Collision Course Wrestling House Show 6.8.12 (Featuring ROH, CZW, and NJPW)


Our opening video plays on a smaller version of the Jumbo Screen as the cameras scurry the arena here in Raleigh NC! The fans are going wild and this is Collision Course Wrestling coming to you with a house show! Let’s head over to our commentators Tazz and Jerry Lawler!

Jerry Lawler opens the show, “Hello and welcome to this Collision Course Wrestling house show on the Worldwide Sports Network! And just like our first house show we are in a joint effort tonight with three other companies, ROH, CZW, and NJPW! And boy it’s awesome!

Tazz laughs and begins to speak, “Right you are Jerry! Tonight we have two matches; this means we are going to have an hour of pure wrestling action from some of the best wrestlers in the world!”

Jerry Lawler adds, “That’s what is so great about independent promotions. We focus on giving the fans great wrestling matches! Less talk and more action as Ric Flair would say! Well let’s head to the ring where Matt Stryker will make introductions for our first match up!”

Matt Stryker is standing in the center of the ring a mic, “The following match is set for one fall! Making his way to the ring first, he competes for New Japan Pro Wrestling! Hirooki Goto! Hirooki gets a decent pop, even from the fans of CCW and ROH! As Hirooki climbs into the ring Stryker continues the introductions, “And his opponent, he is the CCW North American Champion! Austin Aries!” Austin Aries gets a huge reaction, as the ROH fans respect him because he used to compete in their favorite promotion!

The match starts off with action as Hirooki kicks Austin in one knee which makes Austin stumble. Hirooki then kicks Aries other knee and that drops him to the mat. Hirooki then hits the ropes, rebounds and nails a leg drop to Austin’s left arm!

Austin shakes in pain but is then stood up by Goto. Goto nails a headbutt then drops Aries with a facebuster. Hirooki covers, 1…2…NO! Oh but Austin kicked out at 2!

Hirooki stands up Austin again and tosses him into the ropes. But Aries hangs onto the ropes and Goto was prepared to nails a hip toss, but he couldn’t. Seeing the opportunity to attack Austin who is clinging to the ropes, Hirooki tries for a clothesline. But Aries ducks, spins Goto around by his arm, then nails a spinning heel kick. Austin covers but gets a 1 count!

Aries then stands up and turns away from Hirooki. I think he might go for a springboard moonsault. But Goto got up and catches Austin in midair and nails a chokeslam. Goto floats over for a pin, 1….2…! But once again Austin Aries kicks out at 2!

Hirooki then stands up Austin and goes to toss him into the corner, but Aries reverses it and tosses Goto into the corner. Austin then charges for a rising knee lift. But Goto catches him and walks him to the center of the ring going for a powerbomb. But Aries reverses it into a ddt! Austin then rushes to the corner, he climbs to the top rope, and dives for the 450 Splash. And covers, 1…2…! No how did Hirooki Goto kick out! I can’t believe it!

Austin stands up and backs into the corner waiting for his opponent to stand up. Hirooki is up and Aries charges, but Goto nails a Superkick. And Goto drops down, 1…2…3! And Goto defeated Austin Aries! Matt Stryker grabs a mic at ringside, “Here is your winner, Hirooki Goto!” Hirooki and Austin shake hands in respect!


After the break we head over to the commentators table where Tazz speaks, “That was a great match!” Jerry Lawler adds Damn right it was; now how about the main event that is next. It’s a four way falls count anyway match, to name a number one contender for the CCW and ROH World Titles! Whoever wins it will face either Shelton Benjamin or Kevin Steen!”

We now go back to the ring where Matt Stryker introduces our next match, “Ladies and gentleman the following match is our main event of the evening. Introducing first he is a member of the CZW roster B-Boy!” B-Boy receives a mixed reaction, Stryker continues, “And his opponent from ROH Davey Richards!” Huge heat for Davey Richards, as he comes out to and walks down to the ring, “And there opponent from NJPW Lance Archer!” And Stryker makes the final intro as Lance climbs into the ring, “And there opponent from CCW MVP!” MVP gets a good pop as he has wrestled in NJPW and is now a CCW wrestler.

All men are in the ring and here we go! B-Boy instantly goes after MVP and tosses him into the corner and begins to unload. Meanwhile Lance Archer and Davey Richards lock up. Lance gains control, and just picks up Davey and slams him hard onto the mat.

Davey tries to stand but Lance pushes his shoulders down to the mat for a pin, but it only gets a 1 count! Lance Archer then stands up Richards and tosses him into the ropes. On the return Lance nails a spinebuster and covers again, but Richards gets a shoulder up at 1!

Back in the corner B-Boy backs away then charges for a clothesline on MVP. But MVP grabs B-Boy’s neck and smashes his face into the turnbuckle. And then MVP nails a roundhouse kick. And his cover of B-Boy gets a two count!

MVP then stands up B-Boy and goes to whip him into the ropes, but at the same time Archer whips Davey. And B-Boy and Davey collide and crash to the mat. Now MVP drops down on B-Boy, and Davey drops down on Davey. The ref counts for both of the pins simultaneously, 1…2…NO! But both men kick out 2!

MVP and Lance look at each other. Then they lock up. MVP slips through and grabs Archer by the waist and hits a belly to belly suplex. MVP then gets up but gets dropped by a dropkick from Davey Richards!

Richards then goes to grab Lance Archer and pick him up. But B-Boy slides out of the ring, and pulls out Lance. Davey looks pissed but turns back around to MVP. And MVP nails the Thez Press.

Outside of the ring B-Boy nails a gutwrench suplex that sends Archer into the ring barrier. B-Boy then sees Davey Richards waiting for MVP to stand. I think Davey might try for his finisher, but B-Boy sneaks in behind him and clubs him in the head. B-Boy then nails a german suplex and transitions into a bridging pin; the ref drops down and counts but only makes it to two when Richards got a foot on the rope.

MVP is up now, and he kicks B-Boy in the stomach. But then Davey Richards comes charging behind. But MVP grabs Davey by the neck, flips him over his shoulder, and slams him into B-Boy. MVP drops down for a double pin, 1…2…! Both men kicked out at 2!

MVP then goes to stand up Davey but gets kicked away. Davey then jumps to his feet, grabs B-Boy and sends him into MVP, both men crash into the corner. Outside of the ring Lance Archer is stirring after hitting his head on the ring barrier when B-Boy suplexed him.

With both men in the corner Richards charges and nails a double rising knee lift! Both men stumble to the mat. But here is Lance Archer climbing to the top rope. Davey see’s Lance in the corner of his eye and turns around; Lance dives and hits a missile dropkick.

All the men are down, but Lance slowly crawls onto Richards, 1…2…3! And that does it Lance Archer will be facing either Kevin Steen or Shelton Benjamin for the CCW and ROH world titles on the June 18th edition of Collision Course Wrestling. Lance gets a big pop as he celebrates.

Back at the commentators table Jerry Lawler closes the show, “Well our time is up for tonight. Be sure to tune in to CCW this coming Monday on the Worldwide Wrestling Network. When Kevin Steen the ROH World Champion takes on Shelton Benjamin the CCW World Heavyweight Champion! Good night everybody from CCW!”

The CCW House Show goes off the air!

Interpromotional 12 Man Tag Team Match
Team ROH defeated Team CCW, Team CZW, and Team NJPW

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# brandoni998
Administrator of
The Straight Edge Society

Lance Archer wins ! I never saw that coming ;) !

Posted on June 8, 2012 at 10:21 PM
# slicedcheese22
good show man!

Posted on June 8, 2012 at 10:54 PM
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