WWE Optimus Presents Extreme Rules 2012 4/29/12


brandoni998 you said I was getting repetitive, and I needed to change things in WWE Optimus! Well check out WWE Optimus Extreme Rules my friend! It is shocking!

Segment 0 (1)~
A huge pyro explodes and “Adrenaline,” by Shinedown plays over the Allstate Arena in Chicago Illinois! The fans are excited for the second PPV of WWE Optimus, as we bring you Extreme Rules! Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole welcome us to the show! Michael Cole talks up the World and WWE Championship match, as Jerry focuses on the main event CM Punk vs. Bret Hart in a submission match! Let’s get on with the show!

Match 1 (2)~
Divas Championship Match
Tamina© vs. Aksana
-Good match up here between these woman. The crowd was behind Tamina, but Aksana prevailed, and ended this one with a dropkick and a cover, 1…2…3! And Aksana has regained her championship!
Winner And New Divas Champ: Aksana via Pinfall

Segment 2 (3)~
Backstage we see a limo pull up and Bret Hart steps out! Well The Hitman is here, and I’m sure he will be preparing mentally for his match against CM Punk later tonight! What a huge return he is making!

Match 2 (4)~
Singles Match
Jinder Mahal vs. Rybacl

-We cut back to the ring as Jinder Mahal is making his way to the ring taking massive heat. But here comes Ryback to a huge pop! Ryback gets in the ring and has a stare down as this match begins! The two lock up, and Jinder jumps behind Ryback in a waistlock. He then hits a belly to back suplex. Ryback quickly stands and goes for a clothesline, but Jinder dodges and connects with an inverted ddt. Jinder is in complete control! He climbs up to the top rope and dives; he hits Ryback with an elbow drop! Mahal covers, 1…! No kickout! Jinder and Ryback both stand and Jinder tries to kick Ryback in the stomach. But Ryback catches it, and clotheslines Jinder hard to the mat. Mahal slowly stands as Ryback bounces off the ropes. Off the rebound Ryback hits a big boot. Ryback is taunting for his finisher! But what is this, Santino Marella is on the stage! I can’t believe this! If you remember Santino was fired at WrestleMania. He has a mic and Ryback stops and looks at him.

Santino: That is right ladies and gentleman I have returned! I may not be under contract but I will cause destruction illegally!

Santino takes massive heat.

Santino: Go get them boys!

Mason Ryan, Justin Gabriel, and Tyson Kidd come out and charge the ring. They all team up with Jinder Mahal and beat down Ryback. Santino is slowly approaching the ring.

Santino: For two weeks Jinder Mahal attacked Ryback. But nobody knew his motive! Well his motive is that I was ordering him to do it! These men that have just attacked Ryback are a part of a new revolution here in the WWE! We are The Resistance! And we will not be stopped!

The resistance walks off taking huge heat. Leaving Ryback laid out in the ring. WWE Doctors rush to the ring and check on Ryback, who looks angered about these attacks!
Winner: Skip Sheffield via DQ

Segment 3 (5)~
We get a promo for the WWE Tag Team Championship Match! Showing Funky America’s road to quick fame, and then earning the number one contender spot against JTruth!

