WWE Gamma SmackDown 12/20, Week 137


Well we are coming to you live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin as we get set for the first episode of Gamma SmackDown after WrestleMania 29 and Triple H as made huge changes, vacating all championships. Michael Cole & JBL welcome everyone to the show.

Segment 1~
Triple H's music hits and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he comes out with one of the titles he vacated; the World Heavyweight Championship. He has a mic.

Triple H: Well due to the nice ovasion on Raw and the ovasion your giving me now, I take it you agree with me in vacating the titles?

The crowd gives him a mixed reaction. This quickly brings out Cody Rhodes as the crowd gives him a nice ovasion after his showing at WrestleMania 29. He has a mic.

Triple H: Cody, before you begin..

Cody Rhodes: You screwed me Hunter. I had it all won. Why?

The crowd cheers.

Triple H: You see, people need to begin to know what's best for business and what's best for business was for me to crown a champion who looked a champon. A champion who we can all be proud of.

The crowd boo's.

Triple H: In fact, I would like to bring that man out here now. Please welcome Sheamus.

The crowd boo's as Sheamus makes his way down to the ring. Well Triple H and Sheamus seemed to be aligned right now. Sheamus gets in the ring and hugs Triple H as the crowd boo's.

Triple H: Now Cody, I'm glad your out here because I would like to announce to all you people, the new World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus.

The crowd boos.

Cody Rhodes: Your just handing him the World Heavyweight Championship?

Triple H: Cody I don't care what you want.

The crowd boo's.

Triple H: You just don't have what it takes kid.

The crowd boo's.

Cody Rhodes: When I won the WWE Championship, I was cocky. I admit that. I made alot of mistakes but last night I realized that this crowd loves guys who work there ass off for that.

The crowd cheers as Cody is looking right in the face of the Game.

Cody Rhodes: I worked my ass off last night Hunter. For you to hand that to him? He should earn it.

Sheamus: Fella, you better watch it before I take your head off right now.

The crowd boo's.

Triple H: Woah, Woah hold up. Cody, you think you got what it takes? Well tonight, We will have a Fatal-4 Way, #1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. It will be Mark Henry vs. Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes.

A Yes chants roars through the arena as Triple H snickers.

Triple H: Well, maybe. Only if you Cody Rhodes, can beat these three men in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match. Let me introduce to you, The Shield. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, & Roman Reigns. If you win, your in the #1 Contenders Match.

Sheamus and Triple H laugh and exit the ring as Cody Rhodes here's the music of the Shield. Here they come through the crowd. We've heard all about these three men and they have arrived her on SmackDown as they come through the crowd.

Match 1~
3 on 1 Handicap Match
If Cody Rhodes wins, he's in the main event tonight
The Shield: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes

