WWE Optimus Monday Night RAW Week 7 4/9/12


Segment 0 (1)~
The opening pyro explodes, and theme “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled plays. As Monday Night RAW comes to you live from the Verizon Center in Washington D.C! Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, and this crowd is ape! Tonight we will hear more from Alberto Del Rio on his victory over Triple H, at WrestleMania 28 last week! Also to come, Michael mentions he will be interviewing Drew McIntyre in the ring tonight! And tonight Brock Lesnar will be explaining why he attacked The Rock last week! Let’s get on with the show!

Match 1 (2)~
Singles Match
Skip Sheffield vs. Ted Dibiase
-First out is Skip Sheffield! Jerry Lawler reminds us that last week Sheffield made his debut, but was beat by John Morrison. Sheffield gets a big pop from the fans as he slides into the ring, looking to redeem himself here tonight! Out next is Ted Dibiase! Dibiase is taking massive heat from the fans as he comes out to the ring! The bell rings and here we go. The men lock up, but Skip easily over powers Dibiase, and he sends him into the ropes! Off the rebound Sheffield nails a huge big boot. Skip then quickly stands up Ted and hits a big slam on him. Ted then rolls out of the ring, but Skip looks irritated and bolts out of the ring after Dibiase! Ted tries to run up the ramp, but Sheffield grabs him, and whips him all the way to the apron. Ted is leaned against the apron, and Sheffield charges like a bull, and clotheslines him hard! Skip then begins to unleash an attack of stomps on Ted, but realizes the ref has reached a 7 count, so he throws Dibiase in the ring and follows. Dibiase is slowly standing, as Skip tries for a shoulder tackle. But Ted throws a right at Skip, and it connects. The two unload now, rights and lefts, back and forth. Dibiase gains the upper hand, after blocking a blow from Sheffield. He grabs Skips left arm, and goes for a short armed clothesline. But Skip ducks and reverses it into the Backpack Stunner! Skip with a cover, 1…2…3! What an impressive display here by Skip Sheffield! He completely dominated this match! Skip Sheffield does a big celebration and goes walking up the ramp, then suddenly Jinder Mahal come running onto the stage in front of Skip. Jinder has a chair, and he hits Skip on top of the head with it. Skip falls, and WWE Security come running after Mahal, who bolts backstage! What an unexpected attack here tonight on Sheffield. But why has Mahal done this? Michael Cole states that when we come back he will be interviewing Drew McIntyre in the ring!
Winner: Skip Sheffield

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Segment 1 (3)~
Were back and Michael Cole stands up on the commentators table with a mic, Jerry just laughs at him.

Cole: May I have your attention please!

Cole jumps down, and climbs into the ring.

Cole: At this time please welcome to the ring my good friend, and your U.S Champion! Drew McIntyre!

McIntyre’s music hits and Drew comes out with the title over his shoulder. He takes a lot of heat from the crowd here in Washington D.C. as he grabs a mic and slides into the ring. He shakes hands with Michael Cole, and the interview begins.

Cole: So Drew how does it feel to be the U.S. Champ?

Drew: You know Michael it feels great! The way I handled Zack Ryder at WrestleMania was simply comical to me! That guy is a joke let me tell you!

Cole and Drew smile, and they both take heat.

Cole: Okay and moving on, what are your thoughts on Booker T?

Drew: When I hear that name one word comes to mind, old! The guy is washed up! He is biased on commentary! And quite frankly he is ugly to!

Again Drew takes heat, as Michael Cole goes to ask another question, but is interrupted by “Can you dig it sucka!” Here comes Booker T! Booker gets a big pop as he comes down to the ring, moving with a purpose. He gets in the ring and the fans are going nuts. He looks at Drew, and then unloads with lefts and rights. The two men are brawling and the fans love it! Cole rushes out of the ring, as a beep echoes around the arena! Cole walks over to his laptop! Booker who had Drew on the mat backs off, as Drew is kneeled down.

Cole: May I have your attention please; I have just received an email from the anonymous GM of RAW! And I quote, “Drew I’m getting upset with your disrespect to Booker T! That is why next week on Monday Night RAW, you will defend your title against Booker T!”

The fans erupt, they can’t believe it! Before McIntyre can stand, Booker bounces off the ropes and nails the Scissors Kick! Drew hits the mat hard, and rolls out of the ring! The fans give Booker a big pop when he does the spinarooni! When we return Beth Phoenix takes on Divas Champ Tamina!

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Match 2 (4)~
Divas Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Divas Champion Tamina
-Beth is out first to massive heat. Then Tamina comes out to a decent pop. Tamina controls this match, but it ends in a no contest win Aksana comes down and beats the crap out of Tamina! Aksana walks off taking heat!
Winner: No Contest

Segment 2 (5)~
John Cena is seen walking backstage when he is confronted by Matt Striker!

