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The action continues as we head to the first PPV, Turning Point. Lots of great action. Catch up on episode 1 and 2 if you haven't and then check this one out. I hope you enjoy and continue to read.

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We open with Mike Tenay and Taz at ringside. The crowd is going wild with excitement. They know it's going to be a great show.

Mike: Hello everyone and welcome! We've got a great show planned tonight with lots of great matches! Before we get started I want to mention another company with great matches, Insanity Dome! You can catch them here with our shows, it definitely worth watching!

Taz: Yeah, you said it right! Now let's get started with tonight's show!

Christy: This first match is scheduled for one fall! On the way to the ring, Bram!

Bram comes out to boos from the crowd. He has a crazy look in his eye and is paying no attention to the fans. He's ready to fight.

Christy: And his opponent, Lashley!

Lashley comes out to boos as well. He shrugs it off and heads to the ring. He gets in and him and Bram look ready to go.

Mike: The fans won't be happy with the outcome of this one either way!

Taz: Yeah one of these two will win the match.

Bram vs. Lashley

The bell rings and Lashley and Bram start trading shots back and forth, hitting each other in the head and face. Lashley gains the upper hand and grabs Bram. He throws Bram into the corner. He runs at him. Bram sticks his leg up and nails Lashley in the face. Lashley staggers back. Bram leaps out of the corner and tackles Lashley to the mat. He unloads shot after shot to Lashley. The ref has to pull him off and back him up. Bram pulls Lashley to his feet in the corner. Then he backs up. He runs and nails Lashley in the head with a big boot. Lashley falls to the mat. Bram goes to cover him but Lashley falls out to ringside before he can get him. Bram rolls out to ringside to get him.

Taz: And you'll notice the refs haven't been counting when both wrestlers have been outside the ring.

Mike: That's because before Kurt Angle was attacked, he said to make sure we had definitive winners to advance each match, there would be no double countouts or DQs. So the ref won't count if both men are outside the ring.

Bram pulls Lashley up to where he's leaning on the steel barricade at ringside. Bram backs up and then runs at Lashley. Lashley moves to the side and throws Bram into the barricade. He hits it so hard it falls in and Bram goes out into the crowd. Lashley drags him back toward the ring. Lashley pulls the steel steps apart and leaves the halfs laying side by side. He lifts Bram up and slams him back first down on the steps. Lashley then lifts him up and rolls him back into the ring. Lashley goes back in the ring as well. He goes over and gets down and covers Bram for..1..2..Kickout! Lashley gets up and looks around. He pulls Bram up to his feet. He Irish whips him into the ropes. He bounces off and comes back. Lashley swings at him but he ducks. He bounces off the ropes behind Lashley now and comes back again. Lashley turns around in time to get nailed with a dropkick. Lashley falls back and rolls out to ringside. Bram gets to his feet and is still staggering a little. He slowly heads to the top rope. Lashley gets up on the apron to stop him. Bram kicks him in the head and he falls to ringside. Lashley gets back to his feet as Bram comes flying off the top and out to ringside. Bram hits him hard and they both are laid out at ringside.

Commercial Break

We're back and we see a replay from while it was on break. Bram watched as Lashley pulled himself up using the barricade and then he speared him through it. They both looked out of it as they laid there. Now Bram and Lashley are back in the ring but barely on their feet. Lashley hits Bram with a hard right and he staggers back. Then Bram comes forward and nails him. Now he staggers back. They continue this until finally Lashley swings and Bram blocks it and nails him with a couple shots in a row and then a hard uppercut. Lashley alls back into the ropes and then staggers forward off them. Bram fell back into the ropes on the other side and then launched himself off them. He comes flying at Lashley and nails him with a hard clothesline, falling to the mat with Lashley. Bram covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Bram looks shocked. The fans also go crazy. They can't believe what these two will go through to win. Bram gets up and stomps on Lashley and kicks him. He goes up on the ropes. He comes off with an elbow but Lashley moves and Bram hits his elbow hard on the mat. Lashley pulls himself up and is watching Bram, motioning for him to get up. Bram staggers to his feet with his back to Lashley. He turns around and Lashley spears him to the mat. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Lashley

Lashley gets up. Fans are actually cheering a little bit. They are mostly excited and going crazy over the action they just saw. They can't believe what it took for Lashley to finally win the match. Lashley heads up the ramp, looking pained but happy he won. Bram is laid out in the ring, still completely out of it.

