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Action heats up as we get close to Turning Point. Number one contenders are determined and PPV matches are made. I hope you enjoy all the great action. Thanks for reading

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We open to an insanely excited, sold out crowd. They are going crazy. We go to ringside with Mike Tenay and Taz.

Mike: Hello and welcome! Tonight we will determine a number one contender for the X Division and World Heavyweight Championships with two triple threat matches!

Taz: And we will be close to naming a number one contender for the Knockouts Championship as we will have two more qualifiers tonight to decide who will be in the contenders match next week.

Mike: With all that tonight, we better get started now!

Christy: This first match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Gail Kim!

Gail comes out to cheers. She doesn't look happy tonight. She looks focused and revenge driven. She remembers what happened last week when Havok attacked her. She gets in the ring and waits.

Christy: And her opponent, Havok!

Havok comes out to loud boos. She doesn't care at all. She doesn't even seem to hear it. She is looking at Gail. She knows who she has to get through to get a title match and that's what she has her mind set on. She joins Gail in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Havok

As the bell rings they start fighting. Gail jumps on Havok with several shots and kicks but they don't do much at all. Havok slings her off backwards into the ropes. She comes flying off, swinging and kicking at Havok again. She gets Havok to her knees. She runs at Havok but Havok grabs her by the neck. She runs her backwards into the turnbuckle. She backs up. She runs at Gail. Gail moves and Havok runs into the turnbuckle. She staggers back and Gail rolls her up for..1..2..Kickout! Gail kicks and stomps her a little while she's down. Havok starts to get up but Gail elbows her in the head. She goes to get up again but Gail kicks her in the side. Havok gets to her knees and Gail goes to kick her again. She grabs Gail's foot and pulls it towards her. Gail is pulled to her and she lays her out with a clothesline style move. She covers Gail for..1..2..Kickout! Havok moves back a little. Gail slowly gets to her feet. Havok grabs her and lifts her over her head. Gail elbows her on top of the head a few times and them jumps down behind her. She kicks her in the back of the knees and she falls to her knees. Gail kicks her in the head and she falls to the mat. Gail rolls her over and covers her for..1..2..Kickout! Gail tries to lift Havok to her feet but isn't having much luck. Havok shoves her back to the mat and slowly pulls herself up. Gail runs at her but she ducks and lifts Gail up over her back. Gail goes over the ropes and out to ringside. Havok looks around and decides she's not finished with her. She steps over the ropes afterwards. Gail is to her knees at the apron. She jumps forward and hits Havok's feet. She falls off the apron and hits the ground at ringside. The ref is being lenient but the no double countout, no double DQ rule doesn't apply for the Knockouts qualifiers. Gail pulls Havok up to her knees. Havok shoves her back into the barricade. Havok pulls out a table and sets it up. She throws Gail back in the ring. She goes in after her. Havok grabs Gail up and sends her over the ropes. She catches herself on the apron to keep from going out and through the table. Havok runs at her but she pulls the ropes down. Havok falls forward, leaning over the ropes. Gail pulls her the rest of the way but she lands on the apron too. Gail tries to knock her off but she gets to her feet. Havok grabs Gail and falls to the side. They both go through the table at ringside. The ref has seen enough and has them ring the bell.

Winner: Double DQ

Gail and Havok are laying in the remains of the table that was set up at ringside. The ref has ruled no winner so neither will advance.

Mike: Now the number one contender match will just be between Angelina Love and the winner of the other Knockouts match later tonight.

Taz: These two ladies put on one hell of a match though!

Mike: That they did!

We see Chris getting ready in the back. He's getting set for what could be his first title shot in TNA if he wins tonight. We flip and see Sanada getting ready. He has the other Revolution members with him. James Storm is giving him a pep talk. We flip now and see Samoa Joe heading out to the arena. He looks focused and ready too. He's going after a title he's had many times. He's ready to come after it again.