Matt: John may I have a moment of your time please?

Cena: What do you want punk?

Matt: Well you’re slated to take on Mark Henry and Big Show in a handicap match later tonight, how do you feel about that match?

Cena: Since when was that match scheduled?

Matt: I thought you knew already, before the show came on the air the announcement was made!

Cena looks pissed and just shoves Striker out of the way and storms off. Well we will see that match later on!

Match 3 (6)~
Tag Team Match
Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara vs. Funky America
-Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara are in the ring getting a decent pop. But then the fans really cheer when Funky America comes out! Brodus Clay & Jack Swagger comes out dancing around, and the fans love it! They get in the ring and shake hands with their opponents. Brodus Clay and Justin Gabriel are starting this match off! Gabriel is cautious to move in close, so he makes some sporadic kicks attempts at Clay. On the third try, Clay catches his leg, spins around, and clotheslines him hard to the mat. Brodus then picks him up, and sends him flying into the corner! Brodus then charges and nails a big corner splash. Gabriel is stumbling toward the middle of the ring! Brodus bounces off the ropes looking for the What the Funk! But Justin catches Brodus with a spinning neckbreaker! Now Justin with a cover, 1…no! Kickout by Brodus! Justin shakes it off and gets to his feet. He stands up, and hits a springboard crossbody! Another cover by Gabriel, 1…no! Brodus kicked out again! Justin now decides to let his teammate get some action, and he tags in Sin Cara! Brodus is standing up, and Sin Cara bounces off the ropes! Clay tries for a clothesline, but Sin Cara ducks, and bounces off the ropes again! Brodus turns around and is caught by a head scissors from Sin Cara! Cara then bounces off the second rope, and goes for a springboard moonsault! But Brodus gets his knees up, and Cara hits his ribs hard on Clay! Brodus now slowly begins to crawl over to Swagger, and he gets the tag! Cara is trying to get to his corner and tag in Gabriel, but Swagger grabs him and locks in the Ankle Lock. Sin Cara is in the middle of the ring, he can’t make it to the ropes! He is struggling, and somehow turns over, and kicks Jack away! Cara tags Justin!
Swagger turns around, Justin springboards in and hits a frog splash! Gabriel is gaining some big momentum here! Swagger stands, Gabriel with a shoulder tackle, Swagger up again, Gabriel with another shoulder tackle! Jack once more slowly stands, and Gabriel meets him with an enzuigiri! Justin with a cover, 1…2…no! Jack Swagger kicked out at 2! Justin can’t believe it as he slowly stands, and begins to climb to the top rope! Half the fans are cheering for Gabriel, the rest for Swagger! Gabriel dives for the 450 Splash! But Jack rolls out of the way, and Justin smacks the mat hard! Now both men are slowly crawling toward their partners! Justin tags Sin Cara, Jack tags Brodus! Cara charges Brodus for a super kick, but Clay nails a big boot! Now Brodus does a little dance as Sin Cara gets to his feet! Brodus bounces off the ropes and nails the What the Funk! Brodus with a cover, 1…2…3! And Brodus got the win for his team! Funky America celebrates in the ring, but then JTruth come out on the stage with their belts and they both have a mic.

Truth: Oh big deal you won one match! Little Jimmy says who gives a damn!

JTG: It doesn’t matter if the match aint for these tag team titles right here!

Truth: JTRUTH OUT!!!

The tags team champs walk out as Brodus and Jack just shake their heads. When we come back Alberto Del Rio well be in the ring to further talk about his win over Triple H, at WrestleMania!
Winner: Funky America

Commercial Break

Segment 3 (7)~
Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring, and he begins to announce Alberto. ADR comes out in a Ferrari, and he takes a lot of heat as he gets out! He has the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and a towel over his shoulder! He gets in the ring, and grabs the mic from Ricardo.

ADR: When a guy like me defeats a man like Triple H! It truly means something!

The fans give heat.

ADR: It is a way from me to prove to all of you that I’m great! It is a way for me to receive the thing that I deserve the most! And that is this championship!

The fans continue to give heat.

ADR: Some people don’t understand destiny! You see destiny is a very precious thing, if not treated right it can be bad!

The fans really don’t like Alberto, and they really want someone to come out here and shut him up!

ADR: My destiny was to destroy Triple H at WrestleMania and win this championship! And that is what I did! I treated my destiny right, and fulfilled it! At this point in time I’m the most important man on Monday Night RAW, possibly the most important on the whole roster!

The fans begin a, “Alberto sucks!” chant.

ADR: And that is why I won’t let anybody take this championship away from me!

