return we will see our main event of the evening. The LOA Global Championship Ladder Match!
Winner and new LOA European Champion: Kurt Angle

Commercial Break

Main Event (10)~
LOA Global Championship Ladder Match
Mankind vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. SCSA vs. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
-We return and Mankind is already in the ring receiving huge heat from the crowd. But here comes Triple H who gets a huge pop. Next out is The Rock to a bigger pop than H. Then SCSA to an even bigger pop than Rock! Then The Hitman gets huge heat from the MSG crowd. And with the biggest reaction of the night Shawn Michaels comes out! All men are in the ring, 4 ladders surround the ring, and the bell rings. Triple H & Shawn Michaels go to work on Bret Hart, and Mankind goes after The Rock, and SCSA rushes out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He slides in back in the ring admist all of the chaos. Before he can even get back in, Mankind picks up the ladder and jabs it at The Rock who is laid out on the canvas. SCSA looks pissed and goes out and grabs another ladder. He slides it back in the ring, but again Mankind picks it up and strikes The Rock with it. Austin looks pissed and gets into the ring and calmly waits in the corner. When Mankind finally lets up on The Rock he turns around. And Austin hits the Lou Thez Press, and then unloads with haymakers. And he bust opens Mankind’s nose and lip. Meanwhile Shawn Michaels has ahold of Bret Hart as Triple H is punching him in the stomach. Triple H then backs up and Shawn lets Hart go. Triple H then charges and hits a running neckbreaker! We are headed to commercial but will return to this chaos shortly!
Commercial Break
We return and see The Rock and SCSA throwing hands outside of the ring, when out of nowhere Mankind hits Austin in the back with a chair, allowing The Rock to pick up Steve, and hit the Rock Bottom on the floor. Rock then grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring. Mankind stays outside and continues his ruthless attack. Rock sets up the ladder, and begins to climb for the title belt. But Shawn Michaels sees this and dashes up the other side of the ladder. He smacks Rocks face on the top of it, and Rock crashes to the mat. But Shawn losses his footing and falls to. He just so happens to crash onto Triple H who was about to hit the Pedigree on Bret Hart. Triple H and Shawn slowly begin to stand. But Bret kicks Shawn in the head and then locks in the Sharpshooter on Triple H! Triple H is tapping but it doesn’t mean anything Bret doesn’t have to let go. Shawn somehow gets to his feet and exits the ring; he pulls a led pipe out from under the ring and gets back in. As Bret is laughing at Triple H, while keeping his submission tight, Shawn hits him across the face with the led pipe! Shawn checks out his friend, but H waves him off. On the outside of the ring SCSA is out cold as Mankind climbs back into the ring. He goes to pick up the ladder in the center of the ring the same time as Shawn Michaels does. The two look at each other and then just unload! They eventually spill out of the ring and into the crowd. Meanwhile Triple H stands up Bret Hart and hits the Pedigree. But when Triple H turns around Rock connects with the Rock Bottom. Now Rock picks up the ladder and slowly makes the climb again. But H came to quick and pushes the ladder over and The Rock crashes to the outside of the ring and H follows. In the stands Mankind is trying to climb back over the ring barrier when Shawn Michaels charges and spear’s him over it. Mankind crashes into the side of the ring, and busts open the side of his head. Bret Hart comes two and stands up the ladder. He doesn’t even make it half way when Michael’s dashes back into the ring and pulls him down. But now Mankind gets in and hits Shawn with the Double Arm DDT. He then climbs to the top rope looking for a diving elbow drop. But Austin is back, and climbs up the steel steps. He spins Mankind around on the top rope, and nails a Stone Cold Stunner on Mankind onto the steel steps. Mankind isn’t moving and WWE Doctors rush out to ringside and deem him unfit to continue. This means someone needs to take his place! Meanwhile Triple H hits a sit out spinebuster slam on The Rock through the commentators table! Triple H then climbs back in and it’s just him and Austin standing right now. But before they even can strike Vince McMahon comes onto the stage with a mic.

Vince: Since Mankind had to be carried away on a stretcher and was deemed unfit to continue. His spot in this match needs a replacement. And the wrestler who will fill that spot is none other than this man!

Shane McMahons music hits and the crowd erupts in boo’s. It is an “Oh my God!” Moment for JR as Shane comes to the stage. Vince pats him on the shoulder and then Shane charges the ring. SCSA turns his attention back to Triple H, but is too late because Triple H hits the Pedigree on him. Triple H then grabs the ladder and stands it up. But before Triple H can climb Shane gets into the ring and hits a float over ddt. He then climbs the ladder! He grabs the title, he is pulling it! He has it! Shane McMahon got the LOA Global Championship! MSG can’t believe this! They give massive heat to Shane as he stands over Triple H and just begins to beat him in the face with the title belt! WWE Doctors rush to the ring to check on Triple H. And the show ends with Vince raising his son’s hand in victory on the stage!
Winner and new LOA Global Championship: Shane McMahon

Legends of Attitude goes off the air

Next week see the fallout of that main event. What will Mankind have to say to SCSA for knocking him out of the main event. And how will Triple H react to Vince and Shane McMahon obvious biased attack on him!

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# brandoni998
Administrator of
The Straight Edge Society

Great Show ! I personally wouldn't have put the championship on Shane to start off the company from the 1st show . I would have had either HHH ,SCSA , or Shawn Michaels win . You made a good decision storyline wise , but promotion wise , it wasn't a good decision . Therefore , I give you a 5/5 ! Great Show !

Posted on April 24, 2012 at 10:23 PM
# Whammer1
Member of
Europe's Elite

Nice show. Loved the main event and the Tag title match was great too. One flaw was that I don't think you got everybodies character right. For example, SCSA would have Stunnered Vince, not just slapped his hand away, Kurt Angle wouldn't party as a celebration of a win, etc.

But overall, 4/5. Nice start. You have my attention.

Posted on April 26, 2012 at 8:28 AM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #241 (Rank in League: #3)
# dare2believe
Member of
The Straight Edge Society

One word to describe this show: AWESOME!

Posted on May 5, 2012 at 8:42 PM
# dare2believe
Member of
The Straight Edge Society

The LOA concept is cool, I see great things for this brand!

Posted on May 5, 2012 at 8:44 PM
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