Commercial Break

We're back and Samoa Joe and Chris Melendez are in the ring. The Great Sanada is making his way to the ring. He has The Revolution with him. Spud comes out on the apron.

Spud: Tonight, if The Revolution get involved they will be suspended and are therefore also banned from ringside! That is all! Carry on.

The Revolution members go crazy. Sanada looks frustrated and nervous. Storm is mad and going crazy. Abyss and Manik just look calmer but still not happy. They all slowly and reluctantly go to the back as the match is set to start.

Chris Melendez vs. The Great Sanada vs. Samoa Joe #1 contenders match for the X Division Championship

The bell rings and Chris and Joe both turn and looks at Sanada. He gets afraid and rolls out to ringside. They turn their attention to each other. They lock up. Joe takes control and lifts Chris up. Then he slams him down on the mat. Sanada goes to sneak in he ring but Joe turns and sees him and runs at him. He drops off the apron and down to ringside again. Chris runs at Joe. Joe turns and runs toward him too. How swings at Chris. He ducks and Joe misses. They both bounce off the ropes of the side of the ring they get to. They both bounce off and come back at each other again. Chris is faster this time and nails Joe with a clothesline. He gets up as Sanada sneaks back into the ring. Sanada comes up behind Chris. He grabs him from behind and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Chris gets up and looks very mad. He grabs Sanada and throws him into the corner. He unloads on him with shot after shot. He kicks him several times. The ref is telling him to back up but with no countouts or DQs, there's nothing he can do. Joe slowly gets to his feet. He runs up and grabs Chris up from behind and hits him with a suplex from behind. Sanada staggers out from the corner and falls to the mat. Joe flips him over on his back. Joe runs and bounces off the ropes. He comes back and jumps, splashing on Sanada and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Chris staggers over to them. He elbows Joe in the back of the head. He looks up at Chris. He gets to his feet. They come up face to face. Joe draws back to hit him but Sanada dropkicks him from behind which sends him falling forward into Chris, taking them both to the mat in the process. Sanada then pulls Joe off Chris and covers Chris for..1..2..Kickout! He pulls Sanada to his feet. He goes to lift Sanada as he sees Joe getting up. He sets Sanada down on his feet. Joe comes up beside them. Chris and Sanada both draw back and hit Joe with a superkick. It's a double hit to Joe with two superkicks in one. Chris starts to walk over to cover him. Sanada stops him and pulls him back. He shakes his head no and then he walks to cover Joe. Sanada goes to cover him now. Chris stops him and pulls him back. He shakes his head no. Joe then rolls and falls out to ringside. Now Sanada and Chris start arguing. Sanada shoves Chris. Chris comes back and shoves Sanada harder. Sanada falls back and down onto the mat. Sanada gets up but Chris tackles him to the mat, nailing him with shot after shot. Sanada gets busted open and starts bleeding. Blood gets on Chris's fist and some also falls to the mat. Chris gets up and looks down at Sanada. He goes to grab him but Kenny King suddenly jumps in the ring and grabs Chris from behind. He hits him with the Royal Flush and then slides out and jumps the barricade. He heads to the back through the fans. Sanada has rolled over to the ropes. Joe gets up and pulls Sanada out of the ring. He throws him back into the barricade and then kicks him in the head. He falls to the floor. Joe gets back up in the ring. He lifts Chris up and throws him into the corner. He gets him up on the ropes. He grabs him off on his shoulder and hits him with a muscle buster and covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe gets up and looks happy. The fans are mostly happy too. Some wanted him to win more and some wanted Chris to win more but they all seem happy Sanada didn't win.

We flip to the back and see Storm and the rest of The Revolution all watching and upset. We flip to a different area backstage where Kenny King is watchin and looks very pleased with it.

We see a split screen now. Madison Rayne is heading to the arena on one side. Velvet is heading to the ring with already qualified Angelina right behind her. Velvet and Madison are both trying to qualify against each other next.

