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This is the second show in my new series. If you haven't read 1 yet, read it first to get caught up and then read this one. I hope you all enjoy it. It's in the comment area as always.

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We open with highlights of last week's show. This ends with a recapping of the tragic ending to last week's episode. Now we go to ringside with Mike Tenay and Taz.

Mike: We found out that Kurt Angle is in the hospital with multiple injuries after last week and actually hasn't even been concious any since the injuries occurred, but it's being investigated as it clearly was not an accident.

Taz: We will let you know everything as we hear it and we hope Kurt gets better soon. Whoever did this better watch out, cause I assure you, they will pay.

Mike: As they say though, the show must go on. That being said, let's get started!

Christy: This first match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, MVP!

He comes out to loud boos from the fans. He shrugs them off, looking smug, and makes his way to the ring. He gets in looking confident of a win.

Christy: And his opponent, Austin Aries!

He makes his way to the ring with loud cheers. He stops for some of the fans and interacts with them. He gets down to the ring and joins MVP. They both look ready to go.

MVP vs. Austin Aries

The bell rings and they run up to each other and start trading blows. They exchange several shots to each other's head. Finally MVP blocks one and kicks Aries in the gut. Then he drops down on his back with Aries still bent over so they're face to face. He nails him with an uppercut from there on his back. Aries falls backwards to the mat. He rolls over to the corner. He grabs the ropes and starts to pull himself up. MVP runs at him but he moves. MVP was going to knee him in the head so MVP's knee hits the turnbuckle hard. He falls to the mat. Aries steps forward and stomps his knee several times. Aries grabs his leg and sets his foot on the bottom rope. He drops down across his knee. He pulls away, writhing in pain. Aries gets him up and slams him into the corner. He runs at him but MVP moves. Aries catches himself and spins out of the corner but MVP is ready and nails him with a hard right that knocks him into the corner and down on his butt. He's sitting in the corner. MVP runs and knees him in the head but he stagger back and also falls to his butt and is holding his knee. He used his hurting knee to hit Aries. Aries grabs the ropes to pull himself up. MVP slowly gets to his feet as well. MVP grabs his head in a head lock but he powers out and slams MVP down to the mat. MVP gets to his hands and knees but Aries elbows him in the back of the head. Then Aries backs up and kicks him in the gut. MVP falls to his side. Aries runs forward and goes for a leg drop. MVP rolls out of the way and Aries lands hard on the mat. MVP slowly gets to his feet and see Aries getting to one knee. He gets set behind him. He grabs Aries and goes for the Playmaker but Aries kicks him in his hurt knee and he drops down clutching it. Aries then lifts MVP up and drops him with a brain buster. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Austin Aries

Aries gets up and celebrates his win. MVP slowly rolls out to ringside and then is glaring up at Aries. Aries goes out to ringside and heads up the ramp celebrating with some fans as he goes.

We flip to the back and Bobby Roode is watching with the title. He is shown clapping for Aries. He turns around and Mr. Anderson is standing there.

Anderson: Enjoy it while it lasts, because soon I'll take what's mine!

Mr. Anderson walks off and Roode watches him as he walks away. Then Roode smirks and shrugs it off.

Commercial Break

We're back and Jeff and Matt Hardy are in the back with a message for EC III and Tyrus.

Jeff: They picked a fight they can't win. It's dangerous to challenge a team that been through all we have when you're so new to all this like they are.

Matt: They haven't accomplished what we have. They haven't been through all we have as a team and at odds. They are going to learn at Turning Point that all that made us stronger and better than they will ever be!

at ringside with Christy Hemme as it's time for the next match.

Christy: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Kenny King!

He comes out to loud boos from the crowd. He looks around, shrugs them off, and keeps heading toward the ring. He looks confident he will win.

Christy: And his opponent, Rockstar Spud!

He comes out and the crowd cheers. He's smiling and he waves to the fans on his way to the ring. He joins Kenny King in the ring.

Kenny King vs. Rockstar Spud

The bell rings and Spud and Kenny walk up to each other in the middle of the ring. Kenny acts like he's going to turn away but the swings with a cheap shot. Spud is quick and ducks to miss it and then springs back up to nail Kenny in the face with a shot of his own. Kenny staggers back shocked. The fans cheer which gets Spud fired up more. He runs and jumps, tackling Kenny to the mat and unloading with shots to the head and face. They roll out to ringside as Kenny struggles to get him off. Falling to ringside separates them, and they quickly get to their feet. Kenny is quicker and when Spud turns toward him, he kicks Spud in the gut, the grabs him by the shoulders and slings him sideways into the barricade. The crowd starts booing and the ref yells for him to get back in the ring. He goes to count but Kenny lifts Spud to his feet, rams him backwards into the side of the ring, and then rolls him back up in. He follows in afterwards. Spud slowly struggles to his feet. Kenny is waiting and watching him. Spud gets up and staggers around. Kenny grabs Spud but Spud rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Kenny jumps to his feet and starts unloading on Spud. The ref warns him off. Kenny slams Spud back into the corner and backs up. Spud comes out and Kenny grabs him up. He hits him with the Royal Flush and covers for..1..2..3!

