WWE Payback


It's the Payback PPV. Lots of great action with title matches and other great matches. Check it out now. I hope you enjoy it.

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The show opens with Michael Cole & JBL as the sold out crowd is making their way into the arena.

Michael: This is our first ever pre-show and we're live from the Staples Center, home of Superstars, in LA.

JBL: And we're kicking things off with the Peep Show! Christian is in the ring. I wonder who his guest is.

There is lots of cheering and chanting for Christian. The crowd is excited. He is smiling as he gets his mic.

Christian: Thank you. I'm glad you all like my show and are happy to see it. I'm just going to get right to it, please welcome, my guest at this time, Hulk Hogan!

The crowd is going wild with cheers while Hulk's music hits and he comes down. He gets in the ring and gets a mic.

Hulk: You know something brother? It feels good to be back here in the WWE tonight! And I can still hear all the Hulkamaniacs who support me! Thank you!

Christian: Well now that you're back, I wanted to ask you, do you have any big plans, maybe someone that needs Hulkamania to run wild on them?

Hulk: I don't know, brother. I bet there are some people who...

Alberto's music hits and he comes out on the stage. He has a mic in his hand. He seems upset and and are booing.

Alberto: Why are you even here? You're to old to be running around here acting like you can still have a match with anyone. It's not going to happen! Go back to the retirement home you crawled out of!

Christian: Really? What are you even doing here? You're not part of this PPV and where do you get off talking to Hulk Hogan like that anyways?! Do you know what he's...

Hulk: Whoa, it's ok Christian. I can handle this punk! Hey, Alberto, you wanna see what I still got? Come down here and find out!

Hulk drops the mic and motions for Alberto to come down to the ring. Alberto throws down his mic and walks towards the ring, taking off his jacket and throwing it down. Christian looks ready to potentially help Hulk. Alberto gets to the ring, and then he stops and smiles. He starts backing up and laughs. He waves them off and then walks toward the back. Hulk nods and then smiles. He starts turning to the sections of the fans seeing how loud they can get as his music starts playing. Him and Christian shake hands. We go to the back where Renee is standing by.

Renee: I'm back here waiting. I'm supposed to get a pre-show interview from Cena but he doesn't seem to be here yet.

Kane and Damien walk by as they're heading to the ring.

Kane: Just as I thought. Cena is still hurt and couldn't make it. I knew this would happen. We're about to go out there and win this match, and then I'll still be here, waiting and ready. When Cena doesn't show up tonight, I'll go out and win a second match tonight and leave with the WWE Championship. Then all will be right in the WWE.

Damien gives a nod of approval and they walk off. Renee sends it back up to ringside. Justin and Ryback are getting in the ring for this match. This seems like an unlikely team but the fans approve. They are cheering for them.

Lilian: And their opponents, the team of Kane and Damien Sandow!

Kane and Damien come out to boos from the crowd. They don't care. They look made and ready for a fight. Justin and Ryback are watching and waiting. Kane and Damien get to the ring and get in to start.

