WWE Chaos (Special Event)


Four huge matches with great action. Hope everyone enjoys and gives their input.

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We open and see a live sold-out crowd. The crowd seems wild and ready for action tonight.

The New Day's music hits and they come out dancing and acting crazy with the tag team titles being carried by Kofi and Big E. Xavier is blowing on his instrument. The crowd is giving them a loud mixed reaction.

The Dudley Boyz come out on the stage now and look ready for action. They turn and look back and Christian's music hits and he comes out and joins them. They all three come down and get in the ring.

The Dudley Boyz & Christian vs. The New Day Tables Match for the Tag Team Championship

They all climb in the ring and the bell is rung. Big E and Bubba immediately lock up. Devon elbows Kofi in the head a few times backing him into the corner. Christian and Xavier are trading shots back and forth. Xavier nails Christian with a hard shot that knocks him back into the ropes. He runs and clotheslines Christian and they both fall out to ringside. Devon has Kofi sitting in the corner and is stomping him over and over. Big E slams Bubba to the mat. He backs up, runs, and then splashes onto Bubba. He gets up and motions for the crowd to make noise. This gets them loud, in the positive and negative way. Christian and Xavier are getting to their feet outside the ring. Xavier grabs Christian but he jumps up and kicks Xavier in the head. Xavier falls back into the barricade and the staggers out from it. Christian grabs him and runs him backwards into the barricade. Xavier falls and is sitting against the barricade. Christian runs and knees him in the head, laying him out. He goes and starts looking under the ring for a table. Bubba is staggering to his feet as Big E hits him in the head with shot after shot. Bubba finally blocks one and starts wailing on Big E. Big E falls back into the ropes and staggers forward. Devon sends Kofi over the ropes and out to ringside. Devon runs forward. Bubba lifts Big E and Devon comes from behind. They hit him with the 3D. The crowd goes wild. Christian is setting up a table at ringside. He gets it set and turns back toward Xavier. Xavier tries to fight back but Christian nails him with a few good shots to the head and Xavier is laid out across the table. Kofi is crawling that way. Christian gets back in the ring and goes to the top ropes. Devon and Bubba watch along with the fans. He jumps off the ropes and comes at Xavier. Kofi grabs his Xavier's leg and pulls him off the table. Christian crashes through the table. But the ref waves it off and the match continues because Christian put himself through the table. Bubba and Devon quickly go out to ringside and start a beat down on Kofi and Xavier. Bubba turns and slaps Devon's chest and yells "Get the tables!" Devon grabs one and shoves it in the ring and goes in after it. Bubba shoves Kofi up in the ring. Big E rolls out to ringside and lays out Bubba with a clothesline. He falls with it, still barely on his feet after that 3D. Big E slowly gets up. He drags Bubba closer to the Spanish announce table. He pulls the top off and takes the monitors out. He pulls Bubba to his feet. He nails him with a couple shots and rolls him up on it. Big E then gets up on the table too. He backs up like he's going on to the other announce table and slips. He falls backwards and goes through the other announce table. This is also waved off as he did it to himself. Devon is back in the ring now fighting off Xavier and Kofi. He has one on each side of him. He turns and nails one of them and then turns and nails the other. He continues doing this shot after shot. Xavier falls finally and then so does Kofi. Devon lifts Kofi to his feet and throws him in the corner. He then lifts Xavier and throws him in the same corner. He then runs at them. Xavier moves and Kofi jumps and kicks him in the head. He staggers around. They grabs him and walk him over to the table he set up in the ring. Bubba sits up and gets off the Spanish announce table. He staggers toward the ring. Kofi and Xavier grab Devon for what looks like a suplex. They get him about halfway up and then he comes back down on his feet. They can't suplex him. Bubba rolls up in the ring. Kofi turns just in time to be kicked in the gut. He bends over and Bubba nails him across the back. He drops to his knees. Bubba lifts him and powerbombs him to the mat. Devon kicks Xavier in a similar way in the gut. Bubba walks around to the other side of the table. Devon Irish whips Xavier into the ropes. He comes back and Devon lifts him up over the table. Bubba grabs him and they nail the 3D on Xavier through the table.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz & Christian

The crowd erupts with cheers as the Dudleys are handed the titles. They've won them here tonight. Christian is just getting up out of the table remains at ringside. He slowly gets in the ring and helps them celebrate their win. The crowd continues to cheer as they walk up the ramp and to the back with the titles.

We go to the back and see Kane's mask in a dark room. It seems to have some smoke or mist around it. Will he be wearing it tonight in his match with Brock Lesnar?

