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G'day fellas, and welcome to the latest instalment of Mullet's PPV Musings, which will look at all the potential variables heading into Fatal 4-Way. Like 90% of WWE PPVs these days, Fatal 4-Way is a new creation, which consists of no real background history. However, while this makes it difficult to establish consistent trends, recent form would suggest that picking winners shouldn't become a 'fatal' exercise. With that being said, let's have a closer look at WWE's latest event.

Kofi Kingston (4-4) vs Drew McIntyre (3-3)

Over the last 12 months, both these rising stars have shown some good and bad form in the ring with Kingston looking to have finally established a solid position in the upper midcard. The Boom Boom Bro has a tendency to lift in the critical matches with all of his wins in the past year comming when either the IC or US title were on the line. Meanwhile, McIntyre continues to benefit from Mr McMahon's influence, with his loss last month at Over The Limit being only his first ever one-on-one defeat on PPV. Recent form would indicate that this is a true 50/50, but with his triumph last month, expect Kingston to leave with the Intercontinental Championship still in hand.

The Miz (3-5) vs R-Truth (1-3)

Over the last 12 months, the Miz has been a frequent challenger for the US Championship, having competed for that title in 5 of his last 8 PPV matches. However, his 2-3 record during that time suggests that title match experience alone doesn't always gurantee success. On the other side, R-Truth has been anything but up in recent time, with his victory over DiBiase last month finally halting his losing PPV run. The Miz may possess a major advantage in overall singles experience having appeared in double the amount of PPV matches than R-Truth has. This suggests that WWE rates Miz as a more valuable performer on the big stage. Whether many agree with it or not, the Miz should still pick up the win. He is awesome after all.

Eve Torres (1-0) vs Alicia Fox (0-1) vs Gail Kim (N/A) vs Maryse (0-2)

Over the last 12 months, it has become clear that the WWE just doesn't rate the divas division like it used to, with most of their recent PPV participation coming in the form of massive tag team bouts or battle royals. There are no real storylines to speak of and the in-ring abilities of these four competitors are just not of a high calibre. Although Gail Kim has shown she's a proven talent from her time in TNA, she has not been able to gain any sigificant television time, let alone PPV appearences. The fact that these ladies share a collective 1-3 record between themselves, is a fair reflection of their current standings in the WWE, lacking both success and opportunites. As Eve has the only winning record amongst this group, expect her to get the win.

Jack Swagger (2-6) vs Big Show (1-2) vs CM Punk (3-8) vs Rey Mysterio (5-5)

Over the last 12 months, it has become evident that the "All-American American" is not a creditable champion, going into this event with the worst PPV record of any champion in recent times. For someone who claims to be the "odds on favourite" in every match they perform in, the recent form guide tells a very different and damning story. Out of all the challengers, Mysterio seems to be in the best position to take the title, with his 5-5 record being the only one that at least breaks even. Big Show has been heavily involved in the tag team scene over the past year, which could possibly hurt his chances in a singles environment. As for the last competitor, CM Punk has found it tough going since his major feud with Jeff Hardy nearly a year ago. Since that time the Straight Edge Society have promised a lot, but has still failed to deliver the ultimate goal of a World Champion savior. With the odds of a fatal 4-way match stacked in favour of the challengers, there is a likely chance that a title change will be happening here. For some value, go with the momentum and lock in Mysterio for the win.

John Cena (8-5) vs Edge (2-1) vs Randy Orton (6-5) vs Sheamus (3-2)

Over the last 12 months, John Cena has continued on a massive roll through PPV events with one of the strongest records, culminating in a recent 3-0 sweep of Batista. Clearly
the WWE continues to back their most valued performer, as Cena has appeared in a staggering 11 World Championship matches in the past year. Despite this, all the challengers still possess winning records themselves, so a successful Cena title defence may not be as clear cut as many think. Since comming back at the Royal Rumble, Edge has been fairly solid with his only loss since then being against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Sheamus managed to break into the main event scene with a World Championship victory at TLC, which started a run that has seen him beat the likes of Cena, Triple H and Orton. The final challenger remains the most unpredictable, with Randy Orton experiencing the good and the bad of PPV action. However, the more important issue may be whether the Viper has recovered from his injury at the last PPV. All indications are that it shouldn't be an issue, although the recent NXT presence on Raw might lead to a late change in schedule. Regardless, there still has to be a winner, and with one of the more impressive resumes on the card, expect Cena to rise to the challenge like a true Champion.

There we go, another PPV looked over and ready for viewing. The fatal 4-way theme of this event should lead to a lot of unpredictability in the main events, so try and catch them if ya can. Cheers.

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Very very interesting. thanks for the insight.

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