get-single-post Threaded Comments Parameters

get-single-post Threaded Comments Parameters

by kitty4d

ok so i was going through the githubs for DeSo Protocol (DeSo Protocol GitHub) and noticed a commit for threaded comment parameters. and i knew i remembered this update and i thought it was something decent, but when i saw the fetchSubComments parameter on get-posts-stateless, i just assumed that must have been the update. didn’t make sense since it didn’t work for me the way i used that call, but now that i know- that stuff is in here. the weird thing is i just don’t know how necessary it is? i mean, i’m already pulling the comments this way. i mean it should be better to let that happen on the server of course, but i don’t plan to change my code soon~

anyway i just wanted to get the parameters here though since does not include them. but might as well get that official doc stuff here too.

DeSo Documentation

here’s the commit that deals with the threaded comments:

the new parameters are:

  • ThreadLevelLimit - “How many levels of replies will be retrieved. If unset, will only retrieve the top-level replies.”
  • ThreadLeafLimit - “How many child replies of a parent comment will be considered when returning a comment thread. Setting this to -1 will include all child replies. This limit does not affect the top-level replies to a post.”
  • LoadAuthorThread - “If the post contains a comment thread where all comments are created by the author, include that thread in the response.”

so this last one appears to be what we call the multipost on diamondApp.

i haven’t tested these, i mean, my code will get every comment and orders them properly for threading already. also, note this API call limits things to 4 Thread Levels and - oh, i guess when CommentLimit, that is limited to 30. that seems low, surely that will have to change at some point!