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NOTE: 4-UP Fantasy has been discontinued. It may return in the future but we are not sure!

If your question isn't answered below, make sure to browse the user guides provided. Those are the tabs above next to FAQ labeled General, Sharing Data, Facebook, and Leagues. If you still can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact us - or look for us on AIM at fourdownDOTorg.

Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts are forbidden and may result in all accounts being banned. Users who are sharing computers with relatives can have an account per family member but only one account will be eligible for prizes. You must contact us and let us know about this beforehand and let us know which account will be eligible. If there is suspicion that you are one person running multiple accounts, proof may be asked for. This rule is in place to prevent players attempting to play using multiple accounts for a higher chance of winning any prizes or boosting the score of a league. It is not meant to prevent families from playing together, but as it is difficult for us to discern between players sharing IP addresses or other similar data and login patterns, we ask that you contact us beforehand please.

Automatic Random PPV Picks: How do I enable this?
This feature will prevent you from ever missing a PPV for the current season. It can be enabled in the SETTINGS page. (the link to this page is in the top-right alongside your Inbox, when you are logged in to the site) Keep in mind you will need to reset this option when a new season begins.

General Ranking Question: My league rank doesn't seem to be right? What's up?
When users are ranked, along with your ranking, your league AT THE TIME of the ranking is stored as well. If your rank seems a few places off, it's probably because some people have left your league. And if you just joined a new league, you won't be ranked within that league until the next time rankings are calculated. This is because the rankings you see across the site, while for the current season, are not calculated in real-time - the site would be slower than it already is if that happened.

But if you do see something that you think is wrong, don't hesitate to drop a line. There are many places on the site that show rankings, and sometimes, we make mistakes and forget to use the league you were in at the time of the ranking being displayed, and instead use your current league. Hopefully, this isn't happening anywhere else, but if you think you find something, let us know.

Prediction Games: I didn't get to enter my predictions but want to send them to you after the PPV has started. Can I do this?
No, unfortunately we can't make exceptions. We advise all players to lock in predictions at least a day before the PPV is scheduled to happen, that way no matter where a problem occurs, it can get taken care of before the PPV begins. At times, PPVs have matches that occur before the scheduled start time of the PPV (possibly as an online-only exclusive), and we do adjust the cut-off point for predictions if that happens.

New Feature: You can now enable automatic random picks for PPVs. In the event that you forgot to lock in picks for a PPV, the site will automatically run a random pick for you for that show. You will NOT be eligible for a prize (if one is offered) in the unlikely event you get 1st place for that show. You must enable this option by clicking the SETTINGS link in the top-right (when you are logged in). You must re-enable this setting when seasons change.

Prediction Games: I entered predictions for a PPV but the site is saying I didn't. What's wrong?
There are a number of reasons why your predictions might not have been saved. If you skipped over any item when making your picks, the site will display a message at the top of the prediction game informing you of that and your previous picks will still be selected below. You need to find the item you missed and make your pick before resubmitting your predictions. Another common cause is that when you click the Clear Predictions button to make changes to your picks, you MUST resubmit your predictions even if no change is made. (Note: now, the site will automatically use your last-submitted predictions, in case you accidentally cleared them)

Prediction Games: How can I be sure my predictions for a PPV are entered?
There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your picks are saved and ready to go:

  • On the PPV prediction page (ie,, you should not be able to make changes to your picks without first clicking the Clear Predictions button. If you're seeing drop-downs and checkboxes, that means your predictions aren't saved!
  • At the top of the site, you will see links for upcoming PPVs in your User Rank Box. If it says "Update Your Predictions", then you have picks locked in!
  • * On the PPVs page, there is a column labeled "Played" - if it doesn't say Yes, that means your predictions aren't saved! (to me this is the easiest way to make sure I've played)

But also make sure the PPV in question has been opened for predictions!

Prediction Games: What does the score that I see represent? It's two numbers.
You'll see your score as one number followed by another in parentheses. The first number is the total number of points you earned, while the number in parentheses is the total number of base items you got correct. That takes into account only winners of matches (not the finish or interference) and the questions. The first tie-breaker utilized on the site is that number in parantheses, so a score of 125 (10) will be ranked higher than a score of 125 (9).

General: How can I get emails sent to me letting me know about new items on the site?
By going to your settings page, you can choose which type of emails you'd like to get sent by the site. If you choose not to receive the emails, you'll still get a message in your inbox at fourdown. If you're using the site through Facebook, you must have given the application access to email you before these features will work for you.

