WWE Gamma SmackDown 8/21/14


Opening Segment:
This crowd is electric tonight in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianpolis, Indiana as Michael Cole & JBL welcome everyone to the show...

Segment 1 (1):
John Cena comes out and the crowd gives him a huge ovasion. Cena says looks around and runs down to the ring and slides in while feeding to the crowd. He is handed a microphone.

John Cena: Wow

The crowd cheers.

John Cena: This. This is why I love what I do.

The crowd cheers again.

John Cena: But something has happened that I never thought would happen. Gamma SmackDown is back!

The crowd cheers.

John Cena: That means its a new era and that means new champions. I'm a 15-time World Champion and I would love to win number 16.

The crowd cheers. Triple H's music hits and the crowd erupts. Here comes the COO. Triple H comes down to the ring and is handed a mic.

Triple H: John, you know I respect everything you've done for this company. Your a true champion and I would love to come out here and hand you the WWE Championship.

John Cena: Nah nah nah. That's now how I want it. I want to earn it.

The crowd cheers as Cena and Triple H have a stare down.

Triple H: As I was's time for a change. The decision on the WWE Championship isn't going to be up to me. It will be up to the new General Manager of SmackDown.

Triple H points towards the entrance and Trish Stratus' music hits and the crowd erupts. She comes out with Jason Albert at her side. She gets in the ring and Triple H hands her the mic as he exits.

Trish Stratus: First of all, I would like to introduce my Assistant General Manager, Jason Albert.

The crowd cheers as a T & A chant begins.

Trish Stratus: Now John..

Before she can continue, Daniel Bryan's music hits. This place just erupted! The yes chants are soaring around the arena as Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic as the crowd yes'. He laughs at the crowd.

Daniel Bryan: John I respect you and you know that. But no one works harder to earn what they deserve then me.

The crowd erupts with a yes chant.

Daniel Bryan: If you want the WWE Championship, you'll have to go through me.

The yes chants continue.

Trish Stratus: John, Daniel...

Then Randy Orton's music hits. He comes out to heat from the crowd as he is handed a mic when he gets in the ring.

Randy Orton: Two things. First, Trish you look amazing tonight. Next, if anyone deserves to be WWE Champion, it's me. After all I am the face of the WWE.

Trish smiles as the crowd boo's.

Randy Orton: I'm also the best superstar to ever step foot in this ring.

The crowd boo's but then Chris Jericho's music hits. The roof has just blown off the place. Jericho makes his way down and is handed a mic.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to, SmackDown is Jericho!

The crowd cheers.

Chris Jericho: If the WWE Universe wants anyone to be WWE Champion, it's me, the iotola of rockinrola.

The crowd cheers.

Chris Jericho: And Trish, I've thought you've been lookin good for 20 years baby.

The crowd whistles and cheers as Jericho smiles and so does Trish.

Trish Stratus: Okay okay guys. To tell you the truth, I haven't decided who will be WWE Champion yet. I guess you guys will have to impress me.

The crowd cheers.

Trish Stratus: So tonight, Daniel Bryan will battle John Cena.

The yes chants begin again as Cena and Bryan stare each other down.

Trish Stratus: And, Chris Jericho will take on Randy Orton and gentlemen, that match is now.

The crowd cheers. What a night we have tonight!