Commercial Break

We're back and Madison Rayne is in the ring. Velvet and Angelina are heading there. They get down to the ring and Velvet gets in but Angelina stops and stays out at ringside.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love

The match starts and Madison kicks Velvet and she bends over in pain. Madison elbows her in the back. She falls to a knee. Madison kicks her and she falls back on the mat. Madison drops and covers her for..1..Kickout! Madison gets up and kicks her. Then she lifts her up. She Irish whips her into the corner. She runs but Velvet elbows her when she gets there. Madison staggers back. Velvet runs out and clotheslines her to the mat. Velvet covers her for..1..2..Kickout! Velvet backs up and Madison slowly gets to her feet. Velvet walks up to her and slaps her across the chest. Madison backs up and then comes forward slapping her even harder across the chest. Velvet looks shocked, and then mad. She slaps Madison across the face. Madison shoves her back so hard she falls to the mat. Velvet goes to get up but Madison tackles her to the mat and starts unloading on her with several shots to the head and face. Madison gets up and pulls Velvet to her feet. Madison grabs her and throws her through the ropes and out to ringside. Angelina comes over to check on her. Madison comes out after her but Angelina is standing there guarding her. The ref is warning Angelina not to get involved and is warning Madison to take the match back to the ring. Madison gets back in the ring as Velvet gets up. Velvet slides back in the ring behind her. Madison grabs her and throws her into the corner. She runs and jumps up on the second rope on Velvet and starts hitting her over and over in the head. Velvet pushes her off. She lands on her feet on the mat. She grabs Velvet up and nails her with a suplex. She covers her for..1..2..Kickout! Angelina gets up on the barricade now. Madison runs to knock her off but she jumps down. The ref gives Angelina a warning. Madison turns around and Velvet knocks her back into the ropes and starts hitting her over and over again. The ref pulls her off and away. He's yelling at her. Angelina picks up a bottle of something and sprays Madison in the face with it. She jumps back, running at her eyes in pain. She staggers back and Velvet rolls her up for..1..2..3!

Winner: Velvet Sky

Velvet gets up in the ring as Velvet starts celebrating her win. Angelina says something to her and they both look at each other very seriously. Angelina holds out her hand and Velvet shakes it.

Mike: They'll face off next week in a number one contenders match!

Taz: I guess that handshake was their way of saying may the best woman win!

We flip to the back and Chris is standing there with Jeremy. Chris looks mad and grabs the mic from Jeremy.

Chris: Kenny! I hope you got satisfaction tonight when you cost me my title shot, and I hope that was the only satisfaction you were looking for. Because now, I'm mad. At Turning Point, I'm gonna beat you for the second time. You've stepped in it now!

He shoves the mic into Jeremy and walks off mad. Jeremy looks at him, a little surprised.

The screen is split three ways. Mr. Anderson is shown in one part getting geared up in his locker room for the big main event. Lashley is shown, looking ready, getting himself pumped up. Rhino is in the third part heading out to the arena for the match.

Mike: The main event is up next!

Taz: This is going to be great!

Commercial Break

We're back and we go to Taz and Mike Tenay at ringside.

Mike: We received word during the break that next week it will be Tigre Uno vs. Sanada.

Taz: Maybe that will settle some of the issues they've had over the past several weeks.

Mike: Now let's get the main event going!

Christy: This next match is our main event and it's a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Mr. Anderson!

Mr. Anderson comes out to a fired up crowd. They are cheering him on. He looks happy but ready to fight. He goes down to the ring.

Christy: And his opponents, first, Lashley!

Lashley comes out to a mixed reaction. He looks focused and confident. He's ready for a fight. He joins Anderson in the ring.

Christy: And their opponent, Rhino!

Rhino comes out to boos from the crowd. He shrugs it off and heads to the ring. He looks sure of himself. He joins them in the ring. They all three look set to go.

