WWE Gamma & WWE Alpha present WrestleMania 29 12/15 (Gamma Portion)


Pre-Show Match~
Diva's Championship
Tamina Snuka vs. Alicia Fox(c)
-Before we get under way at Metlife Statdium, we are set for this pre-show match between Tamina and Alicia Fox for the Diva's Championship. Tamina comes out first and takes heat from the crowd here at Metlife. Alicia comes out next with the Diva's Championship over her shoulder and gets a decent reaction. Alot has happened over the past couple weeks. Alicia's life was falling apart. She lost her boyfriend Cody Rhodes and then her body guard Tamina turned on her but now Alicia looks to turn things around as the bell rings and here we go! We start off with a tie up in the middle of the ring but Tamina just overpowers Alicia to the mat. The crowd boo's. Alicia then gets up and they go for a tie up again but Alicia fakes it and goes for a quick roll up!! Tamina gets out at 2 and then quickly knocks Alicia down with a huge clothesline as the crowd boo's. Tamina then picks up Alicia and irish whips her into the corner and Alica falls face first in the mat. Tamina drags Alicia over to the middle of the ring and locks in a headlock and the champion is in trouble here. The crowd tries to real Alicia back in as she gets to her feet but Tamina grabs her by the hair and slams her to the mat and the crowd boo's. Tamina then picks up Alicia and throws her out of the ring as the crowd boo's. The ref yells at Tamina as she smiles and then goes out after Alicia but Alicia catches her with a side kick right to the head! Alicia then throws Tamina right into the baracade and the crowd erupts! Alicia slides back in to break the count and rolls back out and rolls Tamina in the ring and covers,, Tamina just throws Alicia right off! Alicia charges Tamina but Tamina quickly catch her with a scoop and nails a power slam! Tamina smiles and then looks to the top rope. She goes up to the rope and is going for the Superfly Splash here and nails it!! Alicia kicked out and Tamina can't believe it! Tamina gets up and is arguing with the referee and still can't believe it. Tamina then turns right into a kick in the gut from Alicia Fox and she goes for the Scissors Kick and nails it!! Tamina kicked out! Alicia can't believe it. Alicia then bounces off the rope and goes for a leg drop but Tamina moves out of the way and Alicia smacks the mat. Tamina then picks Alicia up in a press position but Alicia counters down with a roll up! 1....2...3! Alicia wins! The crowd erupts as Alicia escapes the ring and Tamina can't believe it! Alicia is leaving all smiles with the Diva's Championship held up high. It's time to buckle in and get ready for WrestleMania 29 live from Metlife Stadium in New York City!
Winner: STILL Diva's Champion Alicia Fox

Opening Segment~ We start off the night with our own Lillian Garcia as she sings America the Beautiful. We see a preview video for the matches tonight and then we start off with pyro as Michael Cole, JBL, & Jerry Lawler welcome us all to the spectacle known as WrestleMania! What a night it will be here tonight!

