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Welcome to As I See it. I'm Dare2believe and these are my thoughts today. It's okay if you don't agree with me, this is how I see it. So let's take on the topics for this show.

Kane removes his mask and declares to Stephanie McMahon "The Monster is yours to unleash" is this really good for business? As I see it.....this is what is good for business because without the mask Kane will be able to promote his new movie "See No Evil 2" and be more recognizable. From a fans point of view, I much prefer the mask and the Big Red Monster.

AJ Styles wins the Bound For Glory Series, goes on to capture the TNA Impact Wrestling World Championship and walks away from the company and now we have a tournament to decide a new champion. As I see it....this just doesn't make sense! Why go through all that to win the title and then be stripped. Another TNA Barney Fife moment.

As I see it....The Real Americans Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro would be better suited as baby faces rather than heels.

As I see it.....if Santino Marella would stop the "cobra" gimmick and the comical crap, he'd be much more credible as a wrestler. The man has the talent. If he wants to be a comedian, go to the Comedy Store!

The WWE is all about change with NXT being the AAA of their organization. Yet, the COO of the company along with his wife, make it about themselves with a weekly interview segment with Michael Cole on and highlights of it on the other programs. As I see it.....Triple H get behind the desk and that is what is good for business!!!

Epico and Primo put on a Matador costume and get an unknown to portray a bull. Now they are practically the hottest tag team in the WWE. As I see it.....this is a bunch of bull!!!

John Cena was supposed to be out for months with his recent tricep injury. In his return at HITC he wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio. Is the WWE that desperate to have Cena back that quickly? As I see it....The Champ is shortening his career with these faster than expected comebacks!!!

Dixie Carter is spinning her "Wheel of Dixie" to give us a stipulation for particular matches. As I see it.....why don't she go to the fans and have their company come up with a Impact/TNA ap and become interactive?

Ok, that's enough for this episode of As I See it. Don't want to get you on overload. Please feel free to make comments on what I've said and/or make your own comments about somethign you agree or disagree with in the world of pro wrestling.

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# DangerousDan
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Good stuff. My comments:

Give suit-and-tie Kane a chance. It could be good or it could easily be a train wreck but it’s too early to call. Yes, it’s true the change was made to promote some movie but the outcome could still be positive even if the reason was film promotion.

I think the idea with AJ Styles is to take the idea that launched CM Punk and execute it correctly. By that I mean NOT rush him back to TV after only 1 week after stealing the title. While Punk is no doubt over with wrestling fans I’ll always believe think WWE missed a huge opportunity to get him over with casual fans and maybe even the general public. Punk had delivered his infamous “pipe-bomb” promo and it came off as believable. As he was getting requests for interviews with ESPN the WWE foolishly rushed him back and killed that believability. It was like all the air came out of the balloon in a couple of hours. Unfortunately for TNA almost nobody in the general public knows they exist (and the Punk angle is fresh in everyone’s mind) so it’s failing to draw any real attention. That they are working with other promotions and cross-promoting is a positive though.

Given their ideals it would be pretty dangerous for WWE to paint Swagger/Cesaro as faces. I think what they have now is about as good as it can get for either of them. I can see the temptation to turn Cesaro face but I feel like it would only create another Ziggler.

I don’t know if it’s bull or not but I seem to get the Matadores entrance theme stuck in my head … A LOT!!!

TNA probably should look into a voting app. The obvious problem is that half there shows are taped (and the cost of developing said app).

Posted on November 11, 2013 at 11:08 AM
# dare2believe
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The Straight Edge Society

Thanks Double D for your comments. I appreciate what you said and I agree with you. I do wish TNA could get more of a national fan base, they have the talent, it's the management/creative team that concerns me. That's why I call them the Barney Fife of wrestling.

Posted on November 11, 2013 at 11:50 AM
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