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This is the first installment in my new TNA show. The FWF shows will start once I have a full roster. Help spread the word and get people involved. Right now I have two wrestlers and a manager with a possible third wrestler soon and then me, the new guy running things. Certainly not a full house. Until then, enjoy the new TNA show. As always, it's in the comments.

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We open with a video package of highlights from the history of TNA and Impact Wrestling. Then it promotes the reboot and the future of the company, which starts tonight.

Mike: Hello and welcome! It's Mike Tenay and Taz here with the first episode of Impact Wrestling's new broadcast.

Taz: Yeah and we're starting off huge with the man in charge, Kurt Angle!

We go to the ring and Kurt is already standing in the middle of it. He has a mic and fans are chanting his name.

Kurt: Thank you! Tonight is a huge night and a fresh start for us. It's like our turning point, which leads me to one announcement. We are starting as a brand new fiscal year with our Turning Point PPV, which is fitting because this is a turning point for our company. But that's a long way off. Tonight we are kicking off tournaments to name number one contenders for the World title, x division title, and knockouts title. The tag team contenders will he named tonight in a gauntlet match. We will have one knockouts match tonight and then the others will be pushed back as we narrow down contenders for the other titles. This will all be determined in time for the first PPV. That's all I wanted to say so thank you and enjoy the show.

Kurt leaves as the crowd cheers.

Mike: We will apparently hear from all our champions next!

Taz: I can't wait!

Commercial Break

We're back and Jeremy Borash is standing by backstage with World Champion Bobby Roode.

Jeremy: A tournament kicks off tonight to determine a number one contender for your title. What are your thoughts?

Bobby: I've faced a lot of challengers for this belt. I was the longest reigning champion in history. This title means everything to me. But whoever wins this will have earned a shot because there are a lot of talented men in this tournament that I have a lot of respect for. I look forward to facing whoever wins.

Bobby walks off and Jeremy steps over to X Division Champion Low Ki.

Jeremy: A tournament also begins tonight to name a contender for you. Your thoughts?

Low Ki: I'm interested to see who has what it takes to rise to the occasion and step up to the challenge. The X Division is about no limits so we're always looking to push it further than it's ever gone. I'm looking for an opponent that will do that. Let's take this to the next level.

Low Ki walks off and Jeremy steps over to Taryn Terrell.

Jeremy: Taryn, there are a few qualifying matches and then a number one contender match. The first match is tonight and then the rest are a few weeks away. What are your thoughts on this?

Taryn: It's a shame the knockouts division seems to be taking a backseat for a few weeks. At Turning Point, whoever gets a shot at me needs to be ready because I want to prove our division should never take a backseat. I know whoever wins will deserve a shot. We will make it count.

Taryn walks off and Jeremy moves to the final champions, the tag team champions.

Jeremy: James, you and Abyss will be the only champions who will find out who their number one contenders are tonight. The gauntlet up next will determine that. There are five teams going in, only one can face you for the titles. What are your thoughts.

James: Me and Abyss aren't worried. Sure we will watch and we will plan but we know we will win. No one can stop the Revolution. It will only gain in power and size as it goes on.

They walk off and Jeremy sends it to Christy Hemme at ringside.

Christy: This first match is a tag team gauntlet match. Two teams will start. Each time one is eliminated a new one will come out. The last team left will be the winning team back new number one contenders. On the way to the ring first, the team of EC III & Tyrus.

EC III comes out with Tyrus following close behind. They are getting booed loudly by fans. They blow it off and head to the ring. They get in and await their first opponents.

Christy: And their opponents, accompanied by Knux and Rebel, the team of Crazzy Steve and The Freak, the Menagerie!

The Menagerie come out and head to the ring looking as weird and unusual as always. They are getting mostly cheered and they seem ready to win. They get in the ring. The ref makes sure he clears out all but one of each team and then has them ring the bell for it to start.

