WWE Optimus Monday Night RAW 4/30/12 Week 8


Segment 0 (1)~
The pyro explodes and our theme “All I Do Is Win,” by DJ Khaled plays over the EJ Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio! The fans are pumped as we are coming off of what was an insanely entertaining Extreme Rules PPV! Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole welcome us to the show and they are talking up Extreme Rules! Well let’s get on with the show!

Segment 1 (2)~
Lillian Garcia is in the ring with a mic and the fans are cheering for her.

Lillian: Ladies and gentleman coming to the ring, he is from Houston Texas, and is you’re new United States Champion, Booker T!

Booker T’s music hits and here he comes with the title around his waist. He gets a big reaction from the fans, but he seems to moving a little slow because of Drew McIntyre’s attack after their match last night! Speaking of that attack, we now get a recap of it on the titanatron! Booker T gets in the ring and is handed a mic.

Booker T: Now if you just saw that footage you can obviously tell that Drew McIntyre is a nutcase! I mean really the dude lost fair and square but yet he still could not handle it! That is why if Drew McIntyre wants a piece of me I’m inviting him to come to this ring right now and face me for my title!

Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes down to the ring taking massive heat. He grabs a mic and gets into the ring.

Drew: If you say so old man!

Both men drop their mic’s and it looks like they will be wrestling in their suits!

Match 1 (3)~
United States Championship Match
Booker T© vs. Drew McIntyre
-A ref runs down to the ring and this match is underway! This wasn’t planned but it is what we are getting! The two men lock up, and Drew McIntyre puts Booker T in a side headlock. He then begins to run, and hits a running bulldog! McIntyre stands and takes heat. He then turns his focus back to Booker T and stands him up, then sends him into the corner. McIntyre charges and hits a corner dropkick. Booker T is hurt and is stumbling around the ring, so McIntyre nails a backbreaker slam. Now McIntyre is taunting for his finisher! Booker T stands, but when Drew goes to grab Booker, Booker kicks Drew in the stomach, bounces off the ropes, and when he returns nails the Scissors Kick. Booker T covers, 1…2…3! And Booker T retained his championship here tonight and that could easily put Drew McIntyre out of the hunt for Booker T’s championship!
Winner And Still United States Champion: Booker T

Segment 2 (4)~
Backstage we see Ryback with Matt Stryker in the interview area.

Matt: Ladies and gentleman my guest at this time WWE Superstar, Ryback! Ryback what are your thoughts on the attack by this new team led by Santino called The Resistance?

Ryback: Well I don’t know if you know this or not Matt, but earlier today I was notified that the anonymous GM of RAW fired all the members of The Resistance, so I have no reason to be further worried about those guys!

Ryback walks off, and we see him in action live after this short break!

Commercial Break

Match 2 (5)~
Singles Match
Ted Dibiase vs. Ryback
-We cut to the ring but nothing is going on! No music, no sight of the wrestlers! But out on the stage comes Ryback and Ted Dibiase trying to defend them against The Resistance! Ryback is trading blows with Santino Marella, as Ted Dibiase is getting destroyed by Mason Ryan, Justin Gabriel, Jinder Mahal, and Tyson Kidd! The Resistance pushes Ryback and Ted Dibiase all the way to the ring, and the mayhem continues. But wait, what is this Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston rushing the ring to aid Ryback and Ted Dibiase! But still The Resistance holds their ground! So now here comes Alex Riley, but even Riley proves to be weak compared to this attack The Resistance is unleashing! When The Resistance finally has Ryback, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, and Alex Riley knocked out they begin to tear up the surroundings. The rip up the ring apron, tear up the commentators table, and continue their vandalism on the stage as they bash the lighting equipment with objects! WWE Security finally comes out to arrest them, but The Resistance runs off! Well that was certainly out of control, and I’m sure we will see more of The Resistance!
Winner: No Contest

Commercial Break

Match 3 (6)~
Divas Match
Tamina vs. Beth Phoenix
-Well the stage and ring and other surrounding areas are quite wrecked but the show must go on! With Divas Champ Aksana watching this match at ringside! This is a good show of strength in this match between Tamina and Beth! It had great back and forth action, but ended when Beth hit a ddt on Tamina from the top rope, then hit the Glam Slam! Beth covered Tamina, 1…2…3 for the win! Aksana walked off arrogantly with her title after the match!
Winner: Beth Phoenix

Commercial Break

Segment 3 (7)~
John Cena is backstage walking around when Matt Stryker approaches him.

