Episode 1: The Beginning


Show is in comments of course. Mine doesn't like the normal way apparently. I hope you all enjoy this new show.

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Backstory: Pro wrestling seems on the verge of death. TNA has shutdown and WWE seems to be showing the original signs TNA showed of failure. One particularly bad night wakes everyone up to this reality and it appears a huge walkout leaves WWE with no talent for shows. Vince McMahon tells everyone the show will go on until the WWE entirely shuts down. As it gets close to Monday night a lot of fans are ready to tune in to Raw just to see what they will see.

The show opens to slight optimistic cheers as Vince McMahon stands alone in the ring. He looks very solemn as he gets ready to speak.

Vince: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw. Sadly, I am the only one I can confirm is here tonight. But I promised you all the most entertaining show I could provide even if I was alone and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Now with that being said...

Cesaro' music hits and the crowd explodes. He comes out in his suit. He rips it off and shows his ready to put his talent on display and fight tonight. He is smiling and interacting with the crowd. He joins Vince in the ring and also has a mic. Vince has a confused smile.

Cesaro: I love this business and these fans. You want to have an entertaining show, you can count me in. I'll fight with this company until the end and if it comes to it, go down swinging right beside you.

Vince: That's pretty amazing. You guys wanna see Cesaro tonight?

The crowd goes crazy.

Vince: In that case...

Kevin Owens music hits next and he comes out. He comes down to the ring. He gets in as Vince and Cesaro are trying to figure out what he's doing.

Kevin: I know I'm not always anyone's favorite guy, but this really is what I love. You can count me in.

Before Vince can speak John Cena's music hits. The fans are really going crazy over the three guys who have shown up.

Cena: Now you guys should know I live and breathe WWE. With its current finances though, travel was a little rough. But I'm here to go like always.

AJ Styles comes out to his music now and him and Cena exchange a little glance of displeasure but then he looks down at the ring.

AJ: Well I can't be outshined by him. I'm definitely in.

Then he turns to Cena and laughs a little and holds his hand out. Cena shakes his hand and they actually seem to have sincerely buried their feud. They walk down to the ring and join Cesaro, Kevin, and Vince.

Vince: Looks like we've got the makings of a show started. Let's have Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro right now to get things going. Cena, you and AJ are gonna have to provide commentary. And I'm gonna get a ref shirt and ref this match.

He heads up the ramp to get a ref shirt as we fade to a break.

Commercial Break

We're back and Vince McMahon has returned to the ring in his ref shirt. Kevin Owens and Cesaro are both ready in the ring. AJ Styles and John Cena have taken their seats at the commentary desk.

Cena: Cesaro is extremely talented and Kevin beat me in his first WWE match so this is gonna be good.

AJ: Yeah the talent in the ring right now is incredible. This should be great.

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

The bell rings and they lock up. Kevin slides out and behind Cesaro and pushes him forward into the ropes. Kevin runs up behind him. Cesaro swings an elbow back and hits Kevin in the face. Kevin staggers back. Cesaro turns around and hits Kevin with one of his uppercut hits and Kevin falls back into the ropes. He comes off and hits what looks like a super kick and they both fall to the mat. He rolls over and throws his arm over Cesaro for..1..2..kickout! They both slowly get to their feet. Kevin hits Cesaro. Cesaro drops back and then hits Kevin. They trade shots back and forth until Kevin staggers back. He catches himself and hits Cesaro and he staggers back. Cesaro then grabs Kevin and Irish whips him into the ropes. Cesaro follows, running right behind him toward the the ropes. Kevin slightly turns and his back hits the ropes. Cesaro runs into him with a clothesline that sends them both over the ropes and out to ringside. Cesaro pulls himself to his feet and raises his arm. The crowd cheers for him. Kevin gets to his knees. Cesaro grabs him up and rolls him back into the ring. Cesaro gets up on the apron to get back in the ring but Kevin runs and hits him with a spear-like move through the ropes. They both tumble back out to ringside and neither of them is up quickly this time.

Cena: This is a great match, not as great as our matches with each other though of course.

AJ: Of course, but you're right, great match.

Commercial Break

We're back and Kevin has Cesaro up and rams his back into the ring post at ringside. He then picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. He follows him back in. Cesaro sits up and Kevin kicks him in the back. Kevin lifts Cesaro to his feet. Kevin grabs Cesaro and slings him into the ropes. Cesaro hits them and comes back at Cesaro. He lifts Cesaro up in the air when he gets to him but goes further and makes it over Kevin's head and lands on the mat behind him. Cesaro grabs Kevin's legs as he turns around and pulls them out from under him. He signals for the swing. He starts it up and the crowd chants along..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! Then Cesaro locks in the Sharpshooter. Kevin claws at the mat and tries to get out of the hold. He finally manages to kick Cesaro loose and pull himself over to the ropes. He slowly pulls himself up with the ropes but Cesaro is up and waiting behind him. Kevin turns around and gets kicked and then lifted up for the Neutralizer. Cesaro hits it and covers Kevin and Vince Mcmahon counts..1..2..3!

Winner: Cesaro

AJ: What a win for Cesaro!

Cena: He deserves it after the performance we just saw!