Match 1 (2):
Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

We come back and Jericho has Randy Orton in a headlock as Orton makes his way back up, pushes Jericho away and nails a picture perfect dropkick. What a beauty from Randy Orton. Orton then waits for Jericho to get up, slides under his back, grabs him but the neck and slams Jericho across his back. Orton covers, 1...2...and Jericho got the shoulder up. Orton then looks at the ropes, grabs Jericho by the head and swings his feet around on to the second rope and goes for the DDT but Jericho falls through and snaps Orton's head off the second rope. Jericho then slides back in the ring and nails the bulldog to Orton! He says come on baby as the crowd cheers. Jericho then hops off the second rope and goes for the lionsault but Orton puts his knees up, nailing Jericho in the ribs. Orton is quickly back up, grabs Jericho by the head and whips him on the second rope and this time nails the DDT to the mat. The crowd applaudes Orton for the move as Orton covers, 1...2...and Jericho got the shoulder up. Orton then stares down at Jericho and then up at the crowd and slithers down to the mat. Orton's looking for that RKO. Jericho makes his way up and Orton goes for it but Jericho counters, pushes Orton off the ropes and takes him down by the legs and tries to turn him over for the Walls of Jericho. However, Orton kicks Jericho off and he flies through the second rope and out to the floor. Orton takes a second to recover and then slides out of the ring as Jericho is trying to help himself up with the baracade and Orton drives his knee right into the face of Jericho, with the back of Jericho's neck snapping off the baracade. The crowd boos as Orton picks Jericho up and this time throws him into the baracade. The referee is yelling at Orton and Orton slides back in the ring as this match continues next.
We come back as Orton has Jericho back in the ring and this time Orton has the headlock locked in. Jericho uses the crowd to try and fire his way back up and he does so with shots to the gut on Orton and then knocks Orton down with a clothesline. Jericho is fired up as Orton pulls himself up. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but Orton catches him, throws him off and nails the RKO out of no where. 1....2...and Jericho got his foot on the bottom rope. Orton can't believe it. He doesn't know what to do. Orton then looks down at Jericho and up at the crowd and backs in the corner. it looks like he wants that punt. Orton lines up and goes for the punt but Jericho catches at the legs and brings him down to the mat and this time locks in the Walls of Jericho. This place is going crazy as Jericho has it locked in in the middle of the ring. Orton is scratching and clawing with everything he has. With one last grasp, Orton gets to the ropes and Jericho has to break the hold. Jericho can't believe it. Orton makes his way back up and Jericho nails a running enzaguri to Orton. Jericho then covers, 1...2...and Orton gets the shoulder up this time. Jericho looks like he's measuring Orton for that Codebreaker. Orton makes his way up and Jericho charges Orton but Orton nails another pitch perfect dropkick, taking down Jericho. Orton then slithers to the mat and waits for Jericho to get up. Jericho makes his way up as Orton wants that RKO but out of no where Jericho strikes with the Codebreaker. Jericho lays his back across Orton, 1....2...3. Jericho wins it. Wait wait, the referee looks confused. He tells the timekeeper something. The timekeeper then announces that both men's shoulders were down on the mat and this match is a draw. The crowd boos as Jericho can't believe it. Jericho made a mistake but he had this match won. Jericho then goes and turns Orton over and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Referee's come running down and pull Jericho off of Orton as Jericho had one slip away tonight.
Winner: Draw

Segment 2 (3):
We see Trish Stratus and Jason Albert in the back discussing.

Trish Stratus: I just don't know what to do reguarding the United States Championship. I mean, so many men deserve it.

Jason Albert: I got an idea. How about tonight, we have a battle royal to determine the United States Champion.

The crowd cheers.

Trish Stratus: This is why your my assistant. That match will happen, right here tonight.

The crowd cheers. We then switch cameras to AJ Lee skipping to the ring as we will crown the first ever Classic Ladies Champion in a triple threat match next.

Match 2 (4):
Vacant Classic Ladies Championship
Triple Threat Match
Alicia Fox vs. Tamina Snuka vs. AJ Lee

We see Charlotte is sitting a ringside as the Classic Ladies Champonship was presented by her during the commercial. It's an exact replica to the Fabulous Moolah Womens Championship. Alicia Fox is already in the ring. Tamina then makes her way out and takes heat from the crowd. AJ Lee is out next and the crowd gives her a nice ovasion. All three of these divas have their game faces on. The referee rings the bell and here we go as Alicia and Tamina both turn to AJ and attack her. The crowd boos as Tamina tosses AJ out of the ring but Alicia tries a quick rollup on Tamina but Tamina kicks out at 2. Alicia backs up in the corner, begging Tamina that she didn't mean it. Tamina then grabs Alicia and throws her down to the mat. Tamina hops on Alicia and punches her over and over until the ref stops her. Tamina waits for Alicia to get up and nails a huge superkick righ to the chin of Alicia as Alicia flies out of the ring. Tamina is looking dominate. Tamina then turns around right into a crossbody by AJ Lee from the top rope. 1....2...and Tamina got the shoulder up. Both diva's are up quick as Tamina goes for a clothesline but AJ catches her arm and locks in the Black Widow on Tamina. Alicia then gets back in the ring and AJ breaks the hold and knocks down Alicia with a massive clothesline. She then turns her attention back to Tamina and dropkicks Tamina right out of the ring and Tamina smacks her head hard on the mat. AJ then turns around and Alicia kicks her right in the gut, goes off the ropes for the Scissors Kick but AJ moves out of the way and then jumps on Alicia with a headlock. Tamina is still down as Alicia is fading her but Alicia makes her way back up and slams AJ into the corner. She then throws AJ off the ropes and AJ counters out of no where into the Black Widow. Tamina is trying to get back in the ring but Alicia has no where to go and she taps out! AJ Lee is the Classic Ladies Champion. AJ sneaks out of the ring as Charlotte hands her the Classic Ladies Championship. AJ Lee has done it. Tamina is upset but AJ skips her way out of Indianapolis as the first ever Classic Ladies Champion.
Winner: NEW Classic Ladies Champion AJ Lee

