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Read 1-3 if you haven't so you'll know what's going on. I hope everyone continues to read and enjoy. The action heats up with this episode (in the comments of course)

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The show opens with the fans going wild with cheers and excitement. It's Mike Tenay and Taz at ringside to kick things off.

Mike: Hello everyone, and welcome! We have a great show tonight! We learned last week, when Rockstar Spud showed up as the man in charge until Kurt Angle is back, that we would have Mr. Anderson vs. Austin Aries tonight and also Gunner vs. Lashley.

Taz: We now know that also scheduled for tonight is Chris Mendelez vs. Kenny King and Devon vs. The Great Sanada. We don't know how Devon being out of action for several weeks with injury will factor in but we'll find out later tonight.

Mike: With all this great action, we'd better get started now!

Christy: This first match is scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring, first, Mr. Anderson!

Mr. Anderson comes out to cheers from the crowd. He looks confident and happy. He is smiling and waving at fans. He gets in the ring.

Christy: And his opponent, Austin Aries!

Austin Aries comes out to cheers as well. He makes his way to the ring, taking time with some fans. He seems confident as well. He joins Mr. Anderson in the ring and they shake hands as a sign of respect.

Mr. Anderson vs. Austin Aries

The match starts and they lock up. Anderson overpowers Aries and pushes him back into the ropes. He bounces back and hits Anderson with a dropkick. Anderson rolls to the ropes and sits up. He loos shocked. Aries stands back and let's him get up. They walk towards each other and lock back up. Anderson gets Aries in a headlock. Aries pushes Anderson off into the ropes. This time Anderson bounces back and kicks Aries in the gut. Then he hits him over the back with his forearm. Aries drops to one knee. Anderson comes forward and knees Aries in the head. He falls to the mat and Anderson jumps and hits him with a legdrop. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Anderson gets up and stomps Aries a few times. Aries rolls over and gets to his knees. Anderson comes up and nails him in the head with a hard right. Aries fights back with a shot to the stomach. Then another. He gets up and hits Anderson on the head with a shot. Anderson hits him with a shot. They go back and forth trading a few more. Anderson goes to hit Aries with another but he blocks it and jumps up and kicks Anderson in the side of the head. Anderson falls and rolls out to ringside. Aries runs and jumps over the top rope and lands across Anderson's midsection. Aries gets up holdings his stomach. He landed hard with that jump. He manages to stand up straight and go over to Anderson. He lifts him to his feet. He shoves him back into the steel barricade. Then he backs up and runs at Anderson. Anderson moves and Aries runs into the barricade. Anderson hits him across the back and then slams his head down across the barricade. Anderson pulls Aries up off the barricade and goes to throw him back in the ring. Aries counters and throws Anderson back in the ring instead. Aries goes back in after him. Anderson goes to get up but Aries kicks him in the head and he falls back in his side. Aries kicks him several times. Then he lifts Anderson up to his feet and throws him into the corner. He runs at him and hits a dropkick on him. Anderson falls out and face first to the mat. Aries rolls him over and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Aries punches and kicks him over and over. He pulls him to his feet and then lifts him in the air for the brain buster but Anderson drops down and grabs him. He nails him with the Mic Check and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Mr. Anderson

He gets up celebrating. The fans are mostly cheering for him. Aries rolls out to ringside. Anderson gets out of the ring and goes around to all the fans at ringside as they celebrate. Aries slowly makes his way back up the ramp toward the back.

We go to the back and see Chris Melendez and Kenny King on the split screen heading to the arena. They face off in the X Division tournament next.

Commercial Break

We're back and we see Devon on the phone in the back. We can't hear what he's saying, but he's smiling and laughing. Maybe we will find out who he's talking to later tonight. We flip back to ringside for our next match.

Christy: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Chris Melendez!

He comes out to cheers from the crowd. He also gets some USA chants going. He's smiling and confident.

Christy: And his opponent, Kenny King!

Kenny comes out to loud boos from the crowd. He's talking to the fans, taunting them. He doesn't care whether they like him. He gets in the ring, looking maybe overconfident.

Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King

Kenny holds out a hand for Chris to shake but he has a smug look as he holds his hand out. Chris slaps it away and grabs Kenny into a headlock. Kenny pushes out and kicks Chris in the gut. Then nails him across the face. Chris falls back into the ropes and bounces back. Kenny jumps up and hits him with a sidekick in the head. They both fall to the mat. Chris rolls over to the ropes. Kenny gets on one knee and just watches Chris. Chris gets to his feet but is still leaning on the ropes. Kenny runs and clotheslines him and they both flip over the ropes and out to ringside. They are both laid out at ringside. Kenny sits up and looks around. The crowd is starting to get fired up. Chris rolls over and crawls to the barricade. Kenny gets up an kicks him several times so he can't get up. He lifts Chris up and slams him back into the barricade. Kenny pulls Chris away from it and goes to slam him into it again but Chris counters and slams Kenny into it instead. He runs and clotheslines Kenny over the barricade and out into the fans. Chris climbs over the barricade and to continue his assault on Kenny. The ref is powerless with the decree of Kurt's that there will be no double count outs or DQs in the world heavyweight and x division tournaments. Kenny gets to his feet, but still staggering. Chris pushes him and he falls back over a chair and to the ground. Chris kicks him a couple times. He lifts him to his feet and walks him over to a wall at the back of the fan section they're in. He Irish whips him into the wall. He staggers out and falls to the ground. Chris drags him through the fans back to a different part of the barricade. He leans Kenny over it. He climbs back over it and goes to the ring. He gets in the ring and goes all the way up on the top rope. He jumps off planning to hit Kenny where he's laying across the barricade. Kenny slides off just in time and Chris hits the barricade and crashes to the ground at ringside. He's laying there, completely still. Kenny looks up from the fan section where he's still at. He gets up and slowly manages to climb over the barricade to where Chris is laid out. He hasn't moved any. Kenny drags Chris over to the ring. He struggles to lift Chris up and slide him back in the ring but he finally does. He follows in himself. Chris is still laying still. Kenny covers him for..1..2..rope break! Kenny looks and Chris just managed to lay a foot across the ropes right before the ref could reach the count of 3! Kenny says it was three but the ref insists he got the ropes before it was. Kenny pulls Chris away from the ropes and covers him again for..1..2..Kickout! Chris is starting to stir now. Kenny shakes his head as he won't let that happen. He jumps on Chris and starts hitting him. The ref pulls him off, warning him to stop. He backs up and stops. Chris slowly gets to his feet and staggers forward. Kenny goes to hit him with the Royal Flush but Chris counters and hits him with a fisherman suplex and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Chris Melendez

Chris looks so happy he won. The fans are cheering for him. He goes out to the fans to celebrate. Kenny slowly sits up and he looks mad. He can't believe he lost.

We flip to the back and see EC III and Tyrus. Jeremy Borash is with then for an interview.

Jeremy: Ethan, you and Tyrus are facing tag team veterans Jeff and Matt Hardy in a tag team match at Turning Point. What are your thoughts on this?

EC III: Well, I've beaten every so called legend or veteran I've faces, so I'm not worried about it. I've got Tyrus, an unstoppable monster in that ring. And then there's me, and no one can compete with that.

Tyrus: What he said!

They walk off. Jeremy watches as they go. Mr. Anderson walks up. Jeremy turns to him.

Jeremy: Mr. Anderson, you just beat Austin Aries earlier tonight. You've already had comments for Lashley and Bobby Roode. What's on your mind?

Anderson: Well, I have a lot of respect for Aries and don't want to take anything away from him, but I told everyone what would happen. As for Lashley, if I meet him in this tournament, you'll see the same result as tonight. I will meet Bobby Roode for the title at Turning Point, and I will become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

He walks off. Jeremy watches him leave.

Jeremy: We'll be back with more action, right after this.

Commercial Break

We're back and The Great Sanada is in the ring. The rest of The Revolution is at ringside for support. They are all smiling and taunting.

Mike: Sanada's opponent for tonight in the tournament is Devon but he can't compete. He's out with an injury.

Taz: It looks like Sanada will advance by forfeit.

James Storm gets a mic and enters the ring with Sanada.