We look at a clip of last week's brawl with The Revolution and Devon, Tigre Uno, and The Wolves.

Mike: Devon will be out with an injury most likely until Turning Point.

Taz: But Tigre Uno goes one on one with Sanada as part of the X Division tournament, and that match is next.

Mike: If The Revolution members don't get involved this should be a great match.

Taz: Well if that's the case then get ready for a bad match cause you know they're going to get involved.

We go to the back and see The Revolution getting Sanada ready for his match. Tigre Uno is shown heading out alone. They face off next.

Commercial Break

We're back and Tigre Uno is in the ring. The Revolution is making it's way out now. James Storm is leading the way with Abyss by his side. Manik is following behind them. The Great Sanada comes out last as he's being announced. The focus is on him and the and are booing them. They get to the ring and they clear the path for Sanada. He gets in the ring alone. The rest of them start to spread out at ringside.

The Great Sanada w/The Revolution vs. Tigre Uno

The bell rings and they run at each other. Tigre jumps up and hurricanranas Sanada into the corner. He's laying there upside down with his feet in the air. Tigre runs and jumps and lands with a dropkicks into Sanada. He falls out from the corner into the middle of the ring. Tigre covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Manik already jumps up on the apron. Tigre looks to start toward him but he jumps down. The ref warns them back and warns Tigre not to go out after them. He turns his attention back to Sanada. He walks over to Sanada and bends down to reach for him. Sanada kicks Tigre in the head. Tigre falls back to the mat as Sanada springs to his feet. Storm and the rest of The Revolution cheer him on at ringside. Sanada runs and jumps up on the ropes and immediately backflips off of them. He lands with a splash on Tigre and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Sanada gets up and starts kicking Tigre over and over. He's frustrated he didn't win with that move. Sanada goes to the top rope again. This time Tigre runs and jumps and kicks Sanada in the head. He falls forward into the middle of the ring. Tigre goes to the top rope instead now. Manik gets up on the apron. Abyss is down right behind him. They are arguing with the ref. Storm gets up on the apron on the other side of the ring and is behind Tigre. Tigre looks to his side in time to see Storm push him off the top rope. He falls forward and lands hard in the ring. Sanada slowly gets to his feet. He waits as Tigre gets up. Sanada goes for This Is It but Tigre counters and nails him with a DDT. Manik actually gets in the ring now but Tigre hits him with a dropkick. That knocks him down and he rolls out to ringside. Storm gets up on the apron again but this time, Tigre hits him with one of his own moves, a superkick. This knocks Storm backwards but Abyss catches him, and lowers him to the ground slowly. He looks like he's about to go in the ring but Tigre turns his attention back towards Sanada and Sanada now nails him with a superkick. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: The Great Sanada

Sanada gets up celebrating his win. Storm slowly gets up and motions Abyss toward the ring. Abyss gets in an starts a beatdown on Tigre. Manik is back up and he joins in and so does Sanada. Stoem goes into the ring to join. The Wolves music hits and they rush to the ring to join in. They go in outnumbered and start getting beat down as well. Devon's music hits and everyone is shocked.

Mike: Devon's injured! He's not cleared to compete until at least Turning Point or later!

Taz: It looks like he's here anyways!

Devon runs down to the ring with a chair in hand. Devon enter the ring swinging the chair at the members of The Revolution. Storm and Abyss leave betting up the Wolves and roll out of the ring to keep from getting a chair shot. Sanada manages to roll out from beating up Tigre to escape as well. Manik goes to leave but Devon catches him with a chair shot to the face. He falls and rolls out to ringside. Abyss lifts him and carries him up the ramp. The Revolution members are all glaring down toward the ring. Devon helps Tigre Uno and The Wolves to their feet. They all glare back at The Revolution.