Chris Jericho comes running down the ramp to the shock of the crowd. Lots of fans are cheering when they see him. He slides in the ring and jumps on Cesaro, attacking him just as he was getting to his feet. Chris then helps Kevin up and they continue the attack. Sheamus music hits and he comes running down to make the save. He nails Chris with a Brogue kick and Kevin rolls out to ringside to get away. He pulls Chris out of the ring and tries to help him up and toward the back. Sheamus helps Cesaro up and they shake hands, showing some unity. Chris and Kevin are pointing and yelling at Sheamus and Cesaro.

Renee is up in the ring with Sheamus and Cesaro.

Renee: Sheamus, you and Cesaro haven't really gotten along. Why the help and unity tonight?

Sheamus: Well Renee, I don't like Kevin or Chris and I saw them beating up my tag team partner. And like each other or not, that's what we are, tag team partners. So I saw a chance to beat up two people I don't like, while also keeping my partner from getting injured. So I came out here and helped him out.

Renee: Cesaro, your thoughts?

Cesaro: Well, he certainly did help me out in a bad situation and I owe him for that. And it's like he said, we are partners so we might as well learn to get along and make it work.

We go to the back and see Vince McMahon still in his ref outfit and on the phone with someone.

Vince: Yes, we are going back to In Your House PPVs for now and the first one will be at the end of the month and after what I just saw, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho will be facing Sheamus and Cesaro in a tag team match. Oh I gotta let you go.

Vince turns and looks at some people off camera we can't see.

Vince: I'm glad you guys showed up. The show was made kinda short for tonight and our main event is next, but next week's show will be just you guys. I think you'll do just fine.

We go back to ringside and see Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho making their way out ringside to do commentary for the main event.

Commercial Break

We're back and we see AJ Styles in the ring and John Cena making his way down to the ring. Vince McMahon has once again entered the ring to officiate the match. We get a look at a few of the names he was talking to backstage. We see Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder, Baron Corbin, Heath Slater, and Rhyno will all be in action next week. Then we flip to the ring.

Kevin: You know, John Cena might've beaten me a couple times but I beat him in my very first match.

Chris: Yeah, and AJ might've beaten me a couple too, but I beat him at the biggest Wrestlemania of all time.

Kevin: They've got nothing on us.

Chris: Yeah this match won't be as good as yours earlier. It couldn't be.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and they lock up. AJ slips out of Cena's grasp and jumps up to kick him in the head. Cena dodges it and grabs AJ by that leg he tried to kick with. He goes to lock in the STF but AJ rolls around and gets Cena and tries to lock him up. Cena slips out and they both jump to their feet. They stare each other down as the crowd starts cheering for that display of moves.

Chris: What is this? No one has even done anything.

Kevin: Yeah they just look like dying fish flopping around to me.

Cena runs at AJ and goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks. Cena hits the ropes and comes back. AJ turns, jumps, and hits a hurricanrana on Cena. It sends him under the ropes and out to ringside. AJ goes over to the ropes, pulls down on them, and then sends himself flying over them and into Cena. Cena was to his knees but he falls back down. AJ gets to his feet and raises his hands to cheers and boos from the crowd. AJ pulls Cena up and rolls him back in the ring. He jumps up on the apron. He grabs the rope and uses them to jump towards Cena with an elbow. Cena is just getting to his feet and catches AJ up on his back. He goes to hit an AA. AJ flips further over and lands on his feet instead. He jumps up as Cena turns around and hits him with a kick to the head. Cena falls to the mat and AJ covers him for..1..2..kickout! AJ gets up and goes over to the corner. He climbs to the top rope. He jumps off and comes down but Cena gets a foot up and it connects right under AJ's chin. Cena slowly gets to his feet and waits for AJ to slowly follow. AJ gets up with his back to Cena. He turns and Cena lifts him on his back for the AA. He elbows Cena in the head and drops down off his back. He spins Cena around and kicks him in the gut. He goes to hit Cena with the Styles Clash. Cena stands up, flipping AJ over his back and to the mat. AJ springs back up to his feet but Cena nails him with a hard right, knocking him back into the ropes. AJ comes forward and jumps up, hitting Cena with a dropkick. The crowd is going wild as both men try to get back to their feet. AJ is up first but he doesn't look steady. He makes it over to Cena as he's getting to his feet. Out of nowhere, the Miz jumps in the ring and nails AJ across the back, knocking him into Cena and putting them both on the mat.

Winner: No Contest

Chris: Neither of those stupid idiots win!

Kevin: Yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this, but way to go Miz!

AJ starts to get up. Miz grabs him from behind and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Cena is about to get up next. Miz gets behind him and grabs him. He hits him with a Skull Crushing Finale and leaves the ring with them both laid out. He's heading up the ramp when Vince grabs a mic.

Vince: Miz! You ruin a main event and then are just gonna leave? This may sound like a reward to some but for you I don't think it's gonna work out that way. At In Your House, we are going to crown a World Champion. It will be The Miz vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles.

Miz looks a little excited but also a little nervous. Cena and AJ are starting to come to and realize what happened. Neither of them look happy about it. The show fades out.

In Your House: The Revival Card

Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

John Cena vs. AJ Styles vs. The Miz WWE World Championship

Posted on November 21, 2016 at 9:50 AM
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Awesome start! Looking forward to Episode 2!

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 1:01 AM
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Thanks, episode 2 kicks off with a Heath Slater match!

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 1:01 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #726 (Rank in League: #15)
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