Storm: It looks like Devon won't be making it tonight. Let's get a ref to call this thing so we can get out of here!

Devon's music hits and he steps out on stage with a mic.

Devon: Hold on just a second! It's true that I'm injured and can't compete. Now sadly that means you automatically advance to the finals next week, but you're not getting off that easy. You've got a match tonight, against a good friend of mine. Come on out!

Familiar music hits the arena and a familiar face steps out on the stage.

Mike: It's Tommy Dreamer! He's here to compete tonight!

Taz: I can't believe this! This is gonna be great!

Tommy: And it's going to be my kind of match, hardcore!

He holds up a trash can full of weapons. Devon grabs a chair for protection like he had last week and follows Tommy toward the ring. The fans are going crazy with cheers. The Revolution look worried. Tommy enters the ring as the ref makes Storm go out to ringside. Devon stays at ringside with his chair. He opens it and sits down in it.

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Great Sanada

The bell rings and Tommy sets his trash can down in the corner. He pulls a kendo stick out of it. He runs at Sanada but Sanada ducks and rolls. He grabs the trash can as Tommy runs at him again. Sanada lifts the trash can and throws it at him. It hits him and he drops the kendo stick. Sanada runs and dropkicks him. He falls back on his weapons and it connects hard with his back. His back leaves a huge dent across the trash can. He rolls off of it and is laying there. Sanada picks up the kendo stick and walks over to him. He whips Tommy across the back with it. He yells out in pain. He gets whipped several more times and is rolling around and yelling each time. Devon is sitting on the edge of the chair, cheering Tommy on and calling for him to get up and fight back. Tommy gets to his knees. Sanada swings at him again but he grabs the kendo stick. He pulls it so Sanada comes toward him. He lays Sanada out with a clothesline. Tommy dumps out his trash can and another chair, a small black bag, and the lid to the trash can all fall out. Sanada sits up and Tommy nails him across the head with the trash can lid. He drags Sanada into the corner. He puts the trash can in his lap. He runs as dropkicks the trash can which crushes Sanada between it and the turnbuckle. Sanada is laid out in the corner. Tommy goes and dumps the black bag out. Tacs fall out into a pile on the mat. Abyss an Manik jump up on the apron. Tommy gets the chair and hits Abyss in the head with it. He falls out to ringside. Storm is sneaking around behind Tommy. Devon gets up and grabs his chair and comes up behind Storm. Tommy nails Manik with the chair now. He falls out to ringside. Storm gets up the apron but is nailed in the back by Devon. Storm falls backwards out to ringside. Devon hops up on the apron and he shakes hands with Tommy. He points and Tommy sidesteps and ducks. Sanada ran at him with the kendo stick from behind. When Tommy moves, Devon is right where Sanada is heading. He swings the chair forward and Sanada comes crushing forward into the chair. He falls back right into the pile of tacs. Tommy drops down and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Devon gets up in the ring and celebrates with Tommy. He's out of the tournament but happy for a little revenge. Sanada rolls out to ringside but falls to the ground. Abyss and Manik, still dazed, pull him to his feet and help him head up the ramp. Storm is to his knees and glaring at Devon and Tommy. Abyss and Manik look ready to attach but he decides to call them off do now. They all head to the back. Devon and Tommy continue to celebrate. We fade to commercial seeing them.

Commercial Break

We're back and we see a video clip of an altercation with the Knockouts in the back. Gail Kim was walking and was attacked by Havoc. Madison Rayne, Taryn Tarrell, and Brooke come up to help her. Havok fights with them but they eventually manage to get her off her feet. Velvet Sky and Angeline Love attack them at that point. An all out brawl breaks out and refs and security rush to break it up. They're still struggling to get it stopped as the video clip ends.

Mike: Things are getting heated in the Knockouts Division!

Taz: I know! It's exciting!

We flip back to ringside for our main event match.

Christy: This next match is the main event, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Gunner!

Gunner comes out to cheers from the crowd. He looks focused and confident. He gets in the ring and is looking straight down the ramp where his opponent is about to come out.

Christy: And his opponent, Lashley!

