8/21 WWE Gamma SmackDown Live presents SummerSlam


Pre-Show Match
Cruiserweight Championship
Neville vs. Tyler Breeze (c)
Well we start off the night with the Cruiserweight Championship match. Fandango was banned from ringside for this match. Neville is out first here to a great reaction from the Brooklyn crowd. Tyler Breeze came out next as the Cruiserweight Champion gets ready for his first title defense. It was three weeks ago when Neville won the Cruiserweight Championship in a Cruiserweight Open. However, a week later, Tyler Breeze won the championship after Fandango interfered on his behalf. Neville is using his rematch clause here tonight and Fandango is banned from ringside. This was great matchup here. Back and forth, high flying action. The match was heating up when Breeze tried for the Beauty Shot but Neville countered it with a spinning spike DDT. It looks like Neville wants the Red Arrow. Neville goes for it but Breeze gets up and nails a running enzaguri kick to the side of the head of Neville. Breeze picks Neville up and goes for the Uprettier but Neville counters and bounces him off the ropes and goes for a roll up,! Breeze kicked out. Breeze quickly charges Neville but Neville nails a Roundhouse kick, knocking Breeze down. Neville goes up for the Red Arrow as this place is going nuts and he nails it! 1...2...3! Neville wins back the Cruiserweight Championship! What a match here on the kickoff show as this place came unglued as Neville has walked in to Brooklyn and walked out with the Cruiserweight Champion.
Winner: NEW Cruiserweight Champion Neville

Opening Segment:
We are welcomed to the show here tonight in Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York by Mauro Ranallo, JBL & David Otunga as Michael Cole, Byron Saxton & Corey Graves will be calling the action for Alpha Raw. What a night we have tonight! This place is ready for some action.

Match 1:
Vacant SmackDown Tag Team Championships
The New Day: Big E & Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs. The Vaudevillains: Aiden Enlgish & Simon Gotch

Big E: Oh Brooklyn! Don't you dare be sour! Clap, for you world famous two time champs and feel the power!

Well here comes The New Day to a great reaction from the crowd as Brooklyn loves The New Day. What a tag team match we have here tonight. It looks like Big E & Kofi Kingston will be doing the wrestling for The New Day as they wait as The Vaudevillains music hits and the crowd boo's as the come out to the ring. The Vaudevillains won a matchup against The Uso's on the returning episode of Gamma SmackDown Live against the Uso's to earn a match here tonight against The New Day. The New Day was automatically put in the match by GM Daniel Bryan due to the fact that they were Tag Team Champions when the Alpha & Gamma draft re-occured. What a match this was here. The crowd was favoring the New Day heavily in this matchup. Later on in the match, Enlgish & Big E are the legal men and English has a headlock locked in on the big man. The crowd is cheering Big E on as he works his way back up here and nails shots to the gut of English and he gets out of it and knocks down English with a clothesline. Big E now hops off the ropes and nails a big splash to English! 1...2...and English kicked out at 2. Big E drags English into the corner as the crowd cheers Big E begins stomping Enlgish with the Unicorn Stomps. Him and Kofi tag in and out and take turns until Xavier grabs his trombone and begins to play and Kofi nails a running dropkick to the face of English! New Day is dancing away as Xavier plays his trombone here. Kofi is the legal man here and he's setting up for Trouble in Paradise but Simon Gotch comes running in and knocks Big E right off the apron into Xavier Woods! Gotch then turns around right into Trouble in Paradise from Kofi! Then, Aiden English rolls Kofi up,! Kingston kicks out. English then quickly catches Kofi and nails the Director's Cut! Here's the cover,! Kofi got his foot on the bottom rope and this place is going nuts as English can't believe it. Big E gets back in the ring and charges Enlgish but English moves out of the way and sends Big E shoulder first into the turnbuckle as he was going for a spear and now he falls out of the ring. English then turns right into a dropkick from Kofi. Kofi is setting up for Trouble in Paradise but then Simon Gotch nails and uppercut to the back of the head and English follows it up with a neckbreaker as they just nailed the Whirling Dervish! 1...2...3! The Vaudevillains pull a huge upset. This place is upset as The Vaudevillains are the first ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions. They walk out as the New Day can't believe it in the ring.
Winner: NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillains

We see Daniel Bryan & Stephanie McMahon talking in the back when the Diva's Champion Charlotte walks in.

