The Owner's Dozen~ Week 1~ May 28th - June 1st


Hey everyone this is my new non fantasy show, The Owner’s Dozen. Where every week I make a list of a dozen of my favorite wrestlers, based on what happened on the weekly episodes of WWE Raw, TNA Impact, and Friday Night SmackDown. So here are The Owner’s Dozen for the week of May 28th – June 1st.

12. Kofi Kingston (WWE) ~ He and his tag partner continue to impress. I like Ghana Get Got as the tag team champs, as both wrestlers are good in ring competitors and fun to watch!

11. R-Truth (WWE) ~ He and his tag partner continue to impress. I like Ghana Get Got as the tag team champs, as both wrestlers are good in ring competitors and fun to watch!

10. Austin Aries (TNA) ~ What can I say the high flying X-Division Champ is awesome. With a successful title defense over Chris Sabin on TNA Impact last week, he easily earns a spot in The Owner’s Dozen!

9. Jeff Hardy (TNA) ~ Jeff is one of the greats, there is no way around it. And on TNA’s roster he is one of the best. He had a match against Devon last week for the TV Champ. But it was interrupted by Robbie E and Robbie T (which I hate that storyline with those two idiots). But regardless of the match going to a no contest, Jeff Hardy looked good in the ring.

8. Sin Cara (WWE) ~ Sin Cara returned on SmackDown last week. In what was a short match against Heath Slater! But what do you expect it’s the mid card division in WWE, the matches are going to be short. However I’m glad to see Sin Cara return from injury and pick up the win. That’s why he made it to number 8 on my The Owner’s Dozen!

7. Damien Sandow (WWE) ~ Damien Sandow defeated Ezekiel Jackson on SmackDown which is good. I love Damien’s character as he works as a heel, and really gains heat from the WWE Universe. I hope that Damien continues to pick up victories!

6. Cody Rhodes (WWE) ~ Cody had a brief exchange with Christian on RAW last week. And he picked up a win against Tyson Kidd on SmackDown. The former I.C. Champion is fun to watch! I hope after a rematch with Christian, Cody goes onto bigger and better things!

5. Christian (WWE) ~ I love that Christian is the I.C. Champion. I think that Cody Rhodes rematch at No Way Out will probably be a quality match, as both men are very good in ring competitors. But I pray that Christian retains in the rematch!

4. CM Punk (WWE) ~ What can I say he is the WWE Champion and he is one of my favorite wrestlers!

3. Kane (WWE) ~ The current feud that he is in with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan is great! And I can’t wait to hopefully see him win at No Way Out!

2. AJ Styles (TNA) ~ AJ defeated Christopher Daniels in the main event of Impact last week and his storyline with Daniels and Kazarian is awesome! I can’t wait to see more from the feud!

1. Sting (TNA) ~ That’s right The Icon Sting is my number one favorite wrestler from last week. Sting made a huge return on Impact last week where he defeated Heavyweight Champ Bobby Roode in a non-title lumberjack match. But then Hulk Hogan came out after the match and announced that Sting would be facing Roode at Slammiversy for the world title! That match should be very entertaining, and I think that since Bobby Roode broke AJ Styles record of longest title reign. That Sting will put an end to that reign, and beat Bobby Roode at Slammiversy!
o who are your 12 favorite wrestlers from last week?????

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# brandoni998
Administrator of
The Straight Edge Society

Heres what I would have done :
1 Damien Sandow
2 Christian
3 Daniel Bryan
4 Austin Aries
5 Curt Hawkins
6 Cody Rhodes
7 Ryback
8 Brodus Clay
9 Kofi Kingston
10 R-Truth
11 Tyler Reks
12 Sin Cara

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 4:31 PM
# RasslinFan
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SNS Radio Network

my top 12 are as follows:

12. Cody Rhodes
11. Brodus Clay (even after a no decision against Big Show) he remains unbeaten as the Funkasaurus.
10. Christian
09. Randy Orton (Disappointed that he's suspended)
08. R-Truth
07. Kofi Kingston
06. AJ Styles (I hate the storyline about Dixie, I know it's going to turn out to be something to do with her husband Serge such as a birthday/anniversary party)
05. Sheamus
04. Big Show (As a heel he is more dominating that as a face)
03. Daniel Bryan
02. Robert Roode (hate him or love him, he's the real deal)
01. CM Punk (best on the mic and backs it up in the ring)

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 4:27 PM
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