We go back out to the arena and Kevin Owen's music hits. He comes out with his title and looks very confident that he will retain his title. He goes down and gets in the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans.

The lights go out and then Jericho's jacket is visible on the stage. As the pyro hits and the lights come on, his music hits and the crowd goes wild. He turns around and heads to the ring, looking excited and ready to win his record 10th Intercontinental Championship. He gets in the ring and they get ready to go.

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho 2 out-of 3 Falls Match for the Intercontinetal Championship

The bell rings and they lock up. Kevin shoves Chris off and Chris just looks at him as some of the crowd boos Kevin. They lock back up and Kevin gets him in a headlock. They bounce off the ropes and Chris slides out from his grasp. Kevin stops but Chris goes and bounces off the opposite side's ropes. He comes back and jumps, connecting with a dropkick to Kevin. Kevin falls and rolls out to ringside. Chris gets up and the crowd is fired up. Chris runs and jumps over the ropes and hits Kevin, taking him down. The crowd is chanting and going crazy now. Chris gets up and the ref goes to start his count. Chris grabs Kevin and pulls him over to the ring. He manages to get him up and roll him back into the ring. He gets up on the apron himself. Kevin staggers to his feet. Chris jumps over the ropes, back into the ring, and hits Kevin, taking him down to the mat. Chris covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Chris runs at the ropes and jumps off backwards at Kevin. Kevin moves and Chris hits the mat. Chris slowly gets to his feet. Kevin grabs him and throws him into the ropes. He bounces back and Kevin goes for the powerbomb. Chris counters and rolls him up for..1..2..3!

1st fall: Chris Jericho

Kevin jumps to his feet and looks shocked. Chris is on one knee, smiling. The crowd is going wild. Kevin jumps on Chris and starts unloading on him with shot after shot. The ref backs him off and warns him. He backs off. As Chris is getting up, Kevin kicks him in the head. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Chris crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself up slowly. Kevin comes up and elbows him in the back. He pulls Chris out and punches him hard across the head. Chris staggers back but doesn't fall. Kevin grabs him and throws him into the corner. He runs and splashes him. Chris falls to a sitting position in the corner. Kevin runs and flips and lands hitting Chris in the corner. He drags Chris out away from the ropes and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! He lifts Chris to his feet and goes for a clothesline but Chris ducks. Kevin stops before running any farther past him, but Chris jumps and hits him with an enziguri kick. Kevin falls back between the ropes and out to ringside. The ref starts his count. Chris gets himself up and is getting a breather to recover. Kevin makes it back in the ring at 8. The fans seem glad it's not over yet. Kevin is getting to his feet in the ring. Chris runs at him but he springs up at the last second and nails him with a clothesline. Chris flips over and to the mat from the impact. The crowd goes wild. Kevin pulls himself up and staggers back into the corner to get his balance. He's looking at Chris like he's thinking of something to do to him. He grabs him up and throws him into the ropes. He comes off and Kevin lifts him and nails him with the powerbomb. He covers him for..1..2..3!

2nd fall: Kevin Owens

Kevin watches as Chris slowly gets to his feet. Kevin grabs him and throws him into the ropes again but he catches himself on the ropes and stops. Kevin runs at Chris but he sticks his foot up and kicks Kevin in the face. Kevin staggers back. Chris runs and hits him with a clothesline, taking him to the mat. Chris heads to the top rope. He looks out at the crowd and they get loud. He looks down at Kevin and measures up. Chris jumps off the top rope but Kevin moves and Chris hits the mat. He gets up in pain and Kevin hits a big boot, taking him to the mat. Kevin then stomps him several times and heads up to the top rope. He gets to the top and Chris gets to his feet and runs at Kevin. He jumps up and kicks Kevin in the side of the head. Kevin falls to the mat. Chris runs and jumps off the ropes and lands across Kevin and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Chris gets up and watches and waits for Kevin to get to his feet. He gets up and staggers around. Chris jumps up going for the Codebreaker. Kevin catches him and slams him to the mat like a powerbomb. He covers him for..1..2..3!

3rd Fall & Winner: Kevin Owens

Kevin takes his title and heads up the ramp. Chris starts to sit up and look around. He looks like he's not sure what happened or where he's at.

We go to the back and see Cesaro getting pumped up and ready for his first singles match for the World title. He is taking this very seriously and is ready. He starts to head to the arena.

We go back to the ring and see the steel cage being lowered.

