LLWE Take of the Week #13


May 2 2016, 2:19 AM [4D] radschord89: I don't know about how they do it now adays in the WWE, but it used to be that before if a match needed to be stopped, the other wrestler/tag team was given the W!

May 2 2016, 2:21 AM [4D] radschord89: For an example of it happening recently, I go to a TNA Match for the #1 contendership of the TNA X Division Championship, Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorrenson, Sorrenson suffered a botch moonsault from Ion and ended up with a broken neck and losing more then 2 years of his wrestling career as a result.

May 2 2016, 2:22 AM [4D] radschord89: The match was stopped and Ion was declared the winner, going on to win the TNA X Division Championship. So The Vaudevillains should have been named the winners and new WWE Tag Team #1 Contenders. But the WWE wants their guys to be champions....

May 2 2016, 2:23 AM [4D] radschord89: An example of a WWE Guy being given a chance, even though he lost, AJ Styles getting a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the 2016 Extreme Rules event. Looks like WWE is trying to get the title on their guy even though he was pinned: 1, 2, 3!

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