Charlotte: Daniel. Stephanie. You guys wanted to see me?

Daniel Bryan: Ah yes Charlotte..

Stephanie McMahon: We are so glad to you represent us as our Diva's Champion.

Daniel Bryan: But, we feel like the term diva's feel weak. So we decided to design a brand new SmackDown Women's Championship.

Daniel pulls a cloth off of the New SmackDown Women's Championship belt as he presents it to Charlotte. Charlotte is in awe.

Daniel Bryan: Charlotte, since you did win the Diva's Championship, we are awarding with our new SmackDown Women's Championship and tonight, this is what you will defend against Paige.

The crowd cheers.

Charlotte: Thank you guys so much for this.

Paige then walks in.

Paige: That is one nice shiny title. I can't wait for the end of our match tonight when that championship is around my waist.

The crowd cheers.

Charlotte: Paige, honey, I'm far superior to you and tonight, I will prove it.

The crowd boo's as Charlotte takes her new championship and walks out. Well what a SmackDown Women's Championship Match we will have tonight!

Match 3:
Intercontinental Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler (c)
We see a video package that does a really good of displaying this rivalry that we have had leading up to this match. This rivalry goes back a long time as well all know. Alberto Del Rio comes out first and the crowd boo's. Del Rio defeated Ziggler a couple of weeks ago to earn this match tonight but of course Del Rio won with a roll up as he had a hand full of tights. The Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler is out next and the crowd cheers as Ziggler has a huge ovasion tonight in Brooklyn. The interview we saw that a couple weeks back shows these two men shows these two men certainly do not like each other. What a matchup this was here. Both men were trading blows throughout the match. Later on, Del Rio has the upper hand as he kicks Ziggler in the gut and he falls to the mat and then Del Rio nails a superkick right to the face of Del Rio while he's on the mat! That's how Del Rio beat Ziggler years ago and here's the cover,! Ziggler kicks out. Del Rio can't believe it. Del Rio now picks up Ziggler and scoops him up and sets him up on the top rope as Del Rio now goes up to the top as Ziggler is dangling down. Del Rio then nails a double stomp to the chest of Ziggler! Here's the cover,! Ziggler kicks out again! Del Rio now is furious and is arguing with the referee. Ziggler pulls himself up and when Del Rio turns around, he runs right in to a Super Kick from Ziggler! Here's the cover,! Del Rio kicks out. Ziggler may have just hit his best shot. Ziggler pulls himself up in the corner again and it looks like he wants another super kick. He waits for Del Rio to get up and goes for it but Del Rio counters into an electric chair. What a counter, here's the cover.! Ziggler is kicks out again. Del Rio gets up and cools his frustration as he starts pounding on his arm. He's setting up for that Cross Ambreaker and when Ziggler gets up, Del Rio locks it in! Ziggler is in troulbe in the dead center of the ring. The crowd is trying to get behind Ziggler here. Ziggler is slowing crawling, trying to get to the ropes and he finally does! Del Rio has to break the hold. Del Rio is furious again as once again, he is arguing with the referee. But then out of no where, Ziggler nails the Zig Zag from behind!! Del Rio kicked out! Ziggler can't believe it! Ziggler again gets up and moves to the corner and wants that Super Kick again. Del Rio makes it to his feet but once again Del Rio counters Ziggler with a tilt-a-whorl backbreaker. Del Rio backs up in the corner and hes waiting for Ziggler to get up as he wants that kick right to the head again but Ziggler ducks and rolls Del Rio up and has the tights! 1...2...3! Ziggler retains. This place erupts as Ziggler beat Del Rio the same way Del Rio beat him a couple of weeks ago. Ziggler walks out smiling and holding his championship as Del Rio has lost it in the ring, arguing with the official.
Winner: STILL Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

Stephanie McMahon and Daniel Bryan are shown in the back again.

Stephanie McMahon: Wow what a match. This is exhausting to watch.

Daniel Bryan: We haven't even seen the best of it yet.

Stephanie McMahon: Well I'll give you credit Daniel. For a B+ player, you've put on a good show.

The crowd boo's.

