Superstars Episode 25


Our huge 25th episode! Lots of great action as we now move to Money in the Bank. I hope you enjoy and continue following my shows. I apologize for them still being in the comments section but it's what works so I do it. Anyways more great action will follow.

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Superstars Episode 25

The show opens to a live sold out crowd here in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, home of WWE Superstars. We get some looks at what happened at the PPV so we already kinda know what to expect for the night. We then go to the ring and see Teddy Long already in the ring to kick off the show.

Teddy: Hello and welcome. I hope you all enjoyed Payback. Tonight I have some important matters to address. First off, our next PPV is Money in the Bank and with that means the Money in the Bank match. I have awarded Rey Mysterio and Sheamus spots already after their tag team performance a few weeks ago that the fans seemed to love. The other six spots will be determined through qualifier matches. As for the other big news to start us off, Heath and Wade are both for all intents and purposes the number one contender. So tonight we will have a number one contenders match between them and that will kick off our show right now!

He motions for Wade and Heath to head out to the ring. He goes backstage and wishes both men good luck. Then he also sees Rey and Sheamus who both thank him and he heads toward his office. The crowd still sounds loud as we kick off tonight's show.

Commercial Break

We come back and the first match is starting.

Heath Slater vs. Wade Barrett #1 contenders match for the WWE Championship

Heath and Wade circle around the ring staring each other down. They go to lock up and then just kinda pat each other on the shoulder. Wade seems to how toward Heath and then he steps out of the ring. He seems to hand over the win to Heath and then walk up the ramp and off to the back. The ref reaches a ten count and has the bell rang.

Winner: Heath Slater by Countout

Michael: What was that? He just walked out on his well deserved and well earned title opportunity?

JBL: I don't understand this Michael. Something isn't right.

We go to the back and see Wade heading toward his locker room. He's shoving interviewers and cameramen off and out of the way. Vince and Teddy walk up.

Vince: What was that? Are you trying to ruin our opening main event and our 25th episode?

Teddy: I had this great match to kick off the show and you ruin it!

Wade: I'm sorry but I blew out my elbow against Mark Henry at the PPV and Heath deserves this rematch anyways so I decided I'd let him have it.

Teddy: You could've told me so we could avoid this!

Teddy and Vince walk off irritated and frustrated talking and trying to fix things.

Heath is shown celebrating and then heading off to the back.

We see the Brotherhood heading to the ring. On the split screen The Miz and Kofi are heading to the ring as well. They will face off in a tag team match up next.

Commercial Break

We're back and The Brotherhood are in the ring waiting for the match to start. Miz and Kofi are getting in the ring and the crowd is loud and cheering. They are ready for this match. They get set and it's time to start.

