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Welcome everyone to FWF Revolution, I am Jonny Green your commentator and last week we saw new number 1 contenders decided for all the belts here on Revolution. So at Clash of Titans on 30th March we have a Triple Threat Penalty Scramble Match for nelon27's Revolution Championship and a Triple Threat Tables match for the European Championship. Tonight's main event is a Tag Team Title match as BobbyBoy and Gazza176 challenge the champs, wolverinsmom and treeguy. However first we have our esteemed GM BingBong with a message.

Segment 1

Good evening everybody ! Welcome to the show, now as I mentioned last week I have created a new type of match for Clash of Titans, rather than boring you all now with all the details. I am going to announce a certain feature of it each week. So to start with, the match will have a time on it of 2 hours. That's right people it will be a two hour long match. And to give the competitors a practice in that all three will be involved in a timed match right now. However I am not happy after last weeks main event where wwefan18 and Whammer1 interfered. I want the match at the PPV to be every man for himself, therefore nelon27 will now face wwefan18 in a 10 minute time limit match with Whammer1 as the referee.

Match 1

nelon27 vs wwefan18 with Whammer1 as the referee in a 10 minute time limit match

Whammer1 puts a stripped shirt on as FWF Revolution Champion nelon27 came down to the ring clearly not pleased with the arrangement but also looking to get some revenge after last week. Wwefan18 then runs down to a huge cheer and gets the match under way by hitting an early drop-kick on nelon27. The champ recovers from the early attack and soon regains composure and takes control of wwefan18 with a headlock hold. The clock is now up to 4 minutes and both superstars are still feeling fresh. Whammer1 then goes out of the ring and grabs two chairs and gives one to each of the competitors. This is perhaps a way to have them beat each other up so much that it will be easier for him. Wwefan18 hesitates with the chair but nelon27 doesn't, he whacks wwefan18 square on the head causing him to start bleeding. The Champ follows this up with a Vertical Suplex. He goes for the pin, Whammer1 apparently saw the shoulder come up. Nelon27 argues with the ref about a slow count and and imaginary kick out. This allows wwefan18 to recover, suddenly nelon27 nails Whammer1 with a Gut Wrench Powerbomb but then he turns into a Trouble in Paradise from wwefan18. Knowing that Whammer1 was still down and he couldn't get the count wwefan18 climbs to the top rope and hits a Boom Drop. Right from the top rope and hits nelon27 inch perfectly. Whammer1 has recovered enough to count a very quick 1..2..3.

Winner – wwefan18 via pinfall at 9:37

What a great match, although it was ruined by Whammer1's dodgy refereeing. However this could be a wake up call for the champ, that's two weeks in a row now that he's lost. Will we see a new Champion crowned at Clash of Titans.

Segment 2

After a promo video for Clash of Titans European Champion JoeSchmo is in the ring, “I have a suggestion for our GM BingBong and that is to put me in the FWF Revolution Championship match at Clash of Titans. Last week I beat the champion in a Ladder Match thus proving I am worthy of a spot in the match. Also there is one guy in the match that really doesn't deserve to be in the match, the guy I beat to get my title, wwefan18. If you guys haven't checked it out yet, go to FWF Stats and on there you will see that wwefan18 has only won 3 matches but lost twice as many. I on the other hand have won 5, that's more than I have lost. So by the end of the show I better be in the match...”

Out comes Malkore,

Now wait just a minute. You already have a match at Clash of Titans, against me for your European Championship. You're clearly scared of me after you narrowly beat me at Bragging Rights, so now you're trying to get out of it.”

Now ashley runs out saying, “Don't forget that I'm in the match as well.”

Then he nails Malkore with A Twist of Fate however JoeSchmo then hits ashley with Reality Faked. The Champ stands tall and appears to have accepted his European Championship match at Clash of Titans.

Match 2

JoeSchmo and rodney11 vs ashley, Malkore and McCFred

Malkore and ashley are still recovering from the attack so McCFred starts the match against European Champion JoeSchmo. However it's not long before ashley and Malkore want to get in the match so after McCFred hit the champ with a BackBreaker he went to the corner. But ashley and Malkore argue over who should be tagged in. This distraction is taken advantage of by rodney11 who hits McCFred from behind with a High Cross. The ref calls for the bell.