Daniel Bryan: Stephanie, remember that time I beat your husband at WrestleMania?

The crowd cheers as Daniel smiles and walks away.

Match 4:
SmackDown Women's Championship
Paige vs. Charlotte (c)
Paige is out first here and she gets a nice ovasion from the crowd here in Brooklyn. what an opportunity this is for Paige and she is all ready for it. Charlotte is out next to heat from the crowd. Charlotte won the Diva's Championship in a five pack challenge on the first episode of Gamma SmackDown Live but obviously tonight, she was awarded with the SmackDown Women's Championship. Paige feels she is the one who started the women's revolution here in the WWE and tonight she wants to prove that by becoming the top women's wrester on SmackDown Live. What a matchup these two ladies put on here. Back and forth they went. Paige was in deep control at one point. Paige had the PTO locked in and Charlotte was in alot of trouble but she ends up getting to the rope. Paige now waits for Charlotte to get up and nails the side kick right to the face and here's the cover, Charlotte kicked out at 2. Paige stays right on the attack and goes to pick Charlotte up but Charlotte pushes Paige off the ropes and Paige runs into a big boot from Charlotte. Charlotte now pulls Paige towards the corner and goes up to the top rope and nails the Somersault senton! Here's the cover,! Paige kicks out. What a big move from Charlotte. Charlotte now locks in a head scissors and Paige is in trouble here. Paige crawls to the ropes and breaks the hold. Charlotte must let go now. Charlotte confronts the official. She goes to pick Paige up but Paige counters with a small package, here's the cover,! Charlotte kicks out and once again, nails a big boot to the face of Paige. Charlotte picks Paige up and throws her into the corner and begins with knife edge chops and the crowd woo's along with her. Charlotte backs up and lets out a "Woo" as she charges Paige but Paige counters with boots to the face and then Paige nails a spinning neckbreaker. The cover,! A kickout. Paige lets out a roar. She picks Charlotte up and goes for the Ram Paige but Charlotte counters into a ddt. Charlotte now lifts Paige up, hops off the ropes and nails Natural Selection! It's all over,! Paige somehow kicked out. Charlotte can't believe it. Charlotte now waits for Paige to get up, hops off the ropes and goes for a cross body but Paige catches her and nails a Fallaway slam! Paige now picks Paige up and wants the Ramp Page. She picks Charlotte up but what the hell, Naomi comes running down to the ring and Paige drops Charlotte and knocks Naomi off the apron. Paige then turns around in to a boot from Charlotte! Charlotte locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock and now arches up into the Figure 8. Paige is fighting here trying to get out of it but she has no choice but to tap out. The crowd boo's as Charlotte retains her championship. Naomi & Charlotte now start beating down on Paige when Bayley comes running out to the ring! Bayley fights off the both of them and Paige joins in as they clear the ring of Charlotte and Naomi. The crowd cheers as Bayley's music hits and her and Paige receive a nice pop from the crowd.
Winner: STILL SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte

A video package is shown on how dangerous the Elimination Chamber Match actually is.

