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KAWS Hardcore Championship: Red Rum(c) vs. Kurt Angle

The rules for this match are simple, both competitors will get three rope breaks once all three are used up, either by using the ropes to break a pinfall or a submission hold or by a dq or count out, the ropes will be no longer in play for that superstar.

The title may change hands on a count out or disqualification. Competitors will have until the count of 20 on the outside of the ring. In the corner or in the ropes will be a count of 5.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to a large ovation as the fans are extremely happy to see the 20 veteran of the sport compete in a KAWS ring for the second most important title in the promotion.

His opponent the Reigning and Defending KAWS Hardcore Champion makes his way to the ring side area, with there clearly being fans who are on his side in this match up of Legend vs. Rookie.

Kurt and Red Rum tie up in the middle of the ring with both of them tussling for dominance over the other, Kurt gets the advantage over his younger opponent, going behind him and taking him down with a very typical take down on the part of Angle, before he gives Red Rum a playful slap to the back of the head.

Kurt waits for Red Rum to get to his feet before Irish whipping him into the ropes and when Red Rum comes back swinging, Kurt ducks goes under teh arm and drops Red Rume onto the back of his head with a wicked looking German suplex, but Kurt isn't done with just one. He rolls threw and with his hands still locked, he drops Red Rum onto his head again with another German, he goes for a third, but Red Rum stops him by hooking his ankle.

Red Rum reverses the waists hold into a take down using Kurt's left leg, and follows threw on that by grabbing his leg just below the knee and dropping back onto his back, snapping Kurts knee. Kurt rolls away clutching his now injured left leg as the referee checks on Kurt.

Kurt gets to his feet now favoring his left knee, he tries loosing it, and gets hit with a hard shoudler tackle, targeting the injured body part, Red Rum taking advantage of the damage that he's done to Kurt's left knee, puts the former Olympian into a leg lock, cinching in a vice like grip on the knee and twerking it to cause even more pain.

Kurt manages to reach the ropes and force the break. Kurt has 2 rope breaks remaining. When Kurt gets to his feet, Red Rum hits him with a knee block, before dragging him to the middle of the ring and locking in a modified figure 4, forcing the Olympic Hero to tap out from the pain.

Here is Your Winner and Still the KAWS Hardcore Champion, Red Rum!

Red Rum helps the Olympic Hero to his feet and raises his hand, to show how much he respects Kurt Angle.

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