Lashley comes out to a mixed reaction. He looks ready for this. He isn't paying attention to the crowd. He doesn't care if they boo or cheer. He joins Gunner in the ring and they look set to go.

Gunner vs. Lashley

The bell rings as they come face to face. They start trading shots back an forth. Gunner nails Lashley with a hard right and then Lashley nails Gunner. They keep at it until they both start to stagger back after each shot. Finally Gunner blocks a shot and then keeps hitting Lashley. He knocks him back into the ropes and then runs at him. Lashley ducks and flips Gunner over his back. Gunner lands on the apron. Lashley turns around and goes to hit him but he leans through the rope and hits Lashley with a shoulder to the gut. Lashley bends over with the impact. Gunner jumps over the ropes, grabbing Lashley from behind, and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! They both get up quickly. Gunner runs at Lashley but Lashley is able to bend down and lift Gunner up as they meet. He gets him up high and then he slams him to the mat. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! He lets Gunner get to his knees and then goes to hit him. Gunner blocks and nails him in the gut. Then he nails Lashley with an uppercut. Lashley falls back to the mat. Gunner gets to his feet and goes over to Lashley. He starts stomping and kicking him over and over again. The ref warns him to back off so he does. Then he runs and hits a legdrop on Lashley. He pulls Lashley close to the corner. He goes up to the second rope and comes off with an elbow. He hits it and covers Lashley for..1..2..Kickout! Lashley rolls to the ropes and starts to get up. Gunner runs up and stars hitting him and kicking him repeatedly all over to keep him down. He powers to his feet anyways and shoves Gunner back and down on the mat. Gunner looks up at him stunned. Lashley turns toward him and looks fired up. He motions for Gunner to get up. Gunner slowly gets up, not taking his eyes off Lashley. When Gunner is to his feet, Lashley runs at him. Gunner moves and sends Lashley into the turnbuckle. He runs and dropkicks Lashley in the back, send him slamming against the turnbuckle more. Gunner grabs him from behind and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Lashley sits up and looks at Gunner. Gunner kicks him in the head and he falls back on his back again. Lashley slowly sits up again but Gunner kicks him back to the mat again. Gunner lifts Lashley to his feet. He grabs him for a suplex. He struggles and it looks like he may not be able to lift him for it. He plants his feet and gets under Lashley better. He nails him with a suplex. Gunner covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Gunner shakes his head. He's going to end this one. He goes to the second rope again. The fans cheer. He looks out at them and moves up to the top rope. Lashley is to his feet. Gunner jumps off the top. Lashley jumps up and spears Gunner midair and takes him to the mat with it. The crowd goes insane! Lashley has him covered for..1..2..3!

Winner: Lashley

Lashley gets up celebrating. The fans are starting to get behind him more. He is smiling. He wants the World title again. Mr. Anderson comes out on the stage.

Mike: Mr. Anderson was scouting the competition tonight. They go one on one next week. The winner will face Rhino the next week in a number one contenders match.

Taz: It's going to be good! And also it's Chris Melendez, Sanada, and Samoa Joe in a triple threat number one contenders match for the X Division Championship match!

Mr. Anderson comes down and gets in the ring. He comes face to face with Lashley and they are having a staredown. Rhino comes out on the ramp and they both turn to look. He comes out with a mic.

Rhino: It doesn't matter which one of you wins next week. You can't beat me!

He drops the mic and comes down toward the ring. He gets in the ring and gets right in both their faces. They don't back down and they all start arguing. It looks like a brawl is about to break out. Rockstar Spud steps out on the stage using his music again.

Spud: Stop! Stop right there! There's no need for a brawl to break out right here at the end of the show. I can see too much tension right here though. So we're not going to wait two weeks to determine a number one contender. We are going to have a second triple threat match for the number one contenders match!

Mike: What?! What a main event for next week. Rockstar Spud showing some great match making skills here tonight!

Taz: I can't wait! It's going to be great!

Mr. Anderson, Lashley, and Rhino turn their attention back to each other. They all look fired up and ready to go. Spud returns to the back. The show closes with them all looking confident for next week.

Turning Point:

EC III & Tyrus vs. The Hardys

James Storm & Abyss vs. The Wolves Tag Team Championship Match

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