Matt: John I was told to notify you that the anonymous GM of RAW said he will reveal identity next week, if you can win in a battle royal tonight!

Cena: That’s great news; now get the hell out of my face!

Cena shoves Stryker away and walks off! Well that match will take place later tonight!

Segment 4 (8)~
ADR’s music hits and he is not coming out in a car tonight! In fact he is not even getting introduced. He just storms to the ring with his championship around his waist taking heat. He is handed a mic but before he can speak Kane’s music hits. The crowd gives Kane a mixed reaction. Kane grabs a mic and gets in the ring.

Kane: I know exactly what you are going to say Alberto, you are going to complain about Triple H coming out at Extreme Rules and hitting you with a Pedigree! But you have no reason to complain because by Triple H attacking me, and then later attacking you. You got yourself out of a match in which I would have won! You retained your title without even actually wrestling! I’m the real victim in the mess, and I want the match that is rightfully mine!

Alberto raises the mic to his mouth, but once again he is interrupted. Only this time it is Triple H’s music that hits the sound system! The crowd is ape for Triple H as he comes out to the stage with a mic; he has a big smile on his face and loves this reaction he is receiving! He gets in the ring and looks at Kane then at ADR.

Triple H: That is great Kane; you obviously deserve your match. But you’re looking at a guy who got thrown onto a limo for no reason! And tell me does that not at least mean something? Does that not at least give me a chance to prove myself in a match and earn a title shot?

This time Kane opens his mouth but ADR finally speaks.

ADR: Triple H nobody cares about you; I put you out of the title scene at WrestleMania! Yes maybe throwing you into the limo was bit much! But I do what is right, and doing that was the right thing to do!

This time before anyone can speak a beep echoes over the arena. Michael Cole stands and opens his laptop.

Cole: May I have your attention please! I have just received an email from the anonymous GM of RAW. And I quote, “Kane you are indeed correct. Trust me you will get your match at Over the Limit. However next week Triple H will compete in a match against three other wrestlers, and if he can win he will be added into the World Heavyweight Championship Match at OTL! As for tonight the main event will be Kane & Alberto Del Rio vs. Triple H and a teammate of his choosing!”

The crowd cheers for this announcement as Triple H’s music hits and he drops the mic and walks off. What a main event that will be! And when we return John Cena will participate in a battle royal!

Segment 5 (9)~
Triple H is walking backstage looking for a tag partner. He passes Tyler Rekks, Sheamus, and Big Show, just shaking his head. Then CM Punk walks up to him.

Punk: What’s going on Hunter?

Triple H: Just looking for a tag partner for that big main event!

Punk: Me!

Triple H: What?

Punk: Choose me; let me wrestle with you tonight!

Triple H: Okay let’s do it!

Punk smiles and shakes hands with Triple H then they part ways. Now we head to the ring for a battle royal, which if John Cena wins the anonymous GM of RAW will reveal his identity.