Match 3 (6)~
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
JTruth© vs. Funky America
-Jack Swagger and Brodus Clay come out first to a big pop and they get into the ring. And here comes the tag champs, JTruth! R-Truth and JTG take huge heat on their way to the ring. This match should be good. Brodus Clay and R-Truth will be starting this one off. The bell rings and R-Truth circles Clay. He tries for sporadic kick attacks, but nothing hurts Brodus. So then he just unloads with left and rights, still nothing affects Brodus. Finally Truth jumps and hits a heel kick. This weakens Brodus slightly, so Truth stands and tries for a clothesline. But Brodus counters with a huge headbutt. The crowd pops, as Brodus picks up Truth and tosses him into the corner. Clay then charges and hits a corner clothesline. Truth stumbles to the center of the ring. Clay charges for the Funk It. But no R-Truth counters with a swinging neckbreaker. Truth covers, 1…2…! No Jack Swagger got in the ring and broke it up. The ref makes Jack get back out, but Brodus quickly tags him in. Jack comes in and cleans house. He clotheslines Truth three times, and then hits a huge big boot. He waits for Truth to stand, but Truth crawls and tags in JTG. JTG comes in but Swagger immediately grabs him and hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb. But before Swagger can cover, Truth pulls JTG out of the ring and they regain breath. But here comes Brodus Clay outside of the ring. He nails a double clothesline and the team of JTruth hit the floor hard. Brodus then stands up Truth and smacks his face into the ring barrier. He then sends JTG back in the ring. Swagger covers, 1…2…! No kickout by JTG! Jack and JTG both stand and trade blows, as Brodus and Truth exchange attacks on the outside of the ring. Brodus grabs Truth and throws him toward the commentators table. But Truth jumps on top of the table as Brodus charges. Truth then hits the scissor kick on Brodus from the commentators table. In the ring JTG is pounding on Swagger in the corner. But Swagger reverses a chop, and pushes JTG into the center of the ring. When JTG charges back again, Jack hits a big backbreaker drop. Now Jack picks up JTG for the Gutwrench Powerbomb again. But R-Truth who had knocked Brodus Clay out with the scissors kick to the floor gets into the ring. He pushes Jack Swagger and JTG falls down and lands on his feet. This distracts Swagger so he turns around and yells at Truth. The ref pushes Truth out of the ring, and Swagger turns around. But there is JTG who hits a dropkick! JTG with a cover, 1…2…3! JTG did it! JTG retained the titles for his team. Truth grabs the titles and him and his tag partner rush off with the belts taking massive heat as they stole the win here tonight at Extreme Rules!
Winner And Still WWE Tag Team Champs: JTruth

Segment 4 (7)~
We cut to a promo for Booker T vs. Drew McIntyre for the United States Championship! And that should be a great match! We then see Lord Tensai walking backstage heading to the entrance area for his match against Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship!

Match 4 (8)~
Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler© vs. Lord Tensai
-Dolph Ziggler comes out first with his title around his waist and he grabs and gets into the ring. The fans are giving him so much heat he can barely speak.

Dolph: I can’t believe I’m even facing this joke of a wrestler tonight! I mean really Lord Tensai! He makes his debut three weeks ago and got lucky in a match against wrestlers who are even worst then him. And that gets him a shot at my title! This is truly pathetic!

