October is Triple Threat month in the WWE?


Or atleast in the World Title scenes it would seem.

On Smackdown you have the WWE World Champion AJ Styles defending against the most recent fromer WWE Workd Champion Dean Ambrose and a former 15 World Champion (3x WHC and 12xWWE(Record) Champion John Cena.

By the way Ambrose deserved to be in the match, but Cena should have won a #1 contenders match or something.

But on Raw you have the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defending against former 2x World Champion Seth Rollins and his best friend former 6x World (former 1xWWE, 3x WHC and 2xWCW) Champion Chris Jericho.

Reason being, Rollins got screwed by Owens and Jericho. And Jericho's reason for being in the match, what song did he sing after he screwed Rollins, and both Y2J and KO were heading to the back?

"We Are the Champions!"? Jericho, like you've said before Owens is the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in history.

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