Winners – ashley, Malkore and McCFred via Disqualification

Shocking events there as the situation for the European Title match at Clash of Titans has certainly heated up. As everyone makes there way backstage rodney11 stays behind and once he is the only one left he grabs a microphone.

Segment 3

Last week after McCFred and I lost the opportunity to be number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles, I was simply pointing out to him that it was he who got pinned therefore he lost the match for us. Then I tried to give him some advice like how to actually be good and what do I get in return? A Shinning Wizard from my supposed friend.”

Out runs McCFred again, from the back and hits rodney11 from behind with a Shining Wizard. “Look rodney11, the crowd are cheering me, not because they love me but because I shut you up. The people don't care what you have to say and the fact that I was pinned last week doesn't mean it was my fault that we lost the match. You was as much or even more to blame as me. So I want you next week in a match, oh and in you're silence I will answer for you and you accept”

He goes backstage to the cheers of the FWF Universe.

Now for our main event a Tag Team match for the titles.

Main Event

wolverinsmom © & treeguy © vs BobbyBoy & Gazza176 for the FWF TagTeam Titles.

treeguy is going to start off this one with Gazza176 and the two lock up straight away and trade punches. Then treeguy throws his opponent with an Irish Whip but BobbyBoy tags himself in unknown to treeguy. He takes advantage of this and hits him with an RKO 1...2...wolverinsmom breaks the count. Then BobbyBoy takes treeguy and tags Gazza176 and the two hit a double team. They continue to isolate treeguy until out of nowhere he counters Gazza176's attempt at an Attitude Adjustment into a Killswitch. Then he reaches his corner and tags in wolverinsmom for the first time. Being fresh he takes out BobbyBoy with a Codebreaker and follows up with a GTS on Gazza176 before forcing him to tap out to the Anaconda Vice.

Winners and still FWF TagTeam Champions – wolverinsmom and treeguy via submission

So the champs retain their titles in a thrilling main event. I'm sure this won't be the end of this rivalry.

Thank you for reading this weeks episode of FWF Revolution, a reminder that a new FWF Stats show has been founded where you can find info on everything FWF. There will be character profiles up over the weekend. So now is a chance for any superstar to change their finishing moves by commenting or sending me a message. Also if you want to include a height/age/weight etc...for you superstar you are more than welcome to. I have been Jonny, I hope you enjoyed the show.


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# Whammer1
Member of
Europe's Elite

Can the Calm Seas no longer be a Running DDT, instead a Cripller Crossface?

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 3:42 PM
Season 24 Overall Rank: #241 (Rank in League: #3)
# jmt5887
Member of
Big Show's Big League

JoeSchmo: Fine I'll be part of this little Title match but I promise no one can take th title from me. and then i will go on to capture the Revolution Title and prove just how dominate i am here. I am the best here and I prove it every week. neither Ashley or Malkore have what it takes to beat me.

OOC: Great show. as you know my job is on the line on Shutdown. I will not be joining Revolution no matter what happens. I just wanted to put the out there.

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 3:49 PM
# McCFred
Member of
Big Show's Big League

IC: Thats right! rodney11 needed someone to put him in his place!

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 3:54 PM
# Malkore
Member of
Europe's Elite

IC: JoeSchmo when i beat u at Clash of the titans i will prove that i am better than you.

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 8:23 PM
# jmt5887
Member of
Big Show's Big League

Joeschmo: You really have som messed up reality going on right now. I made you tap out at Bragging Rights and yet you have the gall to think your better then me? The European Champion? Please you're no better then me than that idiot Ashley who thinks he can fly his way to my title. Neither of you will claim my title. I am and will be FWF European Champion. and once i am done with you peons i will set my sights on whoever is unfortuante enough to walk out of CoT with the Revolution title.

Posted on March 11, 2011 at 8:47 PM
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