Winner: Kenny King

Kenny gets up celebrating. The fans are booing him. He brushes them off and heads up the ramp. Spud slowly sits up and looks around disappointed. He gets up and the fans cheer him even though he lost.

We go to the back where James Storm has Abyss and The Great Sanada behind him. He has Manik in front of him as he's talking to him. He's getting him ready and coaching him for his match.

Mike: Manik will be facing Devon in an X Division tournament match next!

Commercial Break

We're back and Devon is in the ring. Manik with the rest of the Revolution is on the way to the ring. Manik joins Devon in the ring while the rest of the Revolution stay at ringside.

Devon vs. Manik w/ The Revolution

The bell rings and Manik runs at Devon. Manik jumps up and kicks Devon in the head. Devon falls back against the ropes. Manik runs at him. Devon ducks and launches Manik over his back and over the ropes. Manik falls out to ringside. Sanada gets in the ring and runs at Devon. Devon moves and throws him over and out to ringside. Sanada hits Manik as he's getting up and they both fall down. James Storm and Abyss come around the ring to where they are. Devon goes to the top rope. He jumps off and hits all four of them. They all fall to the ground. Devon gets up and the crowd is going wild with cheers. He grabs Manik and throws him back in the ring. He follows back in himself. Manik slowly gets to his feet. Devon grabs him and Irish whips him toward the ropes. Manik hits the ropes and bounces back toward Devon. Devon headbutts Manik when he reaches him. Manik falls to the mat. Devon goes to the corner to climb to the top rope. Sanada jumps up on the apron but Devon nails him with a shot that sends him flying off and into the barricade. James Storm and Abyss go to get up on the apron themselves but the ref motions for all the Revolution at ringside to go to the back. Devon is looking at them with amusement. Manik gets to his feet and sneaks up behind Devon. He rolls Devon up but the ref is trying to get the Revolution all to the back. They get even more fired up with him not seeing Manik's pin though. Devon kicks out without the ref ever seeing. The Revolution finally leave. The ref turns around to continue watching now. Devon gets Manik in a head lock but he breaks free. Manik jumps up to kick him in the head but he ducks. He grabs Manik up and runs him into the corner. He nails him with several shots to the head and face. The ref backs Devon up out of the corner. Devon then runs forward to hit Manik with a splash. Manik ducks and rolls out of the way. Devon doesn't stop in time and runs into the turnbuckle. Manik runs and dropkicks Devon as he turns around. This knocks Devon back into the turnbuckle and the he falls forward. Manik rolls him over and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Manik goes to the top rope. Manik comes off the top but Devon catches him. He hits him with a thrust spine buster and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Devon

Devon is celebrating his win. The Revolution come back out and rush toward the ring. Sanada gets there first and Devon slings him to the side and into the corner. Storm reaches next and Devon kicks him in the gut and then elbows him across the back of the head when he bends over. As Abyss enters the ring Devon slides out and heads up the ramp. He's smiling and taunting them. They all look mad and frustrated.

Mike: He got out of a bad situation there!

Taz: Yeah he knew he couldn't win a four on one situation and did the smart thing. He escaped unharmed.

Mike: When we come back, we'll have our main event as part of the world heavyweight tournament.

Commercial Break

We're back and Magnus is in the ring with a mic in his hands.

Magnus: I was champion once before and I was the best champion this company has ever had. I will win this tournament to regain the title and will once again be the best champion the company has ever had. I'll be even better than I was before. That is the future of this company and no one can stop it from happening! Not Gunner tonight, not Bobby Roode! No one!

The fans boo him but he looks very pleased and proud of himself. He seems confident he will win.

Christy: And his opponent, Gunner!

Gunner comes out fired up and ready for the match. The crowd is cheering for him. They may want him to beat Magnus even more after the little speech he just gave. He joins Magnus in the ring and they both seem ready to go.