Match 1~
Intercontinental Championship
Curtis Axel w/ Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston(c)
-We start off with Curtis Axel's music and the crowd boo's as he comes to the ring with Roman Reigns. Antonio Cesaro is in the back getting ready for his match later on so Axel goes it with just Reigns tonight. Axel has really changed everythinga bout himself from his name to his look and now looks to add a championship to his resume. Kofi Kingston's music hits and the crowd erupts as Kingston comes out with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist. What a way to kick off WrestleMania! Reigns and Axel talk in the ring as Kingston makes his way in. The ref holds up the championship, rings the bell and we are away from Metlife! Kingston and Axel dance around for a minute and then Axel laughs and steps up to Kofi and sucker punches him and laughs again and the crowd boo's. Then Kofi unloads on Axel! Kofi jumps at Axel with a diving forearm and nails punches to the face of Axel and the referee pulls him away and then Kofi grabs Axel and throws him into the corner! Kofi ups up on the ringpost and goes to town, punching Axel in the face over and over as the crowd counts along with him but then Axel drops Kofi face first into the ringpost! The crowd boo's as Axel charges the corner with a massive clothesline to Kofi! Axel then waits for Kofi to get up and kicks him right in the face and Kofi is sent flying to the outside. Axel distracts the ref and then Reigns picks up Kingston and throws him into the steel steps! Reigns then throws Kofi back in the ring and Axel covers, damnit not this way,! Kingston kicked out. Axel picks Kingston up for a standing veritcal suplex and keeps Kingston in the air for awhile and then drops Kingston in a dead level as the crowd applauds Axel for his move and he covers,! Kingston got the shoulder up! Axel then picks up Kingston and throws him into the corner again. Axel charges but Kingston sneaks through the ropes and nails a double kick right to the face of Axel! Kingston then goes up to the top rope and nails a crossbody into a pin on Axel!! Axel kicked out! Axel and Kingston are both quickly up and Axel tries for a clothesline but Kingston ducks and then nails a missle drop kick right to the face of Axel! Kingston dances around the ring and fires up the crowd and hops off the ropes and goes for the Boom Drop but Axel moves out of the way! Axel then picks Kofi up and nails a half-nelson slam and the cover,! A kick out at 2! Close. Axel then shakes his head and waits for Kingston to get up and goes for a Perfect Flex but Kingston blocks, turns Axel around and throws him off the ropes and nails a diving forearm to the face of Axel! Kingston goes off the ropes, no wasting time and this time nails the Boom Drop! Kingston covers,! A kickout at 2! Kofi then looks at Axel and smiles and wants him to get up! He wants Trouble in Paradise but Reigns gets on the apron and Kingston nails Trouble in Paradise to him! The crowd erupts as Kingston gets caught this time with a Full Nelson Slam from Axel!! Kingston again kicked out! Axel then picks Kingston up but Kingston quickly counters into Trouble in Paradise!! Regins pulled the ref out of the ring! Kingston see's it and can't believe it! Wait, Cesaro came from the crowd and he's in the ring! Kingston turns and ducks a clothesline and nails Trouble in Paradise to Cesaro! Kingston then flies off the ropes and nails a dive right on to Reigns on the outside! The crowd eruptS! Kingston throws the ref in the ring and then slides back in but runs into a running, tornado DDT from Axel. Here's the cover,! Kingston kicked out. Axel, angry, picks up Kingston and goes for the Perfect Plex but again Kingston coutners and nails Trouble in Paradise to Axel! 1...2....3! Kingston retains the championship! The crowd erupts as Kingston walks out in all smiles. Kingston fought off the world here tonight at WrestleMania and he will keep his Intercontinental Championship. Reigns slides in and can't believe it. Reigns then looks over at Axel and then nails a Spear to Axel! Oh my! Reigns just walks out as Regins just took out Axel! Well Kofi retains but Regins makes a statement! Winner: STILL Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

In the back, we see Sheamus warming up and getting ready for the huge, triple threat, WWE Championship match right here tonight! What a match that'll be as we get the announcement for the attendence here tonight in Metlife. Segment~ Well up next, we see a preview for the upcoming match between Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio.