General: What prizes do you give out?
Some PPV prediction games have prizes given out to the winners. It is typically a $25 Amazon gift certificate to the person who gets first place. If a prize is offered for a PPV, the PPV prediction game page will make a note of it.

Prizes were previously awarded for season winners but that has been temporarily currently discontinued starting with Season 17 due to lack of funds.

Prediction Games: How are prizes for PPVs awarded in the event of a tie?
If two users get 1st place (which requires both their points and number of base items correct to be the same), the tie-breaker is done by going to the season rankings. If the PPV was a WWE PPV, then the person with the higher WWE rank on the site will be awarded the prize, and likewise for a TNA PPV.

The hard rule is: points -> number of base items -> rank in PPV's company -> rank in PPV's company, based on PPVs alone -> overall rank -> overall rank, based on PPV's alone

If it ties that far down, I'd likely award the prize to both people.

Prediction Games: How are prizes for seasons awarded in the event of a tie?
It works similarly to PPVs. If it's a tie in the overall rank, the tie-breaker will be the rank from the last PPV from either company. If it's a tie in rank specific to a company, the tie-breaker will be the rank from that company's last PPV.

4-UP Fantasy: I don't know how the fantasy game works. Can you explain it in simple terms?
Check the 4-UP tab above for more detailed information. You pick a roster of superstars/divas each week and you earn points based on how well they do. In a sense it is a prediction game that takes into account the three brand shows (Raw, Smackdown, and ECW) and PPVs, as you will want to choose wrestlers that will do well each week for your roster.

Also, note that 4-UP started officially during season 5 here at the site. Instead of starting the season counter at 1 for the first season of 4-UP, potentially confusing players who play both 4-UP and the prediction games, we're leaving that alone.

4-UP Fantasy: The season has already started, can I still play?
Yes. Unlike most fantasy games that run off a similar setup, you can join this game at any time. You will have less of a chance to win the entire season, but anything is possible - and each week has its own first place winner.

4-UP Fantasy: What happens if I forget to pick a roster one week?
Your previous week's roster will be re-used. Keep in mind there are penalties that may apply for choosing a wrestler too many times in a season, so letting the game run on auto-pilot may not be ideal. Though if your picks are good enough, theoretically you could win the entire season by only picking a roster the first week of the season!

4-UP Fantasy: What do terms like "Regular FFA", "Massive FFA", "WSP", and "USP" mean?
The 4-UP tab has more detailed information on this. But quickly, "FFA" stands for "free-for-all", or in other words, "every man for himself." A Regular FFA match would be any match containing more than two wrestlers where only one wrestler can win. The Regular FFA includes any match that has between 3 and 10 wrestlers. (Elimination Chamber, 10-man Battle Royale, Fatal Fourway, Triple Threat, etc.) Massive FFA would be anything having more than 10 wrestlers. (Royal Rumble) On that note, keep in mind that the tag matches apply whether or not a tag is necessary - as long as there are teams. War Games or Lethal Lockdown would count as a 6+ Man Tag, even though tags are not a part of the match.

WSP and USP are shorthand ways to note the amount of points earned. WSP stands for Wrestler Season Points and USP stands for User Season Points. For example - if Hulk Hogan earns 100 points for week 1 in a season, he will have 100 WSP for week 1 and 100 WSP for the season so far. If you picked him for your roster, and no penalties or bonuses apply, you will have earned 100 USP for your pick of Hulk Hogan that week. When bonuses and penalties come into play, the USP you earned for a wrestler will be a different number than the WSP that wrestler earned.

4-UP Fantasy: How are prizes for seasons awarded in the event of a tie?
The scores for the previous week(s) will be the tie-breaker.

General: How do I get my prize?
Your prize will be sent to the email address you used when registering with the site. If you have a request, such as getting the gift card at rather than, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know.

NOTE: 4-UP Fantasy has been discontinued. It may return in the future but we are not sure!

Signing Up
To start playing, you need to register. All that is required outside of your desired username and password is a valid email address and your year of birth. After successfully creating an account, an email will be sent to the email address you entered. You must follow the link in the email in order to activate your account. If you haven't received the email after 30 minutes, please contact us.

What is 4-UP?
4-UP is a fantasy sports entertainment / wrestling game where you are tasked with picking the best roster of wrestlers possible each week. Wrestlers are split into categories and you are allowed to choose a certain number of wrestlers per category. Once you have chosen a roster for a given week (game weeks run from Sunday - Saturday), and that week passes, points will be assigned to every wrestler who appeared on any of the three main brand shows (Raw, Smackdown, and ECW) in addition to any PPVs that happened that week. For each wrestler you chose, bonuses and penalties may be applied to the score they earned, before it is added to your score. (see the Scoring Guide for more info) You are then ranked for the week amongst all the other players and then also for the season.