Ryback & Justin Gabriel vs. Kane & Damien Sandow

The bell rings and it's Justin and Damien starting off in the ring. Damien runs and Justin but Justin jumps up and hits him with a sidekick to the head. Damien falls and rolls out to ringside from it. Justin grabs onto the ropes and launches himself over them. Damien is getting up and he hits him with a cross body. They hit the ground and Justin gets up. The ref starts his count..1..2..Damien is pulling himself up with the barricade..3..4..Justin kicks him in the chest several times and them swings him around into the ring post..5..6..Justin throws him back in the ring and then follows back in as the ref counts 7. Justin goes up to the top rope. Damien can't get to his feet fast enough but he jumps and hits the top rope. This knocks Justin and he falls and lands with his crotch right in the top rope. He then slides off down into the ring. Damien starts crawling on his hands and knees toward his corner and Kane. He jumps and makes the tag to Kane. Justin is trying to tag in Ryback. He crawls toward him. Kane runs and hits an elbow drop across his back. That stops him from crawling. Kane grabs his leg and goes to drag him but he struggles and fights back. He stands up on his other leg and reaches out towards Ryback. Ryback is stretching his arm out toward Justin too. Justin makes one last thrust of effort and gets the tag. Kane lets go of him completely and backs up a little. Ryback runs in and takes Kane to the mat with a shoulder takedown. Kane gets up and Ryback hits him again. Kane goes to get up again but Ryback kicks him in the head. Ryback kicks and stomps him several times while he's down. Justin seems to have recovered out on the apron. Damien sneaks up behind him and pulls his leg out from under him and he falls and hits his face across the apron. He kicks him while he's down. Ryback sees this and yells at him. Damien steps up in the ring. Ryback runs at him. He moves and Ryback catches himself in the corner. He turns around into a big boot from Kane. Damien hits the Elbow of Disdain. He rolls out of the ring. Kane waits and watches while Ryback gets up. Justin is starting to get up at ringside. Damien throws him into the barricade. Ryback finally gets to his feet and Kane grabs him around the neck. He hits a chokeslam and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winners: Kane & Damien Sandow

They get up and are celebrating. Ryback rolls out to ringside. Justin and him help each other up and off toward the back. Kane motions a belt around his waist and seems to be saying "tonight". He is nodding as we fade to black signaling the end of our first ever PPV pre-show.

Main Show:

Michael: We're live here in the Staples Center, the new home of Superstars for our PPV Payback! What a great show it will be too!

JBL: I know! We already had a great pre-show and it can only get better from here!

Lilian: This first match is a no disqualification match and it is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring first, Zack Ryder!

Zack comes out to lots of cheers from fans. He looks happy and focused. He wants to keep his streak going. He looks around to make sure David, Seth, or Dean aren't hiding to attack him. He seems in the clear as he interacts with fans. He gets in the ring and waits.

Lilian: And his opponent, David Otunga!

David comes out and the crowd boos. He looks upset and is shouting how he will end this joke of a streak. He seems flat out mad. He gets to the ring and gets in for the match.

Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga No DQ

The bell rings and David shoves Zack back into the corner. He jumps back out and they start trading shots and go all around the ring. David takes Zack to the mat and they roll under the ropes and out to ringside. That separates them and they both spring to their feet. David grabs Zack but Zack turns and slings David into the barricade. He runs and clotheslines him and they both flip over the barricade and out with the fans. The fans in this section are getting loud and wild. Zack gets up and looks around at the fans. David is slowly getting up. He nails Zack with a low blow and he bends to the ground, on his knees in pain. The crowd is mad now. David drags Zack back through the fan section towards the production booth next to the stage. There is a table set up. He lays Zack across it. He climbs up onto a higher fan section's railing. He jumps off but Zack rolls off the table. David crashes through the table and is laid out. Zack is about to crawl on top of him but the ref is down there telling him it has to end in the ring. Zack looks frustrated but he gets to his feet. He climbs up in the stage and looks around. He turns and faces the ring and Dean comes flying out from the back onto the stage. Zack turns around in time to see him coming and throws him off stage. He hits the ground hard and he looks hurt. Zack runs to the back and comes out with a kendo stick. He grabs David with his other hand and pulls him up. He wake with him down to the ring. He throws him back in and goes to follow. Seth comes sliding out from under the ring. Zack nails him in the head with the kendo stick. He falls back and is leaning against the barricade. Zack runs and spears him through the barricade. Seth is laid out there in the fan section. Zack slowly gets up. He picks the kendo stick back up and gets in the ring. David has recovered enough to kick Zack in the head when he is coming into the ring. He falls into the ring and drops the kendo stick. David picks it up. He hits Zack across the back with it several times. Zack is trying to crawl to the ropes. David grabs him up to his feet. He goes to lift Zack up but Zack knees him in the gut and then elbows him in the side of the head. David drops him and staggers forward. Zack pulls the kendo stick out of his hand and hits him in the back with it. He falls forward. Zack knock him back sitting in the corner. He backs up and nails him with the Broski Boot. He looks like he's about to pin him but he sees Dean limping down the ramp towards the ring. Seth is on his hands and knees at ringside. Dean gets to Seth and helps him up. Zack sees them getting themselves together at ringside. Zack runs and jumps over the ropes and lands hitting them both. They all fall to the ground. Zack slowly gets up and rolls back in the ring. He gets to his feet and sees David getting up. He runs and hits him with the Rough Ryder. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Zack Ryder

