You are not a member of any league. Join a league to compete with your friends! All of the results on the site are divided into "all users" / "only users in your league", so joining a league will let you compete against only the people you want! To find a league to join, browse the list of leagues and find the one that suits you best.

Belong to an existing wrestling community and want to get a league started? Either have the person who runs the community get in touch with us or get their approval first and then contact us. It doesn't matter how big the community is - you can get a league regardless. To remain competitive with the other leagues, though, you will want at least 15 members in your league playing at every PPV.

Create a League?

If you run a wrestling community, let your members compete at predicting PPVs and storylines here as part of a league! The only time your members would need to come here is to enter their predictions - you are welcome to post all scores and rankings anywhere you'd like. Get your members to post their predictions on your forums before every show - and make suggestions if you think their predictions won't benefit your league! Your community will have more to talk about once the competition extends to more than just your own members - not only will they still be competing against one another, but as a group you would be competing against many other wrestling communities!

And if you're already awarding prizes on your site, you can still do that on your own. But your members will also have access to the prizes we award here at the site! And of course you'll no longer have to calculate the scores and rankings on your own - the site handles all of that for you!

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in trying out, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to set things up.

Prediction Game Top Leagues

# Name Score
1. The /wooo/ World Order 9811 (563)
2. The Straight Edge Society 7566 (470)
3. SNS Radio Network 7498 (428)
4. Talk Whatever Online 7240 (419)
5. WresSoc PRO CENA 7147 (454)
6. Selfish Generation Mizfits 7071 (393)
7. WresSoc ANTI CENA 7019 (451)
8. Big Show's Big League 6743 (421)
9. Armbar Error Society 6430 (369)
10. Game On 6163 (393)
# Name Score
1. The /wooo/ World Order 588.93 (33.49)
2. The Straight Edge Society 421.75 (26.56)
3. Big Show's Big League 409.65 (25.82)
4. Game On 407.36 (25.93)
5. Wreddit 400.73 (26.87)
6. EV 3.0 398.30 (25.24)
7. WresSoc PRO CENA 381.75 (24.71)
8. WresSoc ANTI CENA 381.64 (24.95)
9. Peaks and Freaks 379.50 (24.91)
10. Talk Whatever Online 267.69 (14.65)

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