Mr. Anderson vs. Lashley vs. Rhino #1 contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship

They all three look back and forth and seem to be getting set to go. Then Anderson and Lashley both turn and look at Rhino. He looks shocked. He starts to back up. They both jump at him. They both start unloading shots and kicking him. They back up and together they hit him with a clothesline over the top and out to ringside. The crowd is going wild with cheers. Now Anderson and Lashley turn toward each other. Anderson goes to hit Lashley, but he blocks it. Lashley hits Anderson a couple times and he staggers back. Anderson regains his footing and runs at Lashley. Lashley lifts him up and slams him down. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Lashley goes to get up. Rhino grabs his leg and pulls him out to ringside. He hits him with shot after shot to the head. Then he slams him back into the barricade. He kicks him several times while he's down. The crowd is booing him. He taunts them and gets them mad. Anderson staggers to the ropes and climbs to the top. Rhino turns around as Anderson comes flying off the ropes. Anderson hits Rhino as he comes down and they both fall to the ground. The crowd is going wild. Anderson gets up and looks around. Lashley is getting up. Anderson grabs a chair up that's next to the announce table. He runs and nails Lashley in the head with it. He falls to the ground and is out. Anderson drops the chair and drags him toward the ring. He starts trying to lift him to get him in the ring. Rhino is getting up behind him. Anderson turns and Rhino hits him with the Gore. Rhino gets up and grabs Lashley. He's able to pull him up and roll him back into the ring, with some effort. He covers Lashley for..1..2..Kickout! Rhino gets up and looks around the arena. He seems to be frustrated. He goes out to ringside and sets up a table. He pulls Anderson up and lays him across the table. He hits him a few times so he'll stay there. He rolls back into the ring and sees Lashley getting set up on the top rope. He runs and pushes Lashley off sideways out to ringside. Lashley falls and hits Anderson and they go crashing through the table. The crowd goes crazy again with excitement. Anderson and Lashley look completely out of it. Medics go rushing to them. Rhino looks out and sees this. He seems to realize this could be his chance. He goes out to ringside and grabs Lashley off of Anderson and pulls Lashley over to the ring. He rolls him back in. He looks over his shoulder once to make sure Anderson isn't a problem and when he seems him still lying unconscious, he heads back into the ring. Rhino gets down and covers Lashley for..1..2..Kickout! Rhino looks up shocked. He can't believe Lashley kicked out! Medics are out with Anderson and they've rolled a stretcher down for him. Rhino gets up and watches Lashley. Lashley staggers to his feet, slowly. Rhino runs to hit him with the Gore but Lashley moves out of the way. Rhino runs into the turnbuckle. Lashley grabs him from behind and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! They both jump up and get into a brawl. They are almost locked up, trading shots. They fall to the mat and Lashley comes out on top. He's hitting Rhino over and over while on top of him. He gets up off of him and looks fired up now. Anderson is being out onto the stretcher. Lashley waits and watches while Rhino slowly gets to his feet and turns around. Lashley runs and nails him with a spear. Anderson comes into the ring out of nowhere with a chair in his hands. Lashley goes to cover Rhino without turning around and seeing Anderson. He covers him for..1..2..Anderson nails Lashley across the back with the chair, breaking up the pin. Lashley slowly goes to get up, but clearly in pain after that shot. He turns around and Anderson hits him in the gut with the chair. Anderson the sets the chair down and hits him with a Mic Check onto the chair. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Anderson gets up celebrating his huge win. The fans are mostly cheering for him. Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out on the stage. He looks down to the ring at Anderson and holds the World title up. Anderson points down at it and motions around his waist. They are doing this as the show fades off.

Turning Point:

EC III & Tyrus vs. The Hardys

Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King

James Storm & Abyss vs. The Wolves Tag Team Championship Match

Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki X Division Championship Match

Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode World Heavyweight Championship Match

Posted on February 19, 2015 at 11:32 AM
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Good Episode, looking forward to seeing Anderson vs. Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 10:03 PM
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Deadman Crew

Thanks. I'm glad you are enjoying it and looking forward to the first PPV.

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 12:20 AM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #726 (Rank in League: #15)
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