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Mmmm hmmmmm...I love Wrestlemania time. Tomorrow night is the wrestling world's biggest night of the year. I was thinking about what I could contribute to this week and I came up with this:


This is a power poll ranking the male wrestlers on the roster from most important to least. Importance factors in age and potential as well as current card level and marketability.

1. John Cena - Has 6 or 7 more years as the biggest draw in WWE.

2. CM Punk - Solidified himself as a strong number 2 behind Cena this year.

3. Daniel Bryan - Already capable of main eventing at a younger age than the other main eventers.

4. The Rock - The luster is wearing off as more fans become used to him being part time. The longer he continues his current WWE workload, the more fans will turn on him for stealing spotlight.

5. Sheamus - The Irishman has a few years of main eventing left in him.

6. Randy Orton - Still young enough to break many records for multiple title reigns.

7. Dolph Ziggler - On the cusp of breaking into the main event for good.

8. Big Show - Only a couple years left in the big man, but still very usable.

9. Ryback - Need New Chant! Need New Chant! And could use a few tweaks here and there, but you can't deny his potential.

10. Wade Barrett - Injuries slowed his ascent, but there's no holding down a man of his many talents.

11. Chris Jericho - Similar schedule as The Rock, but without the massive push every time he reappears. Fans won't turn on Y2J.

12. Antonio Cesaro - So skilled in the ring, but doesn't come across as all-time great on the mic.

13. Damien Sandow - If he can avoid getting lost in the midcard, he may be special. He just needs a push.

14. Kofi Kingston - The corporation is unhappy with him right now, but it's never long before Kofi is back on track.

15. The Miz - He may turn out to be a one hit wonder. He needs a good break to end up in the mmajor title picture again. His solid mic work helps.

16. Mark Henry - The World's Biggest Mark has had an unexpectedly strong career, but it's nearing the end. He's one or two injuries away from having to hang up his boots.

17. Brock Lesnar - I don't see the excitement surrounding his matches each time he returns like there is with The Rock. Brock needs a full time commitment to return to elite status.

18. Christian - the oft-injured star typically returns close to the main event. We'll see if he can do so once again.

19. R-Truth - At 41, R-Truth has to be nearing retirement. It's too bad he couldn't get one major title run before it happens.

20. Kane - The oldest full time wrestler on the active roster has shown signs of slowing down this past year. He may have a retirement match soon.

21. Seth Rollins - one of the youngest wrestlers on the roster also has one of the best movesets. Let's hope some of Dean Ambrose's mic skills rub off on him.

22. Dean Ambrose - His ceiling is lower than the other two members of the shield, but he looks the most polished right now.

23. Alberto Del Rio - He's a midcarder through and through. He shouldn't be in the main event any more than Tyson Kidd.

24. Big E. Langston - I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of storyline this guy gets when he breaks away from Dolph and AJ.

25. Roman Reigns - The shield member with the look of a mega star. I honestly think the longer the shield stays intact, the better for RR.

26. Undertaker - I couldn't make myself place the Deadman any lower. He's down to 3 or 4 appearances per year and he's as old as Methusela, so he cannot go any higher either.

27. Jack Swagger - WWE was just fine before Mr. Impaired Driver came back and if he goes away again, it'll still thrive. If Dutch Mantel wasn't around, Swagger would've botched his way out of his Wrestlemania spot.

28. Rey Mysterio - Rey has as many knees as Lieutenant Dan. He just can't compete anymore without reinjuring himself. Maybe he can last long enough for one farewell tour.

29. Cody Rhodes - He's still young even though he's been around so long. Hard to believe he can suddenly break through after so long in the midcard.

30. Fandango - His cheesy gimmick will never last, but perhaps he can prove he deserves some airtime with his moveset and mic work.

31. Heath Slater - He's right behind Dolph Ziggler in terms of taking bumps, but he's too annoying to be pushed.

32. Drew McIntyre - Has went through a rash of character changes but nothing has stuck. It's a shame because he's obviously gifted.