Zack is celebrating at ringside. Seth and Dean are slowly getting up. Zack heads to the back before they all three recover. David is getting up and he's mad now. He gets out and ringside and is yelling at Seth and Dean. It looks like they are arguing back. He shoves them both back. They look mad now. They grabs him and now he looks afraid and like he's trying to apologize. Dean slings him around and into the ringpost. Seth then grabs him and drags him over towards the announce table. He throws him down on the ground and gets a chair. He slams it down across David several times. They head to the back leaving him laid out next to the announce table.

We go to the back and see Heath asking around trying to find Cena. He doesn't seem to be having any luck.

Michael: Is Cena here? Or better yet is he even cleared to be here at all? And if not will Heath have to face a very angry Kane?

JBL: I don't know but either way I think we have a great main event heading our way!

Michael: You've got that right, but next is tag team action!

Lilian: This next match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. First, on the way to the ring, the team of Kofi Kingston and The Miz!

Kofi and Miz come out to cheers from the fans. They are both smiling and interacting with fans. They get down in the ring and start talking to each other as they look up the ramp.

Lilian: And their opponents, the team of Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, the Prime Time Players!

They come out fired up. They look pretty serious for this match though. The fans boo but they don't acknowledge it. They get down and in the ring and they look ready to go. They talk things over too and then the ref sends one from each team out so the match can start.

The Miz & Kofi Kingston vs. The Prime Time Players

The bell rings and it's Kofi and Darren to start off the match. They lock up and Darren powers Kofi up against the ropes. Kofi pushes off the ropes and goes across the ring. Darren slips out of his grip and stays in the middle of the ring. Kofi hits the ropes, comes off, and hits Darren with a forearm. He goes to the second rope and comes off with his knee hitting Darren in the face. Darren rolls over into his stomach. Kofi hits a double legdrop landing both his legs across Darren's back. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Kofi drags Darren over to the his corner and tags in Miz. Darren sits Miz kicks him in the face, knocking him back down on the mat. He climbs up the ropes and hits an elbow across Darren's chest. He covers Darren for..1..2..Kickout! Darren sits up and Miz pulls him to his feet. Miz shoves him back into the corner. He hits him a few times. He backs up across the ring and runs at Darren. Darren loves at the last second by falling off to the side down to the mat. Miz hits the turnbuckle the way he normally would have hit Darren and is sitting in the ropes, dazed. He falls back into the ring. Darren is crawling to make the tag to Titus. Titus is reaching out as far as he can for it. Miz looks toward Kofi. He starts to sit up to get the tag too. Miz starts to try and move toward Kofi as well. Darren jumps and makes the tag to Titus. Miz jumps and makes the tag to Kofi. Kofi jumps into the ring and Titus steps in too. Kofi runs at Titus and Titus hits him with a big boot that flips him over and to the mat. Titus grabs him up off the mat. He lifts him over his head. Kofi struggles and drops down behind Titus and gets set. Titus turns around and Kofi nails him with the Trouble in Paradise. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winners: Kofi Kingston & The Miz

Darren jumped in the ring to break it up but he was just barely too late. Miz gets in the ring and they start celebrating together. Darren throws his hands up at the whole thing and walks off up the ramp by himself. Titus sits up and looks around shocked that he just lost.

We go to the back see Renee standing by with Triple H for an interview.

Renee: Triple H, being one of the few men in WWE to have faced CM Punk, Randy Orton, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock, what is your opinion on the tag team match between them later tonight?