Just then Lord Tensai’s music hits, and he comes out with Sokomato. The crowd pops big Tensai as he slowly walks to the ring. Jerry Lawler is behind Tensai in this match, while Michael Cole runs his mouth agreeing with Dolph Ziggler. The ref rings the bell and this best 2 out of 3 falls match is underway. Dolph charges Tensai and hits a midsection kick, and a few right hands. He then tosses Tensai into the ropes and hits a running ddt off the return. Ziggler with a quick cover, 1…2…3! Wow the crowd can’t believe it Ziggler already got a pin! Dolph seems pleased with himself and stands to show off. But when he turns around Tensai hits him with a big boot. Tensai then stands him up and nails a big body slam. Ziggler slowly stands once more and Tensai tosses him into the ropes. But Dolph hangs onto the ropes as Tensai was ready to try for a backbreaker slam. This allows to Dolph Ziggler to dropkick a confused Lord Tensai. And the dropkick was so powerful it sends Tensai soaring over the ropes and to the floor. Dolph Ziggler rushes out of the ring and goes under the apron. He pulls out a kendo stick, because there is no DQ in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Ziggler strikes Tensai in the stomach, and the back repeatedly with the stick. He then grabs him and sends him into the ring. Dolph crawls back in and covers, 1…no! Lord Tensai got his foot on the ropes. Ziggler stands, and begins to climb the ropes. He gets to the top and dives for a crossbody. But Tensai gets his knees up, and Dolph crashes into them. Ziggler is out on the mat barely moving. Tensai uses the ropes to stand and waits Ziggler to stand. When Dolph does get up he charges for a clothesline, but Tensai counters with a sidewalk slam! Tensai then bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop off the return. Tensai then stands and taunts for a finishing move, but which one will he use? Ziggler stands and Tensai hits the Ichi Ban. And he combines it with a pin, 1…2…3! And now Tensai is tied with Dolph Ziggler. If either one of these men gets a submission or a pin they win the championship!
Both men stand and Dolph kicks Tensai in the stomach, bounces off the ropes, and hits a roundhouse kick. Now Dolph quickly gets behind Tensai and tries for a headlock. But Tensai reaches the ropes and Dolph is forced to let go. But he isn’t happy about it so he gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from a crew member. He gets back in and Tensai is just now standing. He hits Tensai in the back with it and starts to laugh. As soon as Tensai tries to stand back up, Ziggler hits him in the back again. This happens three times, until finally when Dolph goes for a chair shot, Tensai gets a leg sweep and locks in a figure four leg lock. Dolph is crawling for the ropes, can he make it, he is almost there, and he gets the ropes! Tensai has to let go and this match is still going! The fans love it and are definitely behind Lord Tensai! Both men stand once more. They look at each other both holding onto the ropes. Ziggler charges and leapfrogs over Tensai. After the jump, Dolph bounces off the ropes. He returns looking for the Zig Zag. But Tensai turns around and catches Dolph in mid-air in the Clawhold. Dolph is in the center of the ring. He has nowhere to go. He taps, Dolph taps out! And Lord Tensai is the new Intercontinental Champion! What a display of skills in this match! Tensai is handed the belt and celebrates in the ring with Sokomato, as everyone cheers for him! What a great win for Tensai here tonight at Extreme Rules!
Winner And New Intercontinental Champion: Lord Tensai

Segment 5 (9)~
A promo for Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker in a Last Man Standing Match is played. Chicago is obviously pumped for that match! Now we head back to the ring as Drew McIntyre takes on Booker T!

Match 5 (10)~
United States Championship Match
Booker T vs. Drew McIntyre©
-Booker T is out first to a decent reaction from the fans. Here comes the United States Champion Drew McIntyre! McIntyre as the title slung over his shoulder and arrogantly walks to the ring. He is taking huge heat as he climbs into the ring. The bell rings and Booker T gains control early on. He hits a combo of kicks and punches to Drew then sends him into the ropes. Off the return Booker hits a big boot. The crowd likes what they see and this match might end quickly! But when Drew stands he dodges a clothesline, and hits an Ego Trip. McIntyre then stands Booker up and nails the Future Shock DDT! Now Drew with a cover, 1…no! Booker T got his shoulder up at 1! McIntyre shakes it off and leaves the ring. He begins pulling equipment off the commenters table and don’t forget this is a no DQ Match! But when Drew turns around to head back in the ring Booker T swings his legs between the ropes and dropkicks McIntyre. He then gets out of the ring and throws Drew back in. As Drew gets to his knees Booker T bounces off the ropes and hits the Scissors Kick. Now Booker T with a cover, 1…2…3! Booker T did it! Booker T is the new United States Champion! The Chicago crowd cheers for Booker T, as Drew McIntyre can’t believe it. Booker T grabs his title and walks off celebrating. Leaving Drew McIntyre surprised in the ring!
Winner And New United States Champion: Booker T

Segment 6 (11)~
We see Booker T just coming through the curtain as Matt Stryker approaches him.

Matt: Hey Booker T you just won that championship how do you feel?

Booker T: Matt I feel great man! I went out there and I took care of business! That was a short match, but whatever gets the job done! And man I feel like I’m on top of the world right now!