Mike: James Storm is determined for his group to hold all the gold in TNA.

Taz: Yeah but the other wrestlers are starting to fight back against his ways of getting there.

Mike: You're right, and they're no easy adversaries either.

We go to the back and see the World Champion Bobby Roode. Lashley walks by and seeing him, he stops.

Lashley: I heard Mr. Anderson tell you to watch out cause he's coming for that title. You need to watch out but not for him. Don't worry about him. It's him you need to watch out for.

Roode: I'm not scared of you or Anderson or anyone else. If you earn a shot at the title, I'll he glad for the challenge. It's up to you to make it happen.

He walks off with Lashley watching him. Mr. Anderson walks up and him and Lashley are staring each other down face to face. Neither back down.

We flip and see Shark Boy coming down a hall. He's here and he's in action as part of the X Division tournament next.

Commercial Break

We're back and Samoa Joe is already in the ring for this X Division tournament match. He looks focused and ready to go all the way to another title win right now.

Christy: And his opponent, Shark Boy!

Shark Boy comes out to a slight positive reaction. He isn't seen often so he's going to have to make the fans take notice to get a real response here tonight. He joins Samoa Joe in the ring and they shake hands as a sign of respect before they start.

Samoa Joe vs. Shark Boy

The bell rings and they lock up. Joe has an obvious size advantage and takes control and overpowers Shark Boy. He takes him back into the corner then backs off as the ref says to. Then he runs at Shark Boy. Shark Boy moves out from the corner just in time and Joe runs into the turnbuckle. Shark Boy runs to the opposite side of the ring and then comes back. Joe turns around just in time to get drop kicked back into the corner. Joe falls to a sitting position in the corner. Shark Boy runs and slides, kicking Joe. He slowly pulls away from the ropes and covers him for..1..Kickout! He kicks out after only 1 and does so by throwing Shark Boy off of him. Shark Boy gets up and looks surprised. Joe gets up. Shark Boy runs at him but he lifts Shark Boy up into the air over his head and then walks out from under him, letting him fall to the mat behind him. Joe run into the ropes, comes off and runs toward where Shark Boy is laying. He jumps with his feet out in front of him, where his back will come crashing down on Shark Boy. Shark Boy rolls out of the way as Joe jumps up. Joe hits his back on the mat hard. Shark Boy gets up and slowly goes over to the ropes. He climbs to the top and gets himself set. Joe gets up and sees Shark Boy as Shark Boy jumps. Joe just steps out of the way, shaking his head, and Shark Boy crashes into the mat. Joes gets him up and throws him back into the corner. He nails him with several shots. He backs up and Shark Boy falls to the mat. Joe climbs up on the bottom rope. He looks around and the and cheer, so he climbs to the second rope. He looks around and they cheer more, so he climbs to the top. He looks around and they cheer really loud so he jumps off. He lands an elbow on Shark Boy and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Joe sits up and looks at the ref. He says it was two and Joe looks around stunned. He gets up and seems frustrated. He shakes his head and walks back over to Shark Boy. He bends down and Shark Boy kicks him in the head. He staggers back and Shark Boy gets up. Shark Boy turns to grab Joe. Joe drops back and kicks Shark Boy right below the chin. Shark Boy falls back into the ropes and Joe grabs him and sets him up in the corner. He grabs him up and hits him with the Samoan Drop. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe gets up and all the fans are loudly cheering him. He helps Shark Boy up and shakes hands with him. Shark Boy raises Samoa Joe's hand and points to him.

Mike: What a show of respect between these two men!

Taz: Winning the X Division Championship means a lot to both men but so does respect.

We flipped to the back and see Low Ki watching from the back. He nods and looks pleased. Kenny King walks up behind him.

Kenny: I wouldn't worry about Samoa Joe or Sanada. You won't be facing either of them for your title.

Low Ki: You seem pretty sure about yourself.

Kenny: Why wouldn't I?

Low Ki: Ive faces Samoa Joe before. If you make it to the finals, you better not underestimate him. And if someone has beaten him, you better not underestimate them. Cause he's one of the best athletes in TNA and I'm just not sure about you yet.

