Y2J's return!


How to Book Y2J’s Return! Raw 2 weeks before Xtreme Rules

Cm Punk comes out with the Nexus and he says The reason I screwed over Orton last weeks was because I should have been in that match! So GM, I demand to have some chance at becoming no1 Contender for the WWE Title. Randy Orton comes out and stays at the top of the stage. He says You deserve another chance! No Way! I would have won if you didn’t screw me! (Ding DING) Gm says If you both think you deserve a shot. How bout At Extreme Rules you two face eachother. And next week there will be a match between Randy Orton And anyone from the Nexus and If Randy wins he gets to pick the match type and vise versa for the Nexus.

Raw 1 week Before Xtreme Rules

Punk Decides on Mason Ryan. At the end Randy is lining up for a RKO but Punk and the rest of the nexus comes out and distracts Orton. Orton turns around to a really powerful clothesline 1…2….3. Ryan wins. Punk says Orton We will have one of my specialty matches A LADDER MATCH!

Extreme Rules 2011

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk in a Ladder match for a contract for a Shot at The WWE championship

(We skip to the near end of the match) So Punk and Orton are battling up top for the contract Punch After Punch. All of the sudden the lights go out and the Titantron has an Encrypted code then it reads in Huge letters: 3rd Coming. Lights go back on and OMG Y2J is running to the ring, Both wrestlers don’t realize it! Y2J goes on the ropes jumps of and OUCH! DROPKICK TO ORTON OFF THE LADDER! Punk then grabs the contract! Punk wins! Y2J then continues the beat down on Orton. He puts Walls of Jericho on Orton and makes him tap. Y2J then walks away with a lot of heat.

Raw after Xtreme Rules

Y2J walks out to a lot of heat. He says, Listen Parasites. All I did last night was return the favor to Orton. That Son of a (Expletive) Punted me right in the head and sidelined me from wrestling for quite a while. And at Over the Limit I challenge u to my specialty A SUBMISSION MATCH! Randy comes out angry. HE races to the ring as Y2J bails. He grabs a mic and says, Jericho, You Son of a (Expletive) I accept your Challenge. And Next week why don’t you send someone to meet me in the ring I’ll kick anyone’s (Expletive) And it won’t be a regular match It will be a Submission match!

Raw 2 Weeks Before Over The Limit

Randy comes out and waits for his opponent. The Great Khali comes out. And Orton doesn’t look intimidated at all. The Match starts with The Great Khali dominating. Finally Orton Starts to take control. Randy bounces off the ropes and but runs right into a two handed choke slam. Khali takes Orton’s head and OMG VICE GRIP!!! Orton is almost passed out Orton struggles but starts to stand up, but out of nowhere AN RKO!!! RKO RKO!!!!! Orton then does a move never done before (I think) he grabs Khali’s arm and flips the other side of his body. He then continues to put Khali’s head in a scissors hold (choking him). Khali instantly taps!! Randy looks around, grabs a mic and says, Jericho that’s your fate. Then he walks out.

Raw a week Before Over the limit

Randy is out and he says, Well I completed your challenge last week so I’ll do the same to you this week. So later wait in the ring for your opponent and GOOD LUCK! ANd it’s still a Submission match! Later that Night…….. Jericho is in the ring. We hear GET ON YOUR KNEES. It’s Jack Swagger! He comes to the ring gets in and the match starts. Swagger Walks around and just falls down. Jericho goes at him and puts his Walls Of Jericho And swagger just taps. What was that?? Swagger gets up and laughs and gets a mic he says, Wrong choice Orton, Us heels stick together. Swagger and Y2J shake hands and leave.

Over The Limit

Y2J and Orton are in the ring. Orton controls early. He goes for his new finisher early but Jericho counters and is in control. Jericho goes up on the top, jumps but Orton moves. Both get up at the same time and lock up. Randy gets the advantage and gets Jericho down he attempts his Finisher (submission) and executes it!! But Jericho was able get his foot on the rope. Orton starts to get frustrated. Orton picks up Jericho and out of nowhere CODEBREAKER!!! Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. After a lot of pain Orton manages to get to the ropes. Jericho gets on the top rope and as Randy starts to get up jumps off BUT OUT OF NOWHERE ORTON PERFORMS AN RKO!!!!!!!! Orton flips him on his back takes him arm flips to the other side of his body and locks in his Finisher. Jericho taps! ITS OVER!!!! Randy gave Jericho what he deserved!!!!!

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