NXT Season 2, and the winner is.................


G'day fellas, and welcome to my brief look at the season that was NXT 2. Seeing that the finale is only just around the corner, it's only fitting that we have a closer look at the three young talents that have gone the journey so far.

Michael McGillicutty

In the ring, a solid worker who looks confident going up against more established superstars. Sells it well, but the finishing move still looks like it needs some more thought. Looks and sounds like a natural on the mic, not surprising considering he is the product of Mr Perfect. Overall character though remains a mystery. Unlike the other two, who have clearly defined characters, McGillicutty has been pushed primarily as the son of a WWE Legend, which can only take one so far. Eventually he'll have to establish his own identity, similar to what Randy Orton and the Rock were able to do. Whether McGillicutty gets that chance remains to be seen.


In the ring, a human excitement machine who has the versatility to pull out a good match against both big and small opponents. Offence is sharp and sweet, while his finishing move certainly makes an impact. His mic skills aren't exactly text book, but he gets by with charisma and timing. Overall character may limit his progress somewhat considering Rey Mysterio is the only small man who has risen to World Champion status in the WWE. Kaval should still be able to find a solid niche for himself regardless if he wins NXT or not. A lot will depend on whether the NXT winner is expected to be a potential World Champion.

Alex Riley

In the ring, a solid worker who plays the role of a heel to perfection. Adapts to the pace of a match fairly well and, like all good heels, can certainly sell a beating. Interactions with the fans during matches, clearly a Miz influence, reflects his confidence and reinforces his character. The mic skills are fantastic as he comes off looking and sounding like a superstar, which is a talent that just can't be taught. Overall character, that being university jock, is obvious to all and will always have a place within the WWE. Names like Chris Nowinski and Jack Swagger spring to mind as evidence that Riley's character can establish itself as a creditable main event talent in time. With the Miz on his side, the time could be now for Alex Riley.

Looking back over the info, it looks like NXT season 2 has produced three very solid finalists, any of which wouldn't look out of place at a WWE event. That being said, there can only be one winner and my vote goes to the Varsity Villain.

Wouldn't mind hearing what you fellas think. Feel free to drop in a comment or two. I'm done for the night. Cheers cobbas.

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The Winner of NXT Season 2 is...........  09/10/2010

Kaval     72.00%
Alex Riley     16.00%
Michael McGillicutty     12.00%

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# Dch1948
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WWE Fan Nation

Riley is the best overall. Kaval, while talented and better than Daniel Bryan is in the same boat with Bryan, too small to be credible. McGilicuddy is a disappointment to me being Perfect's son. I expected more and he really needs to dump the stupid name.

Posted on August 31, 2010 at 6:17 PM
# dudd101
Member of
The /wooo/ World Order

my money is on Alex Riley, ya hes a big mouth but he can back it up! Not saying Michael McGillicutty or Kaval is talented but Alex Riley dominated this season, Michael McGillicutty he was on a huge roll, then he lossed to the Miz and loss every match since, Kaval there is no way he is gonna win but he might get signed by smackdown

Posted on August 31, 2010 at 9:09 PM
# dudd101
Member of
The /wooo/ World Order

wow, tht was shocking Alex Riley is eliminated, Mike should have been eliminated, he was pinned and he didnt hit one of his signature manouvers

Posted on August 31, 2010 at 10:46 PM
Administrator of
EV 3.0


Posted on August 31, 2010 at 11:46 PM
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