Seth Rollin's music hits and he comes out with his title, looking proud and ready to defend. He gets loud boos as he makes his way to the ring. He goes through the steel cage door and waits for Cesaro.

Cesaro's music hits and he heads to the ring. The crowd is going crazy for him and he looks pumped up and ready for this. There are fans all over the arena with signs saying "Cesaro section". He joins Seth in the cage. The title is handed out to the refs and they shut the cage.

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro Steel Cage Matcg for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The bell rings and Seth and Cesaro lock up. Cesaro slings Seth into the cage. He staggers out. Cesaro goes for a clothesline but Seth ducks. Cesaro stops himself right after passing by Seth. He turns around right into a dropkick from Seth. Seth gets up and stomps him several times. He goes over to the cage door as it's opened for him. He goes to step out but Cesaro grabs him from behind. Cesaro hits him with a belly to back suplex and holds it in a pin for..1..2..Kickout! Seth and Cesaro spring to their feet. Seth runs at Cesaro but he gets his foot up and kicks him in the face. He falls to the mat and rolls over to the ropes. He uses them and leans against the cage for support. Cesaro runs at Seth but he moves at the last second and Cesaro hits the cage. He staggers back and Seth rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Seth springs up while Cesaro is slow to his feet. Seth kicks him in the gut and he bends over. Seth nails him with a DDT and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Seth looks surprised. He waves off a pin and walks over toward the door. The door opens and he steps through the ropes to leave. Cesaro jumps and grabs on to his foot. He pulls him back in and lays him out with a clothesline and falls to the mat himself. Cesaro gets up but Seth is slow to his feet. Cesaro grabs Seth and goes to Irish whip him but Seth reverses and Irish whips Cesaro into the cage. Cesaro staggers forward but Seth runs at him. He jumps and knees Cesaro in the chin, knocking him and the back of his head back into the cage. Then he grabs Cesaro and runs forward with him, nailing him with a running bulldog. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Seth gets up and looks frustrated. He motions for Cesaro to get up and then waits and watches. Cesaro slowly gets to his feet and turns toward Seth. Seth kicks him as grabs him for the Pedigree. Cesaro counters by grabbing Seth's legs and pulling them out from under him. Cesaro starts his swing. He spins Seth and the crowd chants along..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12! He let's go and Seth hits the mat and lays there. Cesaro raises his fist and the crowd cheers. Cesaro goes over to the cage door. Seth is dizzy but trying to struggle to his feet. Cesaro steps through the ropes. Seth falls right at Cesaro's foot but grabs on. Cesaro turns to kick Seth off and Seth rakes his eyes. Cesaro stumbles back. Seth pulls him back through the ropes, rolling him up for..1..2..Kickout! Cesaro gets up still grabbing at his eye. Seth kicks him and nails him with a pedigree. He rolls Cesaro over and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! The crowd goes wild and Seth looks shocked and upset. He can't believe Cesaro kicked out. Seth gets up and looks around. He starts climbing up the side of the cage. Cesaro slowly starts to stir. Seth gets to the top and looks out and then looks down at Cesaro getting to his feet. Seth turns toward the ring and jumps off the top off the cage and back in the ring toward Cesaro. Cesaro jumps and nails Seth with his uppercut as he lands in the ring. The crowd goes wild as Cesaro drops and covers Seth for..1..2..3!

Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro gets up celebrating and the ref hands him the World title. The crowd is going insane. Cesaro gets out of the cage and runs and jumps into the crowd. They are celebrating with him and everyone is going crazy. Seth slowly begins to stir and looks around like he can't figure out what happened. Cesaro gets back over the barricade and heads to the back with his newly won title. The crowd is still loud with applause.

We go to the back where Renee is standing by with John Cena. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to seeing him. He smiles and looks at Renee.

Renee: John, how does it feel to not only not be defending your title on this special but not even have a match at all?

Cena: You know, in a way it's not good, because I love this. I love all of it. So to just sit here and not be a part of it for a change is hard. But, you know, it's also a good thing. Because it means a lot of the other talent is stepping up and taking chances and able to pull off a successful show without me having a match. That's good. It means there's a bright future around here.

Renee: Speaking of other talent stepping up and being successful, what do you think of that last match and the new World Champion Cesaro?

Cena: I've always considered him a great competitor, and one of the toughest new opponents I've had in recent years. Every time I faced him though, it wasn't quite his time and I found a way to win. Tonight was his night though. This is his time. He's reached the top and won it. That's good, he's earned it. But he's also got to watch. Cause now he's a target and everyone will be coming for him and his title. And he has to be ready or someone else will step up and take it. Maybe even for their 16th time.