Right then Drew McIntyre comes running through the curtain. He grabs a trash can on his way toward Booker T and hits him in the back of the head with it. Booker T falls to the floor, and Drew grabs the title belt. He leans over top of Booker T and pounds him in the face with it! When Drew is finally done he drops the title belt on Booker T and walks off. Well Drew McIntyre definitely snapped after losing the title here tonight at Extreme Rules!

We now get a promo for the WWE Championship Match where Daniel Bryan takes on The Miz! The promo shows the feud that built between these two. And really heated up over the last two weeks before Extreme Rules! We see how Miz attacked Daniel Bryan, which made Vickie Guerro give Daniel Bryan a number one contenders match!

Match 6 (12)~
WWE Championship Match
Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz©
-Daniel Bryan comes out first to a huge pop from Chicago! He gets in the ring and waits for The Miz to come out. The Miz’s music hits, but no Miz. Daniel Bryan looks shocked he doesn’t know what is going on. Just then the COO of WWE Optimus Vince McMahon comes out onto the stage with the WWE Championship Belt. He has a mic in hand and makes a huge announcement.

Vince: Ladies and gentleman you all know me. I’m Vince McMahon the COO of WWE Optimus! And I have a major announcement regarding the WWE Championship Match. Earlier tonight The Miz was caught in his locker room under the influence of alcohol, and excessively drunk! Due to that The Miz was in violation of the WWE Wellness Policy and was fired and stripped of the WWE Championship.

The crowd is shocked at this announcement, and Daniel Bryan can’t believe it.

Vince: However Daniel you will still compete right now for the vacant WWE Championship Match! But I don’t think your chances are very good against this man!

Vince laughs as Brock Lesnar music hits. The crowd can’t believe this! Brock Lesnar just returned to the WWE 4 weeks ago, which landed him in a match against The Rock which was made for WrestleMania 29! But no one could predict that The Miz would be fired, and that Brock Lesnar would take his place in this match! Brock charges the ring and gets right in Daniel Bryan’s face. The ref rings the bell and Brock instantly picks up Daniel and hits the F-5. Brock covers, 1…2…3! The whole stadium is in shock. Vince McMahon walks to the ring and raises Brock’s hand in victory, as Brock waves the WWE Championship around! He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole sit in complete surprise, and have no words!
Winner And New WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

Segment 7 (13)~
We get another promo for Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker

