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WWE World Champion Roman Reigns(2x): The Roman Empire rose at the expence of the League of Nations and the McMahons. Roman brutaly beat Triple H the night before beating Sheamus to win the title for the second time in his career. The Roman Empire of Reigns and his "Family" IC Champ Dean Ambrose and former 2x tag champions The Usos.

IC Champion Dean Ambrose(1x): The 2nd in command in The Roman Empire, Ambrose will be the guy that challengers will have to go threw, this isn't Shield-Lite. It's something heelish, but heel-lite.

US Champion Alberto Del Rio(1x): Boring, simply put. I don't find anything exciting about Del Rio or his reign as US Champion. Maybe they need to try and make his as brutal as he was at the start of his second reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Maybe have him injure a sacraficial lamb(Daniel Bryan?) Maybe even end Bryan's career?

WWE Tag Champions The New Day(2x) I love these guys. When you pair two guys that were floundering with the "Best Wrestler that the WWE has to never win a World Title" you know you're on to something magical. Kingston will never be World Champion, let's face that sad fact, but he will have more tag title reigns along with US/IC championship reigns to further cement his Legendary Career as the Best!

Divas Champion Charlotte(1x): Another boring wrestler, where's Brie Bella? Where's Alicia Fox? Where are the truly talented Divas? Instead we get Sasha Banks? Charlotte? Paige? Becky Lynch? Come on these chicks are about as entertaining as watching paint dry and remember when Jeff Hardy actually watched Paint dry on live WWE Television? Maybe if they put the title back on a Bella, Brie Bella for the moment until Nikki can heal up, the Divas Title matches won't be as boring.

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