Match 3~
Wade Barrett w/ Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio
-Wade Barrett comes out first here and the crowd gives him heat. He's not all the way up the ramp and Del Rio attacks him from behind and the crowd erupts! Del Rio then throws Big E right off the stage into the baracade! He then grabs Barrett and throws him into the baracade! Del Rio rips off his towel and the crowd erupts as Del Rio throws Barrett in the ring and the match begins and Del Rio delivers punch after punch to the face of Barrett and the ref pulls him away. Del Rio then runs up and nails a big dropkick right to the face of Barrett while he was on his knees and here's a quick cover early,! A kickout at 2. Del Rio then goes up to the top rope but Barrett kicks the referee into the ropes and Del Rio falls and lands hard on the ringpost and hits the mat as the referee yells at Barrett. Barrett then picks up Del Rio and nails a spinning neckbreaker and here's the cover,! A kickout at 2. Big E is now lurking back to the ring, pushing away the medical staff as he goes to stand at ringside, grabbing his head. Barrett then quickly turns and locks in a side headlock to Del Rio and he has it in good as the crowd tries to get Del Rio back in it and they do as Del Rio nails shots to the gut of Barrett, hops off the ropes and nails a running enzaguri!! Barrett got the shoulder up. Del Rio then quickly takes one up off the second rope and nails kick right to the head off Barrett! Is this it!! Barrett again gets the shoulder up. Del Rio stares at Big E and mocks him as he tries getting in the ring but the referee prevents him but Del Rio turns right into a running knee lift to the face from Barrett! Barrett then climbs up to the second rope and goes for the hammer drop to the face of Del Rio but in mid jump Del Rio catches Barrett's arm and turns him over in the Cross Armbreaker! What a sequence and the crowd is erupting as Del Rio has it locked in! He's ripping and tearing but Langston pulls Barrett out of the ring and the crowd boo's. Del Rio then slides out of the ring and attacks Langston! He then grabs him and throws him over the announcers table! He then turns right into to a running clothesline from Wade Barrett! Barrett then throws Del Rio in the ring and gets in and covers,! A kickout at 2! Barrett then looks at his elbow and starts pulling down that elbow pad and he's going for that Bull Hammer Elbow! Del Rio gets up and Barrett goes for it but Del Rio ducks! Del Rio goes for a kick to the head but Barrett ducks, quickly kicks Del Rio in the gut and nails a huge powerbomb!! A kickout and Barrett can't believe it! Barrett then goes for the Bull Hammer again but again Del Rio ducks and this time, Barrett accidentley nails the referee! Del Rio turns Barrett around and goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Barrett again counters and throws Del Rio off and then nails a Bull Hammer Elbow right to the face of Del Rio! Del Rio is down but so is the referee and Barrett notices. Barrett is yelling at Big E as he just gets up. Big E gets in the ring and Barrett points to Del Rio and Big E smiles and pulls down the straps. Big E picks up Del Rio and goes for the Big Ending as Barrett smiles at the crowd but then Big E drops Del Rio and turns Barrett around and scoops him up and nails the Big Ending to Barrett! The crowd erupts as Big E looks down at Barrett. Big E then smiles and smacks his chest and the crowd erupts! Big E walks out, clapping hands with the crowd. The referee stirs as both men are down but Del Rio is trying to pull himself up. Barrett stirs and gets to his knees and Del Rio nails a Running Kick to the side of the head of Barrett! Here's the cover and the slow count! 1.....2.....3! Del Rio beats Barrett! The crowd erupts as Del Rio smiles and gets up, banged up. The ref slowly gets up and raises Del Rio's hand. Del Rio gets a huge win as Big E got Barrett!
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Well ladies and gentelmen, coming up next is the biggest match in the career of Mark Henry as he challenges the streak. We thought Henry's career was over but that all changed when the Undertaker returned. (A preview video is shown for the match)