How is 4-UP scored?
The actual ways in which wrestlers earn points is covered further below. But you may wonder where we get the results from. We have a team of 4-UP Admins who generously donate their time by entering the results from any shows and PPVs that are covered by the game. This data is entered by multiple admins and then is reviewed by the site owner. We have multiple admins entering data per show so that when the site owner reviews the data, any discrepancies that appear throw up a red flag so that further investigation is done to guarantee the proper results go in.

If you would like to join the team and help enter data for 4-UP, please contact us and let us know! We appreciate all the help we get!

Get Started Playing
Regardless of if a season is already underway, you can begin playing at anytime by using the 4-UP link on the left menu of the site. The week you are choosing a roster for is displayed above the roster menu. If you are not able to choose a roster, we are in between seasons. Although the seasons of 4-UP coincide with the prediction game seasons, the first official game week of 4-UP is delayed a week or two at the beginning of each season so that everyone has time to make their first picks!

Tracking Your Score
Your current season score and rank is displayed at the top on the homepage of 4-UP. To track your scores from previous weeks, use the Weekly Stats link at the top of the 4-UP homepage.

Glossary of Terms Used in 4-UP
To simplify some screens and to group things together in a logical way, there are some terms that may not be immediately known to players. Here is a list of some of the more uncommon terms used.

Wrestler Score Cards
  • Singles & Standard Tag Singles refers to a standard one-on-one match. Standard Tag refers to a standard two-on-two match, however if the match does not involve tagging (ie, a Tornado Tag Match), it will still count as a Standard Tag.
  • 6+ Man Tag / Handicap This covers any other type of match that involves 2 or more teams that don't fall under the above definition of a Standard Tag. A 3-on-1 handicap match, a three-way tag team match, or the obvious 3-on-3 six-man tag team match falls under this category. Special "named" matches that also fall under this category are War Games and Lethal Lockdown matches.
  • Regular FFA Any match involving more than two wrestlers (up to 10 wrestlers total) where it is "every man for himself." Triple threat, Money in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber fall under this category.
  • Massive FFA Any match involving more than ten wrestlers where it is "every man for himself." The Royal Rumble or any 10+ man Battle Royale would fall under this category.
  • Won: Pinfall, Submission / KO These are self-explanatory. If a wrestler wins by pinfall or submission, this attribute applies.
  • Won: Gimmick In gimmick matches, sometimes a wrestler cannot win by standard means. In a cage match, escaping the cage would count towards this. (however, winning by pinfall in a cage match would count towards a pinfall win) Retrieving a title from a ladder, setting the opponent on fire, pushing the opponent through a door - these are other common gimmick finishes.
  • Won: Other This would count for most other methods of winning. A win by DQ or count-out both count towards this.
  • Won: Association This is an important one to note. If you chose one-half of a tag team, but the wrestler you chose was NOT the legal man when his team won, then that wrestler won "by association." You'll always want to pick the more successful member of a tag team!
  • Final Match on Card If the wrestler was in the match that closed the show, this attribute applies. Dark matches do NOT count! Only what is televised. If a non-wrestling segment closes a show, the match that occurred last on the show still gets this designation.
  • Gimmick Singles Match If the match was a standard one-on-one singles match and had any gimmick on it, this applies. From no disqualifications to street fight to ladder match to Hell in a Cell, if it's anything other than a regular one-on-one match, this is applied!
  • Competed in Multiple Matches On a single show, we do not score each individual match a wrestler was in if they wrestled more than once. Instead, they earn the points for the match they would have earned the most points for, and then this attribute is applied.
  • Won Tournament Finals If a tournament finals match occurred on a show, and the wrestler won, this attribute is applied. If it was a tag team tournament, both members of the team will earn these points.
  • In Match vs Made Appearance A wrestler will only earn points for either being in a match or making an appearance. Whichever earns the wrestler the most points will be added to his/her score.
  • Made Appearance: In Ring The wrestler must have both feet at least on the apron to earn these points. Appearing outside the ring goes to the next attribute..
  • Made Appearance: Other If the wrestler appeared backstage, via satellite, on the entrance ramp.. this is what they get. Video packages do NOT count for this. Pre-taped segments (such as an interview with JR) are okay, as long as it is not a recap and it is new content that hasn't been seen on another show.
  • Interfered in Match Following the same rules as the PPV prediction games here. Interference can only happen after the bell has rung starting a match - so if a wrestler accompanies another to the ring, they will have to get physically involved in the match (or at the least have both feet on the ring apron) to have it count. Any wrestler appearing after the bell has rung will count as interference regardless of what he/she does after appearing.
  • Interfered in Match: Got Physically Involved Distractions won't count for this, there must be some kind of physical involvement.
  • Guest Referee, Enforcer, or Timekeeper Any other "official positions" that a wrestler is put into that apply to a single match will also count towards this.
  • Eliminations A wrestler earns points for every elimination made. This can be over-the-top-rope eliminations, pinfall eliminations (in an Elimination Match or Elimination Chamber, etc.) - pretty much anything that eliminates one of his/her competitors from a match.