Just then the lights go out, and fire explodes on the stage! The fans go crazy as Kane’s music hits! And The Big Red Monster has returned! Michael Cole reminds us that weeks ago Randy Orton injured Kane here on RAW, but now he is back! Kane comes out to a massive pop! He keeps eyes locked with Alberto, who looks like he has seen a ghost. Kane slides in a ring, and towers over Alberto! Del Rio then drops the title and begins to punch Kane! ADR is throwing left and rights to Kane’s stomach, it isn’t doing a thing! ADR then starts to back away as Kane walks closer to him! Kane grabs him by the throat, Alberto is pleading for Kane to put him down! But Kane does listen; he raises Alberto, and hits a huge Chokeslam. Kane then throws his arms up, and fire explodes from the ring post! Wow what an impact Kane has made on his return, completely changing the landscape of the WWE! When we return we will have some cross brand action, because RAW’s John Morrison takes on SmackDown’s Daniel Bryan, next!

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Match 4 (8)~
Singles Match
MITB Winner John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan
-John Morrison is out first with his MITB Briefcase, taking big heat from the fans. He gets in the ring and waves the case around like an idiot! Then out comes Daniel Bryan, and the fans give him a huge reaction! The crowd is definitely behind D-Bry here tonight! The bell rings and here we go! Both men circle in the ring looking for a time to strike! Morrison tries for a head kick, but Bryan reverses it into a one harmed hip toss, that sends Morrison crashing to the canvas. Both men are good technical wrestlers and should put on a good match that is underway! Bryan then tries for an ankle lock, but John quickly spins out, and sends Daniel into the corner. John then stands and charges for a jumping elbow smash! But Bryan catches him, and slams him in the middle of the ring with a powerbomb! Daniel hooks the legs, 1…2…no! Morrison got his shoulder up! This is certainly a PPV quality match up here on RAW! Bryan stands, and sends Morrison into the ropes. Off the ropes and Daniel tries for a roundhouse kick. But Morrison leaps over Daniel, and hits a springboard crossbody! John then stands and shows off, but takes heat. Morrison then bounces off the ropes, and nails a cartwheel leg drop! Now John hooks the legs, 1…no! Daniel got a foot on the bottom rope! Who can finally get the win in this match? Find out when we return to Monday Night RAW!
Commercial Break
We come back and see a replay where Morrison went to clothesline Daniel out of the ring. But Bryan countered and tossed John out. Now Daniel is on the apron, and dives for the knee to the face. But John reverses it into a body slam on the ring barrier! Morrison then stands Daniel and sends him into the steel steps, which Bryan crashes over and hits the other side. Morrison then runs, jumps onto the steps, and dives onto Daniel! Both men hit the floor, as the ref reaches the 5 count! 5…6…7…8…9…no! Both men get into the ring before the 10 count! John and Daniel stand, and Morrison grabs him and throws him toward the corner. But Daniel stays running, jumps onto the second rope, and does a backflip over John who looked for a corner clothesline! Now Daniel unloads on Morrison in the corner! He then pushes him into the middle of the ring, and hits a belly to back suplex/bridging pin combo, 1…2…no! Wow John kicked out again! Daniel quickly turns Morrison over and locks in the LaBelle Lock. John is crawling slowly toward the ropes, but Daniel continues to apply pressure! Morrison might not make it! Wow he is getting closer, he does it, and he grabs the rope. Daniel breaks the hold, and John slowly stands. Daniel is by the ropes, and Morrison charges for a dropkick. But Daniel dodges it. John gets his legs caught up in the ropes, and Daniel pushes him out! Here comes Miz sneaking down the ramp with his WWE Championship, and he slides into the ring! The ref and Daniel are looking at John Morrison who is laid out on the mat! The ref is halfway through the ten count! Daniel doesn’t know Miz is there as he unknowingly turns around! Miz hits him in the head with the championship, and then bolts out of the ring! Morrison quickly slides into the ring before the ten count! He covers Bryan, 1…2…3! Morrison steals the win, with the help of Miz! Why has Miz done this to Bryan? Jerry Lawler reminds us that on Friday Miz attacked Daniel Bryan after their match against each other! When we come back John Morrison takes on Big Show and Mark Henry!
Winner: John Morrison

