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Welcome one and all to "What's Up With That?" The show, where the host, Dare2Believe, asks the question that many wrestling fans and perhaps non fan are thinking about the goings on inside the wacky and sometimes bizzare of pro wrestling or as it's now referred to as "Sports Entertainment." With that being said, let's get on with the show.

Before we begin, I'd like to make an announcement. This show is being renamed to "As I See It!" beginning with the next episode. The reason is this is basically my opnion anyway and that's how "I see it."

First up, the topic is BEARDS and/or facial hair: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, The Wyatt's, and more famously, DANIEL BRYAN have all grown beards. Daniel even has a T shirt that says "Respect the Beard" or "The Beard is Here". Is this the new trend in society or primarily in pro wrestling? So I have to say, "What's Up With That?"

Next, Jack Swagger. We know he's one of the Real American's with Antonio Cesaro who isn't American at all and their "founding father" Zeb Colter. I don't care about their gimmick, I just want to know why when Swagger climbs the steel steps in his ring entrance he stomps the first step? "What's Up With That?"

What topic is coming up? The Straps. Kurt Angle, Big E, Jerry Lawler, Jeff Hardy (removes the shirt) They all lower the straps or remove the shirt before rallying for their big finish. Does that make them stronger? Does it make them better? "What's Up With That?"

Currently we have Triple H running roughshod over the WWE talent, mainly Daniel Bryan. He threatens to fire anyone that speaks out. It wasn't that long ago that Hunter, HBK, Nash, X Pac (The Klique) were thumbing their noses at the establishment. Now Triple H is the establishment and he's pretty much Vince McMahon Version 2. "What's Up With That?"

Last year Big Show announced he had an "iron clad" contract and couldn't be fired. He could do anything he wanted. Now he's job scarred because of the dictator Triple H. Where has that "Iron clad" contract gone? Did it "rust" away? "What's Up With That?"

Moving over to TNA. The management is releasing some of their talent as "cost cutting" measures. Brooke Hogan, executive in charge of the Knockouts has been released to save money. They give Hulk Hogan time off (but on TV he's in high level meetings with lawyers) to save money. Yet, they bring in MMA stars Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz and give them the spotlight. I understand the two will face each other in the cage in November, but this is wrestling, not mixed martial arts! "What's Up With That?"

Sticking with TNA. Let's talk about AJ Styles. He left TNA in a self imposed exile several months ago and recently returned to show us a darker side of himself. He claims he's in it for himself and no one else. His actions are confusing to say the least. He comes out to his new theme song, then "transforms" back into "The Phenomonal" AJ Styles and we shades of his past brilliance. After all, he is a former #1 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 500 a coule of years ago. But I have to say this about his new "gimmick" Is he or isn't he? "What's Up With That?"

Finally, a few weeks ago, Cody Rhodes tossed Damien Sandown's "Money in the Bank" briefcase with his championship contract into the Gulf of Mexico and we watched as it sank to the bottom. Sandow was pleading with Rhodes not to do it, even told him he was smarter than him, funny for the "Intellectual Savior" to the unwashed masses to admit. He yelled out, "I can't swim!" Cody tossed the briefcase in the water and moments later, Sandow leaped into the water himself! Funny, for a man that admitedly can't swim to jump into the ocean. "What's Up With That?"

That's all for this special episode of "What's Up With That?" Remember, the next episode will be renamed, "As I See It!" I hope you've enjoyed the show and feel free to offer your comments.

My name is Dare2Believe your host of the program and until next time remember, "Wrestling is real, people are fake!"

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# Viper87
Administrator of

Cody Rhodes had a mustache, not a beard; and now he doesn't.
Beards are in I guess and good on it. Respect the beard. :)

The whole premise of Big Show's iron clad contract (as stated in a promo at the time last year) was that he could do what he wanted because even if he got fired (which was a possibility) he would be able to sit at home and do nothing while still being paid everything owed to him with WWE getting nothing out of it in return. This thinking worked for him as a heel, but because he is now a babyface, he wants to be there for the fans and to stop the Shield (as of a week or two ago) so he obviously doesn't want to get fired now for those reasons. Whether his iron clad contract is address going forward or not remains to be seen, but either way, it changes nothing plot-wise of the current storyline.

Posted on September 2, 2013 at 4:32 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #115 (Rank in League: #1)
# dare2believe
Member of
The Straight Edge Society

Thanks for your comment, however, I did say beards and/or facial hair. I know Cody had a stache and has shaved since.

The WWE thinks the public is stupid with the iron clad contract. Either it's iron clad or it's not?

Posted on September 2, 2013 at 5:29 PM
# radschord89
Member of

Lowering the straps, taking the shirt off lets the fans know that the end of the match is coming, for the most part.

Posted on September 2, 2013 at 6:04 PM
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# Viper87
Administrator of

Well, whether people are stupid or not, they laid out last year exactly how the contract was supposed to work within the context of the show at the time. Since the rules have already been established, they technically don't contradict Big Show's actions as of Smackdown 30/8/2013.

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 5:13 AM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #115 (Rank in League: #1)
# DangerousDan
Member of
Big Show's Big League

dare2believe Glad to see this is back.

Jack Swagger - I could be wrong but I think when he's up on the stage he draws an immaginary line and then crosses it. What does it mean? Could be a message that there's no line he won't cross to achieve victory. There's only one guy that would know for sure and these days, he's not talking.

HHH - Sometimes art imitates life. With all the backstage news that gets out nowadays I think they just decided to make heel HHH a caricature of what everyone says he is.

TNA - I think the MMA stuff is being forced on them by Viacom. They are made to cross promote with Bellator. I hate it as well.

AJ Styles - I'm totally confused with where his character is heading. Maybe its not heading far since he only signed a 3-month extension with the company.

Big Show's Iron Clad Contract - HHH melted it.

Posted on September 4, 2013 at 12:40 PM
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