-The Shield is in the ring and it looks like Ambrose will start things off. Him and Cody lock up in the middle of the ring but Cody kicks Ambrose in the gut and delivers knees to the gut and throws Ambrose out of the ring! The crowd erupts as the rest of the Shield checks on Ambrose. Rhodes then goes to the top rope and jumps down on all three members of the Shield. The crowd erupts as Cody is fired up! Can he keep it up when we come back?
Commercial Break
-We come back and Ambrose has a headlock locked in on Rhodes but this place is erupting right now for Rhodes to get back to his feet and he does so but Ambrose slams him to the mat by his hair. He then tags in Rollins and Rollins jumps on the top rope and nails a huge knee to the head of Rollins. Rollins yells at the crowd as they boo. Rhodes is just numbered here. Rollins hops off the ropes and nails a huge swinging neckbreaker on Rhodes, here's the cover,! A kickout at 2 by Rhodes. Rollins then goes up to the top rope and jumps but Rhodes catches him in mid air with a dropkick and the crowd erupts! Rhodes quickly gets up and knocks Ambrose off the apron and then knocks Reigns off! Rhodes begs for Rollins to get up and he does and Rhodes hops off the ropes and nails the Disaster Kick! Here's the cover,! Rollins gets out at 2! Rhodes then quickly picks up Rollins and nails an Alabama Slam! The crowd erupts but then Roman Reigns out of no where nails the Superman Punch to Cody! Reigns exits as the crowd boo's. Rollins crawls to the cover,! Rhodes kicks out! Reigns cant believe it. Rollins tags in Reigns and Reigns gets in and wants Rhodes to get up. Reigns goes for the Spear but Rhodes moves out of the way and Reigns smacks the ring post! Rhodes with a quick roll up,! Ambrose breaks it up and the crowd boo's as the referee gets Ambrose out of the ring. Reigns then quickly beheads Rhodes with a clothesline! Reigns snickers and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose gets in and talks trash to Rhodes. He then picks Cody up and goes for the Headlock Driver but Rhodes counters and turns Ambrose around into the Cross Rhodes and nails it! Reigns quickly gets in the ring but Rhodes side steps and sends Reigns flying over the ring! Rollins goes for a Springboard Clothesline but Cody moves and Rollins rolls out of the ring! Rhodes is firing up but turns right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus! Where did he come from? The ref calls for the bell as the crowd boo's. This was a trap from Triple H to just wear down Cody Rhodes even though Rhodes is in the main event tonight via DQ. Sheamus smiles and the Shield gets back in the ring. They then pick up Rhodes and nail a Triple Powerbomb! The crowd boo's. Ambrose and Rollins then hold up Rhodes as Sheamus smiles and wants another Brouge Kick but wait here comes Goldust! Goldust slides down and takes it to Sheamus but the Shield takes him out but wait here comes The Prime Time Players! Darren Young and Titus O'Neil! They both join the battle and were even now! Rhodes, Goldust, & the Prime Time Players clear the ring! Goldust comes to the save of his brother along with the Prime Time Players! Triple H won't be happy about this but Cody Rhodes is in the main event!
Winner: Cody Rhodes via DQ

We see Daniel Bryan talking to some random person in the back and the crowd erupts in a Yes chant! This place is going crazy! Triple H then interupts.

Triple H: Well well, it's Daniel Bryan.

The crowd breaks into a Yes chant again as Bryan smiles.

Triple H: Daniel, I've made a decision to pull you from tonights main event.

The crowd boo's.

Daniel Bryan: What? What for?

Triple H: Well, I just don't think your the champion type.

Daniel Bryan: Have you lost it? First Cody Rhodes and now you don't think I'm good enough?

Triple H: Daniel, this is strickly business.

The crowd boo's.

Daniel Bryan: You put me in that match tonight. You did. Not me. And now you take me out.

Triple H: Well, prove me wrong. Just like I told Cody. I'll give you a chance but not to be in the main event tonight but to be in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Money In The Bank.

The crowd chants Yes and Bryan looks mad still.

Triple H: So far, I thought of three competitors who will be in that match of 6. Big E Langston, Antonio Cesaro, & Antonio Cesaro

The crowd cheers.

Triple H: So tonight, if you beat your opponent, The Great Khali, you will qualify. Good luck.

Triple H smiles and walks out as Bryan shakes his head. Well whose the forth man in the main event tonight? I guess we will find out later but it's Khali vs. Bryan for a qualifying spot in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match tonight!

Match 2~
United States Championship Tournament Match
Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel

-Big E Langston his the ring and the crowd gives him a nice ovasion. This place loves Big E after he turned on Barrett at WrestleMania. Well now he has a chance to become United States Champion. Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring and the crowd boo's. Axel fell just short of winning the Intercontinental Championship Sunday but right now he has to focus on Langston. The ref rings the bell and these two men stand face to face and Axel slaps Langston! Oh man. Langston then beheads Axel with a clothesline! The crowd erupts! Langston then picks up Axel and irish whips him into the corner and follows it up with a massive splash! Big E hops off the ropes but Axel rolls out of the ring and the crowd boo's as Axel needs a breather here. Big E however goes out of the ring and chases Axel around and Axel slides back in, followed by Big E and Axel nails a picture perfect drop kick! Here's the cover,! Big E got the shoulder up but Axel quickly turns over Big E into a headlock but Big E begins to power the hands of Axel apart and makes his way back up to a vertical base and then nails a sidewalk slam out of no where! Big E then pulls down the straps! He picks Axel up and goes for the Big Ending but Axel counters and tries the Perfect Flex but Big E counters that, throws Axel off the ropes and this time catches him with the Big Ending! 1....2...3! Big E wins! He will go to the finals of this 4 man tournament and will face the winner of tonights match later on between Fandango and Santino Marella.
Winner: Big E Langston

We head back to the locker room and see Stephanie McMahon walking and smiling. She walks in by her husband.