Tag Team Gauntlet

EC III & Tyrus vs. Crazzy Steve & The Freak w/Menagerie

Tyrus starts off in the ring with Crazzy Steve. Steve runs and tries to hit Tyrus with a clothesline but he's barely knocked back. He runs, bounces off the ropes, comes back and hits him with another but he still barely moves back at all. Steve goes for it again but when he comes back this time Tyrus jumps and hits him with a cross body. They land and he covers Steve for..1..2..Kickout! Tyrus gets up and stomps Steve a couple times. He lifts him to his feet and slings him into the corner. He backs up and runs at him. He splashes onto him in the corner. Steve falls out to the mat. Tyrus steps on him and over. It takes the wind out of Steve. Tyrus goes to lift him again. He jumps up and kicks Tyrus in the head and then falls back to the mat. Tyrus looks to EC III who is waiting with his hand out for a tag. Tyrus moves towards him. Tyrus makes the tag. Just as he does Steve jumps and also makes the tag with Freak. Freak and EC come in face to face. EC suddenly looks afraid. He starts to back up and is pleading with Freak not to hurt him. Freak grabs him and lifts him up over his head. He throws him over the ropes and out to ringside. The ref looks out and starts his count..1..2..EC sits up and looks around..3..4..he gets to his knees and moves toward the ring..5..6..he pulls himself up and rolls in. The Freak goes over to him and pulls him to his feet. He Irish whips him into the ropes. He grabs on and rolls out to ringside. The fans boo. EC then rolls back in the ring. Freak runs at him but he ducks and crawls under Freak's legs. He jumps and tags Tyrus back in. Freak runs at Tyrus. Tyrus ducks and when Freak turns around he is laid out with a clothesline. Tyrus runs and hits the ropes. He comes back and jumps. He lands across Freak and goes for the cover. Steve goes running in but EC jumps up and dropkicks him. The ref counts..1..2..3!

Menagerie has been eliminated!

Christy: On the way to the ring, the Hardys!

The Hardys come out to a huge ovation. The crowd loves them and the Hardys love it too. They make their way down looking ready. They get in the ring to start. The Rey waits until one of them gets out and then he has them ring the bell.

EC III & Tyrus vs. The Hardys

It's Jeff and Tyrus starting it off. Jeff runs at Tyrus but Tyrus throws him into the corner. He runs at Jeff but Jeff moves and Tyrus hits the turnbuckle. Jeff jumps up and kicks him in the head. He stagger back and EC tags in from behind him. Heed doesn't notice and hits Tyrus with a clothesline. With him staggering, that knocks him to the ground. EC runs and dropkicks Jeff. He falls and goes rolling over to his corner. Matt reaches down and tags in. He runs in and goes for a clothesline but EC ducks. When Matt comes back at him, he goes for a dropkick. Matt sidesteps and EC misses. They both run and hit the ropes at opposite sides of the ring. They come back and both hit each other with a forearm. They both all to the mat. Jeff and Tyrus are both back in their corners reaching for tags. Matt and EC are crawling for it. EC jumps and tags out. Tyrus runs in and grabs Matt's leg. Matt is struggling. He flips over and kicks Tyrus back off of him. He jumps and tags in Jeff. Jeff runs in and hits Tyrus a couple times and kicks him a few too. The he hits the twist of fate and covers Tyrus for..1..2..3!

EC III & Tyrus have been eliminated!

Commercial Break

We're back and Bromans have entered the match and Jessiw has started things off with Jeff.

The Hardys vs. The Bromans

Jeff and Jessie are locked up. They run and bounce off the ropes. When they come off Jessie shoves Jeff off. He goes forward, comes back and spears Jessie to the mat. Jessie rolls to the corner. Jeff tried to pin but couldn't grab him as he rolled. Jessie tags in Robbie. Robbie runs in. Jeff slings him into the corner. He tags in Matt. They pull Robbie out and Irish whip him into the ropes. He bounces off and comes back toward them. They jump and hit a double dropkick. DJ jumps up on the turnbuckle and Matt nails him with a forearm knocking him into the barricade. EC III and Tyrus appear at ringside. They've come back out. Matt walks over toward them and appears to be arguing with them. Jeff runs toward Matt and he steps out of the way. Jeff goes flying over the top rope and hits EC and Tyrus, taking them both to the ground. Matt watches and turns around. Robbie hits him with a huge suplex and hooks his legs. The ref counts..1..2..3!

The Hardys have been eliminated!

The crowd is furious with boos. The Hardys look frustrated. EC III and Tyrus look satisfied but hurry to the back. Matt Hardy starts to take his anger out on DJ Z but Jeff pulls him off of him and they head to the back.

Christy: On the way to the ring, the team of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, the Wolves!

They come down to the ring to cheers. The crowd is happy to see them and they are happy to be out here. Jessie is back up on the apron and Robbie is to his feet. They are ready. The Wolves get in the ring, and the ref makes sure one of them is out before he starts it. The winners will be the number one contenders. DJ Z is being helped to the back.