Triple H: Well, I can't tell you who will win, cause as we all know, in the WWE, anything can happen. But I will say that they all four are tough opponents. Personally, I think Stone Cold and The Rock are tougher, and if no interference or anything funny happens, I would predict them to win tonight.

Triple H is about to walk up when Randy and Punk walk up. He sees them and they are glaring at him.

Randy: Really, Hunter? You've worked with me and against me and you've seem the viper strike it's hardest. In fact, I've beaten you.

Punk: Oh, you know, when the Game speaks, the world listens. Triple H, you know what I think of you. I've faces you before and I didn't see anything that great, but what you saw was the best in the world. And you think anyone can beat that?

Triple H: Randy, I've beaten you more than you've beaten me. Punk, you haven't accomplished half the things I have so I don't know what makes you think you even compare. Stone Cold and The Rock are better than you. The only way you could beat them is with help. And I don't think you're going to get any.

Triple H walks off. They both watch and look mad and frustrated. We go back to ringside for the Intercontinental Championship match.

Lilian: This next match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Intercontinental Championship. First, on the way to the ring, the challenger, Dolph Ziggler!

Dolph comes out to boos but he's smiling and motioning a title around his waist. Replays are shown of his attack on Cody and Goldust two episodes ago. He gets in the ring and is waiting.

Lilian: And his opponent, on the way to the ring, the champion, Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns comes out to loud cheers from the fans. They are going crazy for Roman. He comes out and looks determined on his way to the ring. He goes down and gets in the ring for the match.

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Championship

The match starts and Dolph jumps on Roman, hitting him over and over again. Roman shoves him off and runs at him. Dolph moves and jumps up and kicks him in the back if the head. Roman falls forward and goes trough the ropes partially. He is landing through the ropes with his midsection across the second rope. Dolph goes out on the ring apron. He runs across and hits a legdrop across the back of Roman's head. It knocks Roman on out to ringside. Dolph then climbs back up on the apron and jumps off, landing an elbow across Roman's chest. He then goes to lift Roman back to his feet to get him back in the ring. He can't get him all the way up. Roman runs him backwards into the ring apron. He then rolls back in the ring himself. Dolph slowly pulls himself back in after him. Roman kicks him in the head and then stomps on him several times. He lifts him up and runs him back into the turnbuckle. He then backs up, runs at him, and hits him in the corner. He backs up and Dolph falls out of the corner. He yells out and looks around at the crowd. He then walks over to Dolph and looks down. He bends down to lift him up. Dolph kicks him in the side of the head and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Dolph gets up and hits Roman with an elbow drop across the chest. Then he hits him with another and another and another. Then he gets up and is showing off. He waits and watches while Roman gets up. He grabs him and tries to go for a suplex. He can't get it. Roman turns it around and hits him with a suplex. He covers Dolph for..1..2..Kickout! He lifts Dolph to his feet and then lifts him over his head. Dolph struggles and falls down behind Roman. He dropkicks him in the back and he falls forward leaning against the ropes. Dolph goes for the Zigzag but Roman holds onto the ropes and Dolph falls back onto the mat. Roman turns around as Dolph is getting up and he nails Dolph with a spear. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Roman Reigns

He gets up celebrating and his title is handed back to him. Dolph is laid out in the ring. The fans are cheering for Roman. He gets out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Suddenly Cody and Goldust come out and down to the ring. Dolph is starting to sit up. He sees them getting in the ring. He is pleading for them to forgive him. They get on each side of him. They both attack him and starts stomping and kicking on him. Cody gets down and punches him a few times while Goldust goes out and gets a chair. He brings it into the ring and hits Dolph with it several times. They leave him laid out in the ring and head to the back. Fans are cheering for Cody and Goldust.

We go to the back and see Stone Cold and The Rock together in a locker room backstage.

Rock: I think this is probably the first time we've been in the same locker room, working together, by our own choice.

Steve: You're probably right. We got those two punks tonight. We have enough respect for one another to work together to beat those two. Plus our bad history is all in the past, where I think we've learned to leave it.