Stephanie: Hunter, I thought of the perfect 4th man for the main event tonight.

Triple H: Alright, let me hear it.

Stephanie: The debut of Alexander Rusev.

Triple H smiles.

Triple H: Sounds good to me.

The crowd boo's as the two smile. Well up next, Daniel Bryan takes on the Great Khali. Will he join Big E, Cesaro, and Swagger in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match? We will find out!

Match 3~
Money In The Bank Qualifier
The Great Khali vs. Daniel Bryan

-The Great Khali's music hits and he gets a mixed reaction from this crowd as Khali looks to qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match here tonight. Daniel Bryan comes out next and the place erupts with yes chants! Bryan loves this. Bryan gets in the ring and here we go. Bryan charges Khali and tries taking him out at the knees but Khali just pushes Bryan down to the mat. Bryan again charges Khali but Khali grabs him and powers him into the corner and then nails a huge chop to the chest of Daniel Bryan! He goes for another one but Bryan ducks, hopes off the ropes and nails a double drop kick to Khali but it only stuns him a bit! Bryan goes for it again but Khali catches him and tosses him over the top rope, hitting the ground head first! Can Bryan regain himself here when we come back.
Commercial Break
-We come back as Bryan nails a neckbreaker to Khali and Khali's neck snaps off the rope rope and Khali finally goes down! Bryan then gets back up into the ring and goes to the top rope and nails a diving head butt! Bryan backs up and begins the Yes chants and this place is erupting right now! Khali gets up and Bryan nails him with the Running Knee! Khali just stuns and Bryan does it again and down goes Khali! The cover, 1....2...3! Bryan takes down Khali! The crowd erupts! What a way to overcome the odds! David beats Goliath again. This place erupts as Daniel Bryan as qualified for the Money In the Bank Ladder Match on January 5th! What an eruption here tonight!
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is walking in the back, whiping himself off with a towel as Triple H approaches slowly clapping.

Triple H: Good job Daniel. Nice work.

Daniel Bryan: Nice work?

Triple H: Yes, good, B+ work.

Daniel Bryan just looks at Triple H and walks away as Triple H snickers. Well up next, we will crown for the first time in Gamma history, an ECW Champion.

Match 4~
Vacant ECW Championship
Hardcore Battle Royal
Pinfall Elimination
Xavier Woods vs. R-Truth vs. Goldust vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu

-Triple H is in the ring.

Triple H: Tonight, we make history and crown the first ECW Champion in Alpha & Gamma history. Let's welcome our competitors.