Match 7:
Vacant WWE World Championship
Elimination Chamber Match
Rusev vs. Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
Before the match, a video package airs that brings this match to full circle. The WWE's most dangerous structure returns as the chamber is dropped to the ring. Bray Wyatt's music hits and he comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Wyatt is our here alone tonight as he gets in and goes in his pod. Wyatt will be the last man to enter the chamber match tonight as he won the Beat the Clock Challenge this passed week on SmackDown Live. Rusev is out next and the crowd boo's as Rusev makes his way down to the ring with Lana. Rusev gets in his pod in the chamber as he stares down Bray Wyatt. Roman Reigns' music hits and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as Reigns comes out and looks around at this explosive Brooklyn crowd. Reigns nods his head in approval and gets in the chamber and in to his pod as Reigns will not be starting this match. Kevin Owens' music hits and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as Owens comes out, stares at the Vacant WWE World Championship and gets in the chamber and in his pod. We now know the two men who will start this match. Sami Zayn's music hits and this place goes nuts. Zayn comes out and he is clearly the crowd favorite right now. Zayn gets in the ring and gets in the face off all four men in their pods. John Cena is out next as he gets a mixed reaction from the Brooklyn crowd. Cena looks around and runs down to the ring but stops before the stairs and looks at the chamber and gets in. Well John Cena has been in this type of match more than anyone in this match and if anyone appears to be the favorite besides Bray Wyatt, it may be John Cena. It will be Zayn and Cena starting the match off as the bell rings. Every couple of minutes, a new competitor will enter the match. Cena and Zayn draw a massive reaction from this crowd as they are loving this. The two men lock up and Cena gets the upper hand and goes down into a headlock. The two put on a good fight for awhile. Zayn looked like he was going to put Cena away when he nailed the Blue Thunder Bomb but Cena kicked out! The clock starts to wind down as Rusev is the next to enter this match. Rusev comes in and takes it to Zayn and Cena. Eventually, Rusev is beating down Cena in the corner but Zayn attacks Rusev and the crowd cheers as Zayn delivers right after right to the head of Rusev! Zayn now nails an exploder suplex to Rusev, sending him into the corner! Zayn waits for Rusev to get up and nails another exploder suplex and Rusev gets up and runs into an AA from Cena! Zayn now picks Rusev up and puts him in the corner and nails the Helluva Kick! Cena covers after Zayn nails it, 1....2...3! Rusev is eliminated. Cena pulls himself back up in the corner but out of no where, Zayn nails the Helluva Kick to Cena! Zayn goes for the cover,! Cena kicked out and the crowd can't believe it. The clock is back on now and Roman Reigns is out next! Reigns comes in and nails a diving clothesline to Zayn and then one to Cena as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction, mostly boo's. Reigns throws Zayn over the ropes. Reigns now goes out on the steel, picks up Zayn and throws him right into the cage. Reigns now gets back in the ring as now Reigns and Cena have a staredown as this place is going nuts as both men look around at the crowd. Reigns then nails a right hand to Cena and the two throw haymakers until Reigns gets the upper hand, tries to throw Cena off the ropes but Cena comes back with a shoulder block! Cena hops off the ropes and nails another shoulder block to Reigns! Cena waits for Reigns to get up and nails the Spinning Side Slam. Cena throws his arm up and this place has come unglued again. Cena goes off the ropes and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Reigns kicks Cena right in the head from the mat and then Sami Zayn out of no where jumps from the top rope with a cross body to Cena! Cena though powers through and goes for the AA but Reigns hops off the ropes and nails the Superman Punch to Cena. The clock then ticks down as somehow Zayn landed on his feet and takes down Reigns with a standing spinning DDT! Zayn pauses as the crowd cheers as Kevin Owens will be out next. Owens comes out and goes right after Zayn and the two men go back and forth, trading right hands. The crowd is loving this. Then Owens slaps Zayn and Zayn slaps Owens back and Owens pushes Zayn off the ropes and nails a spinning backbreaker. Owens then runs right into a massive clothesline from Cena and again the crowd lets out a mixed reaction. Cena picks Owens up, throws him off the rope and nails a huge back body drop! Cena then turns around right into a dive clothesline from Reigns! Reigns then hits Zayn with one as well. Owens is back up now and Reigns goes to hit him with one but Owens ducks and then nails a super kick to Reigns. Owens goes for the cover but Reigns kicks out at 2! Owens now throws Reigns off the ropes and goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb but Reigns comes flying off the ropes with a Superman Punch! Reigns now backs up in the corner and waits for Owens to get up and nails a Spear!! Owens somehow kicked out and Reigns can't