Commercial Break

Match 5 (9)~
Handicap Match
Big Show & Mark Henry vs. John Cena
-Mark Henry comes out first to a big pop from Washington D.C.! When he makes it half way down the ramp, Big Show’s music hits and Show gets a huge reaction! Big Show and Mark Henry fist bump in the ring, as they are set to take on John Cena! Speaking of Cena, here comes right now! The fans give the Dr. of Thuganomics huge heat as he comes to the ring! He hands the ref his chains, and prepares for this bout! Henry is going to start it off as the bell rings. He kicks Cena in the gut, and puts him in a side headlock and begins pounding on his back. He then nails a fireman carry slam! Cena then stands, but stumbles into the corner. And here comes Mark Henry with a huge corner clothesline! Henry then sends Cena across the ring into the corner by Big Show. Show then grabs ahold of John’s arms and keeps him still. Then Henry comes over and begins throwing rights and lefts to John’s stomach! Mark then backs away, and Show lets Cena go. John walks right into Mark, and Henry picks him up for the World’s Strongest Slam. But Cena unleashes elbows to Mark’s head. Henry drops him, and is dazed! John bounces off the ropes, and comes back looking for a diving shoulder tackle! But Henry just nocks him down to the mat. Mark then bounces off the ropes, comes back and nails the World’s Strongest Splash! Mark with a quick cover, 1…2…no! John Cena got his shoulder up at 1! Well the big men are certainly in control here in this match! Find out if Cena can rally back, live next!
Commercial Break
Were back on Monday Night RAW, and Mark Henry is pounding on John Cena in the corner. Henry backs away, and comes charging for a corner splash, but Cena jumps out of the way, and Henry hits his shoulder hard. Cena then sends Mark into the ropes, but instead of bouncing off. Mark hangs onto the ropes, and then tags in Big Show! But John gets the upper hand on Big Show with a kick to the knee, then a throwback neck snap! Cena with a cover, 1…no! Kickout by Show! Cena then stands up, and brings Big Show with him. He then bounces off the ropes, and nails a one handed bulldog to Big Show! John then climbs to the top rope. Big Show begins to sit up. Cena dives and nails the leg drop! Cena with another cover, 1…no! Another kickout by Big Show at 1! Cena shakes it off and stands up Big Show! He then unleashes a flurry of punches, and then somehow he lifts Big Show and hits a fisherman suplex! John Cena showed impressive strength there, and is about to do it again! Big Show stands, Cena picks him up for the AA. He hits it, Cena with a cover, 1…2…3! Oh that was close, Big Show got his shoulder up, but the ref says he got 3 before Show got his shoulder up! But before Cena is announced as the winner a beep echoes the arena! Michael Cole stands and opens his laptop.

Cole: May I have your attention please! I have just received an email from the anonymous GM of RAW! And I quote, “John Cena, you are not the victor, because that was not a 3 second pin. Big Show got his shoulder up! That is why this match is restarting right now!”

John Cena can’t believe it. He turns around, and sees Big Show has gotten to his feet. Big Show connects with the W.M.D. Big Show with a cover, 1…2…3! The crowd is ape, as they cheer on Big Show & Mark Henry! Cena rolls out of the ring and is pissed he can’t believe it! Whoever is the GM of RAW definitely does not like John Cena! When we come back Brock Lesnar will be addressing his actions last week!

Commercial Break

Main Event Segment (10)~
We come back and we see a replay of last week when Brock Lesnar came out and hit the Rock with an F-5! We then cut to the ring and Brock Lesnar music hits! The roof blows off in cheers for Brock Lesnar! Michael Cole list’s off all the names for Lesnar, and expresses how he is a monster! Lesnar loves the reaction, as he grabs a mic and gets into the ring.

Lesnar: Last week, I came out here and hit an F-5 on The Rock!

He receives a mixed reaction.

Lesnar: Now I’m sure it shocked the whole WWE Universe. Because first, nobody knew I was returning. And secondly who would have thought, that I would come out here and bring the pain to the Peoples Champ!

Another mixed reaction.

Lesnar: And of course the whole WWE Universe was left with one simple question… why? Why is Brock back? Why did he do that to The Rock? I tell you why… Because he deserved it! I came back simply because I have was following The Rock’s feud with Sheamus, and realized how cocky he is! His one liner’s and his “great” promos are just irritating! And I was sick of it, so I came out here and shut him up!

Then The Rock’s music hits. Here comes The Rock! The fans give an equal reaction to The Rock as he has a mic in his hand, and slides into the ring.

Rock: Brock... Brock… Brock… What can I say… Welcome back! I mean it’s great to have you! I’m glad that your back! Because now you can get your ass whooped!

Lesnar: And let me guess, you’re going to try and take my teeth!

The fans laugh, at Lesnar’s reference to Rock playing the Tooth Fairy!

Rock: That’s real funny! But I got something better! If you can smell what The Rock!

Rock drops his mic, grabs Brock and hits The Rock Bottom! And then he picks up his mic again.

Rock: Is cooking!

Rocks music hits, and he receives a big pop walking off. Well Rock has answered Brock Lesnar with the Rock Bottom! But what more is there to come from this feud! Find out next week on Monday Night RAW!

WWE Optimus goes off the air.

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