Rock: You're right. Tonight, we take care of some business.

Lilian: This next match is a triple threat number one contender's match for the Diva's Championship! First, on the way to the ring, JoJo!

JoJo comes out to some cheering. She is smiling and excited to be getting this huge opportunity. She is determined to win this and get her first title match. She gets in the ring and is waiting.

Lilian: And her opponents, first, on the way to the ring, AJ Lee!

AJ comes out looking excited and ready for a good match. The fans are cheering for her. She is interacting with them and they enjoy it. She gets down to the ring and is waiting there with JoJo.

Lilian: And their opponent, on the way to the ring, Trish Stratus!

Trish comes out to the loudest ovation from the fans. They are glad to see her back and she is glad to e back. She comes out full of excitement and ready to get the match started. She interacts with some fans on the way down the ramp. She gets in the ring and they all three look ready to go. They all three shake hands with each other before it starts. Right then Lita's music hits and she comes out on the stage with Kaitlyn and Eva Marie. She has a mic and her title.

Lita: Yeah you guys just shake hands before having a terrible match so you can earn the right to lose a match to me for the title. I'm sure we'll enjoy it, but not you so much.

She throws down the mic and sets her title down on the stage. She stars talking to Kaitlyn and Eva and it seem they're out here to stay. The three divas in the ring turn their attention back to each other for the match.

Trish Stratus vs. AJ Lee vs. JoJo #1 contenders match

The bell rings and AJ and JoJo being closer to each other lock up. Trish runs at them but they see her coming. They back up from each other keeping their hands locked together and hit her with a double clothesline. She goes down hard and rolls out to ringside. JoJo and AJ lock back up. AJ pushes JoJo back into the corner. She backs up and runs at JoJo. JoJo jumps up and kicks AJ hard. AJ flies back on the mat. JoJo jumps on top of her for..1..2..Kickout! AJ sits up and JoJo backs up a little. AJ starts to stand up and JoJo kicks at her. AJ grabs her foot and stands up with it. She shoves JoJo's foot down and clotheslines her. She drops her knee down across JoJo's chest. Then she gets JoJo in a headlock. JoJo is struggling to get out but AJ locks it in tighter. JoJo looks to be fading. Trish jumps into the ring and pulls AJ off JoJo. AJ gets up and turns around. Trish kicks her in the gut and hits her with a DDT. She covers her for..1..2..Kickout! JoJo is trying to pull herself up with the ropes. Trish gets up and pulls AJ up to her feet. Trish goes to Irish whip AJ towards JoJo but AJ counters and Irish whips Trish towards her. JoJo drops down and pulls the ropes with her. Trish gets flipped over the ropes and falls out to ringside. AJ runs and clotheslines JoJo over the ropes and JoJo falls out to ringside. Trish is getting up but JoJo hits her on the way down and she falls back down with her. AJ climbs to the top rope. Trish and JoJo are trying to get up. Right as they finally get to their feet AJ jumps off the top rope and out to ringside. She hits them both and they all fall down. AJ gets up and she is fired up. The crowd is going wild. AJ grabs JoJo and slings her up against the announce table. She backs up and runs at her. JoJo moves and slings AJ up on the table. She climbs up on there and waits. AJ slowly gets up. JoJo DDTs her through the table. AJ is laid out and the fans are silent now. It seems they are shocked that JoJo turned it around AJ. Lita, Kaitlyn, and Eva seem a little surprised by it too. They seem to be slowly getting closer to ringside too. JoJo walks over to Trish and rolls her back into the ring. She goes up in after her. Kaitlyn comes around the ring and walks over looking at what's left of AJ in this match. She looks almost sadistically pleased. Lita and Eva are watching the in ring action. Trish is getting to her feet. JoJo backs up and hits a spinning kick and kicks her in the side of the head. Trish falls on her back laid out. JoJo climbs to the top rope. The fans are starting to get loud after their silence. JoJo jumps off the top rope and hits a splash on Trish. She sees Eva get up on the apron. So instead of pinning Trish she runs and knocks Eva off the apron. Lita looks angry. It looks as though she hoped JoJo would win and she'd fight her. JoJo looks down at them and then turns around. Trish is getting up. JoJo grabs her but she knocks JoJo back and hits her with the Stratusfaction. She covers her for..1..2..3!