Match 7 (14)~
Last Man Standing Match
Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker
-Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and is taking massive heat. But then the lights go out, and the gong sounds over the arena! Here comes The Undertaker! Taker gets a standing ovation from the fans in Chicago! He gets in the ring and stands face to face with Chris Jericho. The bell rings and this one is off! Chris Jericho throws a right hand at Taker; Taker throws a left at Jericho. Another right from Jericho, and another left from Taker! Now they both just unload left and rights, back and forth. Then Undertaker grabs Chris and tosses him into the ropes, but off the return Jericho hits a dropkick. The Undertaker quickly rises, not even letting the ref begin a count. But Jericho is back on the offense, as he unleashes kicks to The Undertaker. Jericho then bounces off the ropes and hits a swinging neckbreaker. But again The Undertaker just stands up like nothing happened. Chris is obviously frustrated as he gets out of the ring and goes under the apron. And he pulls out a wooden baseball bat! This can’t be good! Chris gets back in the ring and begins hitting The Undertaker with the bat. He eventually breaks it across his back, and Taker crashes to the mat. Jericho then gets a smile on his face! He hops onto the ropes, dives for the Lionsault. But Taker rolled out of the way. Jericho somehow lands on his feet. But The Undertaker clotheslines right to the canvas. Taker then grabs Chris’s legs and begins pulling his back over the broken wood chips of the baseball bat. When Taker finally lets go, Jericho rolls over and is back is all cut up and bleeding. Taker laughs and stands him up, he then sends him into the corner. He then just walks over and begins chopping Jericho in the chest. After the chop attack Taker backs off into the center of the ring and Jericho slowly stumbles out. Taker picks him up and nails the Last Ride. The ref leans down to check on Chris; no response the ref can begin the count! 1…2…3…4…oh! Chris Jericho stands, Jericho got to his feet!
The Undertaker just shakes his head and lifts Chris up! Oh my here comes the Tombstone Piledriver. But Jericho kicks Taker in the head while upside-down and The Deadman drops Jericho. Chris then leg sweeps Taker to the mat, and here we go Jericho turns Taker over for the Walls of Jericho. Now Jericho can’t win by submission but he can wear The Undertaker down with this submission! Here is Taker crawling, Chris is slowly losing his grip! And The Undertaker made it to the ropes and Jericho must let go! Chris goes to stand up Taker, but The Deadman pokes him in the eye. The Undertaker then stands and kicks Chris in the stomach. He follows it up with a huge back body drop. The Undertaker then quickly stands Jericho back up and sends him into the ropes, off the return Taker hits a big sidewalk slam. This time Undertaker lets Jericho stand up himself, and when he does Taker lifts him up and hits a Tombstone Piledriver! Jericho once again does not respond to the ref and here is the count, 1…2...Jericho is stirring…3…4…5…oh! Jericho is up, Jericho stands! The Undertaker isn’t happy so he leaves the ring; he goes under the apron and pulls out a sledgehammer. But when he goes to climb him back in the ring. Chris nails him with a big boot that sends him off the apron to the floor. Jericho then climbs to the top rope and nails a huge splash on him from the top rope! The crowd is going ape for this match, what a display this is! Jericho is moving slowly as that splash hurt him just as much as it hurt The Deadman. Chris stumbles over to the commentators table and grabs a steel chair. When he turns around to hit Taker with it, Taker is right there on his feet and punches the chair into Chris’s face. Taker then whips Chris onto the side of the ring, he charges, and nails a big boot that nearly takes off Jericho’s head. The Undertaker then grabs a set of the steel steps and slides it over Jericho’s left leg. Now Taker stands on top of the steps, oh my, the pressure that must be on the leg of Chris Jericho! The absolute pain that man must be feeling, this is out of control! The Undertaker pulls the steel steps off Chris, and throws him into the ring. Taker then grabs the steel chair that Jericho had before and gets into the ring. When he goes to swing it at Chris, Chris catches it and pulls it out of The Deadman’s hands. Chris smiles and hits Taker across the face with it! He then beats him on the back with it. He then drops the chair and bounces off the ropes. Off the return he hits a jumping enzuigiri and The Undertaker hits the mat hard. The ref receives no response from Taker and here is the count, 1…2…3…4….Taker is moving his arm…5….He is coming to…6…7…oh! The Undertaker stands, the crowd is cheering! Jericho spins Taker around, and nails a belly to back suplex. He then climbs to the top rope and dives for a crossbody. But Undertaker rolls out of the way, and Chris smacks the canvas on his face, and the ref begins another count, 1…2…3…4…5...Chris still might have a chance….6…He is trying to stand…7…oh! Jericho is on his feet and Taker is not happy!
The Undertaker grabs Chris and here comes a Last Ride. It hits, but The Undertaker drops to the mat, and locks in Hell’s Gate. He has it in tight, but they are close to the ropes! Jericho reaches out and gets ahold of the bottom rope! Taker lets go and this crowd is in complete awe at this wonder! Both men get to their feet on opposite sides of the ring. They are holding the ropes, trying to regain their balance. They walk toward each other. The Deadman grab Jericho and lifts him up for another Tombstone Piledriver. But before Taker can flip him upside-down, Chris reverses the move into a ddt onto the steel chair that Taker brought into the ring earlier. Chris then gets to his feet, and pulls the chair out from under The Deadman. He rolls Taker over, and places the steel chair on his midsection. Jericho then hits the ropes, he flips, and the Lionsault connects! Jericho just hit a Lionsault on Undertaker while a steel chair was in place! Jericho gets up and the ref begins the count, 1…2…3…4…Taker is moving…5…6…7…More movement…8...9…oh! Taker stands at a 9 count! Jericho can’t believe it, the commentators can’t believe it, the whole stadium is in shock! Jericho then out of nowhere dropkicks The Deadman! The Undertaker crashes to the mat! Jericho gets on top of The Undertaker and rolls him over, can it be, and it is Jericho is locking in the Walls of Jericho. Taker is slowly fading, the ref checks on Taker. He raises his hand, it drops, he raises it again, and it drops, he raises it a third time and it drops! The ref can now begin the count! Jericho rolls out of the submission and stands! Here is the count, 1…2…3…No movement from Taker…4…5…Still no movement…6…7…8…Not a thing from Taker…9…This is it…10! It is over The Undertaker is out! Chris Jericho has just defeated The Undertaker here at Extreme Rules! This match easily stole the show! The whole stadium is shocked and gives Chris major heat! Jericho falls to the mat as WWE Doctors rush to the ring. Both men get carried out on stretchers. What a match!
Winner: Chris Jericho