-Xavier Woods is out first and the crowd gives him a nice ovasion as he makes his return to Gamma SmackDown after a hiatus. R-Truth comes out next and the crowd cheers along to R-Truth's entrance. Truth and Woods hug as there pretty good friends around here. Goldust is out next and the crowd erupts! Goldust has to be the crowd favorite at this point. Jinder Mahal comes out and the crowd gives him heat as he's back to his old style look with the turboun and white trunks. Yoshi Tatsu is out next and gets by the ring steps but wait, he's attacked by Seth Rollins! Out of no where! Rollins of the Shield! Rollins throws Tatsu right into the steel ring steps and then gets in the ring! I guess Rollins is entering himself in this match as EMTs check on Tatsu. Well here we go! The bell rings and Truth and Woods really team up right away on Mahal as Rollins and Goldust are going at it in the corner. Well Truth goes under the ring and grabs a kendo stick and here we go. Truth then nails Jinder over and over again with it but then Rollins catches Truth with a running knee to the face! Rollins already competed tonight but I guess that didn't stop him here. Woods then notices that Truth is out and goes to attack Rollins but Rollins ducks and nails the Skywalker to Woods! 1...2...3! And Xavier Woods is the first eliminated just like that!
Xaiver Woods Eliminated
-What a move from Rollins as Rollins goes out to grab a chair and he brings it in the ring but when he gets back in, he runs into an upper cut from Goldust! The crowd erupts! Goldust then picks up Truth's Kendo Stick and turns and nails Mahal with it right in the back! Mahal is in pain in the corner and Goldust hooks him in the ropes and lines him up and nails the Shattered Dreams! Here's the cover, 1....2...3! And Mahal is eliminated! Were down to R-Truth, Goldust, & Seth Rollins as we head to commercial break!
Jinder Mahal Eliminated
Commercial Break
-We come back and now Goldust clotheslines Rollins out of the ring! He then turns right into a side kick from R-Truth! What a move. Truth then looks out of the ring and smiles. He goes and grabs a chair and the crowd erupts. Truth gets back in the and tries to nail Goldust with it but Goldust ducks and here's a roll up from Goldust! 1....2...3! R-Truth is eliminated! The crowd erupts as Goldust is still surviving here.
R-Truth Eliminated
-A yes chant begins as the verteran Goldust gets back to his feet and is feeding off the crowd as Rollins is down on the outside but wait, out of no where comes Dean Ambrose and nails the Headlock Driver right on to the steel chair! Good lord! What the hell. Well its all legal. Ambrose then throws Rollins back in the ring. Rollins slowly crawls toward the cover,! Goldust somehow kicked out. A nice ovasion for Goldust here. Ambrose can't believe it and he is yelling toward the back and out runs Roman Reigns. No, come on. Reigns is in the ring and waits for Goldust to get up and goes for the Spear but Goldust moves and Reigns smacks the ringpost as Goldust falls back down to the mat. He begins to stir and turns over and gets to his knees but out of no where Rollins nails the Black Out! Here's the cover, 1....2...3! Rollins wins it. Rollins ambushed is way into this match and now he's ECW Champion. Rollins celebrates as the Hounds of Justice put there fists together as one. This team is dangerous.
Goldust Eliminated
Winner: NEW ECW Champion Seth Rollins

We see Triple H in the back watching the Shield in the ring and he's smiling. Then the Real Americans: Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro walk in with Zeb Coulter.

Zeb: Sorry to interupt but it seems to me like your forgetting about the tag team division here on SmackDown.

Triple H: Ah yes. Well that's because I've been thinking long and hard about these WWE Tag Team Championship belts and I've decided that next week, we will have a Tag Team Turmoil to kick off SmackDown to decide the champions.

The crowd cheers. Zeb smiles and so do Swagger and Cesaro and they walk out. Well what a match next week!

Meanwhile we cut to the back and Santino Marella is taken out! He is found by a referee as EMTs rush on to the scene. Well Santino is suppose to be in action next.

Match 5~
United States Championship Tournament Match
Fandango vs. ???

-We come back from commercial and Fandango is in the ring with Summer Rae.

Lillian Garcia: And Fandango's opponent...

-No one comes out and Fandango is wondering just like we are what's going on. Just then, the Shield attacks him from behind! These guys are everywhere tonight! What is going on now? They beat him down and then Rollins nails his Blackout! Ambrose and Rollins then pick him up and Reigns nails a Spear! The crowd boo's. Triple H then walks out..

Triple H: Well it appears that Santino can't compete in this match so we do need a replacement. I've decided that Dean Ambrose will be that replacement right now!

The crowd boos as Triple H smiles and walks to the back. Reigns and Rollins wait at ringside as the referee can't believe he has to start this match. Fandango is just able to pulls himself up and the referee rings the bell and Ambrose knocks him down with a massive clothesline! Ambrose smiles as the crowd boo's. Ambrose picks him up and nails the Headlock Driver! 1....2....3! Ambrose wins. What the hell is going on around here. Triple H is pulling all these strings to get his way and he just did again. You have to think he's behind the attack on Santino. Well Ambrose will face Big E Langston for the United States Championship next week as we head to commercial with the Shield standing tall.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Cody Rhodes is in the back when Goldust interupts and the crowd erupts.

Goldust: You got this.

Cody nods and shakes hands with his brother. The main event to face Sheamus at Money In The Bank is next!

