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“Today is the day.” TheMajicMan says as he looks out over the arena from his office. The sound of the crowd makes a little rustle that lightens the sound of knocking on the door. A tiny drip of sweat drops off his head onto his shiny, new tuxedo, bought specifically for this event. “We have 5 minutes until showtime, Boss. Do you need anything?” Robert Kyle, equally as dressed up, walks through the door, looking over everything on the clipboard. “Things should be just about ready. He is here to talk to you though.”
“Alright, let’s get this over with.”
The arena goes dark. The quiet sound of a drum roll starts to grow and grow and comes to a clash as the lights come on and the pyro goes off. The end of the pyro brings the show theme, In The End by Black Veil Brides. The crowd gives off a huge pop for the long-awaited return

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new and improved Fourdown Wrestling Federation show!”

Segment #1

The ring, encompassed by three lavender ropes and black ring posts, presents the four belts of the show: the Interpromotional Championship, the FWF Tag Team Championships, and the prestigious FWF World Championship.
TheMajicMan makes his way down to the ring, joined by Robert Kyle.
“Hello everybody! Thank you for tuning into the first FWF show in quite some time! I apologize for the leave of absence. Life does happen to get in the way but hey, it just adds to the suspense of the show making its return! My assistant Robert and I have been working diligently in gathering up the troops and setting the grand stage for high-flying, stake-raising, risk-taking action! Of course, the humor and tension will be just as high. Behind me, I present the championships our superstars will be fighting for and soon-“
Click Click Boom by Saliva comes on the speakers and Mitch176 makes his way gingerly to the ring.
“Well, well, well… Didn’t think we’d see your ugly face around here again, TheMajicman. Oh look, you have yourself a little assistant; that’s so cute. Whatcha been up to besides failure?”
“Failure, huh? You think you can just walk out here and just take one of these titles?”
“Let’s be honest here, TheMajicman; who else has the star power and overall skill level to lift that FWF World Championship to the le-“
Anxiety by Black Eyed Peas hits the speakers and @TheForgottenCJB@ makes his grand entrance. A good pop hits and he enters the ring.
“Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch… the time off wasn’t easy on you… It seems you have forgotten what little you actually did back in the day. I did sense a bit of sarcasm in the amount of ‘star power’ you have but-“
edawg32 walks out and Just Close Your Eyes by Story of the Year plays and the crowd shows their excitement for the high flyer.
“What is with all the talking? It’s the first installment of FWF in quite some time; we should be fighting, not chit-chatting like a bunch of females!”
The lights go out and a dark, red hue settles in. Monster by Skillet echoes throughout and kaihtafc walks slowly to the ring. He stares down everybody and gets up in TheMajicman’s face.
“That title is rightfully mine and I will take it by force if necessary.”
“Alright gentlemen,” TheMajicman angrily shouts out, “you four will be in a Fatal-4-Way match and the winner of the match will be the first of two contenders to be in the FWF World Championship match held at the first pay-per-view, Deciding Factor! That match will take place later tonight!”
The four superstars all look at each other with the desire of the championship belt in their future.

Match #1

“This match is to decide one of the three contenders for the Interpromotional Championship match at FWF Deciding Factor!”

Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s Theme hits the speakers and @Diamondjmt@ smugly walks down the ramp, getting ready to fight for his spot.
“Whazzup, bitches?! Diamondjmt here, but you already knew that! These matches are pointless because no matter who I face here tonight or at Deciding Factor, the result will stay the same: I will be your first Interpromotional Champion!”
I’m So Sick by Flyleaf booms in the speakers and @MiniJackBauer@ comes out bouncing and smiling, and the crowd shows their appreciation.


Both meet up in the middle and get into a grapple struggle. MJB ends up winning the struggle and pushes Diamond into the ropes, bouncing him off. Diamond slides under the bottom ropes and takes the heat from the crowd. MJB taunts Diamond to get back into the ring and he slowly gets in the ring, making sure the ref keeps MJB away. Another grapple struggle starts and Diamond kicks MJB in the gut. He drags MJB to the corner and slams his head into the top turnbuckle. A couple more turnbuckle shots later and MJB is sitting in the corner. The ref pushes Diamond out of the corner to give MJB space, to which Diamond pushes the ref and runs at MJB with a knee but misses the mark. Limping out of the way, Diamond is hit with a big clothesline that completely flips him around. MJB jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and hits a diving frog splash and enters a pin. 1….2…. kick out! Diamond immediately rolls out of the ring and walks around, talking to the booing crowd. This time, MJB follows him which turns into a chase. Diamond gets into the ring and prepares to kick MJB while he is down but MJB reads that and climbs the step. Slowly getting into the ring, another grapple struggle occurs and ends with MJB hitting a suplex. Bouncing off the ropes, he hits a leg drop. Quickly getting up again and repeats the sequence three more times before attempting a pin. 1…..2….. kick out! Another roll out by Diamond shows him getting frustrated with him not being able to get the advantage. MJB taunts him and gets the crowd on his side, which frustrates Diamond even more. He slips into the ring and throws a big right hand that stuns MJB. A few more punches pushes MJB into the ropes, in which Diamond pushes him off. On the return, Diamond hits MJB with a big scoop slam. Multiple quick kicks come after and Diamond finally taunts MJB with the advantage. Slowly stalking and kicking MJB causes the crowd to get impatient. Diamond goes up to the top turnbuckle and attempts the Diamond’s Elbow but it misses! The reversal causes MJB to be able to stand Diamond on his feet and hit him with Whisper in the Wind. With the pin, 1….2… kick out! MJB then goes up to the top turnbuckle and attempts the Airbourne but Diamond gets up and is able to hit the Diamond Boot! 1….2….3!!
Winner and first contestant in the Triple Threat Interpromotional Championship Match: Diamondjmt!