Segment 3 (5):
Tom Phillips: Please help me welcome my guest at this time, Jason Albert.

The crowd cheers.

Tom Phillips: Now Jason, I understand that Trish has announced the first match for the Payback pay per view.

Jason Albert: That's right Tom. At Payback, there will be a Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

The crowd cheers.

Jason Albert: That match will feature Rusev, Kane, Big E, Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow, and, well, Trish has yet to decide the final competitor.

Just then, Dean Ambrose interrupts and the crowd cheers.

Dean Ambrose: Well then, it appears Trish has some issues deciding things. I tell you what, how about I make it easy on her and I become the final man in the match.

The crowd cheers.

Jason Albert: Well, I guess you'll just have to impress her. Tonight, you have a match with Rusev. Good luck.

The crowd boo's as Ambrose smirks. That match is tonight!


Match 3 (6):
Vacant United States Championship
Battle Royal
Adam Rose vs. Sami Zayn vs. The Miz vs. Mark Henry vs. Darren Young vs. Bo Dallas vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Jack Swagger vs. Big E vs. Heath Slater vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Sin Cara

Well here we go. All the men are in the ring already as the bell rings and we start this battle royal. Our first elmination happens quickly as Sin Cara is quickly eliminated by Kane. Just then Adam Rose tries to pick on the other big man, Mark Henry and Henry tosses out Adam Rose. Two men gone already in this match.
Sin Cara eliminated.
Adam Rose eliminated.

Kane and Mark Henry then turn their attention to each other but all of the sudden, all the men in the match attack Kane and Henry and all of them turn their attention to Kane and all gather to eliminate Kane. Then they all turn to Henry and all team up this time and eliminate the other big man, Mark Henry! Both big men are gone from this match.
Kane eliminated.
Mark Henry eliminated.

Now it seems as if everyboyd is after everybody. Every man for themselves. This battle royal continues when we come back.
We come back as Big E and Jack Swagger have formed some sort of partnership here as they are taking everyone out. Big E picks up Barrett and nails the Big Ending to him. Swagger then drags Barrett to the corner and nails the Swagger Bomb. Swagger and Big E then have a stare down and begin attacking each other. Here we go. Both men tie up in the middle of the ring as Big E powers Swagger toward the ropes and tries pushing him over the top rope but Swagger catches Big E and nails a belly to belly to Big E, sending Big E over the top rope and Big E is out. This crowd is going nuts. Swagger smiles as Big E can't believe it.
Big E eliminated.
Swagger then turns around and Dolph Ziggler tries a superkick but Swagger catches him and locks in the Patriot Lock but Ziggler rolls through and Swagger stops himself with the rope but then turns right into a superkick from Ziggler and Swagger is eliminated! Wow, what a turn of events.
Jack Swagger eliminated.
On the other side of the ring, Sami Zayn is working on eliminating Darren Young when The Miz grabs Zayn and throws him to the mat and then knocks Young off the apron. What was that all about? Well Young is eliminated as Miz looks down at Zayn and smiles and then attacks Zayn.
Darren Young elminated.
-Miz and Zayn going at it here but then Bad News Barrett nails a double Bull Hammer to both of him, knocking them down. Barrett then nails a Bull Hammer to Ziggler! Then Bo Dallas! Barrett is fired up as the crowd applaudes but then Barrett turns into a sidekick from Heath Slater and then Slater scoops Barrett up and over the ropes. Barrett is elminated as he can't believe it as Slater and this crowd is going crazy. Then Bo Dallas takes Heath Slater's head off with a clothesline. Dallas then picks Slater up and throws him over the top rope. Dallas throws his thumbs in the air and smiles as the crowd boos. We are down to Bo Dallas, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and Sami Zayn and this match continues live next.
Bad News Barrett eliminated.
Heath Slater elimnated.