Match 6~
Mark Henry vs. Undertaker
-Mark Henry's music comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He's wearing a new shirt for this night say "Beating the Streak. That's What I do." Henry does not look in a happy mood as he makes his way to the ring. Henry called this match the biggest match of his career and he is right. What does Henry have left to do becomes the question in his multiple year career. Henry gets in the ring and throws his shirt and stares down the isle as we all wait the Undertaker. The lights go out, the gong sounds and here we go! Smoke arises from the bottum of the ramp as pyro strikes the ramp and here comes the Undertaker and the crowd erupts! He's 20-0 at WrestleMania. He has beat the best of the best at WrestleMania and tonight he tries to do it again. Undertaker takes his time as Henry is just staring down the Undertaker. Undertaker makes his way in and rolls his eyes in the back of his head as the lights come on and the crowd erupts as Undertaker takes off the jacket. Both men have a stare down and the referee rings the bell and here we go! The Undertaker chants begin as both men just stare each other down. Henry yells at Taker and says it's over deadman. Both men back up in there corners and charge each other and here we go as Henry goes for a punch but Undertaker ducks and nails lefts and rights to the face of Henry and Undertaker is unloading here! Henry slides out of the ring and the crowd boo's as Henry takes a time out. Undertaker then hops off the ropes but Henry notices and moves away and Undertaker stops but then Undertaker slides out of the ring and punches Henry right in the face again! He then grabs his head and slams it off the steel steps! Undertaker then takes a few steps back and charges Henry but Henry catches him in a swinging hip toss right into the steel steps! Henry just took out the deadman! Henry slides in the ring and rolls back out and yells that's what I do as he picks the Undertaker up and rolls him in the ring and covers.! A kickout at 2! Henry then hops off the ropes and drops an elbow. He gets up, hops off the ropes and drops the elbow again! Henry gets up and does it one more time and covers,! Undertaker kicked out as Henry obviously trying to keep the Undertaker on his feet. Henry then hops off the ropes and this time nails a big splash! Henry again covering,! A kickout at 2. Henry then goes out of the ring and tears apart the announce table! The crowd erupts has Undertaker pulls himself up in the ring Henry then gets in the ring, hops off the ropes and clothesline Undertaker to the outside! Henry smiles and looks at the table and goes out of the ring. Henry then picks Undertaker up and hops up on the Spanish announce table. Looks like he wants to slam Taker through the other announce table. He charges but Undertaker drops down and then nails a big boot to Henry and Henry falls onto the other announce table but it doesn't break all the way through! Undertaker then runs off the Spanish announce table and nails the leg drop through the announces table! The crowd is erupting here in Metlife, chanting This is awesome! Both men are down and the referee goes out to check on both of them. For god's sake, its like a train wreck. The ref has no choice but to count. He begins his count and both men begin to stir. Henry is up first after awhile and slides in a 6. Undertaker is just making his way up but he's able to just slide in at 9 and the crowd erupts! Both men are down in the ring as they both pull each other up. Undertaker turns around first and tries to scoop Henry on his shoulders and his able to do it! Unreal! Undertaker then sends Henry to the ring post with a Snake Eyes and then hops off the ropes and nails a Big Boot! Henry rolls out of the ring as Undertaker is in complete control! Henry makes his way up with the apron and Undertaker hops off the ropes and goes for the dive and nails it on Henry as Henry is down and so is Taker on the outside of the ring and this place is erupting. The referee again begins to count but neither man moves and the referee decides the match won't end this way! He goes outside the ring and checks on both men. Finally they both get up and again both men slide back in the ring. Undertaker is up and quickly charges the corner where Henry is with a massive clothesline! Taker then grabs his arm, twists it around and goes up for Old School! Taker is walking the tight rope and jumps but Henry catches him with the World's Strongest Slam! Oh my god!! Undertaker kicked out! How! Henry looks down at Taker and shakes his head. Henry picks Undertaker up and nails the World's Strongest Slam again! He looks down and picks Undertaker up and nails the World's Strongest Slam again! Henry covers,! No! Undertaker! Oh my! This place is erupting and Henry can't believe this right now. Henry then pulls Undertaker to the corner and then goes up to the second rope and goes for the splash but Undertaker rolls out of the way and Henry smacks the mat! Undertaker rolls toward the ropes and slowly pulls himself up. Undertaker waits for Henry to get up and grasp him around the throat and nails the Chokeslam!! Henry got the shoulder up! The crowd again chants this is awesome. Undertaker then looks down this time and he lowers the straps! Undertaker waits for Henry to get up. He can't do this. He kicks Henry in the gut and goes for the last ride but Henry's wait is too much and Henry falls on Undertaker! Henry then slowly gets up and picks Undertaker up and throws him into the corner! Henry then hops on the second rope and begins delivering punches to the face, left and right but then Undertaker catches Henry but the legs and nails the Last Ride! The crowd erupts! Undertaker and Henry both down! Taker stirs and slowly gets up and signals for the Tombstone! There's no way. Henry gets up and Undertaker scoops him up and nails the Tombstone!! No! This place is going crazy! Henry kicks out! Undertaker can't believe it as he rolls over on his back and looks up and shakes his head. How can one even think Henry could kick out of a Tombstone! Undertaker slowly gets up and begins picking Henry up slowly but Henry catches him and goes for the World's Strongest Slam again and nails it but wait, Undertaker out of no where catches Henry in the Hell's Gate! This place is going nuts! Henry! Will he tap? Undertaker is cranking up the pressure but Henry is reaching with his leg. He's getting closer and closer and gets to the ropes with his foot! Undertaker has to break! Undertaker can't believe it. Taker slowly gets up, hops off the ropes and goes for a leg drop but Henry moves and Undertaker hits the mat hard. Henry then waits for him to get up and goes for the World's Strongest Slam yet again but Undertaker drops down over Henry's shoulder, turns Henry around and scoops him up! Undertaker! Tombstone again! 1....2....3! What a match! 21-0! This place has erupted. Both men are down. What a match from two of the WWE's best. Henry rolls out of the ring as Undertaker gets up. He's 21-0. Undertaker gets down on a knee and looks up to the 21-0 sign on the big screen but wait! Brock Lesnar's music hits! What! You gotta be kidding me! Undertaker can't believe it! Lesnar comes out with Heyman at his side and Lesnar is laughing. Lesnar gets down to the ring and gets into the face of Undertaker. Undertaker shakes his head and can't believe this. Lesnar smiles and Undertaker throws a punch but Lesnar retaliates and picks Undertaker up and just powers him to the ground and punches him over and over in the face. The referee gets in but Lesnar pushes the referee away. Lesnar rips off his shirt and picks up Undertaker and nails a huge F5! This place has gone silent. Lesnar stands over a motionless Undertaker. Lesnar walks out as the crowd gives him heat. Lesnar said he came back to end the Undertaker's career and tonight, he may have just done that. What the hell.
Winner: Undertaker

We see the announcers as Undertaker is being taken out on a stretcher right now and he hasn't moved. Michael Cole says he can't even explain what just happened. The greatest in the history of Wrestlemania moves to 21-0 only to be attacked by Brock Lesnar. This place is still dead silent after what just happened. Well the show has to go on as Rey Mysterio will take on Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match next.