Kenny glares at him, then looks like he's about to say something. He seems to change his mind and walks off. Low Ki turns and walks off as well.

Mike: When we come back we will hear from the four knockouts who will be in the next qualifying matches in two weeks.

Commercial Break

We're back and we go to a video of Gail Kim being interviewed earlier in the day.

Jeremy: How do you feel knowing Havok will be your first opponent in trying to become number one contender in two weeks?

Gail: I know she'll be a tough challenge but I'm not letting the opportunity to become champion pass me by. I'll beat her and go on to once again be champion. Just wait and see.

We flip to a video of Havok.

Jeremy: Alright Havok. What...

She takes the mic from him.

Havok: No one in the Knockouts division can beat me one on one! I can't be pinned. I won't tap out. This won't be the first time I've beaten Gail Kim. You're looking at the next Knockouts Champion!

We flip to the video of Madison Rayne.

Jeremy: You're certainly no stranger to this division or that championship but can you do it again?

Madison: You're right. I've been champion multiple times. I've won plenty of matches to be able to say that. A few more wins to kick off another title reign is nothing. I've got this.

We go to the last video with Velvet Sky.

Jeremy: You're Beautiful People partner Angelina Love has already won a qualifying match to be in the number on contender match. You're in one of the two remaining. What are your thoughts going in?

Velvet: Well I'm obviously going to beat Madison Rayne. That's a given. Then there will be a triple threat between us three winners. The Beautiful People are two thirds of the match. The Beautiful People will have the title. It's just a matter of the better of us on that night winning. I would bet money on the one you're looking at right now though.

We go up to Christy now at ringside for our main event.

Christy: This match is scheduled for one fall and is our main event. Introducing first, Rhino!

He comes out to mostly boos. The fans don't seem to like him, but that's okay because he doesn't seem to like them either. He gets in the ring and looks very confident as he waits.

Christy: a And introducing his opponent, Eric Young!

Eric Young comes out to a huge cheering reaction from the crowd. He's smiling and waving to fans. He's very happy and ready for this. He wants another title reign and this is the first step to get there. He joins Rhino in the ring.

Rhino vs. Eric Young

The bell rings and Eric runs and nails him in the head with his forearm. Rhino falls back into the ropes and then comes off them with a huge clothesline. He covers Eric for..1..2..Kickout! Eric sits up but looks out of it. Rhino shrugs and gets up. He clearly doesn't mind beating Eric up some more. He lifts Eric to his feet and slings him into the corner. He unloads several shots on Eric but backs up as the ref comes to warn him off. Rhino runs at Eric but he moves. Rhino hits the turnbuckle and bounces off. He falls back to the mat. Eric pulls himself up on the rope and jumps off. He hits an elbow on Rhino and covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Rhino starts to get up. Eric pulls himself up with the ropes. Rhino runs at Eric but Eric drops and pulls the ropes down. Rhino flips over them and out to ringside. He then backs up and runs. He jumps through the middle and top rope and hits Rhino. Rhino falls back into the steel bar barricade. Eric falls to the ground. Eric slowly gets up. Rhino is barely stirring. Eric staggers to the ring. He gets in so the ref can do a count. Rhino is starting to more..1..2..he sits up and looks around..3..4..he gets on his hands and knees and grabs into the barricade..5..6..he pulls himself up..7..8..he staggers over to the ring and gets in just after 9! Eric starts kicking and punching him, trying to keep him down. Rhino suddenly gets up and shoves Eric back. Eric falls back to the mat but spring back to his feet. He runs at Rhino but Rhino lifts his foot and hits a big boot. Eric falls to the mat. Rhino drops down and starts nailing Eric over and over in the head and face. The ref warns him to stop and then starts pulling him off. He gets up and raises his hands as a sign he's stopped. He gets one more good kick on Eric and the ref starts warning him again. Eric crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself up. Rhino runs at him. He ducks and pulls the ropes down again but this time, Rhino catches himself without going over the top. Eric jumps up an kicks him in the back of the head. Rhino staggers around. Eric runs and hits him with a clothesline and he staggers more but doesn't fall. He runs and hits another one on Rhino. He staggers a little more. Eric goes to the top rope and jumps off. Rhino catches him, lifts him up over his head, and then slams him down on the mat. He covers him for..1..2..Kickout! Rhino stomps on him a few more times and then goes to lifts him up. Eric trips him up and rolls him up for..1..2..Kickout! Rhino springs up and looks stunned by almost getting beat by a rollup pin. Eric slowly gets to his feet and staggers around. Rhino runs and nails him with a spear. He covers him for..1..2..3!