The Brotherhood vs. Kofi Kingston & The Miz

The bell rings and it's Miz and Cody starting this one off. Miz runs at Cody but Cody sidesteps and kicks him in the back of the leg. Miz falls to one knee and Cody kicks him in the back of the head. Miz falls to the mat and Cody covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Cody gets up and pulls Miz to his feet. Miz pushes Cody back off of him. They run at each other and hit each other with a double clothesline. Their arms fall across each other and they're both pinning the other for..1..2..Kickout! They both kicked out just in time. They both start to sit up and look toward their corner. Miz is crawling toward Kofi. Cody is on his hands and knees and reaches out toward Goldust. They both get the tag at the same time. Kofi jumps over the ropes and Goldust runs in the ring. Kofi jumps up and hits Goldust with a forearm. Goldust gets up and Kofi runs and hits him with another. Goldust gets up a third time but when Kofi runs at him he kicks Kofi in the gut. He drops to his knees and hits Kofi with an uppercut. He grabs Kofi up and slings him into the corner. He backs up and runs at Kofi. He runs his shoulder into Kofi. Kofi falls to a sitting position. Goldust backs up and runs at him again. He hits him with a knee to the face. Kofi falls out and is laid out on the mat. Goldust covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Goldust tags in Cody. Cody comes in and drops a knee across Kofi's face. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Cody lifts Kofi to his feet. Kofi jumps up and dropkicks Cody back into the ropes. Cody falls through and out to ringside. Kofi slowly makes his way over and tags in Miz. Cody climbs back up on the apron.iz goes over to hit Cody off the apron. Cody blocks him and grabs his head. He drops off the apron which brings Miz's neck down across the top rope. Miz flies back and is laid out in the ring. Cody gets back up on the apron and gets back in the ring. Miz is slowly getting up. Cody jumps up on the ropes and then jumps off. Miz grabs Cody from behind as he lands on his feet with his back turned to Miz. Miz hits him with a neck breaker. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Miz gets up and stomps and kicks him several times. He pulls Cody to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. He comes back and Miz swings at him but he ducks. Cody bounces off the ropes behind Miz. Miz turns around right as Cody comes back again and hits him with a dropkick. Cody slowly gets up and is holding into the ropes. Miz is slowly getting to his feet. Cody jumps off the rope and hits the Disaster Kick. Suddenly Dolph comes running down the ramp and comes up to ringside. Goldust sees him and runs across the apron and to the side of the ring Dolph is on. Goldust jumps off at Dolph and they fall to the ground. Cody and Kofi are watching this. Miz is slowly getting up behind Cody. Miz grabs Cody and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winners: Kofi Kingston & The Miz

Kofi gets back in the ring with Miz. They are celebrating together. Cody rolls out to ringside. Dolph and Goldust are trading shots up against the barricade. Cody runs and jumps on Dolph. Cody and Goldust are beating Dolph down. Teddy comes walking out on the stage. Miz and Kofi head to the back.

Teddy: Cody, Goldust, stop and listen. I know Dolph injured you both a few weeks ago, but we're not handling it like this. I've got a better idea. Next week it will be Dolph vs. Goldust and then next week it will be Dolph vs. Cody. Maybe that will resolve some of this between you guys. For now, there will be no more fighting.

Teddy walks off to the back. Cody and Goldust back off of Dolph and head toward the back. Dolph starts to pull himself up. We see on a split screen that the divas are heading to the ring. They are in action next.

Commercial Break

We're back and all six divas are in the ring. Lita and Trish both step out to ringside on opposite sides of the ring. The two teams get set for action.

AJ Lee & JoJo w/Trish Stratus vs. Kaitlyn & Eva Marie w/Lita

The bell rings and it will be JoJo and Eva starting off in the ring. Eva runs at JoJo but she jumps up and hits a hurricanrana on Eva. Eva flips through the ropes and out to ringside. JoJo jumps over the ropes. Eva is getting up but JoJo hits her and they fall to the ground. JoJo gets up and grabs Eva. She pulls her over to the ring. She's trying to lift her and get her back in the ring. Eva gets to her feet and pushes JoJo back into the barricade. JoJo staggers out from the barricade and Eva clotheslines her. Eva lifts her up and rolls her back into the ring. Eva follows her back into the ring. JoJo tries to get up but Eva keeps kicking her back down. Eva pulls JoJo back to her corner with her and tags in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn lifts her up but she swings around and hits Kaitlyn with a swinging DDT. JoJo jumps and tags in AJ. AJ gets in the ring as Kaitlyn gets up. She turns and they come face to face. Kaitlyn slaps AJ across the face. AJ tackles Kaitlyn to the ground and she slams her head across the mat several times. Kaitlyn throws AJ off of her and quickly gets to her feet. AJ gets up and runs at her but she lays her out with a clothesline. She covers her for..1..2..Kickout! Kaitlyn lifts AJ to her feet. She hits her with a back breaker. Then she backs up and waits while AJ is getting up. Kaitlyn runs at her to hit her with a spear but she moves and Kaitlyn hits the turnbuckle. She stagger back and AJ rolls her up for..1..2..Kickout! AJ and Kaitlyn spring up and AJ kicks her in the head. AJ tags in JoJo and Kaitlyn is crawling towards her corner and Eva. JoJo grabs her foot but he turns around kicks JoJo off. She jumps and makes the tag to Eva. Eva and JoJo run and lock up. JoJo out of nowhere jumps up and wraps around Eva and actually locks in a version of AJ's submission finisher. Kaitlyn comes in the ring and throws JoJo to the mat off of Eva. AJ runs and takes Kaitlyn to the mat and they roll out to ringside fighting. Lita runs to help Kaitlyn. Trish meets her with a clothesline. She drops to the ground and stars hitting Lita over and over. JoJo gets up and watches them as they fight at ringside. Eva is to her feet behind her. JoJo turns around and gets a superkick from Eva. Eva covers her for..1..2..3!

