Collision Course Wrestling: Episode 3 5/21/12


Segment 1 (0)~
The opening video plays on the big screen as we are coming to you from the Collision Zone in Chicago, Illinois! The fans in this building are about to blow the roof off! As they chant, “CCW, CCW, CCW!” Our announce team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome the viewers to the show, and remind us that our first PPV, Hardcore Warfare is taking place on May 29th, which is in two weeks! Now let’s get on with the action!

Match 1 (1)~
Singles Match
Tyson Kidd vs. Kavel
Josh Matthews is in the ring, and is ready to make introductions!

Matthews: This will be a submission match! Making his way to the ring first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Tyson Kidd!

Tyson Kidd comes out and is taking huge heat as he struts to the ring with a cocky smile on his face! The fans in Chicago really don’t like him though!

Matthews: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York! Kavel!

Kavel comes out to a big pop. JR reminds us of what happened last week in that battle royal that took place on CCW! When Tyson Kidd insulted Kavel, and then ran from him! Maybe Kavel will get some revenge here tonight in this match up, as both men are in the ring and look like their ready to go!

-The bell rings and Kavel kicks Tyson in the gut right away. He then pushes Tyson into the ropes, and went his opponent returns. Kavel head-butt’s him to the mat with one hard knock! He then stands up Tyson and nails a double underhook suplex, then floats into a double underhook submission hold! Tyson is struggling, and is able to spin out of the submission hold, and push Kavel off of him. Both wrestlers stand and they lock up. The men are struggling for control! Tyson goes behind, but when he lifts up Kavel for a german suplex. Kavel is able to keep his feet planted. Kavel then pushes Kidd’s hands off his own waist, then goes behind Kidd. Now Kavel goes for a backdrop. But Tyson reverses and goes behind again! He lifts of Kavel again for a german suplex! But Kavel does a weird spinning move in air, and reverses the move into a ddt. Tyson then stands and does some celebration, but is then brought down by a leg sweep from Kavel, who transitions into a crossface! Tyson is clawing at the canvas reaching his hardest for the ropes! Can he make it, the fans are shouting, “Tap out, tap out, tap out!” He makes it, Tyson got ahold of the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. But Kavel isn’t letting off that easy, he shoves the ref away and then returns to attack Tyson. But Tyson who was still on the mat kicks Kavel and then rolls out of the ring. The fans are booing at what Tyson Kidd is doing! Is he walking off, what! I can’t believe this. Tyson Kidd is going to get counted out! The ref is making the count, “5…6…7…8…9…10!” Tyson is on the stage laughing at Kavel, and then he walks to the back taking heat.
Winner: Kavel

Segment 2 (2)~
We see Matt Morgan in his locker room. In just two weeks he takes on Alex Riley at Hardcore Warfare. But tonight, he will go toe to toe with John Cena when we return from this short break!

Commercial Break

Match 2 (3)~
Singles Match
John Cena vs. Matt Morgan

Matthews: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first from West Newberry, Mass.! John Cena!

John Cena comes out and salutes the crowd, then charges the ring. The fans cheer as he hits the ropes twice and plays to the cheers.

Matthews: And his opponent he hails from Fairfield Connecticut! He is the Blueprint, Matt Morgan!

The big man Matt Morgan comes to the stage taking massive heat. He walks down to the ring, and has stare down with John Cena before the bell rings!

-Morgan lunges at Cena, but Cena dodges, and smirks at Morgan. Jerry Lawler reminds us that John Cena will to be in a match at Hardcore Warfare against Bobby Roode. Morgan again goes after Cena, but Cena once again dodges. John then kicks Matt in the back of the knee, and then connects with a fisherman suplex! Cena floats over, 1…NO! Morgan kicked out at 1! Cena then stands up Matt, and sends him into the ropes, off the return he nails a sitout hip toss, and then hits the ropes. As he returns Matt is standing up and he kicks him in the head. Cena floats over again, 1…NO! Again Morgan is able to kick out at 1! John Cena seems frustrated that he can’t put Morgan away, and once again stands up Matt. But this time Morgan shoves Cena into the ropes. But on returning Cena nails a diving shoulder tackle that smacks Matt down to the mat. Cena stands and does some celebration, as Morgan gets to his feet. Morgan swings for a right hand, John ducks. Matt turns back around, Cena taunts with the, “You can’t see me,” wave. And then drills a right hand to Matt’s face. Then he nails a sitout powerbomb! Cena is on fire and I think it is time for the AA. Morgan stands, Cena picks him up onto his shoulders. He then drops him and hits the AA. John goes to cover again, but Bobby Roode’s music hits. Cena stands up off of Morgan and stares at the stage! Bobby’s music and entrance video are playing, but Bobby Roode is not on the stage! Wait what is this, Roode is coming from the crowd, he jumps the barrier and slides into the ring. Cena goes for a clothesline. Rood ducks and hits the ropes. He returns and nails a big boot to Cena, and it flattens John! The ref calls for the bell, as this one goes in a no contest! Now Morgan joins in on the assault of Cena and the two just pound on him in the corner. But here comes Alex Riley out from the curtain. Riley rushes to the ring, and pulls Roode off of Cena, and strikes with left and rights. He then nails a belly to belly suplex on Roode, and Roode rolls out of the ring and falls to the floor. But when Alex turns to face Morgan, The Blueprint hits Riley with the Hellevator. Both Alex and Cena seem to be in major pain, as Matt Morgan stands over the two with a sinister smile across his face! Could this be the scene at Hardcore Warfare, with Matt Morgan standing tall? Nonetheless when we return our Divas champ is in action in a non-title match!
Winner: No Contest