Winner: Rhino

The fans boo as he stands up and has his hands raised. He smiles and taunts at the fans. He doesn't care what they think. Rhino grabs a mic. We will hear from him when we come back.

Commercial Break

We're back and it's time to hear what he has to say.

Rhino: It doesn't matter who I have to go through. I will win. I'll be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Mr. Anderson's music hits and he heads down toward the ring with a mic.

Anderson: What? You? Who are you? No, I'm kidding. I know who you are, but it's a joke to claim you'll be the one to even challenge for the title. I can beat anyone in this thing, including you.

Austin Aries music hits and he comes out with a mic. He heads down to the ring where Rhino, and now Mr. Anderson are.

Aries: No disrespect, Mr. Anderson. I take nothing away from you or your abilities, but I'm the Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Who can beat me and take me out of this tournament. I will be the next World Champion.

Now Gunner's music hits and he heads to the ring. Then Lashley's music hits and he follows toward the ring.

Mike: It's all the men still in the tournament.

Taz: This could get heated really quickly.

Now Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out. All the men in the ring appear to be arguing among themselves as to who will win the World Championship. It seems to be getting pretty heated.

Roode: You guys are all arguing over who's going to win this and become the next champion. The only problem is that I'm the champion. I have the belt right here to prove it, and it's not about to be going anywhere.

Anderson: We just have one problem. Kurt Angle made all these first round matches before leaving. He didn't finalize the rest of the tournament so how do we know who faces who next.

All the sudden, Kurt Angle's music hits. Bobby Roode was almost to the ring. He turns and looks up the ramp, surprised. All the tournament participants in the ring look surprised too. Rockstar Spud steps out onto the stage.

Mike: What is this? I thought Kurt Angle was here!

Taz: Yeah what is Rockstar Spud doing, and especially with Kurt's music?

Spud:I know you guys all wanted Kurt Angle. I was put in charge, after my experience as Dixie's assistant, to oversee things until Kurt is able to come back. Now Kurt did finalize it before he was attacked and I have the brackets. With an uneven number someone was going to advance without competing, which doesn't seem fair but it was a random selection. Mr. Anderson will face Austin Aries next week! Gunner will face Lashley next week as well! Then the winners of those matches will gm face off the following week. Then after that, the winner will face Rhino, who by luck of the draw, advances to the finals automatically.

The fans boo at this. Rhino smiles at this and taunts at some fans and fellow competitors.

Spud: You're all probably wondering who attacked Kurt a few weeks ago. I am too. We're looking for security footage or eyewitnesses who may have seen something. So far we don't know though. I will run this company the way Kurt would and will do my best to find out who attacked him. You can count on me.

Rhino is still taunting in the ring. Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries, Gunner, and Lashley all turn towards him. They attack him. They all beat him to the mat, evening things out and making it more fair maybe, since he won't compete again until the final. Once he falls out to ringside, Mr. Anderson and Aries start fighting. Gunner and Lashley start fighting. Roode heads back up the ramp, smiling at all his potential opponents fighting each other. Spud has returned to the back. The show fades out with them all still fighting.

Turning Point:

EC III & Tyrus vs. The Hardys

James Storm & Abyss vs. The Wolves Tag Team Championship Match

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Thanks for the Shout out and another great show, looking forward to seeing who's going to face Roode, I'm pulling for "Mr. Intensity" Gunner.

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 5:34 AM
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Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 2:43 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #726 (Rank in League: #15)
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