Winners: Eva & Kaitlyn

Eva goes out and attacks Trish. She gets Lita and they get away. Then they help Kaitlyn get away from AJ and they head up the ramp celebrating their win. Trish and AJ go in the ring and help JoJo up.

We go to the back and Kane and Big Show are about to get into it. Teddy comes up and gets right between them.

Teddy: I will have none of this. On our big 25th episode I see a main event. Big Show vs. Kane. But I think a little security needs to be in place to try and keep this from getting out of hand. That's why Mark Henry will be with Kane and John Cena will he with Big Show. And there will be no fighting between any of the four of you until then or there will be suspensions or even firings tonight.

Big Show and Kane look satisfied with the match but still angry at each other as they walk off. Teddy looks relieved that he prevented more chaos.

We see R-Truth an Zack Ryder on the split screen walking towards the arena. They go one on one with the number one contendership for the U.S. Championship on the line next!

Commercial Break

We're back and they are both in the ring. Bray Wyatt has come out and sat in his rocking chair at ringside. He has his title with him. R-Truth and Zack are in the ring focused one each other and paying no attention to him.

R-Truth vs. Zack Ryder #1 contenders match for the U.S. Championship

Truth and Zack run at each other. Truth grabs Zack and swings him with an Irish whip into the corner. Truth runs and splashes on him in the corner. Truth backs up and Zack falls flat in the ring. Truth jumps and hits a legdrop on Zack. He covers Zack for..1..2..Kickout! He goes over to the ropes and starts to climb up them. He gets to the top with his back towards the middle of the ring. He's about to get turned around when Zack climbs up after him. Zack hits him in the back and back of the head. Truth then swings his elbow back and his Zack in the side of the head. He hits him again and again with the elbow. Then Zack falls to the ground and is laying there. Truth gets himself turned around and then jumps off the top ropes. Zack moves and Truth hits the mat hard. Zack gets to his hands and knees. Truth is sitting up but is clearly in a lot of pain. Zack gets to his feet and runs at Truth. He kicks Truth in the head and it knocks him back down on his back from the sitting position. Zack covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Bray is sitting up straight now, very interested in the match. Truth is slowly getting up and Zack is watching behind him. Zack jumps on his back and locks his arms around Truth's neck. He's trying to get him in a sleeper hold. Truth backs up into the ropes and they both flip over and out to ringside next to the announce table. They both get up. Truth hits him with a couple rights and then grabs his head and slams it across the announce table. Zack falls back to the ground. Truth gets him up and slams him into the barricade. Zack is out of it. Truth smacks him a couple times and then lifts him to his feet. Truth goes to sling him into the ring post but Zack counters and slings him into it instead. Zack then grabs him and pushes him back into the ring. Zack gets up on the apron and gets back in the ring too. Bray gets up out of his chair at ringside. Zack lifts Truth to his feet. Bray runs into the ring. Truth and Zack step back from each other so Bray misses them. He hits the ropes as they both pull them down and he gets flipped out to ringside. Zack then seizes the moment and dropkicks Truth back into the corner and he falls to a sitting position. Zack runs and hits the Broski Boot. Truth falls forward. Bray gets back up on the apron and Zack dropkicks him and he falls off and back into the barricade. Zack turns his attention back to Truth as e gets to his feet. Zack runs and hits him with the Rough Ryder. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Zack Ryder