Match 4 (10)~
Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
John Cena vs. 9 Others
-John Cena is already in the ring taking heat and here comes the other 9 wrestlers in this match. Daniel Bryan, Tyler Rekks, Curt Hawkins, Sheamus, Big Show, Christian, JTG, R-Truth, Epico, and Primo! All the men are in the ring and chaos ensues. Daniel Bryan and Christian go after Rekks and Hawkins, as JTG and R-Truth attack Epico and Primo, and Big Show and Sheamus duke it out. But John Cena just rolls out of the ring from under the bottom rope, which means he is not eliminated. Because he did not go over the top rope! He takes heavy heat for it but he just laughs. In the ring Big Show has Sheamus dazed on the ropes. So he backs off and then charges back for a clothesline, but Sheamus reverses it and tosses Big Show out!
Big Show Eliminated
Sheamus then turns his attention to Daniel Bryan and Christian who are beating Rekks and Hawkins down. Sheamus hits a double clothesline. Then picks up Christian and hits a fireman carry suplex. He then grabs Daniel and just throws him out of the ring. Now he turns his attention back to Christian, and just tosses him out to.
Daniel Bryan & Christian Eliminated
But now Hawkins and Rekks are on their feet and they go after Sheamus, and beat him down. Meanwhile JTG and R-Truth push Epico and Primo out of the ring. And here is Sheamus rallying back. Sheamus kicks Rekks in the stomach, and punches Hawkins. He then pushes Tyler over the top rope, and then clotheslines Hawkins over the top rope.
Epico & Primo, Tyler Rekks & Curt Hawkins Eliminated
John Cena still is just circling the ring. Sheamus turns around and gets in an all-out brawl with JTG and R-Truth. The action goes back and forth; it is hard to tell who will pull through here! Oh here comes Sheamus he hits a shoulder block on R-Truth, and then nails a backbreaker slam on JTG. Now both of the men slowly stand back up, and Sheamus clotheslines R-Truth over the rope. He then picks up JTG and Irish Cross’s him out of the ring.
R-Truth & JTG Eliminated
Sheamus thinks he has one. But he has forgotten about John Cena. Cena gets in the ring, and picks Sheamus up on his shoulders. And he hits him with an AA that sends Sheamus out of the ring and to the floor! John Cena celebrates and takes major heat for stealing a win here tonight! But regardless this means next week we will find out who the anonymous GM of RAW is next week!
Sheamus Eliminated
Winner: John Cena

Commercial Break

Main Event (11)~
Triple H & CM Punk vs. Kane & Alberto Del Rio
-Kane & ADR are already both in the ring taking heat, and then Triple H’s music hits. The crowd pops big for Triple H who comes down to the ring looking ready to wrestle. Then CM Punk comes out to an even bigger pop than Triple H! Michael Cole reminds us of CM Punk’s match against Bret Hart last night, and how he won! And how we will hear more about it this Friday! The fans truly do now respect Punk for that match! Kane and CM Punk will be starting this match off for their teams and the bell rings. CM Punk circles Kane, but Kane easily overpowers Punk, and just hits a back body drop on him. He then stands and immediately is taunting for the Chokeslam. But CM Punk kicks Kane in the knee, and then nails a snap ddt. Punk gets a pop from the crowd as he stands and does some showboating. But then ADR grabs Punk and pulls his arms behinds his back. Punk is trying to break free as Kane stands up. He then unloads on Punks stomach with body jabs. ADR lets go of Punk and pushes him to the ring. Kane backs off and waits for Punk to stop stumbling around so he can attack. But Triple H takes advantage of this and punches Kane. Now CM Punk tags in Triple H. Triple H gets in and clotheslines a dazed Kane. He then waits for Kane to stand and he sends him into the ropes, off the return he nails a huge sidewalk slam. Now H waits for Kane to stand and Triple H nails his signature spinebuster slam. Oh my Triple H is on fire, but when he goes to stand up Kane for the Pedigree Kane quickly tags in Alberto Del Rio. ADR comes in and cleans house. He clotheslines Triple H three times, and then nails an enzuigiri. Triple H is down and ADR drops to the mat and goes for a Crossarm Breaker. Triple H is crawling for the ropes, can he make it, and he makes it and grabs the ropes. ADR has to let go, and stands and turns his attention away from Triple H. This allows H to tag in Punk who is ready to go again. Punk comes in and ADR turns around. Punk nails a quick clothesline, and then connects with a backbreaker slam. ADR stands and stumbles into the corner and CM Punk charges and hits the Step Up Knee. And then follows it up with a running bulldog. And here is CM Punk taunting for the finisher, but Kane gets in the ring and attacks CM Punk. But here comes Triple H to aid CM Punk. Kane and H spill to the outside of the ring, and now CM Punk is standing slowly from his attack unleashed by Kane. And here is Alberto Del Rio nails an enzuigiri. And ADR covers, 1…2…3! And the heel got a win here tonight on RAW thanks to his tag partner Kane! The crowd gives major heat to Kane and ADR, as CM Punk and Triple H walk off to end the show!
Winner: Alberto Del Rio & Kane

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Great Show ! I would love to see Booker T vs. Drew again! 4.5/5 !

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Great show! Maybe predicatable Cena would win but good show! Sorry I didn't comment before this!

Posted on May 6, 2012 at 7:12 PM
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