believe it. The clock comes back on as there is only one man left to enter this match. Reigns goes out of the ring now in front of Bray Wyatt's pod and right when Wyatt's opens, Reigns Spear's Wyatt right through the plexy glass! Both men are out. Back in the ring, Zayn regains control. Zayn nails again, a Blue Thunder Bomb but this time to Owens!! Owens kicked out. Zayn now picks Owens up and lifts him up on the top rope. Zayn is going for the super plex but then Cena grabs the legs of Zayn and goes for a powerbomb and now it turns into a super plex by Zayn to Owens while Cena nailed a power bomb to Zayn! This place is going crazy. What a move and what a sequence. Cena now appears to be in control as Wyatt and Reigns are still out. Cena gets up and waits for one of Owens or Zayn to get up. Owens is up first and Cena goes for the AA but Owens counters and super kick's Cena right into the bottom rope. Owens now backs up into the corner and nails the Cannonball to Cena! Zayn is trying to pull himself up but Owens nails a Cannonball to him! Owens then looks out of the ring, goes out on the steel and picks up Reigns and then throws him thrown the plexy glass on one of the pods! The crowd cheers but then Owens turns right into a clothesline from Bray Wyatt. Wyatt laughs as now he gets in the ring and tries picking Zayn up. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Zayn counters and drop kicks Wyatt into the corner! Zayn now nails the Helluva Kick to Wyatt! Zayn turns to cover but out of no where, Cena catches him with an AA! 1....2....3! Sami Zayn is eliminated. This crowd in Brooklyn is upset as Zayn must leave the match. Cena now covers Bray Wyatt,! Wyatt kicks out. Cena now stalks Bray wyatt and goes for the AA but Wyatt counters and nails Sister Abigail! 1...2...3! Wyatt elminates Cena, just like that. The crowd cheers as Cena is out. Were down to three. Owens, Reigns and Wyatt. Wyatt now drags Owens back in the ring from the outside as Wyatt is laughing. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Owens counters, throws Wyatt off the ropes and nails the Pop Up Powerbomb!! Wyatt kicked out. Owens can't believe it. Owens is complaining to the referee but turns right into a Superman Punch from Roman Reigns! Reigns waits for Owens to get up and goes for the Spear but Wyatt cuts him off and nails Sister Abigail on Reigns! Wyatt covers,! Reigns kicked out! Brooklyn can't believe it and neither can Bray Wyatt. Wyatt laughs it off. He yells at Roman to "stay down". He picks Roman up and throws him off the ropes but Reigns nails the Superman Punch to Wyatt! Wyatt rolls out of the ring and Reigns turns around and runs to another superkick from Owens! Here's the cover,! Reigns kicked out. Owens is slapping the mat. He is yelling a Reigns to get up. Owens now goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb. He throws Reigns off the ropes but Reigns nails the Superman Punch to Wyatt who was standing on the steel! Owens goes for a clothesline on Reigns but Reigns ducks, hops off the ropes and nails a Spear! 1...2....3! Owens is eliminated. It's down to two now. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. Wyatt rolls back in the ring and Reigns goes to pick him up but Wyatt arches up and walks on his hands and feet towards Reigns as Reigns looks like he's seen a ghost and the crowd cheers. Wyatt gets up and Reigns nails a punch right to the face of Wyatt and then kicks Wyatt in the gut and nails a sit down powerbomb! Here's the cover.! Wyatt kicked out. Wyatt crawls to the ropes as he rest on the second rope. Reigns gets up, hops off the ropes and nails a drive by to Wyatt in the corner. Reigns gets back in the ring and looks at the crowd. He's getting ready for the Superman Punch as he locks and cocks and slams the mat with his fist. Wyatt gets up and Reigns goes for it but Wyatt catches him and goes for Sister Abigail but Reigns pushes him off and then nails the Superman Punch! Reigns now sets up for the Spear but what the hell? The Wyatt Family comes running down. Erick Rowan gets up on the steps and tries to pry the door but Reigns steps out of the ring and nails the Superman Punch to Rowan and he falls on top of Strowman and Harper! Bray Wyatt then attacks Reigns from behind! Wyatt picks Reigns up and throws him into the cage. Wyatt laughs as he has Reigns right where he wants him. He drags Reigns back into the ring, waits for Reigns to get up and says "Anyone but you Roman" and hops off the ropes but Reigns nails a Spear out of no where! Reigns doesn't cover though. He stares down at Bray Wyatt, almost like he knows he needs more to put Wyatt away. Reigns backs up in the corner and waits for Reigns to get up and nails a second Spear to Wyatt! Here's the cover, 1...2...3! Reigns is the WWE World Champion! The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as the cage raises and Reigns is given the title. Reigns holds up the title and again the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as Reigns is leaving the Biggest Event of the Summer as WWE World Champion! What a matchup this was. We have a new champion.
Winner: NEW WWE World Champion Roman Reigns

SummerSlam comes to an end.

9/11 Backlash Card:

Hideo Itami vs. Sheamus

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