Zack is celebrating his win. He goes out to the rocking chair where the U.S. Title is at. Bray gets up in the ring. He looks mad and crazed. He yells something out at Zack. Zack lifts the title up over his head saying he's going to win it. That really gets Bray fired up. He grabs Truth up and hits him with the Sister Abigail. He gets right over him and looks out at Zack. They are staring each other down.

We see that there will be two Money in the Bank qualifying matches tonight. It will be Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella and Christian vs. Drew McIntyre. And Damien vs. Santino is up next.

Commercial Break

We're back from commercial and we see Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Stonw Cold catching up in the back. They're talking and laughing. A young official comes up to them and looks very nervous.

Official: CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Alberto Del Rio have...asked that you with their locker room...

Rock: Really? Well, gentleman, I say we give them just what they asked for.

He looks at Hulk and then Stone Cold and they each nod in agreement. They all then turn and look at the official. They tell him to lead the way. He turns and walks toward the locker room. They follow after him.

We go back up to ringside. Damien and Santino are up in the ring. Tegu are getting set for their match.

JBL: I'm not sure what they want with the legends back their in the locker room but I'm not sure which group should be more worried about the meeting.

Michael: Yeah this could just be a trap that Punk, Randy, and Alberto have set up for the legends but the legends could walk in prepared and be too much for them.

JBL: Yeah both groups are tough but for now we've got this great matchup in the ring to focus on.

Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella Money in the Bank Qualifier

The bell rings and Santino hits Damien right across the face. Damien steps back a little and looks at him in shock. He steps toward Santino but he hits him in the face again. He goes to hit him one more time but Damien blocks it and hits him so hard it knocks him on his back. Damien starts stomping him and kicking him. Damien lifts him up and slams him into the corner. He backs up and runs. Santino staggers out of the way. Damien catches himself in the corner. He turns and runs at Santino. Santino grabs him by the arm and flips him over to the mat. They both get up quickly but when Damien runs at him he grabs him and slams him the same way again. They get up again and this time Damien swings at him but Santino ducks into a split and then pops back up. Santino sets up the cobra. Damien turns around almost right into it but he sees it just in time and falls to the mat and backs up. Santino is walking towards him. He kicks Santino in the leg and he falls to one knee. Damien gets up and hits him with a DDT. He then hits him with the Elbow of Disdain and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Damien Sandow

Damien gets up and is celebrating his win. He will now be in the Money in the back match along with Rey Mysterio and Sheamus. He heads up the ramp as Santino tries to get up.

We go to the back and Renee is standing by for an interview with the GM Teddy Long.

Renee: So Teddy, it's the 25th episode of Superstars, that's pretty special, and your opening main event was ended abruptly when Wade just walked out on the match and now Heath just was handed the title opportunity. Your thoughts?

Teddy: Well, I don't like it. It was supposed to be a big match for all the and here and it was messed up by him. But a number one contender match win is a win and Heath wasn't the one who walked out so it will be a rematch from Payback as the Money in the Bank main event. But I want the fans to get as much enjoyment out of every show as possible so I may have to find a stipulation or something to change it up a little. We'll see.

He walks off and Vickie is walking by so Renee stops her.

Renee: Vickie, with the feud still raging between several of your divas what are your ideas for the near future?

Vickie: Well I'm going to have several matches with them leading up to the PPV so maybe that will get rid of some of this anger between them. Trish and Lita obviously have a title match slated for the PPV. After that though, I'm ending this feud. It'll be time for something new and different, and if they can't handle that and do it on their own I'll do it myself.

She walks off and Renee just watches and looks like she wonders what exactly that meant.

We flip and see the young official had brought the legends up to the locker room. They knock and start to go in slowly. We will see what happens next.