Bromans vs. The Wolves

It's Robbie and Eddie to start this one off. Robbie hits him a few times. He backs up and gets fired up. He runs at Robbie. Robbie swings but Eddie ducks, jumps up, and kicks Robbie in the back of the head. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Eddie gets up and waits while Robbie gets up. Robbie gets to his feet and Eddie kicks at him. Robbie ducks and when Eddie turns back toward him he lifts Eddie and suplexes him and hooks his leg for..1..2..Davey kicks Robbie in the side. Robbie gets up and Davey dropkicks him back into the ropes. He runs and clotheslines Robbie over the ropes and out to ringside. Jessie runs in and grabs Davey and throws him through the ropes. He catches himself on the apron but Jessie hits him with a big boot. Davey falls back and lands on Robbie. Eddie is to his feet now and is behind Jessie. He dropkicks him from behind sending him forward into the ropes. He's leaning on them and Eddie flips him over them and he falls out onto Robbie and Davey as they are trying to get up. They all fall to the ground. Eddie goes to the top rope. He gets set as they get up. They all three look up in time to see him come flying off the top at them. He hits them and they all fall down. Eddie is the first one up and he grabs Robbie and rolls him back up into the ring. He follows back in after him. Eddie goes to the top ropes. Robbie gets up and staggers around facing Eddie. Eddie jumps off the top rope and hits Robbie with a sidekick to the head on the way down. He covers Robbie as Jessie gets in the ring. He goes to drop a knee across Eddie's back. Davey grabs him and throws him into the corner. He runs and nails a knee into Jessie's head. As this is happening the ref counts the pin on Robbie for..1..2..3!

Winners: The Wolves

The Wolves get together in the middle of the ring as the fans are cheering. Robbie and Jessie roll out to ringside together.

We flip to the back and see the champions James Storm and Abyss watching. Storm turns around to Abyss.

Storm: We've got this. Let's get back to the rest of our group.

They walk off and we see Angelina and Velvet getting ready. It looks like the knockouts will be in action next.

Commercial Break

We're back and Brooke is in the ring. Angelina and Velvet are getting in now. Fans are booing them. Mike Tenay is explaining the qualifiers.

Mike: This is a qualifying match to be in the number one contenders match. There will be three of these and then a triple threat with the winners to name a number one contender. This is the first one tonight and then the other two will take place in a few weeks.

Angelina w/Velvet vs. Brooke

Velvet has stepped out to ringside and the bell rings. Angelina and Brooke immediately lock up. Brooke shoves Angelina back into the ropes. Angelina runs at her but she ducks. They both hit the ropes on opposite sides and come back at each other. Brooke moves around behind her as they meet and Brooke grabs her and hits a swinging neck breaker. She covers her for..1..2..Kickout! Brooke gets up and kicks Angelina a couple times. She lifts her to her feet and slings her into the corner. She runs at Angelina but Angelina moves and Brooke runs into the turnbuckle. She staggers back and Angelina rolls her up for..1..2..Kickout! Velvet cheers her on from ringside. Angelina gets up. She pulls Brooke up and Irish whips her into the ropes. She comes back and Angelina lays her out with a clothesline. Then she backs up. She runs and hits a legdrop on Brooke. She covers her for..1..2..Kickout! Angelina gets up and backs up. Brooke starts to get up. Angelina runs at her looking to knee her in the head. Brooke dodges but grabs Angelina and rolls her up for..1..2..Velvet gets up on the ring apron and the ref goes over and is telling her to get down. Brooke gets up and is looking at her. She runs at Velvet but she drops down off the apron. Angelina hits her in the back of the head and then grabs her and rolls her up for..1..2..3!

Winner: Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky

Velvet joins her in the ring to celebrate. Angelina gets up happy. The fans are booing.

Mike: Angelina will move on to the number one contender match.

Taz: And up next will be the first match in the tournament to find a number one contender for Low Ki's X Division Champion.

Mike: Hold on, we're getting something in the back.

We flip to the back and see Jeff and EC III trading shots. Tyrus and Matt are locked up. Jeff slams EC back into a wall. Jeff picks up what looks like a piece of wood and hits him over the head with it. He turns around to see Tyrus spins Matt over some boxes and out of sight. He turns around and Jeff hits him with the wood. He staggers but doesn't fall. Jeff goes to hit him again but he grabs it. He breaks it across Jeff's side and Jeff goes down. Matt jumps over the boxes and takes Tyrus to the ground. He hits Tyrus in the head over and over. Security rushes to break Matt and Tyrus up. Medics come to check on Jeff and EC. EC is already getting up but Jeff is still out of it.

Taz: Wow, that was intense. I guess that was about the gauntlet earlier but that was a little much.

Mike: Yeah, up next, the X Division tournament kicks off with Samuel Shaw vs. Chris Melendez.

Commercial Break

We're back and Samuel Shaw and Chris Melendez are in the ring ready for the match. The crowd seems to be behind Chris more in this one.