He smiles and winks at Renee. She smiles and looks intrigued at that thought. She looks at the camera and we return to ringside.

Kane's music hits and flames fly up. Kane comes out, mask and all as the Demon. He walks out and he heads down to the ring. He gets mixed reaction that leans more to the boos. He gets in the ring.

Brock's music hits and he comes out with Paul Heyman following behind. The crowd goes wild with cheers. He gets down to the ring and jumps up in. Paul is at ringside yelling praises an getting pumped up. He's also getting fans pumped as well.

Kane vs. Brock Lesnar Street Fight

The bell rings and they lock up. Brock suddenly pulls Kane close and suplexes him up over his head and to the mat with a belly to belly. Kane hits the mat and rolls toward the ropes. Brock quickly jump to his feet and the crowd are going insane. Kane grabs the ropes and gets up, now looking mad. Brock runs and irish whips him over the ropes and out to ringside. Paul is cheering and jumping for joy at ringside. Kane gets mad and reaches under the ring. He slings out a trash can full of weapons and they go everywhere at ringside. He then pulls out a couple chairs and throws them down. He starts pulling out a table as Brock decides to come out to ringside after Kane. Kane picks up one of the chairs and nails Brock in the face as he runs at him. Brock staggers back and blood starts to tricks down his face. He grabs onto the apron but doesn't fall. Kane nails him in the gut with the chair and he bends over. Then he lifts it high and brings it down across Brock's back. That drops him to his knees. Kane lifts it and nails Brock across the face with it. Brock falls back to the ground and Brock is busted wide open. Blood is covering his face. Kane continues moving the table around. He picks it up and sets it up at ringside. Then he pulls a ladder out from under the ring and shoves it up into the ring. He turns around and see Brock just now starting to sit up. Paul is knelt down next to him, talking to him. Kane walks toward them and Paul runs away around the ring. Brock tries to get up. Kane gets to him first and pulls him to his feet. Kane grabs him by the throat. Brock shoves his arm off and grabs him. He hits another suplex and Kane lands across the trash can, his back sinking as it makes a huge dent in it. Kane writhes in pain at this. Brock goes down onto one knee as he's still trying to regain his composure. Paul is watching, looking a little relieved now. Kane sits up and Brock looks at him. He stands back up to his feet as Kane gets up. Kane runs at Brock and Brock nails him with a chair shot to the head. Brock grabbed a chair as he stood up and Kane didn't see it. Kane is laid out on the ground. Brock gets in the ring and sets up the ladder. Kane is trying to sit up. He rolls over and gets on his heads and knees and pushes himself up. As he steadies himself, Brock comes out to ringside. He comes around the table still standing beside the ring post and runs at Kane. Kane has a kendo stick and swings it into Brock's midsection. Brock bends over and Kane hits a couple lashes across Brock's back. Brock almost falls to his knees and grabs onto the flattened trash can as he does. He stands back up with a shot to the side of Kane's head with it. Kane falls back and is leaning on the ring apron. Brock shoves him up in the ring and follows in after him. Brock starts to climb up the ladder. Kane grabs it and pulls himself up with it. He starts to climb up after Kane. Brock gets to the top and waits for him. When Kane makes it to the top, they start trading shots. Finally, Brock hits a hard right and Kane falls off the ladder, over the ropes, and out to ringside, going through the table. The crowd goes wild with excitement as Brock gets off the ladder. Paul is excited at ringside as well. Brock slowly walks to the ropes and steps out of the ring. He walks over to Kane and lifts him up out of the table remains and suplexes him with a belly to back suplex. Brock then lifts him and shoves him into the ring. Kane is laying there not even stirring at all. Brock gets back into the ring and the crowd is cheering and chanting and going crazy. Brock grabs Kane and lifts him up on his shoulders. He hits him with and F-5 and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

He gets up celebrating his win. Paul gets up in the ring and is celebrating his win with him. The crowd is cheering loudly. Kane sits up out of nowhere behind them. He gets to his feet behind them. Paul turns around and screams as Kane grabs him by the throat. Brock turns and grabs Kane and suplexes him again. Then grabs him up and hits another F-5. The crowd cheers as Brock and Paul leave the ring and head up the ramp, continuing to celebrate. The show fades out.

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Good show! Really liked the World Title match!

Posted on October 9, 2015 at 10:12 PM
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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. The next special will be called WWE Legends with four more matches. It will be up soon hopefully.

Posted on October 10, 2015 at 12:40 AM
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