Magnus vs. Gunner

The bell rings and Magnus nails gunner with a few shots, then shoves him backwards, into the corner. Gunner steps back out, looking enraged. He leaps forward, nailing Magnus with a big boot. He drops down and starts unloading all over Magnus with shot after shot. The ref warns him off. He backs up but then steps back toward him. He starts stomping Magnus over and over. The ref has to back him off again and warns him even more seriously this time. He backs off this time and waits until Magnus is getting up. He runs at Magnus but Magnus leaps the rest of the way up and nails Gunner with a hard clothesline. He hits so hard he goes to the mat with Gunner. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Magnus slowly gets up and looks slightly frustrated, thinking he got a quick win. Gunner sits up, looking slightly dazed. He shakes it off and starts to get up. Magnus goes over and pulls him the rest of the way up. He slaps Gunner across the chest. Gunner stands straight up and states him down at the contact. Magnus hits Gunner again across the chest and Gunner steps forward getting in Magnus's face. Magnus goes to do it again but Gunner grabs his arm. Gunner flips Magnus over his back by the arm and slams him to the mat. He then jumps and lands a leg drop across Magnus's chest. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Magnus rolls over toward the ropes. Gunner walks over and shoves Magnus on out to ringside with his foot. Then he follows him out. Gunner lifts Magnus to his feet. Gunner goes to swing Magnus into the barricade but Magnus counters and slams Gunner into it. Gunner falls to a sitting position against the barricade. Magnus kicks him several times. Then Magnus lifts Gunner up and slams him into the ring post and tosses him back up in the ring. He follows after him back into the ring. Magnus lifts him to his feet and then lifts him up for a suplex. Gunner knees Magnus in the head a couple times and Magnus drops Gunner back down on his feet. He backs up and nails Magnus with a couple shots to the head. He goes for another but Magnus blocks it. He kicks Gunner in the gut and nails him with a DDT. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Magnus gets up and looks around frustrated. He decides to go to the top rope. He gets up there and decides to jump off with an elbow. He jumps and Gunner moves at the last second. Magnus elbow connects hard with the mat and he rolls around in pain. Gunner gets up and see Magnus in pain. He stomps on him a few times. As Magnus tries to get up Gunner kicks him back down a few times. He nails him in the head a few times. Magnus finally gets to his feet but he looks out of it. Gunner runs at him. Magnus sidesteps and grabs Gunner from behind and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Gunner springs to his feet, looking surprised. Magnus is still slow back to his feet. He gets up and Gunner lifts him up. Gunner nails him with the Gun Rack and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Gunner

Magnus is laid out in the ring. Gunner gets up celebrating his win. The fans are cheering for him. He gets out of the ring to celebrate with the fans at ringside.

Mike: What a great main event that was and what great things to come next week as well!

Taz: Yeah next week in the World Heavyweight tournament we have Bram vs. Lashley and we have Rhino vs. Eric Young.

Mike: And in the X Division tournament we will have Samoa Joe vs. Shark Boy and The Great Sanada vs. Tigre Uno! What a show that will... wait! Something's going on right now...

We flip backstage and see The Revolution is beating Devon all over the backstage area. Sanada and Manik are kicking him an stomping him. James Storm and Abyss are watching from a few steps back. Tigre Uno comes out of nowhere and jumps on Sanada, taking him to the ground. James Storm sends Abyss into the brawl to help out. Suddenly the Wolves join the mix by attacking Storm and Abyss. The fight is now turning into a huge brawl. Davey and Storm are fighting up against a table. Eddie and Abyss are fighting back into a hallway. Sanada knocks Tigre back through a door into a backstage room. Devon barely makes it to his feet and is able to shove Manik back into some boxes that he trips and falls over. Security and refs are rushing to the chaos. Devon runs and tackles Manik into the boxes. Abyss and Eddie have reaches the top of some stairs. Abyss is about to choke slam Eddie down them. Eddie kicks him and backs up. Security grabs them and is pulling them away from the stairs. Storm and Davey are now up on the table. Storm drops Davey through the table. Refs pull Storm away from there. Security goes in the room and find Sanada and Tigre locked up on the floor. They pull them apart and out the door. Medics are checking on Devon, Manik, and Davey as the show fades out.

Turning Point Card:

EC III & Tyrus vs. The Hardys

James Storm & Abyss vs. The Wolves Tag Team Championship Match

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 11:03 AM
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Good show. For the record I'm pulling for Spud to get a W one of these days!

Posted on January 30, 2015 at 4:22 PM
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I'm glad you liked it!

Posted on January 30, 2015 at 11:11 PM
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Good show

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 10:24 PM
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Deadman Crew

Thank you. Glad you liked it

Posted on February 1, 2015 at 8:26 AM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #726 (Rank in League: #15)
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