We come back here as Dallas and Ziggler are going at it while the Miz and Zayn are going at it. Miz quickly throws Zayn stomach first into the corner. Miz then tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Zayn pulls through and Miz goes face first into the corner. Zayn with a full head of steam then nails the Helluva Kick to Miz and then tosses Miz over the top rope! The Miz is eliminated. This place is going nuts.
The Miz elminated.
Ziggler now out of no where nails the Zig Zag to Bo Dallas. Ziggler then turns his attention to Zayn and the two look around as the crowd wants to see the this one. Ziggler throws a bomb as Zayn throws a bomb back and now their trading blows. Ziggler then nails a dropkick out of no where. Ziggler then picks Zayn up and tries to throw him over the top rope but Zayn skins the cat and then knocks Ziggler down with a clothesline. Zayn picks Ziggler up and tries throwing him over the top rope but Ziggler skins the cat as well! The crowd loves it as Zayn quickly nails a shot to the gut on Ziggler and is trying to get Dolph up and over but out of no where, Bo Dallas grabs the legs of both men and elminates them both! Bo Dallas wins. Dallas can't believe it. He throws his thumbs in the air as he makes the referee put the United States Championship around his waiste. Bo then gets out of the ring and runs around the ring with his thumbs in the air and the championship around his waist. Somehow, Bo Dallas is the United States Champion.
Dolph Ziggler & Sami Zayn elminated.
Winner: NEW United States Champion Bo Dallas


Segment 4 (7):
We see Sami Zayn walking in the back, holding his ribs when he's interupted by The Miz.

The Miz: Really? Really? I bet you think your all that don't you?

Sami Zayn: What's your problem with me?

The Miz: My problem? You come from NXT and these people and you especially act like you've been here all along. You know what? Your nothing. Your nothing to me. You have no personality. You will never go anywhere.

The crowd boo's as The Miz walks away. Zayn just stares. Well tensions are flying high tonight.

Match 4 (8):
Tag Team Tournament
Winner recieves SmackDown Tag Team Championships
Fandango & Damien Sandow vs. Stardust & Goldust

Well this tournament was announced on the WWE App over the commercial break and the first match begins now. It's a four team tournament with the winner recieving the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Fandango & Damien Sandow are already in the ring as Stardust & Goldusts' music hits and they make their way to the ring for this match. The referee rings the bell as Fandango & Stardust start things off but Fandango is telling Stardust to wait for some reason. Fandango then begins dancing and Stardust looks confused. Fandango dances and the crowd goes along with it but then Stardust grabs Fandango and nails the Dark Matter. 1....2...3. Just like that, Dust to Dust wins. Damien Sandow can't believe it as that match was over in a hiccup. Stardust and Goldust are going to the finals. I can't believe what just happened.
Winners: Stardust & Goldust

Segment 5 (9):
Trish Stratus is in her office watching the screen when Bad News Barrett barges in.

Bad News Barrett: Hello Trish and welcome but I have a problem.

Trish Stratus: Oh, okay.

Bad News Barrett: You see, I'm afraid I got some bad news. These people don't pay for their tickets to see me, Bad News Barrett, without a championship around my waist. So how about you put me in that tag team tournament. Hell, I don't even care who my partner is.

Trish Stratus: Okay Bad News. Well, i'll put you in the tournament. But I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Let me introduce you to your partner, Heath Slater.

The crowd cheers as Barrett turns around to Slater smiling from ear to ear. Slater wants a high five but Barrett just shakes his head and walks out. Well that went well.


Segment 6 (10):
Daniel Bryan is in the back as is pulling up his knee pads when John Cena walks in. The crowd cheers.

John Cena: I just wanted to tell you that I know how good you are. I know that everytime you step in this ring, you work your ass off. I expect the same tonight.

Cena extends his hand for a handshake as Bryan stands up and shakes Cena's hand.