Other Terms
  • WSP Wrestler Season Points. Any points that a wrestler earns during a season. As a player, you may receive all of these points, or bonuses/penalties may apply first so that you don't receive the exact WSP a wrestler earned.
  • USP User Season Points. Any points that a player earns. Due to bonuses and penalties, your total USP may not equal the total WSP your rosters have earned.

NOTE: 4-UP Fantasy has been discontinued. It may return in the future but we are not sure!

Signing Up
To start playing, you need to register. All that is required outside of your desired username and password is a valid email address and your year of birth. After successfully creating an account, an email will be sent to the email address you entered. You must follow the link in the email in order to activate your account. If you haven't received the email after 30 minutes, please contact us.

Predictions and Voting
There are two main components to the site. The primary component is predictions - that's what helps you earn points in order to increase in rank. You can predict the results of each WWE and TNA PPV, and also standalone questions that allow you to predict anything from storyline conclusions to who the next champion will be. Voting includes polls, which let you share your opinion and see if the rest of the players agree with you, and wrestler & show reviews, allowing you to choose your favorite wrestlers for the week and rate each weekly TV show. Note that all of these features are available for you to participate in at one consolidated page - the Play All page.

Predicting PPVs
To enter your predictions for a PPV, there are three easy ways to find the game page. First, the Play All page, which displays any open PPV prediction games directly under your current standings. Second, the home page, which lists any open prediction games directly underneath the featured blogs. Third, the PPVs page, which lists all current and past PPV prediction games. Note that there will be times when there are no open PPV prediction games - they are typically opened when at least four matches have been announced for the card.

The process of predicting a PPV is simple - once you've followed the link to the prediction game, you'll see a series of matches and questions. You must select your pick for every item on the page before submitting your predictions. The points that each match and question is worth will be displayed directly under the match name or question.

Matches will be listed first - you will always be given the choice of the winner of the match. Optionally, a match may ask for your prediction on how the match will end and if there will be interference. As stated at the bottom of every prediction game, the rules followed to determine if interference occured are as follows:

If a match has the optional interference question attached to it, interference is defined as:

  • The appearance of anyone not wrestling in the match AFTER the bell has rung (they do not have to physically get involved, they can just appear on stage); music playing alone does not count, the wrestler must also appear. Backup referees who have to run-in after a ref bump, however, are excluded.
  • In the case of a manager/valet or anyone who enters ringside PRIOR to the bell, the person must enter the ring (standing on the apron is not enough) or physically get involved with any of the competitors in the match. Distractions not involving physical involvement do not count. Physical involvement between a wrestler and his or her own manager/valet DOES count, regardless of intent.
  • An unscripted event involving a wild fan will not count. If it turns out later that the fan was actually scripted to interfere, we will not come back and re-score the card, we score it based on knowledge given during the PPV only.

Note that if it is too tough to make the call or if we feel it is controversial, we will simply throw out the interference question on the match.

Questions are listed after the matches. Questions will vary from PPV to PPV. They may ask anything from which member of a team will score the pinfall in a match to if an unscheduled appearance of a wrestler occurs.

Predicting Questions
To enter your predictions for a question, there are three easy ways to find the question in order to cast your pick. First, the Play All page, which displays any open questions directly under your current standings - and following any open PPV prediction games. Second, the home page, which will display one of the open questions (but it chooses which to display randomly, so depending on the homepage for question predictions is not advised). Third, the questions page, which lists all current and past questions. Note that there will be times when there are no open questions.