Match 7~
No Holds Barred Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
-Rey Mysterio's music hits and the crowd gives him a good ovasion but this building is sitll in shock at what just happened. Well over the past few weeks, Randy Orton has really bullied Rey Mysterio and tonight Mysterio challenged Orton to this match and he got it. Randy Orton comes out and gets heat from the crowd. Orton makes his way in the ring and shows off. Both men get ready and the referee rings the bell and here we go. It's Orton vs. Mysterio. This match starts with Orton mocking Rey but Rey then nails a big kick to the thigh of Orton and does it again and again but Orton then tosses Mysterio out of the ring! Orton goes out after Mysterio, grabs his head and slams it in to the ground as it is No Holds Barred. Orton then picks Mysterio up and throws him into the steel ring steps but Orton throws Mysterio so hard that Mysterio did a front flip before he even hit the steps and went back first into the steps. Orton then waits for Mysterio to get up and clotheslines him over the baracade! Orton then goes out over the barracade and into the crowd and delivers a huge punch to Mysterio. But then, out of no where Mysterio nails a dropkick to Orton and sends Orton flying over the baracade! Mysterio then hops up on the baracade and runs on it and jumps on Orton with a hurricinrana and Orton smacks his head on the ground and the crowd erupts at Mysterio! Mysterio then looks for a weapon and grabs a kendo stick under the ring. He then goes over to Orton and nails him with a kendo stick over and over and over again! The crowd erupts as Mysterio slides back in the ring, hops off the ropes and does a corkscrew over the top rope right on to Orton! This place just erupted! What a move from Mysterio! Both men are down but Mysterio gets up and feeds to the crowd. Mysterio then goes to pick up Orton but Orton grabs Mysterio but pants and sends him into the steel ring post! Orton then drags Mysterio over to the entrance ramp and picks him up, grabs him by the head and slams him with the back of his head hittting the ramp! Orton then looks at the kendo stick and slowly picks it up. He then looks at Rey and hits him over and over with it as Mysterio is cringing up the ramp. There up by the titantron now as Orton charges at Mysterio with the kendo stick but Mysterio counters with a drop toe hold into the titantron! What a heads up moves from Mysterio! Mysterio then grabs Orton and tosses him off the ramp! Mysterio throws his arm in the and jumps on Orton with a West Coast Pop! The crowd erupts! Both men are down as Mysterio begins crawling back towards the ring and gets up and looks under the ring as Orton gets up and follows. Mysterio pulls a table out from under the ring and the crowd erupts but then Orton nails a clubbing blow to the back of Mysterio with that kendo stick again! Orton then looks under the ring and pulls out handcuffs. Oh my. Orton goes to Mysterio but Mysterio kicks the handcuffs out of Orton hands! Mysterio then dropkicks Orton with the back of his head hitting the baracade! Mysterio then slides the table in the ring and sets it up. He then goes out of the ring and grabs Orton and rolls him up in the ring and dropkicks him into the second rope! Dial it up! Mysterio bounces off the ropes and nails the 619 and Orton backtracks right on to the table! Mysterio smiles as the crowd cheers. Mysterio goes up to the top rope but Orton quickly hops up and punches Mysterio in the face and he falls. Orton then climbs up to the top rope and looks down at the table and grabs Mysterio by the head and nails the RKO right through the table! My goodness! Orton puts his arm over, 1....2....3! Randy Orton wins. The crowd boo's as Orton beats Mysterio here tonight. Orton looks down at Mysterio and smiles and then shows off. Well Mysterio had control but in the blink of an eye, Orton turned the tables. What a match here at WrestleMania 29!
Winner: Randy Orton

Renee Young: I am joined at this time by John Cena.

The crowd erupts.

Renee Young: John, tonight you look to cash in on your Royal Rumble win and win the World Heavyweight Championship. What goes through your head in this type of match?

John Cena: Well Renee, it's WrestleMania!

The crowd erupts.