33. Brodus Clay - the funkasaurus gimmick is already stale. I hope it ends when he and Sweet T split, but I have a bad feeling about it.

34. Titus O'Neil - The much better half of the Primetime Players would be way higher on the list if he was 10 years younger. Maybe he should be Pancake Patterson for the rest of his career.

35. Mason Ryan - this beast hasn't been healthy since 2011. I'm sure we'll see good things when he redebuts.

36. Ted DiBiase - I've seen this guy be solid in-ring and on the mic. I refuse to believe he's a jobber.

37. Evan Bourne - high flyers get hurt a lot. If bourne can stay healthy, he'll be successful.

38. Tyson Kidd - his near-push last year may be the highlight of his singles career so far, but he is better than that.

39. Ezekiel Jackson - another injury prone star who is on the older side.

40. David Otunga - decent promos and look, but quite poor between the ropes.

41. Zack Ryder - if over a million twitter followers can't get the guy over, what will?

42. Alex Riley - this guy always seems like he is going to be better than he is. I still believe he has some potential.

43. JTG - he has a good moveset. I wish he would get repackaged. It may be his only chance to avoid getting released.

44. Derrick Bateman - It's a bad sign that he has only been used as a jobber thus far, but he has all-around potential.

45. Justin Gabriel - he has been around for a while without making any headway. His combination of high risk moves and laid back attitude isn't getting him anywhere.

46. Curt Hawkins - another middling grappler who hasn't even really had a chance to bust out yet.

47. Darren Young - I don't have much faith in this guy. He's not impressive in-ring or on the mic.

48. Tensai - Sweet T has went downhill from day one of his WWE return. I don't see much hope for him.

49. Jey Uso - Given the perfect combination of bloodlines and twin power, the Usos should have held the tag titles multiple times by now.

50. Jimmy Uso - The fact that they haven't even won them once says a lot.

51. Jinder Mahal - He is young, but he seems limited.

52. Sin Cara - If you can't speak in WWE, you can't be successful (unless you're Jack Swagger or Alberto Del Rio).

53. Bo Dallas - Looks like the WWE brass has decided not to keep young Bo around for now. Maybe he'll get a better shot after Wrestlemania.

54. Brad Maddox - I don't see what Triple H sees in this guy. He isn't interesting and he is a pipsqueak.

55. William Regal - He wrestles about as much as Undertaker. He could still be utilized as a non-wrestler.

56. Primo - Primo & Epico are equally as disappointing as the Usos.

57. Epico - And they are older.

58. Santino Marella - He can stay on Saturday morning Slam for all I care.

59. Michael McGillicutty - Looks more and more like he will not receive another shot.

60. Percy Watson - He has never really gotten a look in the big leagues.

61. Hornswoggle - We've seen all this guy can offer.

62. The Great Khali - If they need to provessomeone is strong, Khali is there to be picked up. That's the extent of his usefulness - being picked up. I sure as hell don't need to see him get chop blocked to the ground and struggle to stand up on his own for the 10 millionth time.

63. Camacho - I think this guy rides a bike?

64. Hunico - Decent wrestler, but probably won't get another opportunity and he's getting older.

65. Yoshi Tatsu - Might as well be renamed Local Competitor because all he does is job.

This list also shows the order in which WWE should release wrestlers if read from bottom to top.

Please comment with your thoughts below.

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# Viper87
Administrator of

The fact that JTG ranked higher on this list than Gabriel, Santino, Sin Cara, Khali, Yoshi Tatsu, Darren Young, Tensai, Jinder Mahal and The Usos on a list based on current importance; and all of which currently rank higher in the card, all of which currently are or could be more marketable; seems like a crime.

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 3:58 AM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #115 (Rank in League: #1)
# word2k9
Member of
Big Show's Big League

I feel that none of the guys you mentioned are going to blossom into anything more than they are currently. JTG would require repackaging, but at least he has the athleticism and youth to potentially become more successful.

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 4:02 AM
# BanditKeith
Brad Maddox is funny.

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 3:38 AM
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