John Cena: I'm looking foward to it.

What a main event we have to night as Cena walks out and the yes chants begin yet again in the arena.

Match 5 (11):
Rusev w/ Lana vs. Dean Ambrose

Rusev comes out first here and the crowd gives him heat as Lana is with him. Let's see how this goes for Rusev as he battles the psychotic Dean Ambrose. Ambrose comes out next to a nice ovasion from the crowd. He gets in the ring and charges Rusev right away and here we go. The referee rings the bell as Ambrose delivers punches to Rusev but Rusev pushes Ambrose down to the mat but Ambrose gets right back up and attacks Rusev again with numerous right hands to the face and again Rusev pushes Ambrose away and Ambrose hops off the second rope but runs right into a spinning wheel kick from Rusev. Rusev yells and the crowd boo's as Lana smiles. Rusev then hops off the ropes and nails a giant splash to Dean Ambrose. He then hops off the ropes and nails a back bomb on to Ambrose this time. This does not look good for Ambrose. Rusev then waits for him to get up and nails a huge superkick right to the face of Ambrose. Lana then yells to Rusev to crush as Rusev goes to turn Ambrose over for the Acolade but Ambrose kicks Rusev square in the head. Rusev leans down and Ambrose connects again with a boot to the face. Ambrose gets to a stand, hops off the ropes and nails a clothesline but Rusev doesn't bunch and Ambrose decides too hop off the second rope for more momentum and dives into Rusev and Rusev falls in between the ropes and falls out of the ring! Ambrose is fired up. Ambrose hops off the ropes and nails a dive to Rusev as Rusev falls against the baracade. Can Ambrose keep this rally up when we come back?
We are back from commerical and during the break, Lana distracted Ambrose on the outside, allowing Rusev to knock down Ambrose with a superkick. Rusev now has Ambrose in the corner in the ring and nails a huge chop across the chest of Ambrose. Rusev throws Ambrose off the ropes now and nails a samoan drop. Rusev then turns Ambrose over and wants the Acolade but Ambrose crawls and crawls out of the ring before Rusev can lock it in. Ambrose slides back in, ducks a clothesline as Rusev tiltaworls him around and Ambrose nails a DDT out of no where! Ambrose. He has Rusev down. All of the sudden the lights go out. Music hits and what? It's Corey Graves. Graves slowly walks on to the entrance ramp. Ambrose isn't sure what to think as he turns right into a kick from Rusev. Rusev turns Ambrose over and locks in the Acolade. Ambrose is out. The referee has to call for the bell. Rusev wins but Corey Graves with the distraction? Why did Graves do this tonight?
Winner: Rusev

Segment 7 (12):
Jack Swagger is in the back and is sitting down with a towel around his neck shaking his head.

Jack Swagger: Zeb I should've had that match tonight.

Zeb Coulter: Jack, listen to me. Your a real American. A real American Jack. Real Americans don't give up.

Just then, Big E walks in.

Big E: Not many guys can say they manhandled me. You did. I want to ask you and offer my hand, man to man, will you be my partner in the tag team tournament next week?

The crowd cheers. Swagger stands up and looks at Big E, then at his hand and shakes it. The crowd cheers. Well its Big E & Swagger vs. Bad News & Slater next week right here on SmackDown. We then cut to John Cena headed to the ring as the main event is next.