Segment 8 (15)~
We go to Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole at the trashed commentators table.

Lawler: What a match! I can’t believe Jericho won!

Cole: That was indeed a great match! Possibly the best ever here in WWE Optimus! But what about this next match Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship!

We then get a promo for the match between Kane and ADR.

Match 8 (16)~

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio© vs. Kane
-This match is an extreme rules match, and here comes the champion Alberto Del Rio! ADR comes out in a Ferrari, and Ricardo Rodriquez announces him! ADR takes massive heat as he walks to the ring with the title around his waist. He gets in the ring and the lights go out! This must be The Big Red Monster coming out! What’s this! It is not Kane! Triple H’s music hits! Oh my The Game has returned! Cole reminds the viewers that at WrestleMania, ADR injured Triple H after defeating him for the World Heavyweight Championship! The roof of the stadium blows off as Triple H doesn’t even make his traditional entrance! He just comes out hauling ass to the ring in a leather jack and he has sunglasses on. He gets in the ring face to face with Alberto. And here is a kick to the stomach, followed by a Pedigree. And Alberto rolls out of the ring. Triple H calls for a mic and is handed one.

Triple H: Alberto at WrestleMania you put up a fight and beat me. But you crossed the line when you tossed me onto your Limo! I was injured, not able to compete for weeks! You cost me the spotlight I deserve! But now I’m back, and I’m back with a vengeance! And if you don’t believe that then please watch the following clip!
We are shown a video on the titanatron. It is Kane in his locker room getting ready for his match against ADR. Then Triple kicks down the door. He has a sledgehammer and he begins beating Kane with it! He absolutely beats the shit out of Kane with the hammer then walks out laughing!

Triple H: So Alberto I’m coming for that World Heavyweight Championship and you can’t stop me!

Triple H drops the mic and walks off to a huge pop from the crowd in Chicago! Alberto stands on the outside of the ring in complete shock.
Winner: No Contest

Segment 9 (17)~
We see CM Punk making his way to the entrance area for the main event. We then see another promo for the match.