Winner: Trish Stratus

Lita jumped in the ring but didn't make it to break up the pin. She looks upset. Trish points up to the stage where the belt is and then motions it around her waist. Lita shakes her head as she slides back out of the ring and backs up the ramp. Eva gets up and follows her. They seem to be arguing a little now. Kaitlyn heads after them up the ramp. Medics come down to check on AJ and JoJo starts to get up on her own.

We go to the back and see Wade Barrett getting ready in the back. Triple H walks in and Wade gets up to meet him in the middle of the room.

Triple H: I just wanted to come by and wish you luck in your match tonight.

Wade: Well thank you, although I like to think that I don't need it.

Triple H: And I just wanted to make sure you know that I didn't think up this match with hard feelings that you beat me and got this number one contender spot or anything. I think you deserve it and have what it takes to be champion. I just want to push you and test you to make sure and a match like this is perfect for that.

Wade: I agree. Challenges and tough opponent are the measurement and test of a true champion and I'll be glad to prove I'm that guy over and over. It's what I'm here for.

Triple H: Well, I'll be watching and pulling for you.

Triple H walks out and Wade watches as he does. Then he goes back to getting ready. He's got a "big" challenge tonight in the form of Mark Henry. We go back to ringside.

Lilian: This next match is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Randy Orton & CM Punk!

They come out to loud boos from the crowd. They seem upset about the situation but don't seem to care what the fans think. They go down and get in the ring and are talking to each other about something.

Lilian: And their opponents, the team of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The crowd goes crazy. Rock and Stone Cold come out and they look happy and excited. They are ready to go. They go down and get in the ring and are watching Punk and Randy. They get set for the match to start.

Randy Orton & CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock

The match starts with Rock and Punk in the ring. Punk runs at Rock but he grabs Punk and throws him into the corner. He hits him shot after shot after shot. Punk drops to where he's sitting in the corner. Rock unloads on him with stomping. Rock backs up and watches Punk. Punk slowly pulls himself up and staggers out from the corner. Rock picks him up and hits a spine buster. Then he sets up for the People's Elbow. He runs bounces off the ropes, comes back and jumps over Punk, bounces off those ropes and comes back. Punk rolls out of the way and tags Randy in. Rock hits his elbow on the mat and grabs it in pain. Randy runs in and stomps him several times and kicks him in the head. Randy gets Rock up and goes to sling him into the ropes but Rock pulls back free from him and hits him with an uppercut. Randy falls back into the ropes then lunges forward and knocks Rock to the mat with a clothesline. Randy watches while Rock gets up. Rock gets to his feet and Randy goes for an RKO. Rock counters and hits him with a Rock Bottom. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Punk comes in the ring and runs at Rock. Rock Irish whips him into the ropes. Steve pulls down the ropes as Punk hits them so he flips out to ringside. Rock gets Randy up and throws him into his corner and tags in Steve. Steve gets in the ring and stomps on Randy several times. Then he pulls him up out of the corner. Steve hits him and he falls back into the ropes. When he comes off the rope, Steve knees him in the gut and then hits him across the back, knocking him to the mat. Steve pulls Randy up and kicks him in the gut. He goes for a stunner but Randy is able to push off and back up out of it. He falls back into a tag to Punk. Steve hit the mat going through with the stunner that Randy got out of. Steve is getting up when Punk kicks him in the head. Punk looks down at him and smiles. He goes up to the top rope. Steve sits up and looks at Punk. Punk jumps off anyways but Steve is up and kicks him in the gut as he lands. He hits him with a stunner and covers him for..1..2..Randy jumps and breaks up the pin. Rock comes in after him. Suddenly Alberto comes on the stage and running down the ramp to ringside. Rock drops Randy in the middle of the ring. He runs across the ring for the People's Elbow but Alberto grabs his leg and he falls. Alberto backs up as the ref looks and tells him to back up but didn't see him actually get involved. Rock slides out of the ring and attacks Alberto. He slams him back into the barricade. Steve looks out at them and then turns around. He turns right into Randy getting up and drops Randy with a stunner. Punk grabs Steve from behind and rolls him up for..1..2..3!