Match 6 (13):
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

Daniel Bryan's music hits and he comes out to a massive yes chant. This place is going crazy. Bryan goes for the biggest win of his career tonight. Bryan waits as Cena's music hits and here he comes. Cena makes his way out to a nice ovasion. What a main event we have tonight. Cena comes running down to the ring and throws off his hat. He looks at Bryan and says its go time. Cena rips off his shirt. Here we go. The referee rings the bell as the yes chants fly throughout the arena. Cena and Bryan measure each other and tie up in the middle of the ring and Cena overpowers Bryan and pushes him down to the mat. The crowd gives a mixed reaction. Bryan gets right back up and goes back after Cena and the two tie up again. Cena powers Bryan into the corner and Cena backs out off and out of no where Bryan nails a kick to the head of Cena, causing him to fall on his butt on the mat. Cena backs into the corner as Bryan begins the yes chants. This place is nuts. Cena gets back up and the two tie up one more time and now Cena goes down into a headlock. Bryan pushes Cena off the ropes but Cena comes off with a full head of steam and nails a huge shoulder block to Bryan. Bryan is down as Cena hops off the ropes and nails another shoulder block to Bryan. Bryan now wisley rolls out of the ring as the crowd begins their no chants. Bryan now slides back in and charges right after Cena with rights and lefts to the face. This isn't Bryan's game but he may need it. He then nails kick after kick to the back of the leg of Cena, bring him down to a knee as Bryan now goes to kick Cena in the head but Cena ducks and tries catching Bryan with a roll up, 1....2...Bryan gets his shoulder up. Bryan charges Cena now and Cena ducks a clothesline and locks in a headlock. Cena is in control but will he keep it up as we take our last commerical break.
We come back and Bryan now has a headlock on Cena as he was able to reverse it during the commerical break. Cena now pushes toward the rope and out of no where turns Bryan into the spinning side slam. Cena hops off the ropes for the 5-knuckle shuffle and nails it. It could be AA time. Cena measures Bryan and goes for it but Bryan nails knees to the face of Cena and now Bryan with the roll up, 1...2...and Cena kicked out. Bryan smiles at Cena as Cena knows how close that was. Bryan then goes to kick Cena in the head and Cena ducks but is unable to duck the second kick to the head from Bryan. Bryan now covers, 1...2..and Cena kicks out again. Bryan now hops off the ropes and nails a drop kick to Cena while he's on the mat. Bryan covers, 1...2...and again Cena got the shoulder up. Cena now rolls out of the ring. However, Bryan flies off the ropes and dives on to Cena. Bryan is firing up here and so are the yes chants in this arena. Bryan now throws Cena in the ring, turns him over and locks in the single leg Boston crab. Cena could be in trouble. Cena however turns over and kicks Bryan off as Cena now is up quickly and knocks Bryan down with a huge clothesline. Cena now looks to the top rope. He goes up to the top as Bryan begins to stir. He goes for the leg drop but Bryan moves out of the way and Cena lands on the mat. Bryan is now quickly up and he goes to the top rope and nails the diving headbutt to Cena. 1....2...and Cena got the shoulder up. Bryan is in shock. Bryan goes to pick Cena up but Cena drops him down and tries to lock in the STF but Bryan turns over and kicks Cena into the corner face first and as Cena is backing off, Bryan tries for the Yes Lock. Bryan is trying but out of no where, Cena counters and nails the Attitude Adjustment.! Bryan somehow got the shoulder up. Cena looks like he's seen a ghost. Cena now looks at the top rope and picks Bryan up on his shoulders and begins climbing up. He's going for that AA from the top rop but Bryan counters and pushes Cena off. Bryan now again nails the diving headbutt on Cena. This time Bryan gets up, firing up, shaking his head up and down in the corner. He waits for Cena to get up and charges him and nails the Knee Plus to Cena. Just then, Randy Orton gets in the ring and nails the RKO to Bryan! The crowd boo's as the referee calls for the bell. Orton now begins stalking Cena but Jericho comes running down and Orton makes a run for it. Jericho remains in the ring. Orton is in the crowd as Trish Stratus' music hits.

Trish Stratus: Well I guess thats that. None of you could win tonight. But don't worry, I still haven't made up my mind. So next week, John Cena will square off against Chris Jericho while Daniel Bryan will square off against Randy Orton.

The crowd cheers then Jericho turns to Cena and nails the Codebreaker. The crowd cheers again as Jericho exits with a smile on his face. Well what a week we have next week. Goodnight everyone from the returning Gamma SmackDown.
Winner: No Contest

Gamma SmackDown goes off the air.


Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs. Big E vs. Rusev vs. Jack Swagger vs. Damien Sandow vs. ??

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Not going to lie this wasnt your best work. I loved the Battle Royal and the ending and I Bo-Leive!!!Little upset Zayn didnt pull out with the win :(. The opening & closing were both storyline based matches so I see why you had to go with the finishes. Not sure about Trish I hope she manages to pull it together. Other than that I was really impressed by the way you wrote your matches.

Posted on August 30, 2014 at 5:32 PM
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# TheWrestler
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I like the storylines and you had some really good matches too. Good show!

Posted on September 2, 2014 at 10:54 AM
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