about? we're just trying to collect all this info for ourselves and figured we could put it on a site!

i was working on my site Kitty4D on the B-Chain and part of what i’m doing is creating my own JavaScript library for interacting with the DeSo backend API endpoints- and i had questions that simply weren’t covered in the official DeSo documentation, and i don’t know Go well enough to be able to get the answers myself by just looking at the API codebase. so i asked, i got some answers- in Discord. then i thought, hm, wonder what all is in the history of all the servers. and i started seeing a lot of stuff, and stuff that would probably be useful to have on the web.


and so this site was born.

pretty much the goal here is to have whatever info doesn’t seem to be covered by the docs. and when i run into questions (and i certainly have some in my head already) that we haven’t been able to get answers to yet, i’ll put those here too so that i remember to bring them up when i can.

i wasn’t sure i would do any kind of dev blog. but this isn’t really a dev blog. i’ll show my code at times, but i’m not going through code. just gathering resources, hopefully helping someone else to NOT have to ask a bunch of questions and scour the internet for answers. worst case, it’s a resource for me!