The amount of points a question is worth is always listed directly under the question. Some questions may not be answered for months, so the points you earn will be applied for the season in which the question's answer was made known. If a question is multiple-choice, there will be details on how many points each correct answer is worth. There may also be a loss of points for incorrect answers and a bonus amount of points when guessing only all of the correct answers. You can never lose points, though, so if you make too many wrong choices, your score will stop at zero for the question.

Voting in Polls
To enter your choice for a poll question, there are two easy ways to find any active polls. First, the Play All page, which displays any open polls directly under your current standings - and following any open PPV prediction games and questions. Second, the voting page, which will display all active polls at the top of the page. Note that there will be times when there are no open polls.

Wrestler & Show Reviews
To submit your reviews for wrestlers or shows, again the first place available is the Play All page, which displays the review section at the bottom (with a tab for each type of review). Second, the voting page, which will also display the review section at the bottom of the page. When you are picking your top 5 wrestlers or rating each show, it is for the current week. It runs from Sunday until Saturday, so you may prefer to wait until Saturday to take into account the entire week.

You can see the latest results from the reviews on the home page and the voting page. To see wrestler reviews across a timeframe, for instance to see who is leading in the voting for the entire year, you will need to visit the the reviews page. As of this time, only wrestler reviews are consolidated in such a manner in that section.

The Play All Page vs Individual Sections
The Play All page is primarily meant to provide one easy place to participate in any active items. You will still want to visit the individual sections to see the breakdowns on what other players chose for each item. For instance, you can participate in a poll through the Play All page, but you cannot see what the current results are without visiting the voting page of the site. The same goes for reviews for wrestlers or shows - to see what the past week's results were, you will need to visit the voting page.

NOTE: 4-UP Fantasy has been discontinued. It may return in the future but we are not sure!

Sharing Data from the Site
In order to take data from this site and post it in another place, we provide an easy way for you to accomplish this. Of course, you're not required to use the options we provide - you can copy & paste right from the pages or take screenshots if that's more your style.

When you are logged in, in the USER RANK BOX at the top of every page (which you may need to expand), you will find a drop-down preceded by the text "Want to post any of the data from this site to your blog or elsewhere, in either HTML, BBCode, or plain-text format?" Choose the type of data you want to share from the options.

When you've chosen which type of data to display, a pop-up window will be opened with options. The first option in the window, "Post to My Blog", will redirect your main browser window to your blog entry screen with the title and content filled out with the data you've generated in the pop-up window. After that, there is a group of options that controls what data is actually displayed. Most should be self-explanatory, but you can experiment with the options and click the "Update Text" button to see how the text will look before you either copy it to another site or post it to your blog. (scroll down below the three text boxes to simply see the HTML version of your data) Depending on what type of data you're sharing, you may also have options to choose a particular item (whether it's a PPV, a group of questions, or a group of polls) and also to filter by league. If the league drop-down menu is present, you are only able to choose between your own league or to have it display data from the entire group of players at the site.

Underneath the options is the "Update Text" button - you will need to click that button in order for your options to be applied (and for the data to be posted to your blog, if you have made that choice).

Below the button, you will find three text boxes, and underneath that, a standard HTML display of the data so you can easily review it first.

  • The first box contains the data with HTML formatting - this would be most useful for posting on your own website, or posting a blog at a site that accepts HTML.
  • The second box contains the data with BBCode formatting - this would be most useful for posting on a message board or forums that allow BBCode formatting. Note that one of the options always available is to swap [link] for [url], as certain sites use that tag for links.
  • The third box contains the data with no formatting at all - you can use this formatting anywhere.

PPV Predictions/Results
If the PPV chosen has not happened yet, you will only be able to share the details of the game itself and your own predictions. In most cases, when you only wish to share your choices, you would only need to choose "My Prediction" as the option to display in the data.

If the PPV has happened and has been scored and ranked, you will now be able to share the percentages of what every other user at the site chose for each match and question. If you belong to a league, you'll also be able to display the percentages that only take into account the choices of your league's members.

The polls work almost exactly like the questions, except you always have access to post the current percentages for either the entire group of players or only members of your league.

Wrestler Reviews
You can filter the results to a specific month or year and to only include your league if desired. The options allow you to display either more or less data and you can choose which sort method you'd like to use.

PPV Rankings & Season Rankings
These two allow you to share the rankings for either a particular PPV or a particular season. You can choose to have it include the entire group of players or only members of your league. These have a unique option - "Add PWI Rank" - which will assign each player to a wrestler from the PWI Top 500 for the year of your choosing. Note that the maximum players that will be returned is 300 when displaying rankings from the entire site.