Commercial Break

We're back and we go back to the locker room to see what's happening between the legends and CM Punk, Randy Orton, & Alberto Del Rio. They are all sitting down in there and talking. It appears to be fairly calm for now.

Randy: We can clearly tell from Payback that this isn't over. We won and then got attacked. That doesn't scream over to me.

Rock: Well when you consider how you won, no I don't think it's even close to being over.

Punk: A win is a win. It's not like you guys haven't taken wins like that yourselves. Besides we could beat you anytime.

Stone Cold: That's a load of crap and you know it. We would've won had it not been for Alberto sticking his nose where it didn't belong. What was he even doing out there anyways?

Alberto: I saw how they helped each other and how successful it was and decided the best way to get anywhere around here is to have pie ole who've got your back like that. And they let me join them in taking you guys down.

Hulk: Well let me tell you something, brother! They've got me watching their back now and I will help them take you guys down. Anytime, any place, we will end you!

Randy: I say we do this at Money in the Bank. A six man tag should do it.

Rock: You're on!

The three legends get up and leave the locker room. Punk, Randy, and Alberto glare at them as they leave.

We go up to ringside and Christian is getting into the ring. He faces Drew in another qualifier match up next.

Commercial Break

We're back and the match is under way.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre Money in the Bank Qualifier

Christian has Drew by the head but is up on the ropes. He jumps off, hitting Drew with a swinging DDT. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Christian gets up and looks frustrated. He goes to the top ropes. He jumps off and Drew rolls out of the way. Christian hits the mat hard and rolls toward the ropes. Drew runs and slides. He hits Christian kicking him out to ringside. Drew then slides out to ringside as Christian is trying to get up. Drew hits him with a flurry of punches and kicks that send him back to the ground. Drew picks Christian up and slams him into the ring post. Then he pushes him back up into the ring and then follows back in after him. Drew watches as Christian slowly gets to his feet. Drew grabs him and goes for the Futureshock but Christian flips it around and dropkicks Drew into the turnbuckle. Then he hits Drew with a neck breaker. He watches as Drew slowly gets to his feet. Drew gets up and out of nowhere swings at Christian. Christian ducks and grabs him. He hits him with the Killswitch and covers for..1..2..3!

Winner: Christian

Christian is celebrating the win. Drew sits up in the corner and looks upset. We get a look at the Money in the Bank match so far. We know four participants now as we know that Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, and Damien Sandow are also in it.

We go to the back and see Renee standing by for an interview with Dean and Seth.

Renee: So you guys are officially done with David and on your own now it seems. What's next?

Seth: Well we seem to work well together so we are going to enter the tag team division now.

Dean: Yeah who knows, we might even find ourselves tag team champions soon.

The Prime Time Playera and Tons of Funk both walk up about the same time. Both teams look displeased.

Titus: The tag team already has the next champions and they're right here.

Brodus: When was the last time your team won?

Darren: When was the last time yours wrestled?

Tons of Funk look about ready to attack Prime Time Players when Kofi and Miz walk up. The Real Americans walk up right afterwards.

Miz: We are next in line for a title shot. I think everyone knows that.

Cesaro: We don't know that. We should get a chance to win out titles back.

Kofi: You had your chance.

Dean: Is this still out interview?

Out of nowhere Erick and Luke attack and send several wrestlers falling back and in every direction. This breaks out into a free-for-all brawl. Seth is trading shots with Kofi. Dean is rolling on the ground with Erick. Jack is on top of Tensai, hitting him over and over. Brodus is rolling on the ground, fighting with Miz. Luke and Cesaro are trading lefts and rights to each other's face. Officials and security rush to break it up but even they get knocked down and attached. Chaos is breaking out in the back as the show rolls on.

Commercial Break

We see that during the break that more security was sent to the back and even Teddy and Vince came to try and stop madness. In all the chaos Vince actually got knocked out and Teddy dragged him from further harm. As he was taken out on a stretcher the fight stopped and they all looked on.