Main Event (18)~
Submission Match
CM Punk vs. Bret Hart
-CM Punk is out first here in his hometown! But he is taking massive heat, the fans are not pleased with the way he has treated Bret Hart! Speaking of Bret Hart, here he comes to the biggest pop of the night. When Bret gets in the ring we get a tale of the tape. Both men have similar builds. CM Punk standing at 6 feet & 2 inches, and Bret coming in at 6 feet & 1 inch! And CM Punk weighing 218 Lbs. and Bret Hart weighing 234 Lbs.! And both men are not afraid to speak their minds when they get a mic in their hand! So this is definitely a collision of similar men from different times! The bell rings and these technical wrestlers get this show going with a lock up! Bret gains control in a side headlock, but CM Punk reverses and gets behind Hart and kicks him in the back of the knee. Punk then runs past Bret and bounces off the ropes. Off the return he hits a snap ddt. CM Punk then covers but the ref reminds him this is a submission match! Punk shakes it off and stands up! He brings Bret with him and sends him into the corner. Punk then charges for the Step Up Knee. But Hart catches him and nails a huge powerbomb. Bret then gets his arm under Punk’s chin and goes for a headlock. With Bret on his back CM Punk slowly stands to his feet and shakes Hart off. But when he turns around The Hitman nails an enzuigiri and goes right back for the headlock. But this time Punk easily crawls to the ropes and Bret most let go! Bret lets go and gets to his feet. He does some showing off to the crowd but gets hit with a Russian legsweep from Punk, who then transitions into a crossface. But they were too close to the ropes and Hart grabs the ropes. Now both men stand, and what a great technical match we have unfolding here! Bret charges Punk for a clothesline, but CM counters with a sitout suplex slam. Punk then climbs to the top rope and dives. He connects with the Macho Man Elbow. Now Punk tries for the Anaconda Vise. But Bret Hart quickly scrambles out of the submission and slides out of the ring to regain his breath. But CM Punk aint letting up and he dives over the rope with a suicide dive. With both Punk and Hart hitting the floor!
Their slow to stand, but when they do they trade punches. Bret eventually blocks one, and sends Punk into the ring. But as soon as Hart gets in Punk hits the Lou Thez Press, and unleashes an attack of haymakers. Punk gets off and watches as Hart stands but stumbles into the corner. Now here comes Punk as he hits the Step Up Knee. But when Punk goes for the running bulldog, Hart pushes him into the corner. Punk is pissed and charges Hart. But what is this, Bret Hart picks up Punk on his shoulders. Can it be? It is Bret Hart just hit a GTS on CM Punk. Bret Hart just used Punk’s own finisher move on him. Now Hart gets down and locks in the Sharpshooter. The crowd is ecstatic! This could be it! CM Punk could be done! But somehow he fights out by turning over, and pushing Bret off and into the corner. Bret hits the post hard and is stunned. Punk stands, charges, and hits the Step Up Knee once more. He then follows it up with the running bulldog. Now Punk is taunting for the GTS. Bret Hart stands and Punk picks him up, and nails the GTS. Punk will now most likely lock in the Anaconda Vise. No wait, he smiles and leans down to Bret and yells, “I got something for you!” What i

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What Was The Match Of The Night  05/09/2012

Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker     100.00%
CM Punk vs. Bret Hart     0.00%

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# brandoni998
Administrator of
The Straight Edge Society

It could have been a great show . I hated the Miz wellness policy violation story line . It made no sense . I did not like Brock winning the title either . Also , I would have wrote an actual match for the Diva's for the PPV . It also made no sense for Booker T to win the title too . The matches were very detailed . That being said , I give the show a 3/5 ! Good Show !

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 9:31 PM
# TDWOwner
On the note of the Divas, I will start getting some more detailed matches for the Divas just didnt sorry! And also on Booker T winning, we havent seen the last of Drew McIntyre so dont worry about that! The same goes for The Miz! I used this PPV as a way to advance storylines big time, and still deliver some great action! What did you think of The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho match???

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 9:46 PM
# brandoni998
Administrator of
The Straight Edge Society

I thought Undertaker vs. Jericho stole the show . Very good storyline development .

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 3:07 PM
# edawg32
Administrator of
Game On

An interesting show here. Alot of title changes in which you may want to gut back on. Jericho vs. Undertaker was good, stole the show but thought Taker should have won. Also I'm not sure if Bret Hart would be able to return to the ring in a match against a high profile athlete like CM Punk. Remember he faced Vince McMahon when he came back in real life and the match was two testing for Bret. Remember Bret Hart suffered a stroke which limits his abilities in the ring. However, good show!

Posted on May 6, 2012 at 7:18 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #725 (Rank in League: #17)
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