KennyJ's YouTube Tutorials

KennyJ's YouTube Tutorials

by kitty4d

KennyJ has been making tutorial videos for people to learn how to work with the DESO blockchain with JavaScript. definitely a good resource for anyone looking to get going working with DESO! it really is easy to get things going, and it will only get even easier as more devs work with it and release code so that people aren’t all doing the same things!

definitely check out KennyJ on DiamondApp (one of the main sites running on DESO)!

i believe this is the latest video, i think if we could get some more people coming over, it would allow more people to find his videos and learn from them. i mean, no one else has been putting out content like this that i know of. but so if you’re just getting started, you might want to just visit his channel and start off with one of the earlier ones. here’s that link again - give him a like, we want to give support to this kind of stuff!