DeSo Seed Phrase / Security Stuff

DeSo Seed Phrase / Security Stuff

by kitty4d

if you’re brand new to crypto, i guess maybe you might not know what a seed phrase is. maybe not what a private or public key is, though you’ve heard the terms i am sure. i’ll write up something in-depth soon, i’m going to begin on my overall user tutorials soon- just want to get my site(s) having a solid foundation first with some content so then i can just focus on other stuff!

so just quickly, what really matters is your private key. but it’s long, and it’s a mix of characters and numbers, upper and lowercase- it would be a real pain for everyone to deal with them exclusively, especially since best case, you’re never ever typing your private key on your keyboard, so you’d be trying to write that on paper. and considering that’s your only access to your crypto assets, messing it up or smudging a section of it would be awful! so a seed phrase is, at deso, 12 words, common words at that. essentially these words, including their order, are a code that represents your private key. altogether the seed phrase is way bigger than the private key, and that’s because there’s way fewer characters to choose from and the order in which the words appear becomes tougher to sync up. but, like if you had a password G23!ed$f1SDd2 = and then you had 5 words, “person woman man camera TV” essentially these words in that order would be a representation of that password.

and so your seed phrase, please never forget this stuff - it’s a password that you can never change. the password to your bank account, no username needed, no 2FA. if you lose it, you lose your account and everything in it. if someone else knows it or has a way to figure it out, they can transfer everything you have out of it and you can’t stop them unless you can move it first. so, these should be written down, in a safe place, and of course, you want to make copies. if your house burns down which of course we hope it never does, you don’t want to have things be even worse by realizing you lost the only copies of your seed phrase.

the reason why you don’t want to type it into your computer is: you’re on a network, sometime, probably all of the time, and bad things can happen. someone could have a keylogger that sends your keyboard strokes. someone could see your screen. if you copy/paste, an app or program could be monitoring your clipboard. you might accidentally paste it where you shouldn’t. lots of reasons. but look, you’ll probably end up with a lot of wallets. use your best judgment. keep your biggest wallets as safe as possible, and you’ll have many empty or low-funded wallets - and you might be fine saving the seed phrases/private keys for those in a password manager.

just realize, there are no do-overs, there’s no tech support that can help you, you can’t pay someone any amount to be able to help you out. (so if it does happen to you, don’t then go lose even more money because someone is offering to help you- i don’t know what that situation might be, so i can’t say for sure, but more than likely if you lose this info, you just need to move on- hope for a miracle)

DeSo Identity

this is how you login to DeSo, i’ll get screenshots and stuff.

anyway, i’ll finish this later, but here’s one thing you should know. don’t worry, this isn’t supposed to scare you.

  • after you have authenticated with DeSo Identity, your seed phrase (mnemonic) is in your browser - secure, but it’s in there, and you can access it as plain text. it better not be like this for long (because it still feels potentially dangerous), but if you lose your seed phrase on DeSo, and you haven’t cleaned your browsers- you might be able to recover your phrase. (i’ll explain better later, but open the DeSo Identity pop-up window, open your DevTools ctrl+shift+i, go to Application, find Local Storage, and look at the bucket. find the key named users, and examine it carefully )