Commercial Break

Match 3 (4)~
Divas Match
Tamina vs. Beth Pheonix
-Tamina is already in the ring and is receiving cheers from the crowd. Out next is the Divas Champion, Beth Pheonix. Beth walks to the ring and doesn’t seem happy with having to compete. She climbs into the ring and raises her title belt in the air. Then she hands it to a crew member and the match begins. The two women circle the ring, but Beth strikes first with a measured right hand. She then kicks Tamina in the gut and backs her into the corner. The Divas Champ then begins to spear Tamina in the midsection aggressively multiple times! Beth then backs off as Tamina stumbles to the center of the ring. Beth goes to pick her up for the Glam Slam. But Tamina won’t be lifted! Beth is struggling but eventually just hits the ropes, and returns for a double ax handle. But she catches an elbow to the chin from Tamina. Tamina then hits a roundhouse kick, and floats over, 1…2…NO! Beth got a shoulder up at 2! The fans are cheering on Tamina, and she is definitely building momentum! She stands up Beth and hits a backbreaker. Then hits a rope rebound leg drop! Tamina then backs to the corner, and waits for Beth to get to her feet. When the champ does stand, Tamina tries for a superkick, but Beth catches her opponent’s leg, spins her around, and then nails a clothesline! Beth then stands up Tamina and nails a military press drop, followed by a double knee drop to Tamina’s right arm. Beth now waits for Tamina to stand, and once again goes for her finisher. But in air, Tamina counters the Glam Slam into a ddt. Tamina then runs to the corner and climbs the ropes. She dives and hits the Superfly Splash. Tamina hooks the legs, 1…2…3! Tamina did it! Tamina just defeated the Divas Champ, and this could put Tamina into the hunt for that Divas Championship! Tamina walks off to a flurry of cheers!
Winner: Tamina

Commercial Break

Segment 3 (5)~
CM Punks music hits and everyone in the Collision Zone gets on their feet! Here comes the CCW North America Champion, and hometown hero CM Punk! Punk comes out with the North America Championship around his waist and he smiles at all the cheers for him. He walks to the ring, and stands up on one of the ring post and raises his title belt high. He then gets down and a crew member hands him a mic, and he is ready to speak!

Punk: Thank you Chicago!
The roof nearly blows off in cheers for CM Punk, who can’t stop smiling!
Punk: Wow, thank you again! This is such a great moment for me. Standing here in this ring in my hometown of Chicago! And this beautiful title around my waist, it just feels perfect!
Another pop for Punk!
Punk: Well I’m going to cut to the chase here. A lot of people on social media have been saying I’m going to back down from the first person who wants to take this title from me. But ladies and gentleman whoever is saying that are complete and total idiots. Because listen here this goes to every single person in the back. CM Punk does not back down, so whoever wants to wrestle me. I’m issuing an open challenge to the first person to step out from behind that curtain. And they can take me on at Hardcore Warfare for this title!

Punk raises his championship, but Cody Rhode’s music hits. And Punk lowers the title and rolls his eyes. Rhodes struts to the ring shaking his head at Punk. As Rhodes climbs into the ring with a mic, a recap from the premiere of CCW is shown. Where CM Punk defeated Cody Rhodes to gain the vacant North American Championship! We then cut back to the ring where Cody and Punk are standing face to face.

Punk: I had a feeling you would show your face out here Rhodes, but I was strongly praying against it!
Rhodes: Why? Is it because you’re scared to face me? Is the great hometown hero CM Punk afraid to face The Future, Cody Rhodes?
Punk: No Cody, I just didn’t want you to come out here and waste your time. Because now that you are out here. You are indeed taking my challenge. Which means at Hardcore Warfare you will be walking out of that PPV, as a loser? And I don’t want to embarrass you that bad.
Rhodes: Punk if you’re so confident in your abilities to beat me. Then I suppose you won’t mind if our match is in a steel cage!
Punk: No, that doesn’t bother me at all Cody! I just hope I don’t offend you when I whip your ass all around that steel cage!
Rhodes looks pissed and begins to pace back and forth.
Punk: I’ll see you this Sunday Cody!