Winners: Randy Orton & CM Punk

Punk grabs Randy and pulls him out of the ring. Rock runs in after them but they get away. Steve gets up and him and Rock watch them head up the ramp. Alberto slowly gets up and heads back with them. They all three are smiling but Steve and Rock look frustrated. Right when Alberto, Randy, and Punk get to the stage, Hulk's music hits. He comes out on the stage looking ready to fight. Now they look in trouble. Hulk backs them back down towards the ring. Rock and Steve go to help speed things up. Steve grabs Randy while Rock grabs Punk and they throw them back in the ring. Hulk grabs Alberto and throws him in. They all three go in after them. Randy, Punk, and Alberto get up and slowly turn around. Steve hits a stunner on Randy. Rock gets the Rock Bottom on Punk and Hulk Irish whips Alberto. He bounces off the ropes, comes back, and Hulk drops him with a big boot. Then he runs and hits a leg drop. The crowd is going wild for the three legends in the ring. They all smile and enjoy the fanfare. Randy, Punk, and Alberto slowly try to get out of the ring and to their feet to leave.

We go to the back and Heath appears to still be looking for Cena. Kane walks up while Heath's looking and Heath gets a much more serious look on his face.

Kane: Tonight when Cena doesn't show up, you will be my next victim. And that title will be my prize.

Heath: Cena will be here. But even if he couldn't be here tonight, you would never be able to victimize me and take this belt.

Heath walks off with Kane glaring at him. A sports car pulls up out in the parking lot and then we go to the announce table at ringside.

Michael: Could that be Cena?

JBL: I don't know but that would be my guess.

Michael: Well, I guess we'll find out later, but up next is what I assume will be Wade's final challenge before his earned title shot.

JBL: It would appear so and I'd say he's ready. Mark Henry will feel the Barrett Barrage and it's power tonight!

Lilian: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, on the way to the ring, Wade Barrett!

Wade comes out to mostly cheers from the crowd. He's happy to be here and ready to prove one last time that he deserves that title shot. He gets in the ring.

Lilian: And his opponent, Mark Henry!

Mark comes out to a mixed reaction. He looks determined to win. He may feel a win would show he deserves a title shot instead. He goes down and joins Wade in the ring and they get set to go.

Wade Barrett vs. Mark Henry

The match starts and they lock up. Mark shoves Wade to the mat and he looks up, shocked. He slowly gets up, watching Mark. Mark grabs him and Irish whips him. He hits the ropes and comes back at Mark. Mark swings but he ducks. Mark turns around and Wade hits a big boot on Mark. Mark staggers back. Wade runs and hits the ropes again and comes at Mark again. He hits him back into the ropes. Mark comes off the ropes with a burst of energy and clotheslines Wade. They are both laid out on the mat. Mark gets up on one knee while Wade crawls over to the ropes. Mark stands up while Wade pulls himself to his feet. Mark runs and hits him with his shoulder sending Wade over the ropes and out to ringside. The ref starts his count but Wade gets back up on the apron. Mark grabs him and flips him over the ropes and back into the ring. Wade lands with his back on the mat. Mark climbs up on the second rope. He jumps off but Wade moves. Mark hits the mat hard and curls up some in pain. Wade covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Wade gets up and stomps Mark a couple times and then kicks him a few times. He backs up and waits while

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awesomeshow,great matches. looking forward to the fallout in upcoming shows.

Posted on October 2, 2014 at 10:16 PM
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I'm glad you enjoyed the show

Posted on October 3, 2014 at 12:22 PM
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