We go to ringside.

Michael: No one knows Vince's condition yet or what will happen with the tag teams involved but as Vince himself would say, the show must go on.

JBL: And go on it will as the superstars are in the ring for out main event!

We go in the ring and see Kane and Mark in one corner and Big Show and John Cena in the other. Cena and Mark step out to ringside and the match is set to go.

Kane w/Mark Henry vs. Big Show w/John Cena

The bell rings and Kane and Show walk to the center of the ring and stare each other down. They get right up face to face. Kane nails Show right across the face. He staggers back and then hits Kane with a few shots to the midsection. Kane falls back into the ropes. He bounces and runs at Show. He hits him with a shoulder takedown but it just knocks Show back. Kane runs to the other side, bounces back, and nails Show in the back of the head. Show staggers forward but still doesn't fall. Kane runs again and goes for a big boot but Show grabs his leg. He pushes him back all the way to the ropes and flips him over them and out to ringside. Show slides out of the ring as Kane gets up. Kane starts to walk around the ring. Show runs after him. Kane turns around just as Show hits him with a shoulder takedown. Kane hits the ground and rolls into the barricade. Mark walks toward them and looks mad at Kane. Cena walks around and him and Mark are staring each other down. Mark backs off them and Cena relaxes back a little too. Show lifts Kane to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. He motions the KO punch in Mark's direction and gets back in the ring himself. He goes over to Kane, who is on his knees now. Kane hits him in the gut, and then again. Show backs off him a little with each hit. Then he knees Kane in the face which knocks him back to a sitting position on the mat. Show runs and goes for a leg drop. Kane moves and Show's leg slams down on the mat. He sits straight up stiff in pain. Kane rolls to the ropes and uses them to help pull himself up. He gets to his feet as Show is getting up. They run and lock up. Show shoves Kane way back. He runs and knocks Show back. They both run at each other hard. They both fall to the mat. Mark gets up on the turnbuckle. Cena gets up on the turnbuckle on the other side and they are watching each other. Show and Kane both get to their feet. Kane turns and sees Cena on the apron. Show sees Mark up there. Show hits Mark with a KO Punch. Kane grabs Cena by the neck and chokeslams him all the way down to the ground. Show and Kane turn around and are face to face. Kane grabs Show for a chokeslam but he grabs Kane by the throat as well. He takes him all the way back into a corner. Kane lets go. Show lets go and then holds his finger over his mouth to silence the crowd. Then he slaps Kane across the chest. Kane grabs it in pain. Show pushes him back up and then slaps his chest again. He slaps his chest a few more times and then lets him fall to the mat. Show watches as Kane gets up. Kane turns around and Show grabs his throat and chokeslams him. Then he gets fired up and the crowd starts cheering as he signals for the KO Punch. Kane struggles to his feet. He turns around in time to see Show going for the Punch. Kane ducks and Show misses. Cena and Mark both jump in the ring. Cena lifts Kane up as Mark lifts Show up. Mark hits the World's Strongest Slam as Cena hits the AA. The ref has them ring the bell.

Winner: Double DQ

Cena and Mark come face to face and look like they are about to get into it. Teddy Long's music hits and he comes out on the stage. He has a mic and he seems in a hurry.

Teddy: Hold on! That's all the fighting for this show tonight. I don't want any more problems here tonight. Next week, we will have John Cena vs. Kane and Big Show vs. Mark Henry as our double main events. But we're out of time for tonight. I'll see you all back here next week.

We see Cena and Mark standing tall and looking satisfied as the show closes. The fans are all cheering and Teddy returns to the back.

Money in the Bank Card:

Trish Stratus vs. Lita Divas Championship

Bray Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder U.S. Championship

Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, & The Rock vs. Randy Orton, CM Punk, & Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Damien Sandow vs. Christian vs. ???? Money in the Bank match

Heath Slater vs. John Cena WWE Championship

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