Diamond goes to grab a mic. “And that’s whazzup, bitches!” He drops the mic and walks off.

Segment #2

MeTorterra is carefully making his protein shake, mixing in a lot of different ingredients with exact precision. Cymru96 walks into the room.
“Hey! Whatcha doin?” Cymru96 asks loudly, startling MeTorterra.
“For your information, I am trying to make a new and improved protein shake, guaranteed to get the most results out of any workout, big or small.”
“Woah! That sounds awesome! Mind if I try?”
“What are you even in my presence?” MeTorterra asks with a confused and frustrated look.
“Well, the tag belts were announced and I’m not sure if there are any teams whatsoever. After thinking, I figured you’d be the best person to team up with, considering how smart you are.”
“I suppose...”

Match #2

“This match is to decide the second of the three contenders for the Interpromotional Championship match at FWF Deciding Factor!”

2001 Space Odyssey starts to play and a major pop from the crowd welcomes dare2believe.
Wanted Man by Rev Theory hits the speakers and @theedgehead@ makes his way down to the ring.


Dare2Believe starts to bounce around the ring and get pumped up as edgehead looks pretty bored sitting in the corner. After only being able to take so much pandering to the crowd, edgehead runs and hits dare2believe with a clothesline to the back. Instant heat surrounded edgehead as he starts dropping elbows to the back of dare2believe. Edgehead picks up the leg of dare2believe and slams his knee into the mat. Some stopping of the ankles of dare2believe and edgehead has complete domination over dare2believe. Edgehead picks up dare2believe, hits a snap suplex, and continues the hold. After 2 more snap suplexes, edgehead goes for the pin. 1…..2….. kick out! Edgehead goes into a crossface submission and dare2believe shows definite signs of struggle. After some movement back and forth, dare2believe is able to make it to the ropes and break the hold. Edgehead claps sarcastically as the crowd cheers dare2believe on. Edgehead irish whips dare2believe into the ropes, jumps over him on the return, then gives him a big elbow on the way back. He starts to stomp on the ankles of dare2believe and mocks the crowd for the heat he is getting. As he is leaning on the ropes, dare2believe rolls him up from behind into a small package. 1…..2……3!

Winner and second contestant in the Triple Threat Interpromotional Championship Match: dare2believe!

Dare2believe rolls out of the ring before theedgehead can get to him and the crowd is in awe of what dare2believe did to win the match.

Segment #3

TheMajicman is standing in his office, looking over the ring and the action that is going on. Robert Kyle is looking at his clipboard, hastily writing down notes as the events go on.
“Is everything ready for the main event?” TheMajicman looks to his right.
“Yes, of course boss. We are about to bring the title down to the ring now for the competitors to see as they are competing.”
“Alright, let’s head down with it.”
As they approach the door, a mystery person shows up and stops them, shaking their head. TheMajicman looks pissed as he slowly walks back to the big window to watch what unfolds.

Match #3

“This match is to decide one of the two contenders for the FWF Championship match to be held at Deciding Factor!”

A group of stage hands carry a table with the FWF Championship Belt on it, which is placed next to the ring opposite of the ramp.
@TheForgottenCJB@ makes his way to the stage as Anxiety by Black Eyed Peas plays through the arena and a look of determination fuels a positive pop from the crowd.
Click Click Boom by Saliva starts to play before TheForgottenCJB is able to make it into the ring as Mitch176 walks down the ramp while receiving an angry stare from CJB.
Just Close Your Eyes by Story of the Year starts to play and edawg32 jumps up and down as he progresses towards the ring, getting the crowd pumped up for the big match.
The lights cut and are replaced by a dark red hue as Monster by Skillet starts to play and the spotlight follows kaihtafc path to the ring.


All four stand in each corner of the ring, all staring down each other. Mitch176 starts to go after edawg32 and kaihtafc starts to go after CJB. Before they can get to their target, Sound of Madness by Shinedown starts to play. Coming out in a suit and shades, word2k9 slowly but confidently walks his way down to the ring. He walks around to the FWF Championship Belt, takes a good look at it, smiles, picks it up, and starts walking up the ramp. All of the competitors look quite confused and angry at word2k9. They all look up into the office of TheMajicman to see that he is nowhere to be found. The ref looks around and calls the match.

Decision: No Contest.

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OOC: Great Show! Welcome back FWF!

Posted on October 7, 2016 at 8:50 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #194 (Rank in League: #1)
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Deadman Crew

Always liked FWF. This is exciting

Posted on October 8, 2016 at 4:40 PM
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My sweet sister Little Bird whispers prophetic things into my ears. Things that will come to pass and come to pass very shortly. You see my friends, soon I will be making my presence known and I will make you all realize just how terrifying the prophecies of a Little Bird can truly be. For my Little Bird tells me so and she never ever lies!

Posted on October 15, 2016 at 10:25 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #194 (Rank in League: #1)
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