Just a $DeSo resource.
from @Kitty4D and @4Down, let's see.

Just a $DeSo Resource

this is just a collection of stuff that has been said about various aspects of developing on [for now just] the DESO blockchain.

a lot of these things will be coming from various Discords, because there’s so much that has been said there and much of it isn’t reflected in any documentation or in any otherwise easily-discoverable location.

BOOM CHECK IT: Pieces of DeSo is where you can start looking.

Other Stuff

i’m including usernames and stuff but if you see your name and either want it changed, have a link you’d like me to include, or just want it replaced with “anonymous”, use the contact form or message either of us (@Kitty4D and/or @4Down) and we’ll hook that up asap.