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Hey everyone this is a special edition of What Gets Me. Because I'm reviewing the PPV, WWE: Over The Limit!!!

Kane def. Zack Ryder
I really don’t understand the booking here. Why have a old slug who is probably going to be out of the company within five years defeat an up and coming wrestler who has the potential to be a main event talent (with the right character change of course :p)? This win for Kane does nothing. A win for Ryder would have put him on a comeback, and hopefully back into the U.S. Title scene. But evidently the creative team doesn’t want that for Ryder. They will just bury him until there is no one left for him to job to and then they will fire him. Having a un interesting wrestler defeat a talented superstar is WHAT GETS ME!!!

Christian wins the battle royal which is cool! The tag champs retain and I hope the feud continues instead of the WWE rushing into an all new feud! Because from what I read this match seemed pretty cool! Layla retained which is good; I didn’t see a title change needing to happen here. Sheamus also retained and I was on the edge of myself reading this match so I imagine it was awesome!

Brodus Clay def. The Miz
In the words of The Miz. Really? Really? Really? No I’m serious creative team what in the hell are you thinking. How can you have a two time WWE Champion job to a modern day Rakishi/Godfather? It literally makes no sense to me. For one I really see no point in having this match on the card. And two if you absolutely need it, why have The Miz lose! The fact that this matched was booked to where a untalented character recreation defeated a former two time WWE Champion is WHAT GETS ME!!!

Christian def. Cody Rhodes
I know I said I was excited about Christian winning the battle royal. But he shouldn’t have defeated Cody Rhodes. Rhodes should have won this match cheaply. Which resulted in Christian pointing out that fact on SmackDown, which results in Christian getting a rematch, or earning a number one contender spot by once again winning a match? I don’t know about you but I’m excited to see what comes from this feud. But the first approach is WHAT GETS ME!!!

Punk retained! I’m not upset but I wouldn’t have cared really who won this match. Because they’re both talented and I know this feud is not over yet!!!

Ryback def. Comacho
It’s dumb for this match to be this high on the card. Especially because you have the second coming of Goldberg – Ryback! Who really does nothing for me because all he does is squash his opponents. In fact in my show AWF, I’m going to bury him to the ground!!!! Having this match so high on the card is WHAT GETS ME!!!

And I have zero complaints on the main event. I’m happy with what they did with Big Show. And will actually enjoy his character as a heel, because he was definitely getting stale as the “monster” they were booking him as! Well that concludes my review of WWE: OTL! So now I leave you with a simple question...


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# word2k9
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Big Show's Big League

WWE doesn't adhere to the classic booking style where the opening match is young guys or jobbers and the talent gets better each match afterwards. They typically have two of the biggest matches at the beginning and end of the show. On their two hour television shows, they usually have something important happen at the beginning of the second hour. And for PPVs, they usually go back and forth between what they consider important and unimportant matches/segments.

So saying Ryback vs Camacho was "too high" on the card doesn't make sense when you consider this. It would be different if it was the main event or opened the show.

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 2:00 AM
# edawg32
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I know its you birthday...happy birthday haha...but once again, I disagree with you on this but I won't rant like last time lol.

-Kane should have beat Zack Ryder. Why have Ryder win this match? Just cuz he won a preshow match doesn't mean he would be right back in the title picture. Kane is this dominate monster and he had to win for that reason of his characters dominance.

-The Tag Team match was a great match on this show and I see you agree haha. Good :)

-Now Brodus Clay should have beat The Miz. The fact is, this was a better match then I expected it to be. Miz is in a slump but he will get out of it but not against Brodus Clay. Clay has yet to lose in a singles match and I don't think he would have lost to The Miz just yet because it would have ruined his push. Miz isn't getting a break right now but he will, just be patient.

-Christian should have won the match against Cody Rhodes because now WWE can move Rhodes up to bigger and better things and Rhodes is taking some time off for now but when he comes back, he will be apart of alot better things.

-Ryback should be moving on to tougher opponents soon but WWE is just taking there time here. Once again, just be patient.

Happy Birthday once again!

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 2:08 PM
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What gets me is that everyone expected Big Johnny to lose to John Cena. On paper, that should have happened. As I told me family members who watch....Johnny's gonna win by hook and crook....just watch. Well....guess what....he won...kept his job...and now Big Show is a "heel" and probably gonna feud with Cena throughout the summer.

Posted on May 23, 2012 at 4:58 PM
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