Samuel Shaw vs. Chris Melendez

The bell rings and they lock up. They struggle and go back and forth trying to overpower each other. They come to a standstill and back up off each other. Samuel comes forward and hits Chris with a hard right. He staggers back and Samuel hits him with another. He goes for a third but Chris blocks it and kicks him in the gut. He nails him with a DDT and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Samuel rolls over to the ropes and pulls himself up. Chris runs at him but he ducks and throws Chris over his back and over the ropes. Chris lands on the ring apron right behind Samuel. Samuel turns around and nails him in the head a few times and he falls off to ringside. Samuel gets out on the apron and jumps off and lands on Chris. He gets him up and throws him back in the ring. He follows back in after him. He stomps him a couple times and then drops down and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Samuel gets up and grabs Chris but Chris kicks him in the head and he falls back into the ropes. Chris gets up but Samuel comes at him. Samuel tackles him to the mat just unloading hit after hit on him. Chris pushes him off and rolls over. He gets to his knees before he's kicked in the head by Samuel. Samuel picks him up and goes for the Shaw Bomb. Chris drops down and pushes Samuel away. Samuel runs at him but he lifts his leg and hits him with a big boot. Samuel falls and hits the mat hard. He slowly gets to his feet. Chris grabs him and hits him with the Fisherman's Suplex and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Chris Melendez

Chris gets up excited. He's celebrating this win as he will move to round two and be one step closer to winning title gold here in TNA. Samuel has rolled out to ringside.

We flip to the back and see Knux heading to the arena with the Menagerie. Mr. Anderson is heading out on his own.

Mike: It's Knux and Anderson in our main event up next!

Taz: I can't wait!

Commercial Break

We're back and Mr. Anderson is in the ring. Knux is heading to the ring with the rest of the Menagerie coming along with him. They lost one title shot tonight as a group but they could get one step closer to another one tomorrow.

We flip to the back first and see Bobby Roode watching on a monitor. He's interested to see who advances closer to a title shot against him.

We go back to the ring and they are ready to start. The ref makes sure the Menagerie is all out of the ring and back. He sees it's all set.

Mr. Anderson vs. Knux w/Menagerie

The bell rings and Knux runs forward and grabs Anderson. He slings him into the corner and then unloads shot after shot on him. He backs up and Anderson staggers forward. Anderson swings and misses, not even aiming, and then falls to the mat. Knux stomps on his back several times and then rolls him over onto his back. Knux runs and bounces off the ropes. He comes back and jumps. He lands belly first across Anderson and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Anderson sits up. He appears to come out of a daze and an intense look comes across his face. He gets to one knee and then to his feet. Knux watches and then runs at him. He goes for a big boot but Anderson grabs his leg. He sweeps the other one, knocking Knux to the mat. Crazzy Steve, the Freak, and Rebel look concerned. Anderson circles Knux as he starts to get up. Anderson kicks him in the head. Then tomps his leg, then his other leg. He stomps his arm and then his other one. Anderson now backs up, comes forward, and hits a legdrop on Knux. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Steve jumps up on the apron. Anderson knocks him off into the Freak's arms. Freak sets him down and starts to look angry. Anderson turns around on time to see Knux getting to his feet. Anderson runs at Knux but Knux lifts him up and hits him with a powerbomb and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Knux backs into the corner, looking frustrated. Anderson slowly gets to his knees and then his feet. Knux runs at him, but he sidesteps and hits Knux with a neck breaker. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! He lifts Knux to his feet. Knux hits him with a hard right and he staggers back. Then he comes forward and nails Knux. They trade shots a few more times. Knux swings and Anderson blocks it. Then he kicks Knux back into the ropes and Steve who climbed up on the apron again. Knux is leaning on the ropes. Freak gets up on the ropes next to him. Anderson jumps and kicks him in the head. He's just hanging on. Anderson grabs them both by the head and slams then together. Freak falls to ringside and Knux staggers forward. Anderson grabs him and hits the Mic Check. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Crazzy Steve and the Freak jump in the ring to attack Mr. Anderson. He rolls out to ringside and heads up the ramp. Rebel joins them in the ring to check on Knux. Mr. Anderson interacts with some fans as he celebrates on the ramp.

We flip to Mike Tenay and Taz as they go over next week's show.

Mike: Next week we will have two more X Division matches and two more World Heavyweight matches.

Taz: Yeah it will be Kenny King vs. Rockstar Spud and Devon vs. Manik in the X Division tournament.

Mike: And it will be MVP vs. Austin Aries and Magnus vs. Gunner in the World Heavyweight tournament. All this and more next week.

Taz: Wait, I'm getting word something is going down backstage. Let's go back an see what it is.

We flip to the back and Kurt Angle is laid out backstage. His suit jacket is ripped up next to him and he looks beaten and bloody.

Mike: It's Kurt Angle! Who could've done this!

Taz: I don't know, but we're out of time. Maybe we'll get more on this terrible crime next week!

The show closes with Kurt Angle laid out and medics tending to him.

Turning Point Card:

James Storm & Abyss vs. The Wolves Tag Team Championship Match

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Good show looking forward to seeing who the champions will be defnding their championship belts against.

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 11:13 AM
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Thank you radschord89 in glad you liked it

Posted on January 27, 2015 at 12:19 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #726 (Rank in League: #15)
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