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G'day fellas, and welcome to Mullet's PPV Musings. This is a column I'm trying out to share my unique perceptions on up-and-coming PPV events, in this case Slammiversary 2010. Being an avid follower of sports betting, I'm always keen to get an advantage when tipping on results, and as a famous Australian punter once said, "to win more than the majority, one must know more than the majority". With that being said, let's have a real closer look at the facts & figures of Slammiversary.

Desmond Wolfe (1-4) vs Abyss (5-3)

Over the last 12 months, the form graph between these two has shot in significantly different directions with Abyss having a strong PPV record since Hogan came aboard. Wolfe on the other hand appears to be getting the rough end of the stick, despite his solid in-ring work ethic. This event will be Wolfe's first bout at Slammiversary, while Abyss will be competing in it for the 3rd time as a singles wrestler. Although the monster has a 1-2 record at the event, both of his losses came in the unpredictable nature of the KOTM ladder match. In a one-on-one match, expect Abyss to win.

AJ Styles (7-3) vs Jay Lethal (0-3)

Over the last 12 months, the Phenomenal One has been on a massive PPV run with his loss at Sacrifice being a rare blip on the radar. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal has struggled to get any matches on PPV in that time, let alone win any of them. Both competitors have similar records at Slammiversary with Lethal sitting marginally better at 1-2, compared to AJ Styles' 1-3 form line. However, like Abyss, almost all their losses at the event were in multi man matches, so don't read too much into them. On current form, AJ Styles is just too damn phenomenal.

Kurt Angle (8-3) vs Kazarian (2-1)

Over the last 12 months, there has been no doubt that Kurt Angle remains TNA's most valuable asset. His PPV record speaks for itself, while Kazarian was listed as number 10 on the World Title rankings for a reason. Kaz is a solid performer, but is not in Angle's class at the moment. Angle also has a solid 2-1 record at Slammiversary, being the only man to win the KOTM ladder match on more than one occasion at this event. Kazarian only has a 0-1 Slammiversary record to show, with that one match taking place nearly 3 years ago. Whether you consider experience or form, Angle looks like he has this one covered.

Jeff Hardy & Mr Anderson (N/A) vs Beer Money (3-5)

Over the last 12 months, Beer Money has been a bit of a mixed bag with their PPV results , while Hardy & Anderson are an unknown quantity in their own right having never teamed up on PPV before. Storm & Roode have only competed as "Beer Money" on one Slammiversay event, and that was last year when they overcame Team 3D for the tag team titles. This match should be considered a true 50-50, with Hardy & Anderson for the win only just.

Jesse Neal (N/A) vs Brother Ray (N/A)

Over the last 12 months, neither of these two have competed on PPV as singles competitors, so it would be difficult to judge their lead-up form for this bout. Obviously, Brother Ray has more experience at Slammiversary, having been a part of Team 3D, but tag team form can't be compared to singles form. Jesse Neal is very hard to read as he has barely been sighted on PPV until very recently, so his lack of experience could lean the match in Ray's advantage. However, with no real facts to go on, the winner of this bout could be either of them. For some value, pick Jesse for his first ever PPV victory.

Madison Rayne (1-0) vs Roxxi (N/A)

Over the last 12 months, it came as some surprise to learn that Madison Rayne's title defence at Sacrifice was her first singles PPV match in over a year. Being a part of the Beautiful People meant that she has always had partners in the ring to help her out, which could be a problem when forced to compete in a one-one-one situation. However, Roxxi has only just come back to TNA, and this event will mark her PPV return. While niether knockout has competed at Slammiversary before, it is worth noting that the knockouts title has only been defended at this event once, last year. On that occasion it was a member of the Beautiful People who successfully defended the title, and it looks like history should repeat itself this time round.

Douglas Williams (2-0) vs Brian Kendrick (0-3)

Over the last 12 months, Douglas Williams has been fairly untouchable since breaking away as a singles competitor, having never lost but still regaining the X-Division title. Kendrick on the other hand, has only arrived at TNA recently and hasn't really made much of a PPV impact in that time. Niether of them have performed at a Slammiversary event before, but the X-Division title has been defended there on 4 occasions, with the title changing hands only once. Which ever way this match is looked at, all the numbers seem to point to a successful title defence for one Douglas Williams.

Matt Morgan (2-5) vs Hernandez (2-2)

Over the last 12 months, Matt Morgan has found it difficult on PPV having lost a number of important match-ups to the likes of Angle, Sting and Pope Dinero. Meanwhile, Super Mex has been solid, but not spectacular in that time with a 50/50 record, putting him marginally ahead of the Blueprint in regards to current form. Hernandez has never competed at Slammiversary as a singles performer, while Morgan has had just the one match last year when he lost a close contest to Sting. Momentum looks like its on the side of Hernandez at the moment, and so too is the form guide. Super Mex for the win.

Rob Van Dam (2-0) vs Sting (2-4)

Over the last 12 months, RVD has been on the end of a major push since joining TNA recently with a perfect PPV record to show for a short amount of time. Sting has not been so fortunate in terms of his win-loss record, but continues to demand attention with his antics outside the ring. If there is one area that Sting holds a fair advantage over RVD, it is his Slammiversary experience. The Icon has a 2-1 record at this event, with his only loss coming in the KOTM ladder match. The chances of a title change occuring here are also strong, as there has only been one successful World Title defence in 5 years of Slammiversary events. In the end this match comes down to recent form vs historical trends, with the edge just going to RVD in one of the more unpredictable matches on the card.

That's it for the week, fellas. Based on feedback, I'll be back again for WWE Fatal Fourway PPV. In the meantime, Slammiversary should be a solid PPV, so catch it if ya can. Cheers.

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# Mitch176

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That was really good, hope to see more of these in the future.

Posted on June 13, 2010 at 2:30 PM
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Ye I agree

Posted on June 13, 2010 at 5:07 PM
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