Insanity Dome Redux Episode 2


Welcome to Episode 2 of The Insanity Dome redux! Tonight we have one heck of a blast, The Usos will be taking on Colin Cassidy in a 2 on 1 handicap match as requested by Cassidy, can he get revenge on the Usos for his best buddy as he claimed? Or will he face the same fate as the big mouth from New Jersey? But first off we have what is sure to be a hard hitting match between two local darlings as "The Outlaw" Charlie Haas takes on the "High Flying Phenom" Will Ospreay! Haas has a microphone in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand as he's making his way to the ringside area. He climbs into the ring before taking a drag from the cigarette, "My opponent for tonight Will, Bill, Phill whatever the F**k he;s name is" He stops to take another drag from his cig before continueing on, "He comes out here acting like some little kid at a G*D D**n Gymnastics meet, he does those dumba** flippy sh*t, and you all take it in like sheep!" The fans are booing loudly, Haas isn't fazed by the lack of appreciation though. He puts the cigarette out on the turnbuckle before turning to the ramp and motioning for his opponent to get into the ring and face him. Will Ospreay goes down to the ring to a loud ovation from the crowd, he gets in Haas' face after that trash talking, Haas puts his hands up in a non-threatening way and motions for Ospreay to do his act. Ospreay climbs to the top to show how excited he is, but he is attacked from behind by Haas. Haas hits him with a hard forearm to the back and throws him out of the ring over the ropes, where he lands hard his back bouncing off of the steel steps. Haas is warned back by the referee as more officials run down to the ring to check on Ospreay. Haas grabs his microphone and walks to the outside of the ring, "What's wrong Phill? Didn't you like doing flips?" He grabs Ospreay by his hair and slams him hard against the barricade. "What's wrong Phill? Don't you like flying around?" He drags him to where the time keeper table is and picking him up, hauls him over where the time keepers table is. "I'm getting out of here!" He turned to leave before grabbing a clipboard from where the announcers are. "This is just the beginning!" Commercial break while the officials check on Ospreay. Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring to go one on one with Jason Jordan of American Alpha. Jason Jordan makes his way accompanied by Chad Gable! They're hyping the crowed up with their act. On screen it's shown that Charlie Haas is watching the action with a grimace on his face. Benjamin and Jordan lock up in the middle of the ring, with Benjamin taking Jordan down with a takedown, Jordan gets to his feet and Benjamin mocks the rookie. Benjamin locks up with Jordan with the younger athlete getting the better of the encounter this time taking the veteran down and mocking him like Benjamin mocked him. Jordan throws him into the turnbuckle, Benjamin moves out of the way and hits his exploder suplex on Jordan out of nowhere, he pins him and gets the three count. Winner: Shelton Benjamin. After the match Benjamin shakes Jordan's hand and celebrates his victory with his old taunts from when he was a member of Team Angle. A graphic for the next match is shown, it's going to be Colin Cassidy taking on The Usos in 1 on 2 action as Cassidy tries to go for revenge against The Usos. Shelton Benjamin is being congratulated on his recent victory, when Charlie Haas walks up to him, "We need to talk." He says handing Benjamin a note, "Let's talk privately." 'What could that have been about, could Haas be trying to recruit Benjamin to join whatever he has planned? What will Benjamin do next? Colin Cassidy is making his way to the ring, when he is attacked from behind by The Usos, Jimmy and Jey kick him behind the head with a double superkick. Jimmy kicks him in the back of his right knee, Jey hits him with a hard kick to the side of his head, knocking him out. The Usos pose over Cassidy mocking him. Insanity Dome Heavweight Championship Match: John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio. The fans are cheering for both men as theu make their way to the ringside area. Morrison and Mysterio shake hands before they get started with this Heavyweight Title Match. Morrison and Mysterio lock up with Mysterio hitting Morrison with hard elbows before irish whipping him into the ring ropes, he hits a dropkick knocking Morrison to the ring mat. Mysterio hits the ropes before hitting Morrison with hard boots to the head. Mysterio goes for the pin, but Morrison throws Mysterio out at one, Morrison gets to his feet, but gets taken down with a tornado style dtt, followd by a springboard moonsault, he goes for the pin, but Morrison gets out of the pin at the count of 1 again. Morrison gets to his feet and Mysterio goes to hit him with a hurricanrana, but Morrison reverses it into a face buster. Morrison hits Mysterio with a hard knee to the side of the head when he tries getting to his feet. He then goes for the pin, but Mysterio kicks out after a 2 count. Morrisonpicks Mysterio up and tries to go for the Reverse STO, but Mysterio reverses it by running up the ring ropes and dropping Morrison onto the back of his head. Mysterio and Morrison are both down on the mat, the referee beginning the 10 count. But neither one of them can get to the feet. So the referee calls for the bell. Winner: Double Count Out. After the decision The GM of Insanity Dome comes out and says 'This is not how this episode will end!' He then motions for somebody to head to the ring, it's Roman Reigns, when Mysterio gets to his feet he's hit with a Spear. He pins Mysterio and gets the 3 count. Winner and New Insanity Dome Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns! Reigns celebrates with his Championship in hand smiling and trying to get the fans cheering, but he is being assailed by loud boos.

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