John Cena: I don't know how to ever prepare for this type of match. No one does. But I will tell you this. You have to watch your back. You have to show ruthless agression.

The crowd cheers.

John Cena: A Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 29 for the WWE Championship. The crowd on there feet but in the end. One winner. Tonight Renee, your looking at that winner.

The crowd erupts as Cena exits! The WWE Championship Match is next!

Match 9~
WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes(c)
-Sheamus' music hits and the crowd cheers as Sheamus feeds off these fans. Sheamus has had quite the year and obviously he would like to top it off with a win here in this huge matchup. Sheamus smiles and then John Cena's music hits and the crowd erupts! John Cena has never seen a fight he hasn't like and that doesn't change tonight. Cena does his salute and charges to the ring as here we go! Cena slides in and throws his hat and looks at Sheamus and says it's go time. What a match we have coming to right now! Both men wait for the champion as they just stare at each other. Cody Rhodes' music hits and the crowd gives him heat as he comes out with the WWE Championship around his waste. Cody Rhodes has been contraversal to say the least. He has lost it but tonight if he wins this, no one cares if he lost it. This is a huge match for this young man and all eyes are on the young champion. Rhodes gets in the ring as Cena and Sheamus now turn there attention to the champion. The ref shows the championship to both challengers and holds it up. That's what it's all about. The referee rings the bell and here we go. All three men stare each other down. Then Sheamus charges Rhodes and goes after him with lefts and rights but Cena grabs Sheamus and tosses him to the mat and then he begins to punch Rhodes over and over. Now Sheamus pulls Cena off and slams him to the mat and again Sheamus now begins to beat down Rhodes in the corner but this time Cena gets up and turns Sheamus around and nails a huge right hand to the face of Sheamus! Cena punches Sheamus over and over as Rhodes slithers out of the ring. Cena throws Sheamus off the ropes, kicks him in the gut and nails a Fisherman Suplex. Cena is fired up but then Cody Rhodes attacks him from behind. Rhodes with clubbing blows to the back of Cena. Rhodes then throws Cena into the corner and flies off the ropes and nails a face plant to Cena. Rhodes quickly covers but Sheamus pulls Rhodes off the cover and throws him off the ropes and Sheamus looks like he wants White Noise but Rhodes counters and ranks the eyes of Sheamus, then he hops off the second rope and nails the Disaster Kick to Sheamus! Cena is up and he tries a clothesline but Rhodes ducks, hopes off the ropes and nails a Disaster Kick to Cena and Cena is down now to! Rhodes is in control and lets out a roar as the crowd boo's. Rhodes covers,! Cena kicked out. Rhodes then covers Sheamus,! Sheamus kicked out to. Rhodes then goes up to the top rope and is waiting for one of these two men to get up. Cena is up first and Rhodes jumps, going for a crossbody but Cena catches him! Cena looks tough as the crowd cheers. Cena throws Rhodes on his shoulders and goes for the AA but Rhodes grabs the ropes and Cena AA's Rhodes out of the ring! The crowd erupts as Cena turns around right into a tilt-a-wirl backbreaker from Sheamus! Sheamus covers,! A kickout at 2. Cena rolls out to the apron but Sheamus picks him up and oh boy. Sheamus looks at the crowd and then nails blow after blow to the chest of Cena and then Rhodes tries to get involved but Sheamus catches Rhodes and now Sheamus with clubbing blows over and over to the chest of Rhodes! Rhodes falls and Sheamus roars and the crowd gives him a nice ovasion! Sheamus then goes out and picks up Cena and rolls him in the ring. Sheamus now waits for him to get up and kicks him in the gut. Sheamus is going for the High Cross but Cena counters, Sheamus charges him and Cena with a drop toe hold and lock in the STF! It's locked in and the crowd is erupting! Cena has it in but now Cena grabs the arm of Sheamus! This is what won Cena the title at Survivor Series! Sheamus is about to tap but Rhodes jumps in and breaks it up and the crowd boos. Rhodes then picks up Cena and nails the Alabama Slam! Here's the cover,! Cena was able to get the shoulder up. Rhodes then goes to pick Sheamus but Sheamus counters into a submission hold! It's almost like a crossface and Sheamus has it locked in! Will Cody tap? Cena is slowly making his way up but Rhodes can't get to the ropes but wait Cena picks Sheamus off Rhodes and throws him out of the ring! Cena now grabs Rhodes and pulls him back and locks in the STF on Rhodes! This place is going nu

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