You can choose to Swap League & Site Rank here as well. It defaults to displaying each user's rank at the site, but if you only want to show how people are ranked within your league, you'll want to swap them.
NOTE: 4-UP Fantasy has been discontinued. It may return in the future but we are not sure!

If you're a league administrator and are looking for information on the options available to you, either scroll down the page or click here.

Why Join a League?
If you're not already part of a league, then you're not seeing everything that you would if you were in one. When you're in a league, any place that shows percentages or tallies of votes will show you the numbers for the overall group of players on the site along with those same numbers only taking into account members of your league. This allows you to compete within a smaller subset of players and also allows you to compete as a league against the other leagues on the site. There are two things to consider if you're looking for a league to join:

  • Do you already belong to an online wrestling community? If so, certainly what you'd like to do is join the league associated with that community! Then you can discuss your picks on your community's existing site and then come here to compete with other online wrestling communities! If the community you call home doesn't have a league here, suggest it to the person who runs the community and have them get in touch with us!
  • Don't belong to a community, but are looking for one? If so, you can browse the list of leagues and find one that looks like a good fit for you! Not every league represents a community, though, so you'll have to check out the league's official site (found on the league's page here, if they have an official site) to find out for sure.
  • Just looking for a small group of people to play with? If so, many of the leagues are simply dedicated to fans of a particular wrestler. You can communicate using the site and through posting blogs, or you can be as quiet as you'd like! Or if you have a close group of friends that would like to start up a league, let us know, because we'd be happy to set one up for you!

Joining and Leaving a League
To find a league to join, browse the list of leagues. You can apply directly from the league listing page or from the league's page at fourdown. This will send a notice to the league's administrator who will have to confirm your acceptance to the league. Some leagues may be based on a group of people who meet away from the online world, so don't feel bad if you get declined. If you've applied and want to cancel your application, you can do so from the league page. You can also leave a league at any time by visiting your league's page at fourdown and clicking the Leave League link.

League Rankings (by Total Score)
League scores are calculated using only the top 15 scoring members. This holds true for each type of ranking. League rank for a PPV takes into account the PPV scores for the top 15 members of that league for that PPV. The league's overall rank takes into account the overall scores for the top 15 members of the league at the current moment in the season. We limit the number to 15 members so that leagues of all sizes can compete. As long as your league has 15 participating members, you have the ability to win. Though your chances of having higher-scoring members increases with the size of your league, of course.

League Rankings (by Average Score)
For each PPV, leagues are ranked by the average score per player of the league that participated in the PPV. These average scores accumulate throughout the season, and season rankings are also provided based on the total average player score per PPV the league was eligible to have been included in the averaging rankings. Leagues must have 15 members play in a PPV to be included in this ranking.

League Administrators
If you're a league administrator, you will find League Administrator links in both the league page and in the USER RANK BOX found at the top of every page when you are logged in.

The administrator has many options, which are split into two sections, detailed below:

League Administrator

  • Welcome Message: The welcome message is displayed to all league members in the league page. It is not visible to anyone that is not a member of your league.
  • Community Website: This allows you to have your community's website linked here at fourdown.
  • RSS Feed: If you or your community features a wrestling-related RSS feed, enter it and choose how you want it displayed here at fourdown.
  • Applications: If anyone has applied to join your league, their usernames and current score will be displayed with the option to either accept or decline the application. This only appears if there are pending applications to the league.
  • User Management: This features a drop-down including all members of your league. You can either send a message, send a warning, kick the user from the league, or promote that user to administrator (there can be only one, so you will no longer have access to this section if you promote someone).

League Homepage

  • Content for Public Page: This content will be displayed on your league's public page at fourdown. Use it to help promote your community and entice users to apply!
  • Your League Images: These images will appear on your league's public page and potentially at times will be used by the site to help promote your league. Make note of the size restrictions or your image may not appear correctly.

We also allow league administrators to link to their community website from blog posts. However, you will still need to adhere to the rest of the rules on posting blogs. If the blog appears as spam or as simply an advertisement with no content, it will be removed. Please note that any abuse of the system done by an administrator can result in the termination of the league.

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9/27 WWE Gamma SmackDown Live, Episode 10 Feb 10   edawg32 WWE Gamma 0 0.00 
9/26 WWE Alpha Raw, Episode 10 Feb 09   edawg32 Temporary WWE Alpha 0 0.00 
Wrestlemania 33 Card Update Dec 28   TheWrestler WWE Special Events 3 0.00 
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