Punk smiles and leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp to another standing ovation and he raises the title as he stands on stage and looks down at Cody Rhodes.

Segment 4 (6)~
We cut to the backstage area, where John Lauranitus the former GM of both WWE brands, is talking to CCW Wrestler, Austin Aries.

Lauranitus: So what I’m saying Austin. If you take me on as your manager I can take you to the top!
Austin just shakes his head and walks off camera laughing at Johnny Ace. Lauranitus then turns around, and Bryan Danielson is standing there.
Danielson: Mr. Lauranitus, I heard you speaking to Austin Aries. Please don’t waste your time on that goof. I would be happy to have a man of your record to be my manager!
Lauranitus: Sounds great, I start immediately. And I promise you Bryan, I will take you to the top!
The two shakes hands as we now head back to the ring.

Match 4 (7)~
Singles Match
Joe Henning vs. Austin Aries

Josh Matthews is in the ring to make the announcements for our last match of the night.

Matthews: This will be a submission match. The first contestant for this match will make his way to the ring now. He hails from Champlin, Minnesota! The Man with a Plan, Joe Henning!

Joe Henning’s music hits, and the son of the late Curt Henning comes to the stage with a mic.

Henning: Please all of the mothers and fathers in the crowd get all of your children a clear line of vision of the ring, because as soon as Austin Aries comes out here. I’m going to kick his ass and add another win to my record here in CCW. You see in case you missed it last week, I destroyed Chris Masters as well as others in a battle royal. And I will continue to destroy opponents and dominate in this company. Because I’m the man with a plan!

The crowd gives Henning heat as he climbs into the ring, and prepares for this match up. The crowd assumes Austin Aries will be coming out, but actually Chris Masters music hits, and Chris comes out with an arm raised, and the fans welcome him. He walks past the ring, and joins Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on commentary and they seem happy to see him. Joe looks angry in the ring, but needs to focus.

Matthews: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Austin Aries!

Aries steps out from behind the curtain to a chorus of cheers. He has his cape on and it waves behind him as he steadily walks down to the ring. In the CCW, Austin has a two win winning streak, and I think he is looking to continue it here tonight in this match, as he climbs into the ring and this one will be getting underway!

-The bell rings the Joe drops down to one knee looking for a spot to attack on Austin’s leg. But Austin keeps shuffling in a circle around the ring, and Joe has no luck. Again Joe drops to one knee looking for an attack point, but as soon as he kneels, Austin hits him with a back kick, that knocks him back a couple feet, and he rolls out of the ring to regain his strength! When we return see if Austin can continue his winning streak!

Commercial Break

We return and Joe is in one corner and across the ring in the opposite corner Austin Aries is waiting. Both men charge each other. Aries leap frogs over Joe, and continues his momentum into the corner. Joe turns back to Austin looking for to attack. But Aries jumps to the second turnbuckle and then back flips over Joe. Aries then grabs Henning and nails an inverted suplex slam! He then hits the ropes, and performs a no handed springboard moonsault that also hits! Austin is really on fire here in this match as the crowd chants, “Austin, Austin, Austin!” Aries goes to stand up Henning, but Joe hits a low blow and the ref misses it as he was standing behind Austin. Henning then stands up, hits the ropes, returns and nails a dropkick that sends Austin face first between the second and bottom rope. Joe then walks over and stands up onto Austin’s back, and uses the ropes to apply pressure to Aries back and neck. The ref starts a five count, and Joe stops just in time to not be counted out. Joe then stands up Aries and sends him into the ropes; off the return he nails a rolling neck snap! Joe then goes to cover, but then realizes this is a submission match. So he moves into a crossface submission. But by this time Austin is fully aware of the situation and easily pushes Henning away and rises to his feet. The two wrestlers then lock up in the center of the ring, but Joe gains control in a side headlock. He then tries for a running bulldog. But Austin pushes him away into the corner. Aries then charges and nails a flying forearm smash in the corner to Joe. Austin then backs off as Henning falls out of the corner. Aries then hops to the top rope, and dives for a frog splash! But Joe rolls out of the way and Austin hits the mat hard! Joe then stands up his opponent and tries for a half nelson submission hold. Austin is fighting it, but he is looking weak! I don’t know if he can get out! But he does, he elbows Henning in the head a couple of times and the hold is released. Aries then spins around and hits Joe with a spinning backfist. Then nails a fireman carry slam! Austin is in complete control here as I think he wants the Brainbuster. Joe stands, Austin goes to lift him up, but Joe fights it off with punches to Austin’s stomach, and then pushes him into the corner. Henning then walks over and unloads on Aries with rights and lefts. Henning then pushes Austin into the center of the ring. I don’t know what Joe was going to try for, but when he approached Aries he got kicked in the gut, and then Austin nailed the Brainbuster. Now Austin locks in the Figure Four Leglock. Henning is way to warn out to even struggle, he taps immediately! Austin stands and begins to celebrate. Joe looks like he might attack Aries, but Chris gets in with a mic, and pushes Joe away.
Masters: Don’t even think about it Joe. If you want another fight take me on this Sunday at Hardcore Warfare! Chris sticks out his hand. Joe answers the handshake but then kicks Chris in the nuts, and Masters hits to the mat in pain. Joe walks off laughing and mutters, “The better wrestler will win Sunday!” Austin Aries helps Masters to his feet, as Henning walks off to heat.
Winner: Austin Aries