Match 6~
#1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal-4 Way Match
Damien Sandow vs. Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs. Mark Henry vs. Cody Rhodes

-Damien Sandow is out first and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Sandow has been very impressive and would obviously like nothing less then the main event. Alexander Rusev comes out next with Lana and this place gets quiet as this speciman makes his way to the ring. Rusev could make one heck of a debut here tonight. Mark Henry's music hits and the crowd erupts! What a performance Henry had against the Undertaker and tonight he looks to get in the main event again. The Henry chants begin as Henry gets in the face of Rusev while Sandow heads to the outside. Cody Rhodes' music hits andt his place erupts! Cody Rhodes, who already won a match tonight, has been challenged by Triple H time and time again tonight and now he has one more step to become #1 Contender. This match is underway when we come back!
Commercial Break
-We come back and the referee rings the bell and here we go! First one to score a pin is going to Money In The Bank. Sandow goes after Rhodes and attacks him right away as Rhodes is already beaten down from earlier. Meanwhile, Henry and Rusev stare each other down and then Henry turns and attacks Sandow! Rusev then attacks Rhodes! Henry throws Sandow off the ropes and connects with a power slam as Sandow rolls out of ring! Rusev then throws Rhodes off the ropes and nails a Spinning Heel Kick! Rhodes goes flying out of the ring and the crowd is cheering as its a stailmate between Henry and Rusev. Rusev throws a punch but Henry battles right back and the two go at it toe to toe. Henry tries to go for a suplex on Rusev but Rusev blocks and nails a Samoan Drop to Henry! My god thats 400 plus pounds! Henry is out as Rusev is dominating this match right now. We will be right back!
Commercial Break
-We come back and Rusev nails a huge splash to Cody Rhodes in the corner! He then goes to the other corner and nails a huge splash to Sandow! He brings the two together in the middle of the ring and makes them clunk heads! Rusev is dominating but wait Henry knocks him with a blow to the back from behind! Henry then kicks him in the gut and now nails a suplex! Henry got Rusev up! Rusev is out of the ring but Henry turns right into a corkscrew neckbreaker from Sandow! What a move from Sandow! Sandow then signals for and nails the Cobito Aequet! Here's the cover,! Rhodes breaks it up! Rhodes goes up to the top rope and as Sandow gets up, Rhodes nails a moonsault right on to him! This place is erupting! Rhodes slowly gets back up as Rusev is on the apron. Rhodes hops off the second rope and nails the Disaster Kick to Rusev and down he goes! He then goes for the Diaster Kick on Sandow but Sandow ducks and quickly turns and nails a russian leg sweep to Rhodes! The cover,! Rhodes kicked out! Sandow gets up and then turns into a running clothesline from Henry! Henry picks him up and nails the World's Strongest Slam but Sandow rolls out of the ring! Bad break for Henry as he can't believe it. Henry then turns right into a Spinning Heel Kick from Rusev again! Rusev stands over Henry and the crowd boo's but out of no where, Rhodes nails the Disaster Kick to Rusev again! Rhodes stuns Rusev but doesn't knock him down and he quickly takes advantage and nails the Cross Rhodes to Rusev! Henry makes his way up and goes to splash Rhodes in the corner but Rhodes moves and Henry smacks the ring post! Rhodes then catches Henry and nails the Cross Rhodes to him as well! My God! Now Sandow is in and he nails a running, swinging neckbreaker to Rhodes. Sandow picks him up as the crowd boo's and goes for the Your Welcome! but Rhodes blocks it, and reverses in to the Cross Rhodes! Here's the cover, 1....2....3! Rhodes did it! This place is erupting! Cody Rhodes is the number one contender! What an effort! Wait here comes Sheamus again! The crowd boo's. He again goes for the Brouge Kick but this time Cody ducks and then catches Sheamus with the Alabama Slam! This place erupts! Rhodes is standing tall! Wait, wait, from behind, Triple H nails a Pedigree to Rhodes! The crowd boo's as Triple H smiles and helps Sheamus up and hands Sheamus his championship and raises his arm. I can't believe what has transpired tonight on SmackDown but we do no, Cody Rhodes is the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Winner: NEW #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Champonship Cody Rhodes

Gamma SmackDown goes off the air.


SmackDown Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Big E Langston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan vs. ? vs. ?

World Heavyweight Championship
Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus(c)

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Good show dude. Love what you did with the shield. Not so much the whole triple h Sheamus and Rhodes situation.Seems similar to what wwe did with Daniel and Orton. Overall 4.0de

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Really enjoyed the show!

Posted on February 5, 2014 at 4:48 PM
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