Commercial Break

Main Event Segment (8)~
We comeback and Josh Matthews is in the ring.

Matthews: Please welcome to the ring, he is the CCW World Heavyweight Champion! Chris Jericho!

Jericho gets huge heat as he steps onto the stage with the world title slung over his shoulder. He walks to the ring smirking even though the fans obviously hate him as their world champ. He grabs a mic before sliding into the ring, and speaking.

Jericho: Hello, my name is Chris Jericho. You may recognize me by the fact that I’m the CCW World Champ. And I’m also known as the best wrestler in the world!
Chris laughs as the fans boo him, and throw trash at him.
Jericho: Don’t worry I’ll just throw away all this trash. Just like Jeff Hardy should throw away his hopes of beating me this Sunday at Hardcore Warfare!

Well I think Chris spoke to soon, because Jeff Hardy walks out. His music blares over the PA system and he has his face painted and looks sort of creepy. He circles the ring high fiving fans before grabbing a mic and getting into the ring.

Jericho: Ladies and gentleman give it up for the Idiotic Enigma, Jeff Hardy!
Jeff doesn’t look happy about Jericho making fun of his nickname.
Hardy: You truly are a moron aren’t you Chris? You truly do believe that you are going to walk out of our match this Sunday still the Heavyweight Champ! You see if I’m not mistaken that my friend is idiotic! Your dream as holding that title forever like you claimed last week, is just that Chris, it’s a dream. It’s a dream that won’t be fulfilled! Chris I don’t want to hurt your feelings, or make your small brain overload and explode due to, too much information being crammed into it. But I will be the new world champ after this Sunday!

The crowd cheers. As Jericho just raises his title, and walks off. When he reaches the stage, Jeff Hardy speaks up again and catches his opponent’s attention again.

Hardy: Chris don’t leave yet, I have one more thing to tell you! I spoke to GM Edge earlier. And he informed me that our match will be a Hardcore Match!
The crowd cheers at this announcement as Chris looks really pissed off, and now Jeff Hardy is the one smiling!
Hardy: Surprise!

Jeff drops the mic, and visits the top rope turnbuckle of one of the corners. He celebrates as the crowd cheers and that concludes our show! From Chicago, Illinois CCW wishes you a good night!

Collision Course Wrestling goes off the air.

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great matches, Laurenitis as manager makes more sense than GM, he most likely will take his new charge to the top.

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 5:31 PM
# TDWOwner
RasslinFan Thank you sir. Nice to see a new commentor on fantasy shows :). BTW the format for this show will be changed up this sunday for Hardcore Warfare, and the following weeks after, just in case this was hard to read.

Also maybe since you show interest in fantasy shows you can start your own. I'd love to see another show to follow here on 4Down!!!

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 5:51 PM
# cletus42o

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Happy birthday dude! And I totally dig the logo for CCW. :) You should change your personal avatar too, you know. If you have an idea for what you'd want, let me know and I can make you something as a birthday present.

Sorry that I'm not commenting on the show itself, I try to steer clear of getting involved in anyone's shows - and since I never have before, I don't want anyone to think I never liked any before. Oh it's complicated trying to run things around here. :) I'll say that I do like your formatting, though I think using bold for both the names and then the non-speaking info makes it a little clouded in some areas. Maybe I can give some options to let you use colors in blog posts - I'll look into that. I think you might be able to use the horizontal rule tag to put breaks in between segments too, but that might be something I limit to myself. If so I'll add it in as something everyone can use.

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 6:14 PM
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Great Show Bro ! Happy Birthday !

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 7:13 PM
# edawg32
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Nice show, love the ending! Happy Birthday!

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 2:11 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #725 (Rank in League: #17)
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